Slugterrainea s01e29 Episode Script

The King of Sling

1 1x29 - King of Sling Slugterra [bar music] [glass breaking] [rowdy laughter] Look at this! Huh? Put it on our tab.
[slurps] About that tab, sir [chuckles nervously] you and your gang have been here over a week and huh? [powering up] [explosion] [laughter] That [scoffs] should settle the bill, my good man.
Loade, what's the customary percentage for a tip? [slurps] You know I can't math.
I don't know about you, but I feel generous.
Should we say, hmm, 20%? Hmm My unsurpassed tracking abilities can guarantee that Locke and Loade are extraordinarily near.
You sure, Pronto? [sniffs] [explosion] [screaming] [crashing] Reasonably certain.
[powering up] Uh Ah! Let's go.
Hold on, son.
We don't need your help today.
Huh? [explosion] [screaming] [rowdy laughter] Are you serious? We have our own hometown hero you know been out adventuring in Outland Reach for the past few weeks, but the second he gets back, he'll run these thugs out of town quick, you'll see.
He's the greatest Slug slinger there ever was ever! Really? [chuckles] Can't wait to meet him.
Who is he? [guitar playing] Here he comes now! Huh? [screams] [gasps] [chittering] [chittering] Am I a sight for sore eyes or what? [applause] More like sore ears.
[cheering] Hey, everybody.
Did ya miss me? The King of Sling? They're going to send him against Locke and Loade? [kissing and blowing] [explosion] This is not going to end well.
Slugterra! [title music] [chirps] Slugterra! Slugterra! [explosion] You're sure you don't need a hang with this, King? Ha! What kind of a King of Sling would I be if I couldn't dismiss a couple of ruffians? You and I have dueled before, you know, and you lost to me, like, three times in a row! That's for your yapping.
That's for you flapping.
And that one wins me the duel.
[chuckles nervously] Yes, Trixie.
All part of a strategy to build overconfidence in my opponents, like the time I defeated The Twisted Man and his Little Twin in a duel that lives in legend! [mouthing] But you've heard this story? [cheering] All: Tell it again.
[groans] You may hear more tales of my "losing" tactic - from other slingers.
- I get it.
Can I speak to you in private, uh Your Majesty? Huh? I get that you're the hero of this cavern, - and that everybody looks up to you - They do, indeed.
There's not a lot of excitement this far off the beaten track.
For so many people, I represent hopes and dreams, adventure and a life of wonder! [explosion] [screams] Yeah, I get that, but those guys in that café aren't just any slingers.
They're some of Dr.
Blakk's top henchmen.
[happy chirp] Uh, listen, Eli, [sighs] I know that my slinging skills aren't what they used to be - Or ever were.
- but if you go in there and save the town like you always do, where does that leave me? [chanting] King of Sling! King of Sling! These people expect me to save them.
It's my job.
It's all I have.
Eli, you can't just let him walk in there and face those guys alone! They'll eat him alive and use his knucklebones for toothpicks! Maybe there's another way.
And if this works out, we'll get Locke and Loade out of the town without firing a single shot! [wind blows] Whoa! Whoa! [groaning] This town is ours.
Not even the Shane Gang can change that! [grunts] You're right.
We're doomed.
Both: Huh? Eli! I told you that I had this handled! [chirps] Stand back and let me take care of these hooligans! [chuckles] - And you would be? - Tell 'em folks.
All: The King of Sling! - Huh? - King of Sling? Seriously? You've never heard of him? Hero of the Outland Reach! So fearsome that even Thaddius Blakk is afraid to speak his name.
Uh, I've never heard Dr.
Blakk talk about this guy.
Exactly! He beat me six times in a row with a busted blaster and a pair of sick Floppers.
[growls] You guys are so doomed now.
Sorry, King, we know you have this covered.
Uh, we'll just get out of your way.
[stammers] You think this guy's as good as they say? We were lucky to get the drop on the Shane Gang just now.
If this King's a better slinger than them Perhaps we should regroup elsewhere before that claim can be proven.
[cheering] That's it.
Back away Perhaps you'd like a little parting gift.
Huh? The Shake, Rattle and Run! You will run, if you know what's good for you! What's he doing? [cheering] The Bump and Blast! Yikes! And for the finale, the Star-spangled Screamer! [whimpers] [chittering] [cheering] Momma! Both: Huh? This might have been a mistake.
Thank ya, babies, thank ya very much.
- Had enough, boys? - Here it comes - We're not dead.
- We're barely even scratched! Locke: He's nothing but a flashy charlatan! Loade: And a big faker too! [chuckles] You put on a pretty show, let's see how you do against raw ghoul power.
