Slow Horses (2022) s03e04 Episode Script

Uninvited Guests

[REPORTER] The Metropolitan Police
are yet to comment on the incident,
but details are starting to emerge.
The body was reportedly thrown from
a vehicle outside Anna Livia's,
a restaurant frequented
by stars and politicians.
Home Secretary Peter J
[INGRID] Sit down.
I won't be here long, so I'll stand.
I know what you're going to say.
Then why don't you say it for me?
That I've bitten off
more than I can chew.
That I'm meddling with
things that don't concern me.
That I'm dangerously
out of my depth. Close?
Bang on.
You set a team on MI5 to
test our security defenses.
- And now that team has gone rogue.
- Well, more than rogue.
They dumped a fucking body
outside my favorite restaurant.
It's gonna have a
seriously detrimental effect
on the restaurant bookings.
- That's really what you want to focus on?
- I know the owner.
And I'm also one of the investors.
But that's not the point.
- No, it isn't.
- Point is, this can't get out.
I'd have to resign.
And it would completely undermine
Chieftain's viability as a business.
In which you also
have a financial stake.
You understand my predicament.
I'd love to let you
drown in your own swill.
But you have tarnished
MI5 with this nonsense.
So I will clean it up
and make it go away.
How? We can't give in to them.
Leave it to me, the professional.
I'm going to let the tiger team
into the facility to see the Grey Books.
Really? You don't have to do that.
You could stall them, track them down.
This way, the Home
Secretary's tiger team
genuinely breach a secure MI5 locatione
in a way that's harmful
to him but not to us.
There's nothing of any
value in the facility.
No, but I am in charge of the
facility. Is this gonna come back at me?
Of course not, Diana. You have my word.
I found out where
Donovan's keeping Standish.
[JACKSON] No, you didn't.
[RODDY] Not exactly,
but I've got a list of
properties on Chieftain's books.
I've narrowed it down to these four.
Time frame means she's
within 30 miles of London.
But Donovan won't be using
any Chieftain properties.
Because then they'd know
where he is, dipshit.
- [RIVER] I'll do it.
- [LOUISA] Okay.
Show me that picture you got of
Standish with a gun to her head.
Uh, right. There's been
a bit of a development.
Spider works for Chieftain.
- Thank you.
- No problem.
Yeah, well, they're not
gonna let Standish go,
so I'm gonna have to get her myself.
Here. Put that on, um on your
laptop. Blow it up. Make it bigger.
So think. [SIGHS]
Was there Was there any
background noise when they rang?
No. Nothing.
- But did you hear what she just said?
- Spider was in on it, the tiger team.
Yeah. [STAMMERS] What was the message?
The message was, you
know, "Don't tell anyone.
Be at the Barbican Bridge
or Catherine Standish dies."
- And Spider was there. He's in on it.
Forget about fucking Spider.
He's dead.
Wait, are you [STUTTERS]
We were just with him.
[STAMMERS] Uh, yeah.
But shortly after that,
he was rolled out of a car
in front of a restaurant
where Judd and Monteith
were having lunch.
Wait. Who killed him?
- Uh, looks like Donovan.
I imagine he felt he wasn't
getting anyone's attention.
- [LOUISA] They'd kill for the Grey Books?
- Yeah, it would seem so.
Oh, for fuck's sake.
[RODDY] Looks like she's in a house.
that narrows it down.
Employee of the week.
[SIGHS] She's flinching.
She's got a gun to her head.
Mm-mmm. No.
She She wants to show us something.
Zoom in right there on
that bit of the wall.
Now that does narrow
it down. Clever girl.
Find the house where
those three kids grew up.
Oh, come on. Cheer up.
He was an absolute prick.
Where are you going?
All right, make this quick. I've
got underlings to bully. I'm busy.
No one in Slough House is busy.
[SIGHS] Come on. Get on with it.
The tiger team has killed one
person and taken two hostages.
I don't know what they think they're
going to find in the Grey Books,
but there's nothing
of any value in them.
So, I propose to give
them what they want
so we get the hostages freed quickly,
- and deal with them later.
- Okeydoke.
I'd like you or your people
to escort them in and out.
Oh, you would, would you?
It's win-win. Trust me.
Trust you? Well, that's
a topic for another day.
You get Standish back quickly.
And a favor from me you
can call in at anytime.
Nah, I'm good.
You know, I've been
caught like this before.
"Oh, sorry, Jackson. We
fucked up. Do us a favor.
