Slugterrainea s01e24 Episode Script

No Exit

1 Narrator: Lumino ore.
One of the primary sources of light in Slugterra, and therefore one of our most valuable commodities.
Your signature gives me the exclusive rights to all the ore in Lumino Cavern.
I, of course, will set the price.
That ore belongs to all of Slugterra! [chuckles] Not anymore.
[gasps] Those are Neotox slugs? No.
Those are Neurotox ghouls.
And I think their presence should bring any negotiation to an end.
Agreed? [sighs] Good.
My apprentice will see to the details.
And Twist, make sure to do it right.
[beeps] Twist: What are you waiting for? Sign it! Ah! We're here to renegotiate.
Slugterra! [chirps] [title music] Slugterra! Slugterra! [blaster fires] [blaster fires] [grunts] [grunts] Stay back.
I've got the gattler! You're not gonna use that.
You know what it can do.
You know what it can do too.
We both saw Blakk take down the Unbeatable Master.
- But you're not Blakk.
- You don't think I got the guts? You think I'm just gonna let this whole deal go up in flames? [grunts] Loki! I don't know what I'm gonna do if you ever stop falling for Loki's illusions.
Whoa! [grunts] Ah! You knew what those ghouls would do? No, but I'm not sticking around to be a victim! [all yelling] We gotta bolt, bro! Or we're gonna be stone-cold stone! Everybody in there's already a statue! We can trap the cloud with an ice wall! - But those miners - Aren't going to be saved by letting everyone in this cavern get turned to stone! [blaster fires] That cloud just kept growing and growing.
Like some kind of freaky chain reaction.
I'm willing to bet it has something to do with those Neotox being ghouls.
[cracking] How much time before it breaks through? I don't know, bro.
I just taking a guess, I'd say this puppy's got, oh, 10 hours, 22 minutes, and 31 seconds, before [explosion sounds] You know, give or take the five seconds it took to just say that.
So we've got 10 hours to find someone who knows about Neotox slugs and how to stop them.
Only one slinger was ever twisted enough to make them his signature slug.
[shudders] Blite's.
And he hasn't been seen since your dad locked him up in the Cavern of Time.
[sighs] He'll have to do.
Hold up, bro! The Cavern of Time is like an inescapable maze! Ha! What you are forgetting is that you have a Molenoid to lead you! Think you could get us in and out, Pronto? To find the way in and out of the Cavern of Time, it it is every Molenoid's dream! Come! Let us make history! [tires screeching] Eh it's uh actually, the the other way.
Eli: So what's the story with Blite and my dad? His name definitely sounds familiar.
Yeah, well if you grew up in Slugterra instead of up there, the name wouldn't sound familiar.
It would sound terrifying.
Trixie: Blite's slinging style was brutal.
He'd hit slingers with a Neotox and then leap into the cloud it created.
Blite was protected by his gas mask.
But the other slingers were anything but safe.
Kord: He messed people up pretty bad.
Nobody coudn't find him.
So Will Shane he didn't even try.
Trixie: Your dad took a huge risk, Eli.
But it worked.
Blite didn't realize it was a trick until he was trapped.
Blite: [screaming] Shane! - What happened to Blite after that? - Kord: Nobody knows.
It's a one-way trip into this place.
Ah! A one way trip to eternal fame! Yet by entering, we will put our very lives at risk.
If there's a chance to save those miners and everyone else, that's risk I'll take any day.
But that doesn't mean you guys have to.
And pass up the chance to document one of the most mysterious places in Slugterra? Yeah, right! Considering how lost you'd be without me on a normal day, you really think I'd let you go in there without me? A-ha, Pronto, too, gladly looks death in the eyes and says Hey! Wait! You're missing my speech! [birds screeching] Eli: Whoa! [gasps] That way! [Kord screaming] Kord! We'd better stay together.
- Close together.
- That's the least of our problems.
How are we gonna find our way back out? Problem? Ha! If you did not have the greatest tracker of all time, perhaps.
But fear not.
Pronto is using a secret ancient Molenoid tracking method.
- Which is - [laughs] If I told you, it would no longer be a secret.
But trust me, there is nothing to fear Ah! Relax, Pronto, it's just a little dinosaur? [clears throat] I was, uh, merely startled.
Leave this miniature menace to Pronto! Oh.
I have deduced that they come in pairs! Not a problem! I can handle two primitive brains just as easily as [squeaks] Uh, this, however, could be a problem.
[growling] [blaster fires] Any suggestions? Lavalynx? Jellyish? Try 'em all! There's more than enough of these things to go around.
We gotta bail! I'll clear out a path, then we roll.
Ready? This place needs a good exterminator! [creature growling] Okay, not quite the pest control I was hoping for.
Run! [all panting] Down here! Whoa! [grunts] Or, you know, not.
[grunts] Huh? I'm guessing that's Blite.
That's close enough, buddy! We must go.
That thing will be angry when it wakes.
So, Eli, we're gonna follow the evil dude who may be a little, uh [exclaims] Well, it's that or wait around to be eaten.
Pronto would like to propose a third choice, but nothing comes to mind.
It's been a long time since I've had Had what? New victims? [gulps] Company.
[all sigh with relief] That's a good sign.
He thinks of us as company.
Every creature here is either food or trying to make you You've been here for years.
I can only imagine - Food.
- Huh? - Food.
