Slugterrainea s01e17 Episode Script


2x04 - Inheritance Can I help you? How did you know I was here? I disabled your alarm.
Maybe, but this place has all sorts of eyes and ears.
So, you wanna play with slugs, huh - I heard some - What's going on? OK.
Not what I was expecting Woah! Guys, what's the rule about firing Hop Rocks in the house? My bad! Huh? Use the Jellyish! They're messy, but at least they won't destroy the place.
A little help here, guys You know, we might be able to settle this - if you just tell us what you want? - I want what's mine! Thought a little soap might help clean up this mess.
There's nowhere to run, so now might be the time to tell us why Blakk sent you before my friend - gets trigger happy.
- Blakk?! I don't work with that slugturd! I work alone.
You can't hide it forever! Wait! Hide what? - Who are you!?! - I want my share of that treasure! - Treasure? - And I promise you, I'll get it! Does anyone know who that was? I'm still going with one of Blakk's lackies.
I don't know.
No real reason to lie about that.
And she wasn't using ghoul slugs.
But, what treasure could she be talking about? Obviously she was after the legendary Shane Treasure.
Well if it's so legendary, how come I've never heard of it? This wouldn't be the first time your dad kept something secret from you.
Just think you could have a vast fortune hidden somewhere.
- You could be rich! - Rich? Rich? I don't know.
My dad talked about caches of stuff hidden around Slugterra things I'll need some day, but I think he would have said something about a fortune.
Some of it could be hidden here right under our noses! More secrets, huh? Huh? Open it!!! Okay-okay.
But, I'm not sure how.
Or even where Oh, look Allow me.
Haven't seen one of these in ages.
The thing's been coated with Smolten.
Only way we're getting this baby open is with a Forgesmelter slug.
- But we don't have one of those! - Well, where can we find one? Ohh.
We would have to travel to the deepest regions of the Magma Caverns.
It's way too dangerous.
It's basically all molten lava.
- And don't forget the magma monsters.
- And the ferocious lava bats! That will swoop down and gorge themselves on my sweltering brains.
Sounds like my kind of place.
Let's load up, gang! Eh So, Eli.
You don't find it at all ridiculous that your dad not only expected you to find that chest without instructions, but he didn't even leave you a way to open it if you found it? Eh.
My dad always liked me to figure things out for myself.
And you're cool with this? Doesn't matter whether or not I'm cool with it.
It's just the way it is.
Whoa!!! Pronto! Give me a Flatulorhinkus.
Aw nice one! Um, how are we supposed to cross an ocean of lava? Never fear.
Pronto the Magnificent shall drain the sea of fire Now! I uh, I mean Now! Pronto! How did you Magnificence! Eh? Eh, also, the lava tide goes in and out every hour on the hour, like clockwork.
Eh, sooo if we are to do this ridiculous, crazy thing and get ourselves some sweet sweet treasure, we best embark immediately.
The drowning-in-fire-clock is already ticking! 59 minutes Ya!! Hmm.
- What is it, Eli? - I thought I saw Nothing.
I just can't stop wondering who that thief was and how she could have known about this chest.
Whoever she was, she couldn't possibly be dumb enough to come here.
We own that level of dumbness.
C'mon, guys! Whoa! The key to surviving the Magma Caverns is slow and steady.
But, didn't you say we had to hurry? Might wanna keep it down too.
Don't want to wake any Magma Monsters.
Only a fool would be afraid of a silly little - Ride! - Huh? Almost there! C'mon! Kord! Nice shot.
How are we gonna get out of here now? I guess we'll, uh have to cross that bridge when we come to it.
We must hurry before the lava tide comes back in! Remember: Slow and steady.
Seriously, it's almost like he expected you to go on this crazy mission.
- Fire geyser! - Ya think? Fire geysers give a warning hiss before they blast, so they shouldn't be a big problem if we go slow and steady, yeah, yeah.
We got it.
Go go go! We made it! Behold the fabled Forgesmelter Chamber.
Well, let's find one quick and get outta here.
Eh? Or you can just give me that chest.
Since I've got the only key.
You think that's the only slug in this cavern? The only one you're gonna find.