Go through this door, and
everything will be sweet."
The last time I did that,
I walked in and found a
severed head on a fucking table.
You can clean up your own shit.
- It's not my shit.
- No, it's Judd's.
And I think you want me
to help you roll him in it.
- What are you gonna tell your wife?
- About what?
About being fired.
I wasn't planning on
telling her anything.
Surprisingly, my wife
has very little interest
as to whether you're fired.
She doesn't even know who you are, mate.
We were both fired.
Why would he fire me? I wasn't
the one caught with coke on me.
"You're fucking fired.
I've got fucking hemorrhoids that
are more fucking use than you."
- That was the message.
- I know what the message was.
He was talking about you.
But you'll find out when
we get back to Slough House.
Hemorrhoids is plural.
- You don't get single hemorrhoids.
- Yeah, you do.
[STAMMERS] All right. Well, you'd know.
Why would he fire me?
Well, because you're a
degenerate gambler for one thing.
You got repetitive strain injury
from spinning roulette. Both hands.
the players don't actually
spin the roulette themselves.
And my little hobby doesn't affect
my work unlike your drug habit.
No one can tell when I'm high.
You do realize that's
a bad thing, right?
- Hundred quid says it's both of us.
- Really?
- You know what, fuck it. A grand.
[SCOFFS] Done.
Yeah. Done.
There's no milk.
That's because Catherine always gets it.
So what do you think Lamb's got
planned once Ho finds the house?
Um, well, I guess we ride
in and and get her.
You're actually upset about Spider?
I mean, I fucking hated the
man. I fucking hated him, but
you know, we were friends once.
[LOUISA] Really?
I think he used you a lot.
And I think if it was the other
way around, he wouldn't really care.
- Yep?
- River Cartwright?
[RIVER] Yeah.
I'm calling from the St. Joshua Club
where your grandfather was a member.
Is a member.
There's been a dispute over
his membership status
Why are you calling my grandson?
Don't you believe what I'm telling you?
Oh, yeah, yeah. I
I know what that'll be.
[CONCIERGE] Do you want to speak to him?
[SIGHS] No, no, it's
fine. I'll just, um
- I'll come down. It's not far.
- [CONCIERGE] If you don't mind.
Okay. Thanks.
Um, I've got to go and
sort my grandfather out.
What? Now?
[RIVER SIGHS] Yeah, now.
thank you for the tea.
I actually prefer it without milk, so
- So now we're wanted for murder.
- I am.
I'm not letting you go
off on your own again.
- It's all good.
- You killed someone.
And now we'll get what we want.
- Are you sure?
- They'll call.
- And after that, what happens to you
- It doesn't matter!
First, we get justice for Alison.
And once that's done,
I'll take whatever
justice is coming my way.
[CATHERINE] What are you
going to do with that man
- you've taken prisoner?
- [SEAN] Nothing.
Is he your boss? Is he your hostage
now? He was going to let me go.
We have to keep you for
a little while longer.
We picked you for a reason.
Oh, this? This is in
the new storage facility.
And you know all about that.
You know what files are in
what boxes in what rooms.
These are decommissioned
documents. They're of no interest
They're of interest to me.
This was part of a set of files
originally marked for destruction.
Then there should be no trouble
telling me exactly where it is.
I'm sorry, I can't.
I'd be in all sorts of
trouble if I did that.
You're already in trouble.
I know what you're capable of.
But that gun to the head
was a piece of theater.
So you're not going to hurt me.
Everything I told you in
that café was the truth.
Except your name.
My name is Sean Donovan.
I am an alcoholic.
And I did lose someone.
She was MI5.
Her name was Alison Dunn.
I loved her.
After she died
I just fell apart.
Sarah downstairs and
Ben, to some extent,
they picked me up, put me back together.
Said Alison wouldn't
want me to blame myself.
She'd want me to do the right
thing like she was trying to do.
I worked with her at
the embassy in Istanbul.
She was about to leak
this top secret file.
Your people killed her for it.
Made it look like a suicide.
It's natural to blame yourself
when someone takes their own life.
Especially when it's
someone you were close to.
I was with her right before. She
did not kill herself. MI5 did.
No. No. We don't do that.
We do questionable things,
but we don't do that.
And how would you know?
Before I worked at Slough House,
I worked for the head of MI5.
- For Tearney?
- No.
Charles Partner. He
was the best they had.
And a man like that,
he wouldn't order a hit
on one of his own agents?
