Slugterrainea s01e09 Episode Script

Club Slug

1 1x09 - Club Slug Man on TV: Do you spend hours on tedious dueling and your slugs still aren't learning new moves? Why, yes, I do.
Are the other slingers getting the best slugs, leaving you with floppers? No good lazy stinking floppers, yes.
[ farts ] Tired of never knowing what slug to use, or even if it's worth using at all? It's like he's reading my mind! Here at Club Slug we know you have better things to do than waste time getting your hands dirty making your slugs more powerful.
Oh! You're preaching to the choir, my friend! [ exclaims fearfully ] [ crashes ] This slug learned five new moves in a single weekend! And I didn't have to do anything.
But sit back and watch.
While enjoying a relaxing massage.
At your fully equipped spa.
Thank you, Sergeant Slug.
I could use a pedicure.
So what are you waiting for? I'm Sergeant Slug, and I say get up, pack your bags, and let me do the work so you don't have to! That's an order! Sir, yes, sir! [ slug farting ] Slugterra! [ title music ] Slugterra! Slugterra! I'll apologize now for what's going to happen to you in a few seconds.
Too bad your threats aren't as strong as your breath.
I'm a cave troll.
What do I care about breath? Good point.
Trixie: Uh, what are you guys doing? Practicing the fine art of psyching out your opponent.
How about less psyching, and more slinging.
[ both exclaim fearfully ] [ grunts ] [ grunting ] [ groans ] Eli: Yeah! [ laughs ] Ha! Way to go, Banger.
Don't get so worked up, Kord.
It's just practice.
For you, maybe.
A few months ago, you didn't even know what end of the blaster the slug came out.
Now I can't even get a shot in.
[ grunting ] Pronto? What's with all the luggage? Ah, yes, very good question.
Allow me to ask all of you, are you tired of spending hours with tedious dueling? Uh, no.
That's the best part of being a slug slinger.
Yeah, when you win every time.
Are other slingers leaving you in the dust? Well - It's never bothered me! - Yes, it does.
And that is why I appeal for all of us to spend a luxurious weekend at Club Slug.
[ chirping happily ] Yeah.
I'm a slinger, not a dancer.
It's not that kind of club.
They advertise on late night vidscreen.
It's like a boot camp for slugs - on a vacation for slingers.
- Vacation? Really? Oh! You could use one, Eli.
You've been working so hard! And while you're sipping fresh squeezed nectars by the heated pool, your slugs will be gaining power and experience.
All in one weekend.
[ chirping excitedly ] Well, that's hard to swallow, but the pool does sound pretty nice.
If it helps me get a leg up on you, Eli, I'm in.
How much did it cost us? [ chuckles nervously ] Can you put a price on success? How much, Pronto? [ chuckles nervously ] Did I mention we got a group discount? Only half our gold.
All: Pronto! [ groans ] I can't believe you.
I was saving for a new blaster! We all worked hard for that gold, Pronto.
And that's why you need a vacation! You see, it all evens out! If this doesn't work, I better get my gold back.
Sorry, no refunds.
Guess we'll just have to load up at the buffet to get our money's worth! Trixie: Here we are at Club Slug.
We're about to put this non-traditional way to power up your slugs to the test.
But first, let's meet the other guests.
Hi! I'm shooting a short documentary on our stay here.
What's your name, and why are you at Club Slug? Name's Waylon, and I'm here to power up my slugs.
Duh! On the weekend, me and the boys like to kick back and sling a few.
After this, my slugs are gonna rule! Whoo! Trixie: That's nice.
And you are? You must be the only person in Slugterra who hasn't heard of the Croesus clan.
If Club Slug is all it claims to be, I may just buy the place.
[ coughs ] Snob! Excuse me.
- What about you? - Get that thing out of my face! - Okay.
- All right! Line up and stand straight! You floppers ready to do some heavy lifting? At ease! The only floppers who're gonna be working here are your slugs! They do the work so you don't have to! [ chirping happily ] I see we have a Shane with us today.
It'll be an honor to train up your slugs, son.
I'm just here for the water slide.
No offense, sir, but I think this sounds a little too good to be true.
No offense taken, young man.
I hear it all the time.
But by the end of this weekend, you're gonna be a believer Come on, everyone.