I just unleashed a Frostcrawler and scared off all the others.
Oh, it will be hours before they return! But, the lava tide will be back a whole lot sooner.
So, you gonna give me my share of that treasure, or are we all gonna boil? She's got nerve.
I'll give her that.
Look, I don't know who you are, or why you think you have dibs on anything in that chest My name's Dana Por.
And if that doesn't ring a bell, perhaps this will.
You recognize that man with your dad? Yeah.
That's Tom Por.
He's your father, isn't he? My dad talked about him all the time.
They were like best friends until he betrayed my dad.
Betrayed Will Shane?! Ha! Your dad obviously didn't tell you the whole story.
Ooh, there's a shocker.
Sorry, dude.
My dad's been known to leave out a detail or two Well, my dad didn't He was Will Shane's recon man and he was the best there was at getting information.
And all of that valuable info went to Will Shane This helped him stay one step ahead of the bad guys.
They were a great team But my dad knew something wasn't right about Will Shane.
He would disappear for days at a time and never have an explanation for where he went.
Will Shane was keeping a lot of secrets.
So, my dad decided to start watching your father He was hiding treasure.
Treasure he promised to share with my dad.
But that wasn't the worst of it.
Will Shane was working with the enemy! My dad would never work for Blakk! Not Blakk.
Even worse The Shadow Clan! When my father confronted him about this, Will denied everything, except the treasure part Soon my father became angry and challenged your dad to a duel And we all know what happens when you challenge Will Shane to a duel Which is why you're gonna give me his cut.
Dana, I can't believe my father would do that but, I also can't always explain or understand his actions.
Eh, eh, Pronto finds this all very moving.
But, he would also like to remind you that the lava tide will return soon so uh I don't' care about gold.
If that's all you're after, I'll give you a share if you give us the slug so we can get out of here.
Uh yes-yes.
G-get out of here! No! We open it here.
Right now.
And there's little time to argue, so let's get to it.
Whoa! It's just a bunch of junk! What is all this? You trying to scam me?! Worthless.
Told you there was no fortune.
Though I was hoping there would be too.
Maybe I can melt this thing down for something.
Get it off of her! Dana?! Are you okay? - What just happened? - The Shadow Clan they're coming.
Shadow Clan How'd they get here so fast?! Who cares? Let's make them leave.
Oik! Ooh, the lava tide is coming in! - Kord! - Get her out of here! - Come on Eli! - I'm coming! Go big, Burpy! Go! Nice! That was a scraboom move! Way to level up, little guy! No slow and steady this time.
Well, Hello! Welcome back.
Huh? These guys are unstoppable.
So, remember what I said about crossing that bridge when we come to it? We're gonna die! Wha? You expect Pronto to bounce across that?! - Unless you prefer Option B! - Hmm? And that, my friends, is why we do not ever go back to Magma Caverns again Eli! Stay with us! Get Dana outta here! I'll catch up! You want me to put this on?! Did you see what happened to Dana?! Please don't fry my brain it belongs to us! Are you talking to me? Who are you, that you can withstand the power of the Shadow Talker? The Shadow Talker? The circlet on your brow.
It allows communication between the wearer and the Shadow Clan But not all can survive its mind bending force.
So, again, we inquire Who are you? I'm Eli Shane.
My father was Will Shane.
Your father could not handle the Shadow Talker's full strength.
And it appears you aren't ready to wear it just yet But we will allow you to keep it for the day when you are ready.
Now, remove it before it takes your mind.
Wait! Who are you people? And what do you want? The same thing all Shanes want including your father.
And so, we will meet again.
Wait! What did my father want?! - Eli! - Dude! How did you escape the Shadow Clan? I'm still trying to figure out what happened myself.
They just left.
You know, it might be a lot easier if we figure it out together.
Well, to start with this thing allowed me to talk to them.
- No way! - It did what?! I put it on just like Dana and Wait! Where is Dana? No clue.
I turned back to check on her, and she was just gone For now.
I have a feeling we'll see her again.
My dad kept all these things hidden for a reason.
That was his treasure.
And I don't think Dana Por is done hunting for what she thinks is hers