Slugterrainea s01e19 Episode Script

The Journey Home

2x06 - The Journey Home You guys take out Dr.
Blakk's guards! - Consider them taken! - I'll wrap up Locke and Lode before they can deliver that thing to Dr.
We have no idea what that thing does, Eli! - For all we know it could be lunch! - Somehow I doubt it! Great work, Banger! Let's go.
Okay, Spinner! That's sticking it to 'em! Burpy, you're up! Joules, you're next! Bye, bye, guards.
Yet you still have not wrapped up Locke and Lode, I see.
I was just waiting for you guys so we could bring them down together! Dude, you had it backwards! Looks like we're the ones headed down! Keep it together, Chiller! - Everyone okay? - Yeah, thanks to Chiller! Chiller! Eli, we gotta go! If Locke and Lode get that lunch box to Blakk I know.
We'll see you guys back at the hideout! Long before us, no doubt! It's as if slugs have their own secret way of getting around Slugterra.
A way they refuse to share with Pronto! Hey! Careful, you lummox! Eli, they're pulling away! I'm gonna have a hard time stopping 'em with Glimmer and Suds.
Then allow me.
Blow 'em away, Bluster.
Whoa! Just keep ridin'.
I'll deal with Doctor Blakk.
- Why didn't you do that before? - I didn't mean to blow it up.
As long as Locke and Lode won't be bringing it to Blakk, I think we can call it a win.
Though I'd like to be celebrating with the rest of my slugs.
Don't worry, Eli.
Slugs always find their way back home.
Yeah, you're right.
I'm sure when we get there we'll find Burpy and the others already at the clubhouse.
Kicking back and relaxing.
We've passed through this cavern dozens of times on our way home before, but somehow it seems different.
Last time I was here, the town was fat and happy.
So it was, stranger.
Until Munch showed up, at least.
- Munch? - Come into town, big as a boulder and dumb as a sack of hammers, and ate us out of house and home.
Why not just kick the bum out on his, you know bum? 'Cause no one beats Munch! You and your slugs, challenging Munch to a duel? If you'll leave this cavern and never come back when I beat you, then, yeah.
I'll duel ya! - Uh, Eli? - Not now, Trixie.
I'm trash talking.
- Ow! Trixie! What! - Your slugs.
You're a few short, remember? - Uh - No problem.
I'll lend you Bludgeon.
And Pronto will give you the honor of fighting with my Flatulorhinkus and his nasty stank! No! No ringers! You said you and your slugs gonna duel Munch and that's what you're gonna do.
That is what you agreed to, Eli.
After Munch beats Eli Shane, Munch will be king of the caverns! Smart move there, Eli.
Now I gotta duel a guy with a bandoleer of powered-up bruisers, while Burpy and the others are probably back home.
Taking a bath.
You guys really think you can get to the clubhouse and back with Burpy and the other slugs in time? We're already there, Eli.
Wait what Burpy and other slugs? Munch already told you, no ringers! Burpy's my slug.
He's just not here.
Too bad.
Because we duel now! Time for the legendary Molenoid stall.
You certainly have enjoyed those succulent leg parts.
I believe a mouth-watering dessert would fill those final corners in your impressive stomach.
Oh, yeah.
Munch get it.
You try the legendary Molenoid stall.
Well, it won't work! Munch is smarter than he looks.
And that is not saying much.
Thanks, Pronto, but I agreed to this duel.
Glimmer and Suds here may not pack as much firepower as Burpy or Joules, but we can fight him off until Kord and Trix get back.
No problem, right? - Hey! - Hey! Oh, uh, sorry! Proceed.
Duel! Okay, maybe it might be a little bit of a problem That's it, Eli! I think you are beginning to wear him out.
You're in the mud! Uh, yeah.
And you're right where I want you! You got him Glimmer! Give him all you got! Oh, right, that's what you've got.
Hey! Watch where you're going! What do you suppose Dr.
Blakk's gonna do when we tell him we wrecked his do-thingie? You mean when I tell him that you were responsible? I imagine that we'll become ghoul chow.
Brother, I believe that Dame Fortune has indeed smiled upon us! Because I cannot imagine anything making Dr.
Blakk happier than turning Eli Shane's best slug into a ghoul.
Ah! Grab him! I got him! There! Get him! Got you now, hot stuff.
Hey! Oh! Caverna Mall! Goody! I need a new pair of boots.
Just pursue those vermin or I'll give you the boot! Sometimes I can't believe we're related.
There! That purse! Move it! Move it! Hey! Give it up, slugs! Oh, put a sock in it, grandma.
Now, let's just see - Wrong purse, genius.
- Wrong purse is right, boys.
And where do you lads think you're going? Anywhere we want, Mall Cop.
- Oh! Lost her, big brother.
- Not for long.
Say, that's a nice mecha beast.
That's it, Eli! If your slugs are useless, hit him with something else! Oh, and looking good! My slugs aren't useless! I just gotta figure out the right way to use 'em.
Lather it up, Suds! Ha! That's what you get when you mess with Suds.
I'm confident that Doctor Blakk would be equally satisfied if we merely brought him the heads of the Shane brat's slugs.
Dibs on the burny one! Oh, are we in your way? Stop squirming, so Munch can finish you! You guys did it! We held out till the cavalry arrived! And just in time.
I don't think we could've lasted another minute.
- Where's Burpy? - Sorry, Eli.
But if they're not coming, then Run, brother! Retreat! Maybe we can't win, but you guys ready to go down trying? Burpy? Joules? I don't believe it! - You guys're here? - Um, yeah, and they're driving a mecha? - Can slugs even do that? - Apparently, Eli's can.
- Those are your slugs? - Uh, yeah.
No way.
You lasted this long with two floppers! No way Munch is fighting slugs who can do that! Munch is out of here! Don't listen to him.
You guys aren't floppers! You did me proud.
I'm glad you guys are okay, but where were you? They were obviously just goofing off! That's what slugs always do when you're not watching! Well, lucky for you lazy slugs, Pronto was here to use his mighty brains and save the day! But what were you doing? Lazing around.
Goofing off.