Slugterrainea s01e07 Episode Script

Shadows and Light

1x07 - Shadows and Light - Locke! - And Lode! - Fireworks? - Fireworks that go boom.
Hey, where'd that come from? - The Shane Gang! - Good, you remember us.
So I'm pretty sure you can guess what will happen next.
You see that Lode? The Shane gang is no match for what we got.
You got that right! - They blowed up good! - Real good.
They're on their heels! Now's your chance to push 'em over! - I suggest an honorable retreat.
- No! Run away! What are you doing with all these Fandango slugs? I know they have tons of slug energy, but aren't they pretty useless in a fight.
That slug energy is precisely why we need them.
They aren't for dueling, we're taking them to Bullseye Cavern.
Something is forcing the native slugs to abandon the place turning it into a dead zone.
We need an infusion of Fandango slug energy to attract the native slugs back.
Oh! So you're hoping the Fandangos will jump-start the cavern and bring it back to life! Every time we try to deliver the slugs, those two shut us down.
Locke and Lode.
They work for Dr.
They've blown up nearly every passage in and out of Bullseye from the West.
And now our mechas are trashed.
- We'll never get the slugs there in time.
- We'll take them for you.
We will? Ah! Yes! We will! So it's true.
You really are Will Shane's kid.
Well, we need a Shane right now.
If Bullseye doesn't get these slugs by the end of the day, - we'll lose it for good.
- No pressure.
You're a good kid, Eli Shane.
Well, let's load them up! Locke: What? The Shane gang's taking the load to Bullseye? Lode: That's not good, is it? Do you think we should call the boss? Did you get knocked in the head again? Not a word to Blakk about this.
If he finds out, he'll send reinforcements.
This is our job.
We'll take care of them ourselves and collect us a huge reward.
Just think of what we could do with all that money, Lode! We could buy us a lot of gold! Eli: Okay, break it down for me again.
The caverns run on slug energy.
Didn't you learn this in school like the rest of us? Must have been home sick that day.
Well, the energy that makes all life possible here, is strongest in the slugs.
Wherever they are, things live.
- Without them - Got it.
Dead zone.
I just don't get why Blakk would want to let that happen to an entire cavern.
They try to block us in! Pronto, lead us back out.
I believe they have accomplished their diabolical goal.
I curse their success! This way! It's our only chance! Whoa! We done crushed them Shanes.
Well, little brother, best we get down there and make sure.
They're a crafty bunch.
Well, that was fun.
And when I say "fun," I mean, ow, my head.
We're alive.
That's good, right? - Pronto, where are we? - Hmm, let me see.
Hmm, let's see.
Ow! Ah, yes, here we go.
We are completely cut off from our destination.
Would you like me to be more specific? - Is there another path? - Nope.
- A secret passage? - Nope.
- Anything? - Well no.
Ah I heard a "well.
" What is it, Pronto? Well, maybe there is a route we could take.
But we'd be fools to do so! Usually when you say things like that it ends up being fun.
Oh, no, no, no, no! Not this time.
The only other way to Bullseye is a path fraught with peril.
It's dark, long, twisting and cuts right through the territory of the Shadow Clan.
Guys? What? No! No! No! You're not actually considering You are.
Aw! We didn't get them all blowed up.
Told you they were crafty.
Well, if they're so crafty, why are they going that way? That's Shadow Clan territory! Uh, we gonna follow? I'd rather face Blakk than what's down that passage.
They'll never make it through.
But we should be prepared just in case.
The Dark Periphery.
Home of the Shadow Clan.
This is the opportunity of a lifetime! I mean, no one has ever managed to capture the Shadow Clan on film! At least no one who's managed to live.
You're unusually quiet, Pronto.
Pronto is not quiet.
Pronto is speechless! The most evil things in all of Slugterra and we're strolling into their backyard! I've seen them before, remember? They're scary, sure, but they can't be that bad.
Maybe they're just misunderstood.
- What? What? - You said it yourself, we're only just skirting through the edge of their territory.
They probably won't even know we're here.
Ah, I hear something.
Everyone! Against the rock.
Is this really necessary? Shh! Okay, yes it is.
Nobody move.
The Shadow Clan have excellent vision, a keen sense of smell, and a penchant for scaring Molenoids to their early deaths.
- I don't see them.
- We were lucky.
Let's count our blessings and turn back.
We can't turn back.
Bullseye needs those slugs.
Ah, fine.
The sooner we're there, the sooner we're out of this wretched place.
Eli: My Dad used to tell me about the Shadow Clan.
How do they talk to slugs and how they've been here forever.
Uh, guys? I don't want to freak you out, but there's something moving behind us.
I thought we lost them.
I know several Molenoid tracking tricks that should confuse them.
Hmm, dry rock.
