Slugterrainea s01e20 Episode Script


1 2x07 - Technoslugs The Slugterra Institute of Technology welcomes you, sir.
I am thrilled to show you what your generous donation is funding.
has a long tradition of groundbreaking research.
And here are two of our top scientists.
Tobias here has made some fascinating inroads in the field of gravitation.
[ equipment beeping and buzzing ] Doesn't that lift your spirits? [ chuckles ] Eh? Huh.
[ clears throat ] [ buzzing ] Once I work the bugs out of my Zero-G machine, Slugterra will own the air! Katherine's ideas about sonics are worth listening to.
[ quiet buzzing ] [ amplified buzzing ] Sound is invisible, but its effects can be powerful.
[ laughs ] What about me, Professor? Aren't you gonna show Mr.
Money Bags my invention? Uh [ chuckles nervously ] Dr.
Kolowski has been researching artificial slug technology.
Sir, don't pay any attention to Quentin's unfounded research.
Let me show you more about my work.
I thought we told you never to come back here! - You and your crazy robots! - Oh, you'll never get rid of me.
Your anti-gravity machine will never amount to anything, Tobias! [ Quentin cackles ] Nor will your will your pathetic sound amplifier! [ grunts ] [ Quentin cackles ] Now, let's talk about the future.
My future, to be specific.
- We need help.
- As of this moment, all research will be directed by me.
[ panting ] Eli Shane! We need you.
Now! The only science in this cavern, is my science! Behold! My Roboslugs! Slugterra! [ chirps ] [ title theme playing ] Slugterra! Slugterra! [ slugs squealing ] Kord: Futuria Cavern.
Always wanted to see this place.
Ah! Science is vastly overrated.
Pronto has no need for facts.
I go with my guts! [ stomach grumbling ] Ooh! And my guts tells me it's past my lunchtime.
If these so-called scientists are such geniuses, where did they put all the restaurants? Where did they put all the people? And I don't see any slugs, either.
The slugs are all hiding.
I'm Katherine McGregor.
You're the one who called about the rogue scientist.
Quentin's always been a little quirky.
This time, he's crossed the line.
Anyone try to stand up to this guy? We're scientists, not slugslingers.
That's why we called you.
Good point.
I envision a world where the only slugs people use are my Roboslugs.
To that end, anyone found with a live slug will be punished.
I don't have to listen to this madness.
[ goggles beeping ] [ buzzing ] [ growls ] [ frightened whimpers ] I'm not finished yet.
Yeah, actually, I think you are.
I was hoping we could reason this out, but you're kind of beyond reason, aren't you? I prefer to say that I'm beyond your understanding, Eli Shane.
- Oh, yes, I know who you are.
- Then you know how I work.
I'm gonna give you one chance to do the right thing and apologize to all these people.
- Otherwise - Otherwise we duel? - That's right.
- Oh, this will be fun! [ howling in distance ] I'm gonna blast that nasty thing right off your shoulder! [ gasps ] [ angry squeak ] I think you just insulted my slugs.
Bad idea.
[ beeping ] Quentin: Species, Infurnus.
Attack modes, Flashfire, Infurnus, Novaclaw.
Downloading countermeasures to Roboslug brain matrix.
[ squeaks ] Burpy? Are you okay? [ whimpers ] [ grunts ] [ roars ] You were beaten before you began.
I've downloaded databases on every slinger who's ever shot a slug.
You, your friends even your father, the great Will Shane! He'd have beaten you in a minute.
Might take me two.
Your father was a slug lover, just like you.
Ha! He successfully used that identical Arachnet move in 17 different duels.
Your attempt, however, has failed.
And my Roboslugs will continue to triumph over your weak, disgusting slugs and tired old tactics.
Then I guess I'll have to show you some new tactics.
[ beeping and buzzing ] [ buzzer sounding ] What? No match found.
What What is he Ah! [ grunts ] [ screams ] Smart slugslinging will beat mad science every time, Quentin.
- It's over.
- Over? Ha! You won't believe what I'll bring when I come back.
- Um, you're still here.
