Slow Horses (2022) s03e05 Episode Script

Cleaning Up

[NICK] Fenwick, you will lead
Chieftain's squad into the Facility.
Once you're inside, move
down this central tunnel.
Clear each room. Flush 'em back.
You'll make it so this hatch
behind the turbine hall
is the only way out.
It opens on the inside.
So you'll get 'em down there or
we'll get them when they come up.
Sturges, I want you to take Hobbs
to where they're holding
Standish and clean up.
Like, "clean up"?
- Is that a problem?
- Nah, right up my street.
Go on then, gorgeous. [SIGHS]
- Busy?
- No, not really.
You put paid to that,
but it wouldn't be good to
be caught choosing my holiday.
You gave me this as a present
when I was made First Desk.
- Mmm.
- Eighteen-year-old Macallan.
- It's my favorite.
- Hmm.
But you never opened it.
[SIGHS] Well researched.
The most generous gift by some margin.
Which made me think you were trying
to cover your envy with your generosity.
So, you've kept it on display
in your office unopened all
this time just to needle me?
- Yes.
Maybe you were just being
paranoid, and I was just being nice.
We've both done too many
interrogations to play games, Diana.
Oh, so this is an interrogation. Hmm.
I thought it was just an
unannounced office drink.
You're trying to oust me.
Well, I'm tired of waiting.
I'll never get First Desk
if I wait for you to retire.
They'll find someone younger.
Or an older man.
It's been such a struggle for
us to get as far as we have.
The only women to make
First and Second Desk.
Can't we just celebrate
being at the top?
[SCOFFS] I'm not at the top.
Well, if I'm honest, I'd feel
the same in your position.
Anyway, hats off.
Well played.
It was the right move keeping
the name Sean Donovan from me.
If I had known who he was,
I would never have let
him near the facility.
Well, that's the problem. See,
you've been in the job too long.
You're becoming a
a bureaucrat, a manager.
You've lost the hunger for detail.
So, you're doing this for the
good of the Service? How noble.
- You should have resigned last year.
- Over Istanbul?
What I did there really was
for the good of the Service.
You signed off on testing a device
that would wirelessly
hack encrypted computers.
It could penetrate closed systems.
It would've been a game changer.
If it worked.
But it didn't.
You put a load of innocent
people in hospital.
You nearly killed a
senior North Korean spy.
And then you ordered the
termination of one of our agents
who was about to blow the
whistle. You are out of control.
No. I'm still very much in control.
Duffy and Chieftain have
the facility closed off.
No one's getting out alive.
Who's in there?
Sean Donovan, Ben Dunn, River
Cartwright and Louisa Guy.
Oh, my God. So I'm relying
on the Slow Horses to save me.
Yes, you are.
Tell me, have they
ever saved you before?
You might as well come down now.
What will they do when
they get that file?
Leak it.
And I hope it damages
whoever had her killed.
Someone at the top of MI5.
I'm sorry, but this
tea isn't strong enough.
I could tell just by the look of
it, but I was trying to be polite.
Why did you decide to help us?
Because I don't like the people in
charge of MI5 any more than you do.
- But aren't they your people?
- No [SIGHS] not anymore.
MI5 wasn't run like this when
Charles Partner was in charge.
Oh, he'd be turning in his grave
if he could see the
things they cover up.
You know, bad things.
Passing the blame onto others,
ruining lives in the process.
You talking about yourself?
No, Sean and a few
others I could mention.
Oh, that's better.
- Fenwick, where are we on the door?
- Nearly there.
Oh, my. [GROANS]
[FENWICK] Clear.
In position. Awaiting signal to proceed.
[LOUISA] This is ridiculous.
We're gonna have to call Lamb.
[RIVER] Call Lamb
[STAMMERS] And say what?
That "we've lost
control of that situation
you didn't want us involved in"?
Well, then Tearney then.
That's an even worse idea.
Well, you wanted to lead, so lead.
- Uh, I am leading.
- Really?
- Yes, this is me leading.
What other suggestions
have you got, please?
Get that. It'll be Douglas freaking out.
Where in the name of Gandalf's
dangly gray balls are you going?
It's a developing
situation, Douglas, right?
it's under control.
Doesn't appear that way.
