Slugterrainea s01e04 Episode Script

The Slugout

1x04 - The Slugout Careful, Kord.
We're right on top of them.
Yeah, right, sorry.
There's nothing but empty around here.
Maybe we just need to take a closer look.
Frost Crawlers.
Remember, Eli, they can be fierce.
Of course, they look a lot fiercer when they hit 100 miles per hour.
Not to interrupt, but please let me know when it is a good time to point out that it was I, Pronto, who led us here! - How about after we catch one? - I'll get the snares.
- I have gloves! - How about we just try talking to one of them? Yeah.
Hey, there.
I'm looking for some powerful slugs to join my team.
Like you.
Pronto has him now! Pronto! No! Hey! Uh, I'm sure they will be fine.
All those slugs transforming together could cause a chain reaction.
Guys, it's getting pretty frosty in here.
Run for it! We are not going make it! Yes, we are! Move, you stubborn, no good, rusted out I mean, so very clean, and much loved, and respected Only get one shot.
Make it count, Burpy! Burn, Burpy, burn! Phew! That was awesome! - I beg to differ.
- Oh, come on, that was amazing! Just too bad about the slug, though.
Check it out, he came back.
Guess things always work out for the best Bro, I've been telling you, your slugs have gotten too powerful for a blaster like that.
It was just a matter of time before No, help! I'm - Very realistic.
- Thanks.
Yeah, I'll be here all week.
- How long will it take you to fix it? - I'd say about forever.
I'm pretty good about amping things up, but this needs an expert.
Only one blastersmith I know of could fix that.
- Redhook.
- That name sounds familiar.
It should.
All the best slingers used to use him.
Including your dad.
His skill is legendary, yes.
As is his foul temper! I'm not looking for a new best friend.
I just want my blaster fixed.
- Lead the way, Pronto.
- Follow me! Welcome to Quiet Lawn.
Home of Redhook.
I thought you guys said this place was nice.
Well, it used to be.
I guess the people here are kinda shy? Pronto knows what to do.
Hello, yoo-hoo, this is Pronto.
I guess they like their quiet, too.
You'd be quiet, too, if you lived under them.
Grenuker Slugs.
Knock those things down, and it's ka-boom time! It must be stressful living underneath those things.
We could live just fine with the slugs, it's the Hoola Gang that's causing all the trouble.
The Hoola what? The Hoola Gang.
Come on, guys.
- Hey! - What are you looking at? Your artwork.
Is that a kitty? It's cute.
You might wanna work on your manners.
Especially when you talk to the guys running this no good town.
I'll keep that in mind for when I do.
Do you really wanna get in to a fight with a broken blaster? I know you.
You're the Snane kid.
You better get lost.
We're the Hoola Gang.
Official employees of Blakk Industries.
Which means, you got a problem with us, you're gonna have a big problem with Dr.
Oh, you don't have to worry about that 'cause I already got a problem with him.
Without your team, I bet you're not so tough.
Then you shouldn't have any trouble beating me in a little trick shot contest.
I'm challenging you.
Ha! You've got more guts than brains.
I'm running a town for Blakk.
I don't have time for games.
You win, you get my slugs.
All of them.
- Your whole arsenal? - You lose, you leave town.
Ha! Yeah, whatever, kid.
You just lost all your slugs! Bro, what if he beats you? You're really gonna risk Burpy and all your slugs? The possibility did cross your mind when you challenged him, right? Uh, yeah, but it's cool.
I have a plan.
He has a plan.
- What is it? - Uh win.
Now you can't ask for a do-over on account of a busted blaster.
Though, half a blaster is more than I need to kick your butt.
- Beat that.
- Not bad.
Let's see if I can do any better.
Yes! In your face! In your face! Yeah, come here, you little goof.
One-zip, Eli.
Nice work.
Trick shots.
Best two out of three.
No, not you.
I bet none of your slugs are a match for my Flaringo.
Let's see how this Frost Crawler flies.
First to hit the flagpole.
- Two-zip! - Again! Those don't count.
This is it.
Winner take all! Dude, I won like six shots ago.
This cavern is full of those Grenuker Slugs.
Whoever knocks the most down wins.
No! No.
Those slugs aren't bothering anyone up there.
Who cares? They're just slugs.
You can show yourselves out.
You're all I have left! You're useless! You don't explode, you don't freeze things, you don't do anything but take up space Careful there.
You almost stepped on that slug.
That's it.
I've had it with you.
Let's duel.
I guess you won't be giving me back that loaner? This means war.
Man, none of my slugs are reaching velocity.
- Kord, I need a boost! - You've got it, buddy.
Wow! I guess it takes a lot to knock those things down.
If you're interested, I've got room for one more.
Actually, a lot more.
Blakk is gonna hear about this.
Every one of you just made a huge mistake.
- They're probably coming back.
- And they'll find us waiting.
Now can we go to Redhook's? Mr.
Redhook? I've told you kids a dozen times to get lost! He seems nice.
