Slugterrainea s01e08 Episode Script

Dawn of the Slug

1 1x08 - Dawn of the Slug Eli: Wow.
Now that's a mall.
First stop, arcade! Got a high score to defend.
Yeah, you won't be so lucky this time! Play your silly games.
But Pronto is here on a mission.
- Mission? - To acquire a new handbag.
[ annoyed sigh ] What? I need more pockets.
This was a great idea, guys.
A little down time is exactly what we need.
Kord: You're gonna love this place, Eli.
- It's got everything.
- Everything except people.
- Are we early? - Maybe it's closed.
[ distant moans ] Shh! [ moaning continues ] Huh? Well, that would explain it.
[ groaning ] Eli: Zombies.
Slugterra! [ title music ] Slugterra! Slugterra! [ moaning ] [ gasps ] See Pronto bravely blaze a trail to safety! Oy! Every Halloween my dad and I would watch a zombie movie marathon together, so I know what I'm talking about.
And the first rule of zombie-infestations don't panic.
Uh, what's the second rule? Eli: Zombies are scary, but slow, and only dangerous in numbers.
If we make our way calmly to the exit, we should have no problem getting [ growling ] Slow? Your zombie rulebook needs an update, bro.
[ growls ] Yeah.
Rule number three run! [ snarling ] Definitely not your usual mall-invasion zombie.
[ panting ] Huh? Rule number four find a good place to hide.
Eli: Whoa.
Way more like the mad science movie Living Zombies Ate My Brain, than the rotting/reanimated kind from Mall of the Lurching Dead! Back up.
First zombies? Second zombies? [ gasping ] Hmm.
Now! [ yelping ] [ tarzan yell ] [ screams ] That really smarts! Come out of there.
Thought you were a zombie! Millard Milford, Security Slinger.
Sorry about that.
From the racket you all made, well, can't be too careful.
So you're like a mall cop? Some of your less-enlightened citizens call us that, sure.
But a Security Slinger is honor-bound to right all wrongs wherever he's paid, whether it's Both: A mall or a movie-house.
Both: The playground or the pool.
Hey a kid can dream.
And from such humble dreams do heroes grow, my friend.
[ Eli clears throat ] Eli Shane.
My gang.
Trixie, Kord, and - Ponto? - Mmm.
A bit matchy-matchy.
No, Pronto's bag must pop! Shane Gang, huh? You made it this deep into the mall, you must be as good as your rep.
Except we're actually looking for a way out.
Not likely.
Zombies blocking every exit.
First zombies showed up around 12 hours ago, grabbing people and hauling 'em away.
Tried to stop 'em, but there were just too many.
Got off an APB over the Security Slinger Network, I barely managed to hole up in here to wait for the cavalry.
You have a network? Awesome! If we wait here, zombies are gonna find us and haul us off, too.
No offense.
Vigilantes like yourselves may not respect the mall badge, but my brothers in baby blue look out for our own.
You'll see.
Eli: But with your knowledge of the mall and our help, maybe we can escape now, together.
Take the enemy off-guard? I like your plan, Shane-man.
But we'll need supplies.
Hardware store.
- But we're armed to the teeth.
- No.
Millard's right.
We're gonna need a length of garden hose, a tube of epoxy, three road flares, a ball-peen hammer, and a pack of jerky.
- What for? - Not sure.
In the movies the heroes' get zombified before they can use any of it.
But we'll figure something out.
Pronto: Got it! The perfect handbag! [ groaning ] Shane-man, take point.
Second level.
Off the escalator, to the right.
Millard Milford will run interference and catch up to you.
But the path's clear.
We should go together.
Or is that what they want us to think? Go on.
I'll be right behind.
Hey, Zombies! [ moaning ] Today's special, Millard Milford on a hoof.
Get him while he's fresh! [ growling ] Two words breath mint! Who knew a simple Security Slinger would become almost as noble a hero as Pronto himself? He was a brave man.
