Slugterrainea s01e25 Episode Script

The Hard Part

1 1x25 - The Hard Part Eli: Please, Redhook.
Can you at least take a look at Kord's schematic? I know I can do it.
I just need the blaster! Redhook: I said it's impossible! The Fusion is only a legend! It's just a wishful fantasy, like the Universal Slug, or odorless plumbing.
It's not a fantasy! I've seen it.
- Odorless plumbing? - No! The Fusion.
The Unbeatable Master had the blaster and the talent to fire two perfectly-timed synchronous slugs that merged into one even more-powerful force.
Then this Master can perform it again and convince me.
She can't, because of Blakk.
He's developed a powerful new weapon of his own.
And now she's gone.
[Burpy whines] And by "gone" I'm assuming not just out of town? The Fusion may be the only thing that can match Blakk's Gattler.
And I have to learn it before Blakk repairs his weapon.
What? [scoffs] Even if it is possible, what in Slugterra makes you think, you can achieve it? You're not the Unbeatable Master, you're barely a Shane! And I'm not a Master Slingersmith like you.
But I've tried to come up with a design for a specialized blaster that makes the Fusion move possible for Eli.
[mumbling] Well, this does show an amateur's fumbling but thoughtful attempt at resolving a complicated technical issue.
I am thinking this zigball with numo-track with grooved polymer-wiring, offers better replication properties.
- [sighs] Please make them stop.
- Redhook: You do realize, of course, you'll need to cross-match [snoring] the curve-safe contouring on the firing pistons.
- Yeah.
- Argh, still impossible.
A blaster like this would need a Vitalis crystal to control the synchronization.
- And they're hard to find? - [scoffs] They're non-existent! Redhook: The Vitalis was a power source back in the old days but they were mined to extinction.
[scoffs] Last thing that used them was the Air Remodulator, but [laughing] good luck finding one of those! I know where we can find one.
[Burpy gasps] A cavern stacked full of spare parts and surplus gear that's totally gonna blow your minds.
- Mind not blown.
- A junk yard? Not just any junk yard, the Scrap Heap! Of course, finding that part in here might take a little time, like, uh, maybe a couple of years.
Slugterra! [chirps] [title music] Slugterra! Slugterra! [mechanical whirring] Kord, please tell us there's an easy way to find things - in this junk pile.
- Check it out.
[beeps] Air-re-mo du-la-tor.
[beeps] One in stock.
Located in Deep Storage.
Excellent! So, uh, how do we get there? I've never been in that far before.
[beeping] - Huh! - Here! It's a map to Deep Storage.
Which is, according to the scale, a two-day trip! Excuse me.
I am not packed for a two-day trip! And that's with mechas.
This says they aren't allowed in Deep Storage.
It'll take forever on foot! [beeping] Huh? If this is our alternative, I think I can get there faster on foot.
That is because you do not understand this type of machine.
Let Pronto's smooth piloting technique remove your concerns.
Hmm? [laughing] [grunting] So, what exactly is an Air Remodulator? Well it's a device that scrubs and re-oxygenates fouled interior atmosphere.
You mean it's an air freshener? If you want to get all technical.
Whoa! [all yelling] [giggling] Pronto, have you ever driven one of these before? No, but it is much like a tricycle I had as a child.
Trixie: Tricycles don't have joysticks! Yes, but mine had very cool handlebars! The brake! The brake! [grunting] Eh Uh-oh.
This poses a small problem.
[all screaming] [excited squeaks] [sighs] There's got to be a better way to Deep Storage! You wanted faster than feet, [rumbling] Pronto got you here faster than feet.
Whoa! [gasping] [electrical crackling] [chuckles] [sniffing] [cries out in pain] This is Deep Storage? Most definitely.
I have a nose for these things.
Kord: We're at a totally new level of dust and stink.
All in favor of finding that part fast and scramming out of here, raise your hand.
[squeaks] [metal clanging] Huh? Oh, oh, oh! Okay.
Uh, two words.