Uh, we've never met.
I'm just looking to get a blaster fixed.
You're not with those Hoola Gang clowns? Nope.
We're the ones who got rid of them.
For now.
Ah, a red hook.
Question, did you call yourself Redhook before you got the hook or after, and was the hook red when you got it, or Please, sir, I need your help.
All right, come in.
But you're interrupting my lunch.
Ah, excellent! I'm famished.
Whoa! I didn't think they made tools like this anymore! They don't.
Tell me what you want, and get out of here.
I got the slugs.
I just need a blaster to shoot 'em.
That's all the slugs you got? You better run, boy.
We're not running.
Someone needs to protect this town.
Something familiar about you.
You sure we haven't met? - Uh - Let me see your blaster.
Can you fix it? It's been real lucky for me.
Lucky it didn't kill you! That thing was a piece of junk when it was new! I don't fix junk.
One moment, please.
This man obviously requires a delicate touch.
But do not fear.
Pronto knows just what to say.
- No, no, no, no.
- No, no, no, no.
I've never been so insulted in all my life! And don't come back! Perhaps he was a tougher bargainer than I thought.
You make this right, or I will grind you into paste.
- Maurice, who exactly is this? - New recruit.
Name's Billy.
We sent him down to Quiet Lawn Cavern to convince Redhook to work for us.
Did you now? And let me guess this cave is fighting back? It's not them.
It was the Shane kid, came in to town like he owned the place.
And he did that to you.
You need my help.
That's what I was hoping you'd say.
I It's Billy, am I right? An example must be made of the Shane boy.
I'm going to give you and your friends a little more fire power.
Ghoul Slugs.
Ever seen one up close? Ah.
But you've heard of them.
Imagine all the power within a slug, twisted to serve only you.
Unpredictable, but they make up for it in pure savage fury.
Not even a Shane can stand up to one of my ghouls.
Now, which one of you pathetic lumps is next? Seems like the town's getting back to normal.
Well, as normal as you can get living under a pile of exploding slugs.
- Where's Pronto? - At Redhook's.
Still groveling.
But no time for that.
The Hoola Gang are on their way.
Come back! This is your town! Why won't they fight? It's Quiet Lawn Cavern, remember? We're gonna help these people stand up for their town.
Not unless you get your blaster fixed.
Hopefully Pronto has softened Redhook up enough to help out.
So, on behalf of my father, and his father's father, I am very, very, very, very, very sorry.
How many times do I have to tell you? Get out of my house! Then also I apologize.
My apologies apologize.
Groveling time is over, Pronto.
The Hoola Gang's coming and I need you with me.
Redhook, are you going to fix my blaster or not? - No.
- Fine.
Then I'll face them without it.
Come on, Pronto.
- You're a Shane, aren't you? - That's right.
How'd you guess? Because you're acting like one.
I once saw Will Shane take down the entire McDougall Gang with only a dust-puff slug and a slingshot.
- Never knew he had a kid.
- Dad wanted me out of the spotlight.
And now you've stepped right into the center of it.
You plan on going after Blakk? I plan on fighting the bad guys wherever I find them.
Well, then you're going to need this.
Only made two of these.
Your old man had the other one.
I don't know what to say.
Say you'll be the man your father was.
We're off to fight these Hooligangers.
Pronto grants you the honor of assisting us in this historic battle.
I can make 'em.
Never was one to shoot 'em.
You've done enough.
All I need is a fighting chance.
Come on, Pronto.
Thank you.
Thank you again.
Go get 'em kid.
- Is everyone ready? - Pronto was born ready.
Let's get rid of these clowns once and for all.
With this new blaster, it shouldn't be a problem.
Um problem.
They've got ghouls.
I'll make this quick and painful.
Go ahead and try.
Blast em! Now, this is nice! Try to get them to burn up some slugs! You're up, Jewels! - Great shot, Trixie! - My thoughts exactly.
Get him! Level the place! We can't fight ghouls with what we've got! - I'm down to my last two slugs.
- I've only got dazzlers left.
- I'm out.
- And I have no idea where mine went.
We need to get residents of this cave in the fight! But these people said "no".
I'm not talking about the people.
Pronto, you still have that sonic snare thingy? You're not thinking what I think you're thinking? Yup.
Now we got 'em.
Okay, Burpy, let's rally the troops! Now! We're not finished, Shane.
I still have one more ghoul.
Okay, little guy.
You're all I have left.
Make us proud.
That worthless slug! This is over.
What did you do to my ghoul? That ghoul slug's no longer a ghoul slug.
So, that's what you do.
You're a Healer! This isn't just any Healer, Eli.
This one cures ghouls.
A Healer? No way! Uh come on! Bad guys defeated, new blaster for Eli, not a bad days work.
And we got a cool new slug in the process.
You do know Healers are like the rarest slugs in Slugterra, right? Really? Yes, yes, Pronto the magnificent deserves much praise.
Take a bow, Doc.