- Whoa! [crunching] Ugh.
Oh! My manners.
I should have offered you the first bite.
[chuckles nervously] [squeaks] Hmm.
[gulps] Mmm! [gags] It's just that, you never know what may be poisonous.
[spits] Oh, ugh! Ugh.
[laughs] My keen sense of observation tells me this fellow is, uh, how shall I say, utterly and completely out of his mind! Yeah, but he seems almost nice.
You know, in a creepy weird sort of way.
Guys like him don't just change.
No matter how long they been cooped up in the land of the lost.
Let's just hope he has enough sense left to help us.
We're running out of time.
- Trixie: Eli! - Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
[revs engine] So we noticed you know a thing or two about Neotox slugs.
which is good, because we need someone with that kinda expertise.
Ugh! We need your help.
Come with us to Lumino Cavern.
[laughs] - What? - Come with you? You are as trapped here as I.
We are all now lifelong residents of the Cavern of Time.
What if I told you we have a way out? We'll lead you there.
In exchange for your help with a mutant Neotox cloud that keeps getting bigger.
A way out? This cloud that won't go away, it's called a a Neotox fog.
So you know what we're talking about? It happens if you fire too many Neotox at once.
I I can stop a Neotox fog.
You stop it, we'll give you your freedom.
[grunts] Uh, just a quick sec there, Mr.
- You sure about this, Eli? - That man is completely out of his gourd! Not to mention dangerous.
Your dad trapped him in here.
You gotta think he's still got a grudge against the Shane.
But he doesn't know that's me now.
And we're not going to tell him.
I know it's a risk, but it's the only way to save Lumino.
Besides, if it comes down to it, I'm sure we can find a way to handle Blite.
Uh, but just to be safe We'll show you the way out.
But first, you're gonna have to hand over your weapons.
My reputation precedes me.
For a way out, I would do anything.
[grunts] [all sighing] Huh? Okay, Pronto.
Now it's all on you and your ancient Molenoid secrets.
Ha ha! Well, in that case, we are mere moments from our exit.
[sighs] Uh, Pronto, can't help but notice that it's taking a little more than mere moments.
Eh, that is because someone has stolen the trail! Stolen the trail? You mean you lost it? Pronto, we're running out of time.
[creature roars] The beast has picked up our scent.
[clears throat] Yes, yes.
But this will not be a problem, because we can simply follow the trail that I, Pronto, have not lost.
My Molenoid tracking has been tampered with.
I dropped breadcrumbs to mark our path, and now they are gone! [Kord groans] That was your ancient Molenoid secret? [sighs] Breadcrumbs? Hmm? [Pronto gasps] You eat my trail and then spit it out? You ungrateful beasts! Could you say that any louder? Blite might have missed the fact that we lost the trail.
Maybe we could follow the dino yak, if we could see it.
[gags] Yes, well, unfortunately Pronto can still smell it.
That's it, Pronto! You're a genius.
Uh Of course I am! Eh, because I Can sniff our way out of here? That is right.
Ha-ha! I can! [engine revving] [sniffs] [gags] There.
This way.
[sniffs] [gags] We are close.
[sighs] Whoa! That must be the exit.
We made it! Let's go.
We've got maybe a half hour before the ice wall breaks.
[inhales deeply] The ice wall! It's still up! We made it in time.
[explosion] Looks like time just ran out, bro.
This fog was created by Neotox slugs? Ghoul Neotox slugs.
Things have changed since you've been gone.
- Blite! What do we do? - My gear.
That wasn't the deal! First take care of the Neotox fog.
I can't take care of it without my blaster.
- My helmet too.
- No, the fog first.
[groans] Whoa.
[gasps] [cheering] Who knew vine drills could even do that? Blite did.
Thank you.
You saved Lumino.
Trixie: Eli! The vines! [clamoring] Man: Hey, what's going on? Kord: The ghoul gas must've corrupted them.
Blite's done his part.
Let's do ours.
[Eli grunts] Bro! Once again it is up to Pronto - and the Shane gang to save - Blite: Shane! Will Shane is no more? Replaced by a boy.
His son perhaps? I will have my revenge.
On you.
[struggling] Huh? Whoa! Ah! Good work, Doc! Guess trusting Blite was a mistake, huh? Actually, I was kinda hoping this would happen.
What? That we'd get chopped to pieces by evil plants? That Blite'd give me a reason to put him back in the Cavern of Time even after he kept his word.
[engine approaching] - What's the plan? - We're gonna get him to follow us right back where he belongs.
The Cavern of Time.
Stay back, foul cloud! Pronto will not be silenced by [grunts] Pronto! [scoffs] Like bugs scurrying for cover.
Only to be squashed.
Kord: Oh, no, you don't! Ah! [grunts] We need to get his helmet off! [grunts] [grunts] Eli: Let's go, Blite! You want me? I'm right here! Breathe my poison.
[gasps] Eli! [coughs] [chuckles] Blite: Shh.
Forever! [gasps] - Yes! - Trixie: It worked! Whoo-hoo! Ha-ha.
Your foul gas Oh.
Did we win? [moans] Huh? - What happened? - I, Pronto, the historically significant, have become the only tracker to ever find his way into and out of the Cavern of Time.
I mean, what happened to Blite? Don't worry, buddy, let's just say he's doing some time.
Huh? [screaming] Nooo!