Did he say the hardware store was to the left or to the right? [ all mumble ] Pronto: Ah! I see now.
If we are the "X," the candle store is [ zombies moaning ] - No.
No, no, no, no, wait.
- Eli: Pronto! The taco stand is just to the left of [ screams ] [ laughs ] Huh? [ squeals excitedly ] Now there's a bag that pops! [ groaning ] Well, the good news is, by this point in a zombie movie, the team is always down by two.
So, even without Millard, we're kind of beating the odds.
But anyone seen Pronto? [ nervous laugh ] Everybody wants something.
We can trade.
I will begin.
Uh, Pronto wants to live! [ nervous laugh ] [ snarls ] What do zombies want? [ elevator bell dings ] [ screams ] [ blubbering ] Who are you people? What do you want from me? My loyal minions wish only to serve Mr.
And Mr.
Saturday wants more cushions! And more big-screens! And snacks.
But most of all, more minions! Eli: Okay, nobody panic! We just need a foolproof plan to find and rescue Pronto and clear out without becoming zombie chow ourselves.
In the movie "I Stalked With A Zombie", the heroes attempt to rescue their friend by cutting their way through the ceiling and Uh, then they get chomped.
But in "Postmortem Pete", they made their way to safety through the air ducts.
Until they got chomped.
Eli! Forget the movies.
This is real life! Pronto's missing and we need to figure out what's going on here.
[ banging on door ] [ gasps ] Quick, open up! It's Pronto? [ growls ] [ yelling ] [ yelling ] - Huh.
Like we're not even here.
- Probably for the best, considering a hungry zombie would be trying to eat our brains.
Pronto's not rotting or even oozing.
For a zombie he's remarkably healthy looking.
Maybe we can still cure him.
But we won't know unless we get out there and find out what's causing this.
The moment we step out there, aren't we zombie bait? Not if they don't notice us.
[ moaning ] [ sniffing ] [ grunts ] Eli: These zombies aren't decaying.
They're like Pronto.
We might be able to help them, so don't hurt 'em.
Of course, in case I'm wrong, don't let them bite you or eat your brains.
Skull stays closed.
Got it.
[ zombies moaning ] [ fake moaning ] [ fake moaning ] [ fake moaning ] [ fake moaning ] - Uh, guys? - Kord, your disguise.
So much for stealth.
[ panting ] Hold on a minute.
These zombies don't want brains, they want big-screens.
It's just looting.
Not exactly normal zombie behavior.
Which you know from watching a whole bunch of movies.
And if it wasn't for me watching those movies with my Dad, we'd be in worse trouble than we are now.
Sylvia, don't you give them money.
Goodness, Howard, these aren't beggars.
I know exactly what this is.
It's one of those flash mobs the kids are into.
Performance art.
[ all whispering ] Hey! Over there! See, Howard? They're friendly.
And you two are adorable.
- Ooh! Howard! Take a picture.
- You're only encouraging them, Sylvia.
[ groaning ] [ Sylvia laughing ] - Hands off the merchandise there, fella! - Oh, Howard, be a sport.
Not here.
We follow.
Maybe we'll find answers.
Sylvia: Ooh! Looks like we're just in time for the show! [ exclaiming ] [ scoffs ] Magicians.
Worse than mimes.
Oh-ho, but you've never seen this trick before, I promise.
Ah Keep your eye on the slug.
- That's a Hypnogriff.
- Hypnosis slug? A ghouled hypnosis slug.
That's a Cryptogriff! Which amps and twists mind-reading into mind-control.
No wonder the zombies aren't trying to eat us.
These aren't zombie-apocalypse zombies.
They're old-school, Voodoo zombies.
Whole different breed.
[ Mr.
Saturday laughs ] Now, be so kind as to fetch me a snack and a cool beverage.
Unghouling that slug is key to reversing this.
Doc, you up for this? [ chattering ] [ gasps ] [ chuckles ] Are there any free-thinkers among us? Well, I suppose I'll have to do something about that.