There are men outside with guns.
All right, I'll come and have a look.
Thank you.
Okay, so apparently there
are men outside with guns.
- [LOUISA] Who?
- Shit. Have we been fucked?
- By whom?
- Keep looking.
[RIVER] Okay. You stay here.
I'll find out what's happening.
Another one?
Don't you wanna go home?
'Cause then I'll have to
tell Cassie I'm out of a job.
Not exactly the dream job. Maybe
it was the push that you needed.
I didn't need a push.
I needed a steady income
while I figured out what to do.
You mean it gave you
regular gambling money.
I was doubling.
Hit a shit streak recently,
which only means a
golden streak is coming.
Except now I've got
nothing to bet with. Fuck!
Fuck. What am I gonna say
to her when I get home?
"I'm sorry."
That's what you should say to them.
That you're sorry.
[SIGHS] Fuck's sake.
I actually thought you were
gonna apologize to me just now.
[GASPS] I've already
apologized, like, 500 times.
Come on. No one will be there now.
Avoid the walk of shame?
Yeah. Let's just hand in
our passes and get our shit.
this is where the rats come out.
Once you're in position,
you do not need any
further orders from me.
If you have a shot, take it.
Okay. Show me.
Oh. Yeah, that's fine.
That's Nick Duffy. He's
head of MI5 security.
This is probably just another
level of protection for us.
Yeah, I mean, it's definitely overkill.
And he definitely doesn't like me.
But, um
No, I'm sure there's an explanation.
We're on. Let's go!
[CHIEFTAIN 1] Stop. That's it.
Yeah, that's not good.
Why would they do that? [CHUCKLES]
Uh, well, usually it would be
because they're just
about to storm a building.
Well, it looked like they left the
hatch at the end of the main tunnel.
How do I get an outside line?
- 145.
- Mmm.
- Can they get through that hatch?
- Uh, no.
It opens from the inside.
- What about the main entrance?
- That opens both ways.
But they can't get in
unless I let them in.
- All right.
Uh, it's me. It's Cartwright.
- [RIVER] Hello?
You rang me. Get on with it.
[RIVER] Just a quick one. Louisa
and I are down at the facility,
but Nick Duffy's just
turned up with Chieftain.
- All right.
- Okay.
Um, maybe some backup might be handy.
Just as a precaution.
- [JACKSON] Well, I'm busy.
- Okay, thanks.
Well, I'm sure the situation
will resolve itself.
I fired Scratch and
Sniff a little while ago,
maybe they're still
kicking around the office
nicking pens and toilet rolls.
So that's that then.
End of my Service career.
And the start of your new career as a
Nah, I haven't got anything for you.
So, how do you wanna mark the moment?
Shit in a drawer?
Kind of.
Maybe just a piss?
- Or is that worse?
Probably harder to clean up 'cause
you can just lift a shit out.
Unless it's a really, really messy one.
This really isn't how I'd like to
remember my last moments as an agent.
Was kind of in keeping with
everything up until now.
You've reached the Aldersgate
office. Please leave a message.
- [RIVER] Uh, it's me. It's Cartwright.
Look, Lamb said you
might still be there.
If you are, Louisa and I
are down at the facility.
Um, but Nick Duffy's turned up with
a ton of Chieftain men and guns.
It's just a complete shit show.
Oh, and they've cut the CCTV.
Um, it looks like they're
going to come in f
Shit. He's gone.
[RIVER] They've cut the phone lines.
Yeah, we're on our own.
The people outside, are
you sure they're not yours?
I imagine they're with you.
And they know what we're looking for.
So, what what are you looking for?
'Cause there's clearly an
important document down here.
Yes, but it's not in here.
Guys, you're gonna really
have to start talking.
My My sister was murdered.
They made it look like
suicide. They pushed her.
Who's "they"?
[SEAN] An order like that?
Ultimately Ingrid Tearney.
That is insane.
When we find what we're
looking for, Tearney's done.
Right, I don't know what you're
talking about, but Duffy's upstairs
- with a shit ton of Chieftain men.
- Duffy and Chieftain? Why?
I don't know, but he's cut us off.
Phones, cameras, everything.
Can I have the gun?
Are they coming in?
No, I'm going to tell
them that they can't.