- Huh? [ chuckles nervously ] That's right! You slink away, scoundrel, while your betters [ stomach grumbling ] Oh! Uh, while your betters look for lunch! We'd better get ready for this guy.
- I sure don't think he's gone for good.
- He's probably back at his secret lab.
Get real, Kord.
You've been watching too many fiction-vids.
Not all scientists have "secret labs.
" [ sarcastically ] The great Eli Shane and his wonderful slugs.
Thinks he has all the answers.
[ beeping ] Well, wait till he sees what mad science can do.
I'll show him big like he's never seen! Oh, there must be some food around here.
[ mumbles ] Hang on, wait [ laughs triumphantly ] I bet he's got some kind of super doomsday weapon he's gonna spring on us.
Ha! Let him bring his super weapon of doom! Once Pronto fills his mighty stomachs, he will be the match of any foe! Now, a more pressing problem.
Did anyone bring a can opener? [ thumping ] [ gasps ] [ all gasp ] And my day just got worse.
Oh, you have no idea how bad it's gonna get! Round two, slug-lovers! Mechas, now! [ grunting ] [ buzzing ] Take that thing down fast! [ grunts ] - Eli! Plan B? - Stay alive! [ all yelling ] [ grunts ] [ grunts ] Frostcrawler slug.
Fireball defense.
[ grunts ] Flopper slug! [ laughs ] No defense needed! - Uh - I had to try.
He's got to have a weak spot.
[ grunts ] Cheap shot, Trixie.
[ gasps ] But I don't have any weak spots, while you and your pathetic meatbag slugs are just one enormous weak spot! - So, what now? - Hate to say it, but retreat.
[ laughs ] That's it! Run, slug-lovers! Run from my superior technology! Quentin: You see? Not even Eli Shane can protect you from me! - Well, that was humiliating.
- Nothing to be ashamed about.
Quentin's got awesome tech, but that doesn't make him better.
My Hop Rock couldn't even get near the guy.
[ exasperated yells ] Hey, hey, hey.
Why are you beating that innocent rock there, Pronto? Perhaps I should pit this stubborn can against something harder, like your thick Troll skull! [ grunts ] Glad you made it away safely, but you aren't safe here with all that banging.
[ exasperated yells ] - All: Quiet, Pronto! - Huh? I've got a place nearby where we can regroup.
- Ooh! A secret lab, perhaps? - Oh, please.
[ gasps ] Okay, I was wrong.
Katherine: [ chuckles ] All us scientists have secret labs.
So what's the deal with Quentin? He really hates slugs.
He doesn't just hate them, he's terrified of them.
Really? [ squeals ] That's good to know.
[ laughs ] Ever since the accident when we were kids It was during a field trip to the slug biology department.
Quentin always considered a locked door as a challenge.
[ screaming ] He was in there for two days before they found him.
[ whimpering ] He was never the same since, and all his science has been about finding a way to live without slugs.
Yeah, slugophobia.
There's got to be an angle there.
[ snarling ] Argh! Exasperating recalcitrant can! You frustrate me with your tenacious tin perimeter! - Okay - Pronto, you're a genius! - Both: He is? - I am? Why, yes! Of course I am! I think I figured out a way to beat Quentin.
But we're going to need some high-tech help.
I believe we have that covered.
And even more importantly, we need you to buy us some time.
I've got a few ideas in that regard.
This is boring.
What's the point of being superior if I can't lord it over everyone? Eli Shane! I'm ready for round three! Are you? He's busy right now.
But I've got something for you.
Ugh! Again with the anti-grav.
When are you going to learn? That's nothing compared to me.
[ grunts ] I don't even have to waste a Roboslug on your pebble.
[ grunts ] As smart as you think you are, you still end up throwing rocks like a savage.
Run, little savage, run.
You can't escape the superior man.
[ squeals ] And that's all you have to remember! [ squealing ] Don't worry, Noodle, you're gonna do great.
[ squeaking ] Ah I have my doubts that such a spineless slug can be our key to victory.
Every slug is useful, Pronto.
Even Floppers.
[ beeping ] Tobias is down.
- I'm going in.