Sounds like, uh, crazy troll! It's not charades.
[whines] [metal clanging] Eli: You've been following us.
Why? [gun powering up] Perhaps he wants my autograph.
Eli: What do you want? [glass clinking] We already got what we want.
[both gasp] We got you.
[guns powering up] [laughing] [growls] Hey, guys, we're just customers looking for a part and we're a little lost.
This area is off-limits, without Boss Ember's permission.
Then show us where we can find him and we'll get his okay to be here, huh? [laughing] It's too late to ask him now.
What's the penalty, boys? Hand over all your slugs and blasters and leave Deep Storage the way you came in.
Not gonna happen.
Then we'll take them anyway.
[snaps finger] [guns powering up] [growls] [gun firing] [growling] [screaming] Ah! [groans] [laughs] Ah! Ow! [screams] These guys are good! I bet the boss would love to sling it out with them! Whoa, whoa.
Cease fire already, would ya?! - Who are you? - The Shane Gang! Maybe you've heard of us.
Yeah, well, maybe you've heard of us.
We're the Tough Guys! Put a whole lot of thought into that name, didn't you? See, I told ya it sounds lame! [growls] How about calling yourselves the Junkyard Dogs? - Or the Scrap Force? - Oh, yeah! The Scrap Force is pretty good, Straggus.
Scrap Force! How about you guys back off and let us find that part and get out of here? Parts here may be free, but the price to get 'em isn't.
Hand over your blasters and slugs and you can have all the junk you want.
- No deal! - Fine by me! Prepare yourselves for a beat down by the Tough Guys! Mongo: Scrap Force! [growling] An X-mitter slug! [gun powering] Eli: Get clear of the blast! [panting] [growls] [explodes] It'll temporarily knock out anything electronic.
- Including our blasters! - And theirs, too! [thudding] [groans] We didn't lose, but we didn't get nothin' either.
The boss ain't gonna be happy.
Maybe this'll put a smile on his face.
The X-mitter's effects are gonna wear off soon.
We got to find that Air Modulator-thingy and get out of this junk pile.
[sighs] I lost the map! We have to go back! Not to fear.
Pronto has a copy.
Here, in his steely brains.
Eli: Lead the way, Mr.
Ember: Argh! You couldn't rob a little group of lost customers? Well, those customers knew their slug-slinging.
- More than me? - No, no, sir, Boss Ember.
No one's as big and bad as you.
Straggus: They called themselves the Shane Gang.
Shane? I know that name.
A worthy opponent.
Oh, uh, talking about gang names, could we change ours to something cooler? Uh, I was thinking like, uh, the Scrap Force.
[chuckles] Would you They seemed pretty hot to get ahold of some gadget, right here.
If the Shane Gang is after it, it must be valuable.
Take this.
Bring me the gadget, and bring me them.
Uh, but Boss, [chuckles] those Slugslingers Are a challenge.
You can either take your cut when I sell the part, or you can be cut into parts for sale.
Now get out! [slams table] Before you make me puke.
Ember: Oh, one more thing.
Go with Scrap Force.
So much better than the Tough Guys.
Yes! I knew it.
[gasps] Ah! Pronto is not accounting for a water stain on the map.
[sniffs] This way, for sure! Come on, keep up! Keep Ugh! You sure that water stain isn't water on the brain? Eli: You can find it, Pronto.
Focus your steely brains.
Pronto cannot be wrong.
His memory and tracking skills are exceptional.
Only exceeded, of course, by his reputation as Molenoid of the Dance.
Huh? That's it! It's there! The Air Modu-whatsit is in one of those cabinets? It was not a water stain on the map, it was a drawing of a water leak! This must be the one.
Not here? But then where? [sighs] [splattering] Eh? Huh? [screaming] - Were you looking for this? - The Air Remodulator.
C'mon, guys, it's not worth anything to you.
We'll let Boss Ember decide what it's worth and what you're worth.
Try anything funny and we'll trash your machine.
Ember: Huh.
Not bad, not bad.
It's not often that blasters of this quality pass through here.