But the gun would add
weight to my argument, so
Just give him the gun!
- You're not in charge.
- [SEAN] Neither are you.
The people upstairs are. You
don't need it with us down here.
He will need it at the entrance.
Good point. Well made.
Oh, by the way, I've
called Slough House.
- That's our cavalry?
- [RIVER] Yeah.
Great. Kill me now.
- Come on, Douglas.
- This is in absolute shambles in here.
[RIVER] Yeah, well, you
can fix it later. Come on.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. What the fuck?
- It says room 12
- Uh-huh.
- but it's not here.
- There are three room 12s.
- Where?
this is 12A and then
through there is B and C.
Oh, for fuck's sake.
- Come on.
- [DOUGLAS] I'm coming.
Just Just start.
Just Just.
What are you even looking
for? Proof she was murdered?
They're not gonna leave a a memo.
It's a file called "Footprint".
It's why they killed her.
She was about to leak it.
Rather than just standing
there, why don't you help?
Who told you it was here?
[SEAN] A source.
I mean, your source could be
bullshitting you, is all I'm saying.
If it was bullshit,
you think there'd be armed
men upstairs trying to stop us?
Would you kill someone for
looking at the Grey Books?
I mean, they're not gonna kill anyone.
They've cut the cameras and the phones.
You know what that
means as well as I do.
What would they do if that was us?
- Pretend like they didn't get the message?
- I'm going down there.
[SIGHS] You're right.
Sounds like they're in real trouble.
Might get our jobs back?
That's a terrible photo.
[SIGHS] Hurry up.
When we get there, how
do you want to play it?
You take out the bad guys?
I'll save Standish?
Wake me up when we're five minutes out.
What will you do if I win out?
[DIANA] Um, I don't know.
Maybe some corporate lecturing.
[STAMMERS] Directorship.
The sort of thing you and
I would have done earlier
had we been in it for the money.
None of them as exciting as this though.
Still get a thrill from this work.
How did you recruit Donovan? Hmm?
[CHUCKLES] You want to debrief me?
You nearly outplayed me.
Well, uh, may yet still.
I'm seeing this as a
teachable moment.
Come on.
I presume that Donovan doesn't know
it's you who's telling him what to do.
Donovan knows that I'm
someone high up in MI5
who is appalled by
what happened to Alison.
I contacted him anonymously online,
told him some things that only
someone in my position would know
to gain his trust, and went from there.
How did you get him placed at Chieftain?
I phoned Webb with a
personal recommendation.
And Webb didn't know what was going on?
Lord, no.
I took the tiger team idea to Judd,
and he was only too keen to form
a pact with me to damage you.
And being a man of venal instincts
and very little imagination,
I knew that he would reach out
to his old friend Sly Monteith,
to whom I recommended Webb
because he knew all
the weak spots in MI5.
River Cartwright.
Wha Oh, that was nearly a disaster.
I had to rescue Cartwright from Duffy
so that he could get
down to the basement.
So, you had some luck.
[CLICKS TONGUE] Yeah. A little.
Well, let's hope it runs out.
Right. Where's the thing?
This is River Cartwright.
I'm an MI5 agent.
I don't know what Duffy's told you,
but you do not have permission
to enter this facility.
- [FENWICK] Yes, we do. Open the door.
There are MI5 officers
operating in this building
under instructions from
Ingrid Tearney, head of MI5.
[NICK] Fenwick. It's a
go. Enter the facility.
Why's he gone quiet? [CHUCKLES]
Well, they'll, uh they'll
be sending it up the chain.
Wait, what is he doing?
Looks like he ran it up the
chain and they gave him the code.
- Can you Can you stop him?
- Yeah.
- Just put in the override code. [CHUCKLES]
- Do it now.
- Trying to remember it.
- Jesus Christ, Douglas. Come on.
Please do not stress me because
I do not react well to stress.
You're not gonna react well
when a dozen armed men come
pouring through that door.
- Come on. Think.
- Come on, Douglas. You got this.
- Yes, you do, Douglas. If the
- Got it.
- Right.
- No. Gone again.
What [STAMMERS] Does
it begin with a one?
- Yes.
- Feels like a guess, Douglas.
It's a guess.
- Why are you smiling?
- I'm terrified.