No. Unless maybe they were a traitor.
She was not a traitor.
What's in the file?
[STAMMERS] I don't know.
But it made her turn against
the organization she worked for.
We need to know where this is.
Please, Catherine.
That would mean me going against MI5.
- I can't do that.
- You wouldn't be the only one.
The reason we know
this is in the facility
is because of a source at the Park.
Somebody else who doesn't like the
questionable things going on there.
[SIGHS] I spent my life working for MI5.
So did Alison.
And they betrayed her.
You still think these
people are worth protecting?
- [SARAH] Ben! Ben!
- [BEN] Sarah? Sarah!
- [BEN] You all right?
She went to check on Sturges.
He said he wanted some water. [GRUNTING]
Get in the house and watch Standish.
Come with me. We need to find him.
Go that way. Meet me
at the far gate. Go!
- [BEN] All right.
[GRUNTS] Geez.
- [SEAN PANTING] Let him go.
[SEAN] Stop!
Uh. Bonjour. Can I get
a get a lift? Ah, fuck it.
What's the French for
"drive"? Drive! Go, go, go!
- You all right?
Ah, there you are.
What happened to your face?
Oh, um, it was a filing accident.
Oh. Tell that man he's
mistaken, will you?
Yeah, well, unfortunately,
he's not, is he?
What are you talking about?
I've been a member here for 50 years.
[RIVER] Yes, and for the last few
years, you've hardly been here.
What's that got to do with
anything? I still pay my dues.
No, you don't.
[RIVER] We talked about it, remember?
You decided not to renew your membership
because you you never use it.
[STAMMERS] And what, you're saying
I wouldn't remember
a decision like that?
We were in the living room, by the fire.
And how does that narrow it down?
And you said half a century
of membership is enough.
[SCOFFS] I didn't.
And you cut the card up and
you threw it in the fire.
- I'm afraid there are no phones in here.
- Y Yeah, yeah, no. I know that.
- Yeah?
- [INGRID] This is Ingrid Tearney.
This morning was a disaster.
Are you there?
Uh, yeah, a disaster. I agree.
[INGRID] There's a way you
can wipe your slate clean.
The tiger team want to
look at the Grey Books.
You walk them into the
facility and then out again.
Is that it?
That's it. Go there and wait for them.
You're sure you want
to involve Slough House?
Cartwright and Standish
are already part of it.
If anything else goes
wrong, it's on them and Judd.
When do I step in?
Follow the tiger team when
they leave the facility.
Once they release Standish, take them.
Use Chieftain.
They started this,
so they can finish it.
[DAVID] I'm sorry, my boy,
to drag you here for this.
Oh, no. It's an easy mistake to make.
It isn't that. I'm slipping.
- Here.
- [GRUNTS] Thank you.
You're not slipping.
I am.
Names, faces, places.
They don't come to me as
easily as they used to.
Where's my keys?
It's okay. I'm sure it's just a phase.
Right, let's, uh let's get
you a taxi back to the station.
So I just had a call from First
Desk, asking me for a favor.
What sort of favor?
To walk someone in and
out of a secure location.
Ah. What happens after?
Well, then someone's freed.
So why the hesitation?
Because there's always another
game being played, isn't there?
- That will probably leave me worse off.
I just, you know, can't quite
see what this one is yet.
What do you think?
She's First Desk. You'll
have already said yes.
You're only asking me
to make me feel better.
See? You still got it.
[SARAH] Look, I'm sorry, okay?
I'm not a fucking soldier.
- [BEN] It's never your fault, is it?
- [SARAH] Why can't it be both our faults?
[BEN] Because your fuckup
was first and worst. As usual.
- Why don't you just say it?
- [BEN] What? Say what?
That none of this would've
happened if Alison was still around.
None of this would be
happening if Alison was around.
- We're doing this because she was killed.
- You were always closer to her than me.
But there's no need to
make me feel like shit
because I'm the one left alive.
- [BEN] I'm not saying that.
- [SARAH] Yeah, you fucking are.
The perfect fucking older sister,
overachiever, always
together, is murdered.
And you're stuck with
the crappy wayward one.
- [BEN] That's not what this is about.
- I'm sorry I'm so fucking useless.
I thought Sean was crazy.
You went back to him.
You stopped him drinking
his life away. You did that.
You said if there was any
chance she had been murdered,
we shouldn't let it be in
vain. We should make it count.
[SARAH] Yeah, and how's
it fucking going, Ben?
