Slugterrainea s01e16 Episode Script


1 2x03 - Snowdance [ slugs squeaking ] [ people screaming ] [ growling ] [ screams ] Male announcer: Coming soon, the movie event of the year, Attack of the 50 Foot Slug! The journey back to the others from the Snack Shack is more difficult than I expected.
Luckily, I have supplies to sustain me.
[ munching ] - I can't enjoy this without popcorn! - Are you kidding, Kord? This place is awesome! Totally.
Giant screen, killer sound, Snowdance Cavern rocks! - Even with the ice ogres.
- Ice ogres? What are they, the guys who make the snow cones at the Snack Shack? Ice ogres are the carnivores who live inside that glacier.
Oh, right.
Because that makes so much more sense.
Relax, bro.
It's winter.
They're hibernating.
Ah! [ laughs ] Finally! Yes, the journey was long and arduous.
But behold the bounty Pronto has procured! [ giggles ] Eh Alas, since the journey was so long and arduous, Pronto was forced to consume most of the bounty.
I'm going to be forced to consume you if I don't get me some popcorn! Oh, no, my friend, you would never return from such a journey.
Only a Molenoid can navigate the treacherous maze to The Snack Shack! [ grunts ] [ people shushing ] The movie's starting! Well, here we are.
Just me and you.
And I can't remember if I have one slug left or two.
[ scoffing ] Oh, c'mon you can't hold a blaster like that! - It'd ruin the trajectory! - Shh! You're gonna tell Max Jackson how to shoot? He's only like the biggest action star ever.
They say it's impossible for directors to get him to do what they want.
I bet you got what it takes.
Yeah, well it's a long way from making videos for the slugnet to working with a star like that.
But somehow, someday, a movie I shoot is gonna be on that screen.
Man: [ shouting ] Hey! You're blocking my view! I'll park my Mecha where I wanna park! And I wanna park right where you are! Hey, keep it down, I'm trying to watch - The Hooligang! - The Shane Gang? Well, looks like we got ourselves a stand-off.
Slugterra! [ chirps ] [ title music ] Slugterra! Slugterra! Look, Billy, we're just here to watch a movie.
Let's not ruin it for everyone.
Okay, then how about I just ruin it for you? Make sure you film all this, camera girl! I want everyone to see the Hooligang beat the Shane Gang.
[ screaming ] Billy! We can't do this here! - Someone's gonna get hurt! - Someone is.
You! Oh, no! It sounds like Pronto is missing all the good parts of the movie! - What's your problem? - After the last time we met, we got fired by Dr.
Blakk because of you! I'd consider that doing you a favor! [ grunts ] Kord! [ grunts ] Whoa! [ Trixie groaning ] [ shivers ] Thanks.
You're finished, Jackson! You're finished, Shane! [ grunts ] - Huh? - Huh? - No! - What're you doing? See those cracks? We'll all be buried under a mountain of ice if this thing comes tumbling down! Ha! Eat slug, Shane! Stop! We gotta take this outside, Billy.
If that ice wall falls, it'll crush us all.
I told you, I'm not stopping till I win.
Now, if you want to surrender, then fine.
Stop! Okay.
Okay! Fine.
I I give up! Duel's over, okay? You win.
Just stop shooting! Whoo-hoo-hoo! You see that? I won! I beat the Shane Gang! Whoo! Didn't you hear what Eli said? Of course, I heard him.
He said, "I give up!" Dude, we all gotta chill here.
Those cracks are totally messing with the glacier's structural integrity.
We're probably okay, as long as [ roaring ] As, uh Yeah, you probably don't need to finish that sentence.
Looks like hibernation's over.
- So, what did Pronto miss? - Trixie: Pronto! Yes, I know! The surround sound is impressive.
And nobody told me this movie was in smell-o-vision! And the special effects are absolutely incredible! Even without the glasses? [ roars ] [ screams ] Oh, no! Guys, no, this glacier's not stable! We got bigger problems! [ roars ] You're right.
We do have bigger problems! [ roaring ] Max Jackson: Hey, you! Yeah, I'm talking to you! [ roars ] Huh.