Come on. Think. Just think.
One, two.
You shall not pass!
- What the fuck is that?
- [MOUTHING WORDS] I don't know.
- Oh, my G Wait. Stand back. Fuck it.
- That should do it.
Let's blow it.
All right. Clear out.
Well, it's never gonna work now.
That is the idea, Douglas.
Do you know how expensive
these things are?
- You didn't give me much of a choice
- 1574.
- What?
- 1574.
Override code. Knew
I knew it. [CHUCKLES]
- So, there was a one in it?
- Yeah.
- That's fantastic.
- [CHUCKLES] Yeah.
Put it in.
Fuck me.
- [RIVER] You all right, Douglas?
[DOUGLAS] No, no, no.
No, I'm not all r
Come on, Douglas. Let's go.
[DOUGLAS] No, I don't wanna
play anymore. No, no, no, no, no.
Come on, Douglas. This is
not a fucking game. Come on.
- Okay, okay.
- Douglas!
[DOUGLAS] I surrender! I surrender! I
[RIVER] Forget it.
I surrender. I surrender. I
surrender. I surrender. I surrender.
No, no, no, no. Please don't
shoot me. I don't know anything.
Okay. Well, I know a lot, but
nothing about what anyone is up to.
They said they wanted
to see the Grey Books,
so I showed them where
to find the Grey Books.
And then you came in.
And the lights went out.
And I don't like the dark.
And then the lights came back
on, and it's red and it's green.
[STAMMERING] It's like
Christmas. And I love Christmas.
Shut up.
- Do you want the tour?
- I said shut up.
- I can't. [SOBS]
- Yes, you can.
Yeah. Okay. I can.
Duffy, come in.
[NICK] Duffy. Go ahead.
- [FENWICK] You said safeties off.
- Affirmative.
[FENWICK] I have an unarmed man.
- And?
- And I don't feel I'm sufficiently covered
to carry out the order legally.
- Is he compliant?
- [FENWICK] He is.
All right. [SIGHS] Send him up to
me. I'll get him back to the Park.
Mackenzie, escort this geezer up top.
Copy that, sir.
- You heard the man. On your feet.
Okay, boys. We're heading
down this corridor.
You know the drill. We
go loud, we go heavy.
C-4 on the doors.
Grenades for when we blow
them off their hinges.
[MACKENZIE] Come on.
- [RIVER] Fucking hell! Jesus Christ.
- Hell!
- They're in.
- Give that back.
- Give it back, please.
- [RIVER] Yeah, fine.
- Did you shoot someone for that?
Yeah. They blew the doors. We're fucked.
Wait, did you did did
you say that you were MI5?
- Yeah, but they didn't seem to care.
- Wow. Where's Douglas?
I don't know. Probably making
them a cup of tea or something.
All right, we need to block these doors.
If [STAMMERS] I'll do it then.
- We have to go. They're in.
- [SEAN] No.
No, it's in here. It
must be in here somewhere.
[RIVER STRAINS] Are they not gonna help?
No, they're not gonna leave
until they get that file.
What file?
Donovan said that Tearney
had his girlfriend killed
because she was about
to blow the whistle
on something that happened in Istanbul.
Great. Right. Tip.
Push left.
- [RIVER] Fuck.
- Wait, why do they think it's down here?
- [LOUISA] Anonymous tip-off within MI5.
Which fucking side are we on?
[LOUISA] I'm on the "stay alive" side.
- Right. Come on.
- No, there's no point.
The doors open that way.
- Just do it. Come on.
- [LOUISA] Okay.
[PANTS] Wait do do you really think
they've got something on Tearney?
I do now that they started
shooting at us. [PANTS]
He was in the facility. He's unarmed.
Right. I'll take it from here.
Must have been scary for you.
[SIGHS] Blowing the doors
off, coming at you with guns.
Well, I won't need a
colonic for a while.
Not that I'm into that.
It actually gets rid of a lot of
essential bacteria from your gut
and, well, you need those guys.
Your bacteria are your friends, in
in terms of your digestion. [CHUCKLES]
Like, I have very firm stools.
You're in shock.
Yeah. It makes you lose
your inhibitions, talk a lot.
[STAMMERING] No. I am always like this.
- Doug.