I'll show you how it's done.
Waylon: Wow! Without giving away any trade secrets, here's how it works.
First of all, who has a slug I can use as a demonstration? Ooh! Use mine! Use mine! Look how eager the little guys are! They know what's good for 'em! My special blend of slug chow allows for a quick recharge.
And here's why they'll need it.
[ powering up ] [ chuckles ] Oh, boy, this is pretty cool! Once the slug is loaded in the machine, it's slung to velocity, transformed, fired into the target tube and shuttled back into the magazine where it's fired again.
And again.
And again.
And again.
Keeping them going all day and all night.
This gives them the experience they need to learn new moves, faster than you can imagine.
And the slugs love it! Hand over your slugs, everyone, and we'll give 'em all a spin.
Whoo! Look at 'em go! [ whoops ] All without anybody lifting a finger.
My slug looks meaner already! So, what do you say, Eli? Ready to give my method a try? Your slugs sure are.
[ chirping excitedly ] My slugs and I like powering up old school.
We're all on vacation this weekend.
[ all groan ] You Shanes are famous for being traditional.
Well, I've already got your gold.
Okay, everyone, go out and relax! That's an order! [ whoops ] Except you guys, of course.
Come on, guys! Let's check out that water slide.
[ all groan ] [ sighs ] I gotta admit, Pronto, I could get used to this.
You better leave a big tip, Kord.
This is a sweet deal.
Daddy always said, "Why do something you can pay an underling to do?" And I can pay plenty.
When I get home, my brother's gonna be the one that pays.
With a stinker slug right in his rotten face! See? Who needs some crazy machine when you have this.
[ whooping ] Listen up, everybody.
It's been a few hours now.
How'd you like to see firsthand how your slugs are progressing? [ all cheering ] Thought so.
Who's up for a friendly duel? [ whooping ] Did someone say "duel"? Count me in.
That's right, Eli! Who wants to test their new and improved slugs against a Shane? - Yeah.
I'll do it.
- You are on.
Okay, boys.
One slug, one shot.
I am taking you down! You are slug meat, Eli Shane! Hear that? Keep talking, Kord.
That's about all you can do.
No, not this time, Burpy.
Go easy on him, Banger.
[ growls ] Enough talk! Get ready, slingers.
On my mark.
[ growling ] Duel! [ grunts ] [ groaning ] So, Eli Shane, you still think my system is a joke? [ growls ] Eli! You okay, buddy? Yeah, I think so.
You beat me.
You're right.
I did.
I beat you.
[ laughs ] I did, I beat you! With a whole new move! That was amazing! I know, right? Yes.
Now I wish I'd bet on you.
- Now are you convinced? - That was pretty convincing.
Are you okay, Banger? What happened? You got owned is what happened! [ laughs ] [ gasps ] [ panting ] All right, back to the machine, tough guy.
It takes a few sessions for them to get seasoned like old Butch here.
Pronto: Ooh, me next! Me next! The mighty Pronto will defeat Eli even better than the troll.
Soon enough, son.
How about it, Eli? Ready to get off the sidelines and into the game? Okay.
Maybe we can give Banger a spin and see how he does in a rematch.
Are you sure, you're ok, buddy? I really thumped you good back there.
No, it's cool.
I'm glad you finally got a shot off on me.
It's just hard to wrap my head around the idea that a machine can do all this.
Yeah, It's hard for me to wrap my head around the idea that I just kicked your butt, but there's your butt and here we are.
How much proof do you need? Looks like Banger's convinced.
He may just be a slug, but he knows what he wants.
Hand him over and I'll fire him up.
Don't worry, Banger.
I'll be right here.
He doesn't look worried.
He looks pumped! [ powering up ] Everything's fine, kid.
I've trained hundreds of slugs in this thing.
Well, he seems to like it.
He loves it! Just wait till morning.
I'll make a believer out of you yet.
- What did I tell you, kid? - Okay.
I'm a little impressed.
How do you feel, Banger? [ screams ] [ growls ] I think he's had enough.
[ whimpers ] Suit yourself.
Guess it's time for breakfast, guys.
- All you can eat buffet! - Waylon: Oh, man! Whoo! Excuse me, coming through! On your left, Molenoid! Come on, Banger.