I let one hostage go,
and now we've lost Sean.
[BEN] He'll be back.
And what if he's been hurt or caught?
[BEN] What?
All I can give you is the room
number. Narrows it down a bit.
Thank you.
- [JACKSON] Where you been?
Uh, I had to see my grandfather.
Well, I hope you gave the
old bastard my disregards.
Okay, I found seven houses where
kids with those names were raised.
It's no fucking use. I don't have
seven good agents to dispatch.
I don't even have one.
[RODDY] Only four of the
houses are close enough
to London to be viable.
Well, if this is going somewhere, great,
but I really don't need to know
the ins and outs of a cat's arse.
[RODDY] And only one of the
houses is secluded enough
to make sense as a hostage center.
And this is where it gets interesting.
[RODDY] The Dunn family
that owns the house
used to hire out a bus for weddings.
Oh, get away.
[RODDY] Said bus is here.
Yeah, we'll take your
car. I need a kip en route.
Hot Rod behind the wheel of the hot rod.
You will drive in
absolute fucking silence.
Um, I think the Park are gonna give
Donovan what he wants, by the way.
The Grey Books.
They're gonna let him into
the facility under supervision.
So, there's no need to go and
get her. She'll be released soon.
Had a call from Tearney, did you?
So Standish's freedom is in your hands?
Well, if you don't mind, I
think I'll go get her myself.
But you're fine with me going in?
[SIGHS] Yeah, if you fancy. Yeah.
She asked me. I t-told
her to go fuck herself.
Hey, you, come on.
[SHIRLEY] Fucking hell. Here we go.
Come to clear your desks?
- See? Plural.
- [STAMMERS] Hang on, what?
You're honestly firing me too?
Christ. It's like you can't
sack anyone around here
without a phrase book.
No, this is just, like, a
motivational scare, right?
If your desks are not cleared
by the time I get back,
I will set fire to them. And you too.
- What did I do?
- You can't follow simple instructions,
and her eyeballs are still spinning
from whatever she
shoved up her nostrils.
- What instructions?
- Didn't get a chance to snort it.
You disobeyed a direct order.
I told you not to let anyone
outside of Slough House
know about that flat.
Within five minutes, you had PC
fucking Plod stomping all over it.
So if it's all the same,
I'd rather you piss off now
before you put me in a bad mood.
Fuck me with a wire brush.
I know. Total pussy magnet.
Look, I just want to say
this is an absolute honor
to be selected for fieldwork.
Shut up.
Got it. Strap in. This baby's g-forces
will hit you right in the tits.
No, s-seriously. Shut up. Or it'll
be me hitting you in the tits.
[RODDY] Liftoff.
Milady needs a gentle touch.
He got away. Flagged down a car.
So now we're on the clock.
I got a call from MI5. I
have to go to the facility.
So Standish needs to come through now.
Already has.
How did you get this out of her?
She just gave it up. We
managed to get through to her.
Okay. [STAMMERS] Well done.
So do we let her go?
No, they need to think that
we still have her for leverage.
In case she tries to leave.
I won't need it.
I can't take it with me.
- I'm more use with you than I am here.
- No. No, no.
I'm just gonna walk in and walk out.
The last time you said that, there
was a body left on the pavement.
I need to see this through.
Okay then.
- [LOUISA] Hey.
- Hi.
[LOUISA] How was your grandfather?
Uh, yeah. Yeah, yeah. Fine. Yeah.
What's up?
Um, I've got an op. Kind of.
To escort Donovan in
to see the Grey Books.
Right, who did that come from?
Okay, let's go.
Uh, I've got an op.
Well, you can't do
it on your own, River.
Well, she asked me on my own.
Oh, you just wanna hog
the glory for yourself.
It's not about glory. I'm
just doing as I'm told.
Mm-hmm. Play it down
[CHUCKLES] all you want,
but you are getting off on a
secret solo mission for First Desk
without thinking what may go wrong.
Wait, what makes you
think it'll go wrong?
Your track record.
Look, I'm offering backup, that's all.
Yes, and, uh, thank
you, but I don't need it.
I, uh I don't need babysitting.
My God, your ego is such a blind spot.
Uh, sorry, what? You You
wanna talk about blind spots?
No, I think I'm pretty self-aware.
Ironically, that statement demonstrates
a complete lack of self-awareness.
Donovan is a dangerous man.
He killed Spider. You need
backup. It's as simple as that.