I guess he doesn't like Max Jackson's acting.
C'mon! Go ahead.
Try me.
[ snarls ] - What happened to the movie? - Uh, the show's over! The exit is that way! Everybody out! Ja, hurry.
[ nervous chuckle ] You're the last ones.
No refunds! [ roars ] [ screams ] Huh? Hmmm.
Perhaps he was hoping for a refund? Come on! - Where d'you think you're going? - Don't you ever give up? You're the one who give up, remember? That's why I'm taking this little pit stop before getting out of here.
- I'll take that.
- Hey! You got proof my gang's better'n the Shane Gang.
When I put it up on the slugnet, everyone'll see.
Eli giving up a duel to protect people? Oh and look at him now.
Saving that guy while you just sit around like a Flopper slug.
Just keep that camera pointed at me.
I'll show you who's the man.
[ screaming ] What do we do? Hitting it with slugs only made it bigger! Then we gotta get creative.
[ roaring ] Okay, well, good news is, now we know it's not just hitting it.
Anything that makes it angry makes it bigger.
This is good news? Hop on! We're all getting out of here.
[ roars ] Just like the Shane Gang.
Running from the fight.
Wait! No! What are you doing? Trying to prove he's better than you.
Yeah, well he's definitely better at making that thing bigger! Most slugs only anger the ogre.
You can't beat him without the soothing song of the Slyren slug.
Slyren slug? Where do we get one of those? Oh, there's a whole big nest of them deep inside the ice ogre's lair, ja.
Go! We'll try to slow it down.
[ roars ] That'll slow him down.
Let's go! - You filming this, camera girl? - Every single frame.
I want everyone to see how the Hooligang stopped this thing, while Eli Shane ran like a chicken.
[ clucking ] Oh, this is too good.
[ roars ] [ gasps ] Aw, man! We're trapped.
- The entrance is caved in! - Because of you! What are you blaming me for? I'm the only one here trying to slug this thing! [ roars ] Get to cover! Everyone into the Snack Shack! [ panting ] We need that Slyren slug! We're not gonna have time to find it if we don't shore up the glacier! If it falls, it'll crush the whole cavern! All the more reason we need to escape! Alright, then.
Pronto can dig a tunnel, but I will need some help.
[ loud crashing ] [ all screaming ] [ roars ] What you all need to do is be quiet, you're throwing off my aim.
That's not gonna work! You gotta listen! Yeah, right.
Like I'd ever take orders from losers like you.
See? [ roars ] Let them go.
Maybe they can at least keep that thing busy.
I'll go for the Slyren, you guys take care of the rest.
[ panting ] [ faint singing ] Singing? We're gonna need to get across the hard way.
[ melodious singing ] Ugh! This is oh so gross.
Yee-ha! Hey, camera girl! Look over here! Whoo! You getting this? Whoo-hoo! Stop! You're leading it right on top of us! Yeah, well, I wouldn't have to if you'd come over here and film me! Whoo-hoo! [ grunts ] We ain't never getting outta here alive, are we? [ yawns ] Don't know why I'm so [ yawning ] tired, suddenly.
[ singing continues ] [ yawning ] Ahh! [ gasps ] [ pants ] Thanks, Burpy.
It must be that [ yawns ] singing.
[ singing continues ] Huh? [ singing ] The Slyrens! C'mon.
[ yawns ] Hey there, little [ yawns ] guy.
I need your help.
[ squeaks ] [ squeaking ] Whew! Okay, good, now I'm up.
[ squeaks ] [ gasps ] [ roaring ] Unfortunately, it looks like it's just in time for breakfast.
[ roars ] Huh? [ growls ] [ grunting ] [ loud roars ] Whoo! Ha-ha! [ growls ] Try coming after me now! [ roars ] You know I really didn't mean it! [ roars ] Did you get that one on camera? Just like Max Jackson, right? [ roars ] Ah! Will you stop growing! [ roars ] [ all shrieking ] Too bad he isn't an actor.
At least then we could direct him to do what we want.
If we had a movie director.
Yeah, well, lucky for us, we kinda do.