- Douglas.
Doug, the people that
you let in earlier
[STAMMERS] They lied to me.
[NICK] Yeah. No one's blaming
you, but I need to know.
What did they tell you?
That they wanted the Grey Books.
- And did you give them the Grey Books?
- Um
I-I showed them where
to find the Grey Books,
but then they they just went
off on their own merry little way.
Did they tell you what
they were looking for?
So, you don't have any
idea what they were doing?
Right. Well
let's get you out of here. [SIGHS]
Uh, just that whatever it
was would do for Tearney.
That sounds like I shouldn't know that.
So, ju just just
forget I said that.
Well, I can't do that.
Please, just make it make it go away.
That I can do.
Your, uh Your van is
gonna need a bit of a clean.
[CHUCKLES] Full valet service, yeah?
- What if we're too late?
- Then at least we tried.
What we even gonna do when we get there?
Stop the people with
guns shooting our friends.
[SCOFFS] Get it off.
How are we going to stop them?
- The people with the guns.
- [SIGHS] Don't worry about it.
Why? Have you got a big
magnet to catch the bullets?
Something like that.
So, was it fun telling Judd that
his tiger team had gone rogue?
Oh, yes.
The most amazing
natural high. [CHUCKLES]
Wish I could have seen that.
Well, if things go as you planned,
you'll get to tell him you fucked him.
He thought the two of you were
neutering me with a tiger team
when actually you were using
him to get rid of me completely,
and he'll have to go in the fallout.
Hearing it out loud, it
sounds like a pretty good plan.
Worthy of a a grand master.
My turn.
Why didn't you destroy
the file yourself?
I'm Head of MI5. I
can't just burn files.
They have to be signed
in and out. Accounted for.
Especially one that incendiary.
So I just had it moved around
till eventually it
would quietly disappear.
That's what you should do.
Quietly disappear.
[INGRID] One of us will.
Depends on who gets
out the facility alive.
Fancy another?
arrived at your destination.
[GROANS] Slow down.
- I am slowing down.
- Yeah. Pull over.
There. Just here.
Hey, kill the engine.
[JACKSON] You got any change?
- Change?
- Yeah. Any loose coins.
Anything'll do.
- Yeah.
[GRUNTS] Yeah, that's great.
- And this takeaway cup.
- Uh, that's a £180 smart mug.
180 quid?
[SIGHS] You're the mug.
[SIGHS] What you need those for?
If I'm not back in half
an hour, do something.
[RODDY] Do something.
Too right.
I'm a game changer.
- "Burberry" isn't a word.
- Yeah, it is.
Yes, but it's not a Scrabble word.
- [SARAH] No, that
[SARAH] Who is it?
[JACKSON] We wish you a merry Christmas ♪
We wish you a merry Christmas ♪
We wish you a merry Christmas
and a happy New Year ♪
No thanks, mate.
[JACKSON] Is there
anyone else in the house?
We've We've got to
get her into that chair.
[SIGHS] Fuck me. You've
gone full Stockholm.
Christ, I did her a
favor by knocking her out.
Listen, I I don't know how much
you know about what's been going on.
Yeah, a tiger team snatched you
and now they have their own agenda.
- Yes.
- Yeah. And since you've been having,
you know, tea and
snacks and board games,
I'm guessing you decided to help them.
Her brother and this other man
have gone into the facility.
Yeah, Guy and Cartwright
are escorting them.
They s-say they wanna
look at the Grey Books.
They They want something else.
Well, it doesn't surprise me.
I mean, who the fuck wants
to look at the Grey Books?
Something they say MI5
killed their sister over.
Well, her lot go down easy,
so maybe it was an accident.
How long has that been sitting out?
Although, Duffy and the goons
have showed up to stop them,
so there might be
something in it. [SNIFFS]
Is that ham? [SNIFFS, SIGHS]
[FENWICK] Back, back, back.
Do it.
[CHIEFTAIN 1] Firing!
- Fuck, they're through.
- Okay, let's go.
[SNIFFS] Come on, come on. Come
on. We have to go now. Come on.
- Come on. They're gonna shoot you.
- Shoot back.
- You shoot back.
- I will. Give me a gun. I'll do it.
Why would I give you a gun?
Come on. Let's go!