Sorry, since when did you start
keeping a gun in the office?
[SIGHS] I think it's pretty
easy to track that moment.
Okay, fine. You can come, but I
take the lead. And probably the gun.
Nope. I'm keeping the gun.
You can make yourself a little
sheriff's badge before we go,
if it makes you feel tougher.
- Excuse me. Do you have an appointment?
- Yes, love.
- In what name?
- James Bond to see Mickey Mouse.
No, thank you.
Attention, weekend warriors.
Pack an extra pair of pants.
Your collective wet dreams
are about to come true.
What the fuck is this?
General Monteith, your little outfit
seems to have overextended. What?
Who the fuck are you?
Nick Duffy.
Dame Ingrid Tearney
sent me. From the Park.
And in a bit of a switch,
the private sector is about
to learn from the public.
Oh, really?
Well, thanks to our man escaping,
we now know where
Standish is being held.
So what you're telling me is that
you've finally managed to locate
the whereabouts of a
team that you hired.
Well fucking done, General.
We are going to go and apprehend them.
No. No, you're not.
For a start, you're out of your
league. Yeah? Bloody cosplay-paras.
Oi, I've served.
[CHUCKLES] Where? McDonald's?
Besides, they're not all gonna be there.
Some of them are headed to an
MI5 document storage facility.
We are all gonna go
there and pick 'em up
after they've okayed Standish's release.
Why should we do this?
Because of the mess you made.
Your little company is toxic.
And we are very kindly offering
you a way to rebrand. Take it.
So all you lot, saddle up.
Whatever the fuck it is you do.
And you, spill your fat piggy
guts about that tiger team,
'cause I want to know who they are
so I can kick their bollocks clean off.
Ma'am, we're en route to the facility.
[INGRID] Good. I hope you
put the shits up Monteith.
Yeah. We definitely gave him
a spike in blood pressure.
Thank you for today,
Nick. You've done well.
[NICK] Just doing my job, ma'am.
And I hope you'll be doing
it for a lot longer for me.
So you'll be retaining
command from Taverner?
Yes, think I will.
She's got a lot on her plate.
I hope that suits you.
Yes, it does, ma'am.
[INGRID] Good.
I've got some detail on the
tiger team. There's three of them.
The leader is this guy
called Sean Donovan.
He's ex-embassy security.
His last posting was Istanbul.
[NICK] Yeah. So he's a pro,
but he's using non-pros.
A pair of siblings.
Only one of them has got military
experience, and it's minimal.
Why would he do that?
The connection seems to be
that he's been working with
their sister out in the embassy.
What was the sister's name?
[NICK] Alison Dunn. One of ours.
She died out there last year. Suicide.
Yes, the, um, name rings a bell.
Thank you, Nick. Speak later.
Dame Ingrid.
I don't think you've
ever been down here.
A visit was long overdue.
How are you, Molly?
Being looked after?
No. But that's the way I like it.
Shelf 27 is empty.
Those are absolute dross.
Half of them were in codes
we've lost the cipher for.
So disposed of as requested?
Actually, they were given
a last-minute reprieve.
They were moved to the facility.
Why the change?
No idea. A different box
was ticked on a form, is all.
Is it a problem?
I hope not.
If you want a name to tear strips off,
Diana Taverner could probably
point you towards the culprit.
She has oversight of the facility move.
Yes, I'll check with
her. Thank you, Molly.
You know that thing
that Lamb said before?
You know, the thing he said
that crossed about 15
different HR red lines,
for a start.
What? About me sleeping around?
You wondering if he's had me
in the stationery cupboard?
[STAMMERS] No. I would No.
What I was gonna say is that it's fine.
It's none of his business.
Because people process
trauma in different ways.
What I don't understand.
What What's fine?
How you're choosing
to process your trauma.
Ugh. Cartwright, please stop talking.
Sorry, I should have said that
maybe you should talk to someone.
About my sex life?
About Min.
Right, okay. I
It's so irritating when people say that.
- Wh
- It's just so simp
What What What do I say?
- I don't know what you'd say.
- Exactly.
What is there to say that's
gonna make any difference?
There's nothing.
Shit happens. You You
pick yourself up and move on.
And, you know, that's that's life.
You move forward. That's all you can do.
You mo move forward
towards your own death.
Yeah. No, you're right.
You You You do.
- You sound like you're in a great place.
- Oh, what? And you are?
- It's not [CHUCKLES] It's
- Why don't you go and talk to someone
about your constant need
to prove yourself to people?