You puke-inducing leaches managed to do something good for once.
Yeah! We're much better now that we're known as the uh, Scrap Force.
See, I told you a cooler name would help.
Yeah, having a good gang name is paramount.
Speaking of names, you're Eli Shane, aren't you? Who's asking? You must have heard of me.
I'm Boss Ember.
- Nope.
- Never.
- Not a clue.
- Boss what? Then let me explain.
I am the gatekeeper of Deep Storage.
No object or customer leaves without going through me first.
Self-appointed, right? You're just shaking people down because no one ever patrols this part of the Scrap Heap.
[laughs] Clever kid.
And knowing who you are, this old gadget must have some high value I'm not aware of.
It's an air freshener.
- We live with a cave troll.
- Eh Even so, I think I'll keep it and put it on the open market.
Maybe Dr.
Blakk would be interested in bidding on it.
How much do you want? In this case, reputation is more important than money.
I fancy myself quite the Slugslinger, and I hear your abilities make you an interesting challenge.
So, here's the deal, Shane.
You and me, one on one.
I lose, you get the gadget.
I win, I get your blasters, slugs, - and the reputation.
- Piece of cake.
That little gasbag can barely hold a blaster.
Okay, Ember, bring it on! Oh, I may have neglected to mention a small detail about our one-on-one.
[gasps] I'm actually more of a one-plus! [laughing] Yeah! Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! [growls] [grunts] Finally.
A duel with someone who doesn't make me want to puke! Yeah, well, we'll see about that! Wait, uh [gun firing] [grunting] [squeaks] See? I told ya he was good! [snarls] You toads are easily impressed.
Now watch a master at work! [grunts] [groans] Ah! [groaning] Don't just stand there, help me take him down! - That's cheating! - So, I'm not a role model! [groaning] [grunting] We got your back, Eli! [screams] We're being out-slugged! We can win, as long as they don't use that X-mitter slug.
Huh? They'd never try that again.
They're not that smart! Hah! You lose! No! You idiot! [angry muttering] Oh, come on! I'm fired, right? Bring down the house! [grunts] You can't even hit a target as big as me? I wasn't aiming at you.
Slugs: Wee! [screaming] Well, my slugs beat you, so I win, fair and square.
[squeaking] Let's go! Why didn't you stop them? Uh, well, they won fair and square, didn't they? I'll take them down myself! You're all fired! Great.
Just great.
Now what are we gonna to do? You think maybe Top Floor Storage needs a gang? That railway is our only sure way out of here.
Pronto: Hmm [sniffs] Pronto detects the faint smell of axle grease, [sniffs] of metal wheels upon metal track, - coming from - Trixie: Pronto! Pronto: Over here.
A-ha! Found it! [grunting] Make it happen, Pronto.
Just give me a push.
[grunts] [growling] [all scream] [roaring] Faster, Pronto, he's gaining on us! I can't! The motor's still out because of that X-mitter slug! And so are our blasters.
[growls] All: Whoa! [gasps] All: Whoa! All: Whoa! [all groan] Pronto: Tell me there's something we can do! You can lie to me! We can't just throw slugs at him.
We've got the speed Get him in that hole! Slugs away! Ember: Oh, yeah! [grunts] [grunts] No! Not there! Nooo! Eli: Where does that hole lead to? Deepest Storage.
Remember, Pronto still has the map in here.
Trixie: And look what we've got here.
The X-mitter slug! Hey, Stowaway.
Welcome aboard.
Huh? [sighs] From now on, I get all my parts by mail order.
Redhook: Oh! Not only a Vitalis crystal, but one from an unused Air Remodulator.
[beeping] Therefore it's still at full strength.
[laughs] Very promising.
But a crystal, and a blueprint made out of guesswork, ain't gonna get ya to the Fusion any time soon, if ever.
Then let's hope, Dr.
Blakk has a long way to go to fix his Gattler.
'Cause if he gets it working soon, [machine powering] we won't have anything to stop him.
[gun firing] Hmm.