- Remember, just stall him.
Don't try and be a hero, and don't get yourself hurt.
Excellent advice.
[ groans in pain ] Back to the drawing board.
[ groans in pain ] What's wrong, Tobias? Nothing clever to say? Katherine: I've got something to say.
Ooh, this will be fun! [ Quentin cackles ] [ screams ] [ distant screams ] That must be Kate.
Don't ever get into a shouting match with her.
Kord, you about done? - [ knocks ] Good to go.
- Saddle up, guys! Time to take this big brained bully to school, Shane Gang style! Let me go, Quentin! Your harpy's voice was even less pleasant at 400 decibels.
- Eli: Put her down, Quentin.
- Quentin: Huh? [ growls ] Eli: Our Mega-Mecha-Mech is gonna kick your Mecha-Mech's iron butt! Drop her easy and raise your hands, Quentin.
We're shutting you down.
[ laughs ] In that thing? [ grunts ] I've been perfecting this suit for years! How long did you spend cobbling that wreck together? Five minutes? Forty-five minutes, smart guy! It will take me less time than that to disassemble it.
[ yelling ] [ screaming ] - Ah! - Whoa! Critical systems intact.
Huh? Try to get close and hammer him with a triple combo.
Ice attack.
Infurnus defense downloaded.
Been there.
Done that.
Quentin: Retargeting.
No! [ screams ] Ah! Oh, yeah! High five, Trixie! Quentin: You know, the thing about slugs is you have to find them, train them, take care of them Why do all that when you can simply manufacture an endless supply? Which is exactly what I have! Big burst coming in! Dodge right! - No, go left! - My right or your right? - Oh, man! - Don't worry, Trixie.
Kord! You've got another arm.
Use it.
[ Kord grunts ] [ squealing ] Oh, man! Can I worry now? Just so you know, this plan has an 87% probability - of ending in disaster.
- Eli's doing his part.
We have to focus on ours.
Quentin: The only question remaining is how much longer I extend your suffering.
[ all screaming ] Eli: Come on, come on! Whoa! Hang on! [ cackles ] Maybe a little longer.
[ gasps ] [ grunts ] Kord: Gyros are burning out.
This big baby's not gonna keep walking for long! Well, technically, this is called a death hop.
[ gasps ] Losing control here! - So am I! - I am in complete control! Well, that's just embarrassing.
I think I'll put you out of your misery.
Try it! [ Quentin laughs ] Points for tenacity.
[ screams ] Quentin: Or is it just delusion? Either way, I want to look you in the eye when I break you in two.
You thought we were building a robot to beat yours? In 45 minutes? How dumb do you think we are? We were just building a can opener.
And you were cocky enough to let me get close enough to do this.
All yours, Noodle.
[ happy squeak ] Flopper slug! On me! [ screams ] [ grunts ] Showtime.
[ chirps and laughs ] [ screams ] Over here, smart guy.
Where it all began.
Where it ends.
For you, anyway.
Gonna draw? Blaster's empty.
I used all my slugs to get this far.
Come here.
I want to look you in the eye when I beat you.
[ chuckles ] When you beat me? With your non-existent blaster and your imaginary slugs? Just because my blaster's empty doesn't mean I'm out of slugs.
Huh? [ makes a blaster sound ] [ slugs chirping excitedly ] Nice work, guys.
You didn't even have to transform.
Kord: That was sweet, Eli! Glad this thing held together as long as it [ rumbling ] [ screaming ] Quentin! [ crashing ] Huh? You you saved me.
[ affectionate chirp ] [ laughs ] Cut it out! That tickles.
[ celebratory chirps ] It tickles and I don't mind! [ stammers ] I don't know what to say.
[ soft chirp ] - Thank you.
- That's a good start.
The Magistrate's on his way.
I imagine you'll have volumes to say to him.
I know it's here.
Ah! There must be an easier way to open a can of beans.
[ gulping ] [ lasers buzzing ] [ metal clanging ] He's all yours.
Hey! You're not my lawyer.
Figured that out pretty quick.
I heard you were smart.
And you know, Quentin, I can use a few smart men.