They'll tell you it's because
you don't know your dad
and your mom abandoned you,
so you never feel good enough.
And trying to live up to
your grandfather's legacy
only exacerbates your inadequacy.
Wow. I was just trying I
was just trying to help you.
But I didn't ask for your help,
River. I don't want any help.
[RIVER] Okay, yeah. No, you
didn't. No, you didn't. Fine.
Like, why'd you have to
bring that up? [CLICKS TONGUE]
What are you doing?
I do I do I don't know.
Okay, well, now this feels
uncomfortable and awkward, so Okay.
- Feel better though, don't you?
- [CHUCKLES] Yeah, okay.
[SIGHS] Oh, Lord.
I miss him.
Just miss him. [SNIFFLES]
Yeah, I know.
Wait. Who Who have you lost?
Not lost. Losing.
Losing someone at the moment.
Really? Who?
No. Donovan.
River Cartwright. Louisa Guy.
Once you've seen what you need to see,
Catherine Standish is to be released.
How is she?
- Unharmed?
- Of course.
You did a good job this
morning, getting into the Park.
Sorry if it came back to bite you.
It's fine.
Are you sure this is the place?
You sure lasers are
controlling the weather?
Arms out.
- Well, I'm not doing it. You.
- I thought You
[GUARD] Please present your
Service IDs at the scanner.
[GUARD] Your hair is different
on your Service photo.
I dyed it.
[GUARD] I prefer it natural.
Open the door.
[GUARD] You're not on the list.
Well, I don't give a shit.
Open the fucking door!
- Okay. Okay. Um, maybe let me try.
- [LOUISA] Jesus Christ.
[GUARD] Ah, Cartwright.
- Sorry. Have we met?
- [GUARD] No. No.
But I know your handiwork.
Your itemizing skills are, pardon
my French, absolument merde.
Which is genuine French
for "absolutely shit."
Yeah, look, listen. We
need to escort these men in
to take a peek at the Grey Books.
- [GUARD] It's unscheduled.
- Ingrid Tearney sent us.
You know who that is? Head of
MI5. You wanna give her a call?
[GUARD] No need.
Said it was unscheduled, not
that it wasn't possible. Entrez.
Welcome to the domain of Douglas.
Right. Would you like the full tour?
- Edited highlights?
- [LOUISA] No.
Point us towards the Grey Books, please.
Ooh. To my mind, they're the highlights.
Crazy shit.
Kindly accompany me to the nerve center
from where you may proceed. [CHUCKLES]
Hey, your hair really has
changed color, you know.
[LOUISA] I know. I was
there when it happened.
X marks the spot. Room.
And once in there, I've written
the shelf and row number.
Have fun.
We will.
[GRUNTS] And who might you be?
Right, so it should be
up here. Yeah, here it is.
There you are. All right. As
Douglas said, the shelf numbers
What the fuck?
What are you doing?
- [RIVER] Donovan. The fuck you doing?
- [LOUISA] Stop.
- [LOUISA] I said stop!
- [RIVER] Oi
Oh, my God. That was loud.
On your knees.
We came here to get something.
[LOUISA] The Grey Books.
And we're going to get it.
- They're in there. So where are you going?
- [SEAN] You can shoot me.
But it will be in my
back, and I am unarmed,
which doesn't look very good.
That said, you people are very
good at covering up murders.
Now, we're gonna turn around.
We're gonna keep walking until
we find what we came here for.
No, you're not.
- [RIVER] Yes, they are.
- I'm [SCOFFS]
Well, they called your
bluff and you were bluffing.
[SIGHS] Thanks for the
collective responsibility.
- [NICK] Ma'am.
- Are they out?
[INGRID] Donovan doesn't
want the Grey Books.
Someone's put something in there
for him to retrieve
and it cannot get out.
- Understood.
- [INGRID] Nor can he.
Nor anyone else he's
come into contact with.
I don't know what he might've told them.
This is for the sake of
the Service. You understand?
You saying, "Clear the board"?
Clear the board.
[NICK] Change of plan.
[HOBBS] Every fucker out. Arm up.
- Come on. Chop, chop. Leave if
- [NICK] You lucky boys.
You've got a chance to
boost your kill count.
Jesus Christ, it's like the
fucking Red Arrows, but shit.
[NICK] Arm up. Live rounds.
You will take no prisoners.
You will shoot to kill.
Everyone who went into that facility
is coming out in a body bag.
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