[ pained roar ] Trixie: Now that was totally Max Jacksonesque.
[ laughs ] Yeah, I know.
I gotta admit it, you're a natural.
The camera eats you up.
This is too good not to get on film, except for Except for what? Trixie: There's just something a little off.
It's three of you, fighting against the one monster.
[ growls ] Ever seen Badder than Bad? - Only fifteen times.
- I've seen it sixteen! Watch out! Does Max ever have anyone helping him? Fat chance.
Max Jackson always works alone.
Exactly! Your friends are just stealing the spotlight.
I can't focus on you! Tell them to help dig the boring tunnel and seal up those cracks.
This is your big Max Jackson moment! Yeah! I'm the star, not them! All right, you punks, listen up! Glasses, you're with the blue turkey.
Seal up those cracks! Shorty, do what that mole is doing.
Play to their ego and it works every time.
Ahhh! And action! Hey, snotface! You think you're pretty cool? How about you take some of this snow and flake! [ roars ] Get it? "Flake"? Like a snowflake? - 'Cause he's an ice ogre.
- Ugh! [ roars ] [ grunts ] I've got this action hero thing down! Yeah, except action heroes usually win.
So what should I do? Wait, I got it.
How about I shoot it with more slugs? Uh, no, that makes it bigger.
How about try not shooting it.
If I don't shoot it, what do I do? [ growling ] I don't know I can't see Max Jackson doing this.
Are you kidding me? This is cinematic gold! Embrace the popcorn! Be the popcorn! I've got better idea.
Get me finishing him off with a Rammstone slug No! [ roars ] We're doomed.
Trixie! We're saved! [ panting ] Nah, you were right the first time.
We're doomed.
Trixie: He's got the Slyren! Shoot it! Eli: I can't! I only have one! Okay, we just gotta get our ogre together with those, then he can shoot them all at the same time.
[ scoffs ] Yeah, right.
So Eli can be the hero? What's in that for me? Uh, how about getting out of this cave alive? - Billy, wait! - Eli: Move! Into the projection booth! [ roars ] Need a new plan here! I can't use the Slyren on all of them with half of them chasing after Billy! I got Billy to help us before, and I can do it again! [ roaring ] [ grunting ] Hey! Where you going? It's only a ten thousand pound flesh eating monster! [ roars ] [ screams ] [ roars ] All: Ahh! [ grunting ] Anytime now, Trixie! Billy: Hey, snotface! You think you're pretty cool! How about you take some of this snow, and flake! Huh? [ whooping ] You see that? I won! [ roars ] I beat the Shane Gang! Whoo! Look at me! I'm totally a movie star! Whoo-hoo! Eli Shane ran like a chicken.
[ clucking ] Whoo-hoo! You see that? I All: Huh? [ melodious singing ] [ yawns ] [ squeaks ] Nice shot.
Max Jackson couldn't have done it better.
Pronto could have, but I was occupied with the even more crucial task of securing our exit.
Which I have done! Glacier's all fixed too.
Solid as a rock.
Hey, and you got one of your movies on the big screen! Yeah.
Turns out we have a real movie director here after all.
But next time, I wanna work with a better cast.
Yeah, well I'm totally beat and so are all my slugs.
[ snoring ] - I'm just glad it's all over.
- Billy: It's not over.
Oh, come on, Billy.
It is over! We took out the ogres.
You didn't do anything! I was the one on screen! You all saw what happend.
I was the one who got all the ogres together.
So I was the one who saved the day! And once everyone sees what I did, no one'll ever think the Shane Gang's better'n my gang.
So hand over the camera.
Unless you want me to kick your butts again.
No problem, Billy! There's just one more shot we'd need.
To really sell it.
The Hooligang standing on top of the defeated ogres.
Glad there's one Shane Gang-er with some brains! C'mon, guys.
Make sure you get my good side.
Ah, who are we kidding.
Every side of me is [ yawns ] [ slug singing ] Wait! [ yawns ] Why am I so [ snoring ] You know, this might be your best work yet.
Can't wait for everyone to see this when I post it on the slugnet! And that's a wrap!