Slugterrainea s01e03 Episode Script

The Trade

1 "The Trade" [whooshing] [screams] [groans] [gasping] [grunts] Who's next? Come on! You mean to tell me that not one of you is up for a "friendly" duel? [scoffs] You're not afraid of these, are you? They're just slugs [growls] Eli: Wrong.
Those aren't just slugs.
They're ghouls.
Well, if it isn't the new Shane, come to save the day.
I was wondering when you would show up.
Those ghouls aren't welcome here, and neither are you.
[growls] [weapons powering up] Four against one? Not exactly a fair fight.
Rules went out the window when you pledged your allegiance to Blakk, C.
Then we'll just have to level the playing field and then I'll level the four of you.
Slugterra [music] Slugterra Slugterra corrections by f1nc0 Last chance, C.
Are you going to go quietly, or is this gonna get loud? - Really? - Give him a break, Trixie.
He's still figuring out this hero thing.
Huh! [grunts] [grunts] [screams] [blubbering] [screams] [grunting] [growls] [both groan] [laughs] You're in over your heads.
Try not to lose them.
[growling] [growling] Minor setback.
No big deal.
Did you see the boosters he has for his gear? And he's slinging ghouls.
We've got no match for that.
[grunts] Yeah, bro you're the only one of us who's ever faced one.
And that didn't end so well, remember? If you're trying to psych me up for this fight, it's not really working.
But don't worry.
I have an idea.
[grunting] - May I? - By all means.
Eli, that's just a stinker.
It'll be useless against a ghoul! Which is exactly why he'll never see this coming.
[grunts] [roars] [chitters] [coughs] Oh, that is so foul.
And dumb.
You had to know I was gonna knock it right back at ya.
That was the idea.
[gun clicking] The way I see it, you have two choices.
Take a cheap shot on me, in which case my friends open fire.
Or you walk away.
What's it gonna be? Huh.
Clever move, kid.
[whistles] You know you're gonna stink for weeks.
- Oh, it was worth it.
- Speak for yourself.
You used to be a respected slug slinger.
What happened to you? I saw an opportunity, and I took it.
[whistles] And I'm not the only one signing on with Dr.
A new Shane may be back, but you're not going to make one bit of difference against Dr.
Blakk and his ghouls.
Oh, and, how's that Shane hideout working for you? - Settling in? - What are you getting at, C.
? Oh, nothing.
Except maybe while I was here entertaining these fine citizens, a few of my associates were doing a little redecorating for ya.
Consider it a housewarming present from the guy who gave me these.
[screeches] The hideout! Eli: This is so not cool.
[whimpers] Ah! Good news! My collection of glass figurines has been spared! [horrified squeak] I vow vengeance! Vengeance! Dr.
Blakk did this to send us a message.
He's gonna learn the Shane Gang doesn't rattle so easy.
- So what's the plan? - We'll send Blakk a message of our own.
But first, we're going to replace all the stuff we lost.
Ooh! You know what that means! We're going to Barton and Spinks! Wow.
I don't even know where to start.
I know.
They've got everything from furniture to blaster upgrades.
You can even get custom parts for your mecha-beast.
Kord, you're the gear expert.
Think you can set us up with replacements for what got trashed? Definitely! That ought to do it.
Should replace all the stuff we lost, plus a few upgrades.
You know, to help us get our point across.
Just one question.
Do we have enough gold to pay for this? No gold.
Only slugs.
- Got some good ones here.
- Nuh-uh! No way.
We're not buying groceries, Eli.
You want something valuable, you have to trade something valuable in return.
We don't really need all this stuff, do we? - I'd rather keep the slugs.
- And what about Blakk? He's already got an advantage with his ghouls.
We can't afford not to have the best gear.
These guys are my team.
I'm really starting to get to know them.
You see! That is why you never get friendly with the ammo.
I know how much your slugs mean to you, Eli, but sometimes you just have to make a trade.
We all do it.
I'm not happy about this.
You've been a great slug, Joules, but, we really need the gear.
[chittering] [beeping] [gasps] Wow.
Er, it'll do.
I think we have a deal.
Whoever you end up with, they'll take good care of you.
[squeaks] Maybe I'll see you again.
Not likely, kid.
[laughing] [screams] Pronto: Nightmare Ridge.
We must use caution.
Everyone? I've been thinking.
About the wonders of me, no doubt.
We made a mistake.
You doubt the navigational skills of the great Pronto? I'm talking about Joules.
We should never have made that trade.
I thought we went over this.
You want to stop Blakk? Then you need the best gear.
And to get the best gear, sometimes you got to give up a slug or two.
- We got to go back and get him! - What is it with him and his slugs? What do you mean gone? We were here an hour ago! What can I say.
It's been traded.
If you want a refund, I've got a pair of floppers.
[coughing] Pass.
I want Joules back.
Sorry, kid.
He's gone.
- Well, we tried! - Not so fast, Pronto.
That shopkeeper was hiding something.
I'm going to find out what.
A conspiracy? Bonus! Stand aside.
This takes great skill and a delicate touch.