You've had enough.
[ growls ] Whoa! Banger! [ whimpers ] "All you can eat.
" Oh-ooh! A noble concept.
Pronto must fuel the flames of his soon-to-be even greater greatness with wieners! Banger would never try to bite me.
That machine makes them crazy.
Hey, the crazier the better for what I'm planning to do with them.
And did you see how deflated Kord's slug was after our duel? And how Sergeant Slug hustled him out? - He's hiding something.
- He said it takes a while to season them.
Look at Butch.
That slug is buff.
Whoo! Look, maybe something is going on, Eli, but this has cost us half our gold.
We've gotta see it through.
Graduation is in a few hours.
We stick around until then and keep an eye on the slugs.
I know the slugs that go through that machine come out wrong.
I'm going to figure out why.
Come on, Banger, maybe a little workout will settle you down.
It's okay, Banger, you couldn't help yourself.
Whoa! [ groans ] Banger, are you okay? You look like you're losing steam.
What's going on? A scam is what's going on! I fell for the claims, same as you.
Now look at my slugs.
That machine makes 'em crazy.
I thought so.
How? Gets 'em all pumped up, then they collapse after a few shots and you gotta pay for another round.
Sarge calls it "maintenance.
" His slugs seem fine, but they're always charging up.
That's just what I needed to hear.
Congratulations, grads! As promised, here is your new and improved ammo.
Best slugs money can buy! [ laughs ] Can't wait to try 'em! Whoo! And don't forget to tell everybody you know what Club Slug did for you.
You mean rip all these people off? These artificial level-ups don't last, guys, and you're gonna have to keep coming back here for more.
Dude, I like coming here.
My money, my slugs.
Why do you care? I care when it hurts the slugs.
I care when it's dangerous for you.
There's a reason it takes a long time to train a slug.
It's so you'll have the experience to handle it.
This way, somebody's going to get hurt, and bad.
These slugs are no better than ghouls.
You may be a Shane, but you're also bad for business.
Anybody who's with me gets a free month's maintenance.
Looks like we've got ourselves a deal, and a duel.
- We got your back, Eli.
- It's not my back I'm worried about.
[ growls ] I'm telling you guys.
You do not want to fire those slugs.
I paid good money for these things and I'm gonna use them! Make way! Pronto can stop this! Pronto, don't! [ screams ] [ slug farting ] Oh, the smell! [ grunts ] - Eli! - Sorry.
You'll get them next time, Burpy! [ gasps ] I love that these slugs are crazy! Tear it up, guys! [ yells ] Keep the others safe! The slugs will lose power in a few minutes! Yeah.
A few minutes can be a long time.
Maybe too long.
[ grunts ] - Chill.
- Seriously? "Chill"? [ whizzing ] [ gasps ] [ groans ] I've got a whole army of amped up slugs, kid.
What have you got? Friends I've fought with.
Friends I can count on.
Right, Burpy? Your pumped up slugs are deflating, Sergeant.
Funny thing, I have just the solution to that problem.
You're gonna shut me down? I don't think so! Your slugs are beat.
Mine are pumped! [ laughing maliciously ] You sure you're up for this? Let's make it count.
Ahh! No! Huh? Way to go, Banger! [ chirping excitedly ] Well, our slugs didn't exactly power up, and we almost got killed, but now at least no one else will get scammed.
As much as I hate to admit it, you were totally right about this bogus boot camp.
I'd never have gotten the drop on my brother with the bunk slugs they barf out here.
Maybe I'll try the old-fashioned way next time.
And when I say "I," I mean our butler.
And perhaps the cook and chauffeur.
That was still pretty awesome, though.
You know, the way our slugs went totally nuts! Whoo! Waylon! Not awesome.
In case you haven't noticed, I'm not a real fast learner.
[ panting ] Please be there! Please be there! Please be there! What's wrong, Pronto? Is one of your slugs under there? Slugs? Bah! I'm trying to find [ gasps ] our money! [ laughs ] Now we can take advantage of an interesting opportunity I have recently become aware of.
- Opportunity? - Some people never learn.
Apparently, some genius has devised a method of supercharging mecha-beasts so they run five times faster! - Eli: Pronto.
- Trixie: Seriously?