[ groaning ] Eli Answer two questions for me Who and why? For the next few seconds, you may call me Mr.
And why does anyone go into business for himself, hmm? For fun and profit, of course.
The profit part speaks for itself.
As for fun [ laughs ] Nothing beats people falling all over themselves to fulfill your every whim and desire.
Ooh! Speaking of final thoughts you'd like to share before I draft you into service? How 'bout attacking Millard Milford's mall was a huge Voo-don't.
- Millard? - Yes! Takes more than a bunch of droolin', stinkin' zombies to put the take-down on Millard Milford, Security Slinger! [ tarzan yell ] Kord: All right.
Now can we go? No time.
We have to end Mr.
Saturday's reign of terror in the right here and now.
He's right.
We have to do something.
We're way outnumbered.
Why not just wait for your backup? Because an entire Slugterran Express car from Shady Acres is going to be here any minute for their weekly shopping trip.
Do you want to sit idly by when someone's sweet, innocent grandma gets zombied? Not a chance.
Those seniors'll have no idea what they're walking into.
Just one more detail.
If you're gonna be enforcing mall justice, we need to make this official.
Raise your right hand.
This is really happening.
On my honor, I will defend the mall against all enemies, be they kleptos, loiterers, or skull-faced zombie overlords.
All: Shane's honor! Prepared for the assault on Mount Food Court? Wait.
We can't bring Pronto like this.
[ snarls ] - It's for your own good, buddy.
- Now, let's do this.
[ elevator bell dinging ] [ rock music playing ] Bring them to me on their knees.
[ snarling ] Remember, they're innocent victims.
Don't hurt them.
Don't worry.
I won't lay a finger on the little darlings.
[ grunts ] Didn't catch your name, boy.
Eli Shane.
Planning to write me from jail? A Shane? I shouldn't be surprised.
You have skills I can use in my business.
Not as a slave, no, but as a partner.
We'll never work with you, freely or otherwise.
You ghouled your slug.
You're in league with Dr.
[ imitates buzzer ] Wrong! Saturday is his own man.
Blakk may have given me the ghoul tech, but I work for no one but myself.
Yeah? What happens when you want more ghouls? You'll go right back to Blakk and give him anything.
You're every bit as much his puppet as these people are yours.
Millard: Oh, no! If we don't turn off that fryer, the pressure building inside it could cause an explosion of hot grease that would take out half of Slugterra! - Yeah, I don't think so.
- I got this.
If I don't make it back, you need to finish what I started.
I will.
I'm going after him! Remember Yeah, yeah, [ grunts ] don't hurt 'em.
Comin' through! [ tarzan yell ] Seriously? There's a hero in all of us! This is your time! Millard Milford believes in you! Eh.
He's dedicated, I'll give him that.
[ steam whistling ] Okay, Joules, you know what to do! [ Eli grunts ] Hold him, my minions! Time to add another to your ranks! No point in struggling, Eli Shane.
You will be my slave.
Must obey myself.
[ laughs ] You seriously thought you'd stop me by putting me under my own mind control? All you've done is made me twice as determined to win! You thought you had a chance? No, no, no.
Never had one, never will.
[ grunts ] [ growls ] Huh? Oh.
This is never a good sign.
[ sighs ] Is the show over already? I don't remember any of it, Howard.
Hypnotist acts, Sylvie.
Worse than magicians.
Little help here.
[ both squeaking ] My pleasure, little friend.
But Saturday's gone.
He who ghouls and runs away, lives to ghoul another [ groans ] Got news for you, Saturday.
You're not headed to some cushy eastern country club prison.
You're going to mall jail! [ grunting ] For services rendered.
Lifetime passes to the arcade.
- Wow! That's - Insulting, yeah, I know.
I told upstairs you'd never take them as a reward.
You're heroes.
Been a real honor.
Face it, only one place we're ever gonna get real down time.
Trixie: Right.
Let's go home.