No tracks for them to follow.
And Ah! We are downwind so no scent for them to pick up.
Follow my lead.
How fortunate you are to be in the company of the best tracker in Slugterra! - Guys! We gotta step on it! - What? Preposterous! Okay, time for another incredible Molenoid skill.
Escape! They're on our six! There, you see! My evasive tactics were a grand success.
But praise for Pronto can wait until we get to Bullseye.
If I never see the Shadow Clan again, it will be too soon.
Uh, guys? There's more of them! We should get a closer look.
Are you kidding? You're not kidding.
You know what? You should kid more.
Okay, you got your closer look.
We better scram.
Look, the path ahead is too exposed.
If we move now, everyone down there is going to see us.
We need some kind of distraction.
- Kord: I don't like the looks of this.
- Eli: I'm right there with you.
They're distracted.
This is our chance.
Stop you miserable creatures! You'll give us away! Guys.
What's gotten into you? Run! It's like a big giant sign pointing right at us.
And I am the all-you-can-eat buffet! Pronto, you and Trixie keep going with those slugs.
Kord and I will buy us some time.
They will never take me alive.
If this is to be my fate, Pronto will go out in a blaze of - What? Surrender? - Look on the bright side.
No one's ever been this close to the Shadow Clan.
Just checking the lens cap.
We're sorry we had to cross through your territory, but we have a good reason.
If we don't get these slugs to Bullseye Cavern, then the cavern will go dark.
It'll die.
Hey! Those aren't yours! Do you understand me at all? Bullseye Cavern needs these slugs.
I think they're letting us go! - Lucky for them.
- Thank you.
Burpy, what did you say to them? Huh? Well, whatever it was.
Good job.
Okay, Bullseye Cavern.
You may now begin singing my praises.
- Now what? - Release the Fandangos.
They'll find somewhere to roost and then this will all be over.
Here you go, little fellas.
Don't be shy.
That's not supposed to happen, is it? They definitely don't like something in here.
- Pronto: Maybe we're too late! - Where you guys goin'? Stay with me Burpy.
Keep your slugs close! Whatever this is, it's affecting them too! Look at that.
- A new path to Bullseye Cavern.
- We blowed it up good.
Uh, Shane gang? They made it? It don't matter, they're too late.
The cavern's dead and their slugs are bugging out.
I'll be with you guys in a second.
We can still save this cavern.
Pronto, I need you to round up the Fandango slugs.
It would be my pleasure.
Trixie, maybe you can figure out what's making them leave? - On it! - Kord? - Say no more.
- Now.
I think it's time we settled this.
You two want to duel us? Unless you wanted to hug it out instead? You can't win.
And not only that.
You're gonna lose! Grenuker slugs! Stop in the name of Pronto! So that's the way it's going to be, uh? I know you don't like it here Jules, but please stick around, okay? Run all you want! Pronto can do this all day! You're only tiring yourselves out.
What exactly am I looking for? The Fandango slugs! How did you do that? Curse you beasts! I know you wanna get out of here, but I have an idea and I need your help.
I hope this works.
You don't like going this way, do you? Bullseye.
Woah! So that explains it.
I gotta get Eli! I'm almost out of slugs.
Me too.
And if they get chased away with the rest of them, we'll have an even bigger problem.
No slugs at all.
- Admit it, kid! You lost.
- Yeah, and we won! So then why are they smiling? I'll give you a hint.
Run away! Run away! Tell Dr.
Blakk nice try.
Frightgeist slug.
Nice shot, Trixie.
Our trip to Deadweed has really paid off.
You're going to want to see this.
Dark water? Yep.
This is what was driving the slugs away.
Blakk thought he could ghoul this entire cavern.
And I've got just the cure.
That's a lot of dark water.
You sure Doc can neutralize it all? What do you think, Doc? Up for a swim? He's running out of steam.
Ha! Success! Uh, only one? No it's perfect! Fire it into the hole! The good energy in it will help counteract the dark kind.
Pronto hurry! It's working! We need more! Nice job, Burpy! - Woah.
- Yeah.
What I don't get, why of all caverns did Blakk want to empty out this place? Because this is the exact center of Slugterra.
- Get it? Bullseye.
- This was nothing but a land grab.
And Blakk was staking his claim with dark water.
Looks like we figured everything out.
Not everything.
I can't stop thinking about why the Shadow Clan let us go.
Sure wish you could tell us what you know about them.
I did it! I'm the first person to ever capture the Shadow Clan on film! - Uh, congratulations? - I know! Isn't it great? When this footage gets out, it's going to be massive! All right.
We'll lay low for a while, then find a way to get back at that kid and his gang.
Get them good.
Make Blakk happy.
Make us happy.
We send the message.
No one messes with Locke and Lode.
Not happy.