- [SEAN] The quicker we find this
- River.
the quicker we can
leave. Are you going to help?
- River. Just River!
- [RIVER] Fuck me.
I'm MI5 and I'm armed.
[FENWICK] Go, go, go!
- [CHIEFTAIN 2] Man down. Man down.
Come on!
He's down.
See, they don't give a shit.
Keep going. Keep going.
Keep your head down.
It's not here.
What are those lights for?
[SHIRLEY] Looks like
an outdoor festival.
What, I did say not to worry
about the guys with the guns.
You drive your kids around with
an illegal armory in the back?
I got this for an emergency.
You know, sort of a I don't
know, hundred-to-one type situation.
What have you got for a thousand-to-one
situation? A fucking nuke?
Recoil on this is pretty strong.
Pull it too hard, it'll
fuck your shoulder.
I've had weapons training.
[MARCUS] Yeah, well,
training's one thing.
Different story when
bullets start flying.
Yeah, I've been shot at too.
[CHUCKLES] Once that
adrenaline kicks in, trust me.
Oh, don't tell me.
It's your happy place?
One of them, yeah.
Back when I was in ops,
guaranteed I was the first
one through that door.
Came pretty close to
becoming a Dog actually.
Turned 'em down in the end though.
'Cause you knew you'd fail the physical?
'Cause I didn't want to work
alongside someone like Duffy.
He's a thug.
All right.
[RODDY] Macedon King ♪
And he swore to free
all of Asia Minor ♪
By the Aegean Sea in 334 BC ♪
He utterly beat the armies of Persia ♪
Alexander the Great ♪
His name struck fear ♪
Into hearts of men ♪
Alexander the Great ♪
Be ♪
Shit. Shit.
Time to change the game.
Keep your head down. Keep looking.
[CHIEFTAIN 1] Come on.
No, no, no, no, no. Fuck.
- [SHIRLEY] What is it?
- It's a meat grinder.
They're flushing them out.
If they don't die down in the facility,
they'll die when they
come out of that hatch.
[SHIRLEY] What do we do?
Stay close.
Follow my lead.
If we don't clear those men,
Louisa and River are dead.
- Now let's have it.
- What the fuck?
- You smiling?
- Yeah.
I feel fucking alive. Don't you?
No, I feel really
close to death actually.
What the fuck are we doing here?
Should've stayed in the pub.
Nice one.
[PANTS, GRUNTS] Hold off. Hold off.
Okay, now we go.
Okay, let's rethink this.
Fuck. [PANTS]
All right, come on. Got
your bag and your coat.
Leave her. She'll be fine.
[CATHERINE] She wasn't
even a threat, you know.
She had a gun.
doesn't know how to use it.
I'm a better shot than her.
There you are. Look.
- Hello, Sarah. [CHUCKLES] Hello.
- Hiya. That's it.
Yeah, good as new.
Great. All right, come on.
do we kill our own?
- What do you mean?
- Well, do we?
Are you asking me to absolve
you of collaborating with them?
I didn't collaborate. I was helping.
I thought about what I know when
I was close to ops and I thought,
"Charles would never
authorize an action like that.
But maybe Tearney would."
How the fuck do you make
a judgment like that?
Because I've seen the lengths
she'll go to, and Taverner,
- to stop things getting out.
- Bollocks.
Well, let's see what
they find down there.
No, no, no. I mean, "Bollocks,
there's someone coming."
Look Looks like two of 'em.
- Maybe to collect me?
- No, I think to dispatch you.
I can take one of them.
Have you got anything that blows up?
- [CHIEFTAIN 1] Go, go!
Found it. I found it!
[CHIEFTAIN 2] Come out!
- We got it! We need to get out of here!
Yeah, well, the only way
out was through that door.
[SEAN] Ben!
[CHIEFTAIN 2] Open fire!
- Give me a gun.
- I'm not gonna give you a gun.
I was in the TA.
Ah, brilliant. Why don't you tell
them? I'm sure they'll surrender.
I'm gonna get his gun.
Just stay there.
Cover me.
- [SEAN] Ben!
- Ben, stay
- [CHIEFTAIN 1, DISTORTED] Target down!
[SIGHS] Fuck.
Go, go, go, go, go, go!
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