[grunts] Well, I could have done that.
[slugs chittering] Whoa! There must be hundreds.
Where are they all doing down here? Huh? [gate opening] Shopkeeper: Business has been slow.
But, there's still a lot of first rate slugs in here.
Powerful ones with lots of training.
[squeaks] Just how Dr.
Blakk likes.
[growls] Load them up.
- Dr.
Blakk is behind this! - And what do you bet he's planning on turning those slugs into freaky ghouls.
Yeah, well, he's not getting Joules.
Or any of these slugs.
Come on.
[squeaking] Shh! We're getting you out of here.
- That does not belong to you.
- Says who? - Dr.
- Well, I don't see him here right now, and there are way more of us than there are of you.
[weapons powering up] Who are you anyway? They call me Diablos Nacho.
All right, Nacho, there are two ways this can go down [screams] Okay, three.
[grunts] [straining] - I cannot feel my legs! - That's because you're grabbing mine.
Oh, that's better.
[grunting] Okay.
So you got us.
What happens now? It's okay, Joules, I won't let them take you! [screeching] [sighs] How can you do business with Dr.
Blakk? A lot of people do, kid.
He makes it hard to say no.
Besides, they're just slugs.
You don't have any idea what he's doing with them, do you? And I don't think I want to.
Eli: We're going to get Joules.
And the rest of those slugs, too.
I'm not going to let Blakk turn them into ghouls.
You realize that means going straight to Blakk's citadel.
We said we wanted to send him a message.
Now we can hand deliver it.
[chittering] [buzzer] Who are you? Eli Shane.
I'm here to see Dr.
Wait here.
Okay, follow me.
Easy for you to say.
In there.
Where's Blakk? Indisposed.
What can I do for you? For starters, I want my slug back.
[chuckles] What I'm asking of you is so little compared to what I'm offering.
Your loyalty and service, in exchange for the most powerful weapon Slugterra has ever seen! I know you are men of action, not words.
So am I.
So I'll put it simply, take the power I've offered and join me! [ghouls screeching] Okay, dudes, let's spring these slugs and mission-accomplished ourselves out of here! Uh, problem! Joules isn't here! We're too late! So, uh Did you always want to be a henchman? Or is it something you just kind of fell into? Okay.
Any idea when Blakk's gonna show? I know I kind of surprised him by dropping in like this but On the contrary.
I've been expecting you.
I don't know how I'm going to tell Eli about Joules.
You! Uh, hey, bro.
Bye! Smash it down! [thudding] - We got to get out of here! - Not without the slugs! No.
Like this! [growls] Dr.
Blakk's slugs! Get them! [panting] Maurice, leave us.
Let's get down to business.
You do know why I invited you here, don't you? Invited? Guess the invitation must've gotten lost in the mail.
But you did get the "message" I left in your little clubhouse.
That's why you're here now, isn't it? Partly.
Mostly I'm here to get my slug back.
[growling] [laughs] Really? Is this what you're looking for? Joules! Think it over.
Good boy.
Join me and you can have him.
And in a far more powerful state than he is now.
[grunts] [roars] [roars] [roars] [roars] [laughs] How's this guy so good? [laughs] [nervous laugh] Did you honestly think you could just waltz into my home and actually beat me? Uh, yeah.
Starting to wish I had some of those upgrades, though.
Whoa! [groans] [groans] Huh? [roars] [victorious chuckle] [grunting] Uh-oh! [groaning] [coughing] [panting] - Look! - Kord: Eli's dueling Blakk? Without Pronto? It didn't have to be like this.
But then, sons do have a way of repeating their fathers' mistakes.
[weapon firing] [glass shattering] [screams] Ah, good, we're all here.
Your friends can witness the end of another Shane.
They'll soon follow.
[bell tolling] [explosion] [groaning] [snarling] Burpy, nothing's even gotten close to him, but I know you've got more in you! You put too far too much faith in your slugs.
- That Infernus can't help you.
- Want to bet? We got to get out of here, Burpy.
Show him what you've got! [all yelling] Wow.
Fire wall.
That'll work.
I think you made your point, little guy.
- Now might be a good time to go.
- No argument here.
[all panting] Back! Around the other side! No, let them go.
He got the message.
Eli Shane won't be coming back here anytime soon.
Why not make him pay? Oh, he will.
They all will.
But for now, he's far more useful as a reminder of what happens when even a Shane tries to challenge me.
Well, that wasn't a total disaster.
You guys were great.
All of you.
Blakk was wrong.
There is nothing more important than our slugs.
If we're going to do this right, if we're going to stop Blakk, we'll need more of them.
Lots more.
They'll need training, too.
Still a lot of moves our slugs can learn.
And don't forget the gear.
I know you don't think it's that important, Eli, but you just leave that part to me.
I'll never let Blakk get the edge.
Thanks, Kord.
It's a deal.
And let us not forget how we must band together to achieve an even greater task.
- Like what? - Cleaning up Pronto's room, of course! Who's with me? Huh? Eh? Oh, come on! Someone's got to be with me! This bed won't make itself!