[growls] [all gasp] [screams] - Eli - No, Trixie.
If we help him now he'll totally lose face.
[laughs] Your turn, brother! At least he'll have a face to lose.
Those two are going to annihilate him.
[screaming] [all gasp] Huh? [grunting] [Locke and Loade laughing] [whimpering] [groaning] Well, ha, this was amusing, but all good things come to an end Including you, King.
[surprised cry] You can't just let him get blasted.
[grunts] Huh? [all gasp] I'm fine.
Nothing to worry about! C'mon, you didn't think I'd let Locke blast him, did you? Like the King said, nothing to worry about.
[crowd murmuring] Winner takes the spoils, King.
Your castle will make a fine headquarters for the newest outpost, of Blakk Industries.
[laughing] Are you worried now? 'Cause I am.
Blakk: Hmm by taking control of this cavern, you've also secured the only known entrance to the Outland Reach.
Those unexplored caverns hold a great many mysteries I intend to unlock.
You two may have proven useful after all.
Uh, and, we even ran off the Shane Gang! [laughs] What? You said you had this covered.
Do you play me for a fool? No, sir, Dr.
We've got lucky.
They left the defense of the cavern to a local fella.
He won't be a problem anymore.
This place is sewn up tight.
And should things unravel, you'll answer to me, personally.
I don't understand.
Nobody beats the King of Sling.
That's what you've always told us! This must be part of that "losing" tactic you were talking about, right?" Indeed, child.
I've tested their resolve and they've proven to be worthy adversaries.
I will now retreat, [stammering] tactically withdraw, to consider my next move.
Now, uh, can somebody get me out of this thing? Anyone? You still there, kid? How could you interfere, Eli? After I asked you not to! You wouldn't be here right now if I didn't.
At least I'd have gone out in a blaze of glory, instead of being an embarrassment to my people.
When you gonna run those deadbeats outta your castle, King? Can't wait for the rematch! Sounds to me like they're eager to give you another shot.
And this time you're gonna hit the bull's-eye.
- I am? - He is? Yes, you are.
But when you do you're gonna stick to the plan.
And what is the plan? The King's gonna march into his castle, take out the guards, and send Locke and Loade packing for good.
At least, that's what it's gonna look like [chuckles] - Why all the sneaking around, Eli? - We can't get recogized.
Locke and Loade and the rest of the cavern think we've left.
This won't work unless it looks like it's the King who's saving the day.
- Will he be saving it? - Well, kind of Pronto: Um, problem Do these shoes go with my outfit, or are they too matchy-matchy? [giggles] You're gonna look beautiful, Pronto.
What's important is that we blend in, so nobody can see that the King's getting a little boost from the Shane Gang.
I know that some of you are confused, but don't worry.
I'm going to take back my castle and give those villains a beating that will become as legendary as the time I defeated the Twisted Man and his Little Twin.
Have I told you that one? [excited cheers] I love that story.
Eli: The King's got the town on board.
We just need to be inside the castle before he gets there.
What about Locke and Loade and all their guards? Seriously? We've busted into tougher places before breakfast.
[Pronto grunting] Here we go.
I I got this.
I got it.
Make sure you have a front row seat.
This will be a duel for the ages.
[chitters] - What a dump.
- [sighs] Agreed, brother.
It will be a pleasure to shake its dust from my boots.
This cavern is too small for the likes of Locke and Loade! [grunts] The silencer mods should help cover our tracks.
And try to pick slugs that blend in with the King's.
Shouldn't be too hard under all that flash.
Okay, guys.
Quick, slick, and sly.
Three of my many middle names! [loud cheers] Look who's back for more.
[laughs] It appears as though my doorstep needs sweeping.
- Huh? - Yes! Just the slug with which to clean my house.
[groaning] [cheering] Go get 'em, King! - What're you doing here? - Cleaning house.
Huh? [groans] How am I doing, folks? [cheers] His slugs seem a whole lot more powerful.
[screaming] [both gasp] [cheers] Thanks for the save.
No prob.
Keep your eyes open! Something's up.
Your hands.
That's what should be up.
You know, you really need to work on your banter.
Pity you'll never have the chance! Eat my stank.
[all coughing] [coughing] And that, my my friends, is [coughs] is how you do it! What? Do you want an encore? [both gasp] [growls] You dispatched my associates quite handily.
Let's see how you do against me.
[groans] You seem surprised I'm here.
After my associates informed me they had control of this cavern, I was naturally bound to show up sooner or later.
It's fortunate I arrived when I did.
Fortunate for me, I mean.
Eli, we have to step in.
The King's gotten this far on his own - Kind of.
- Kind of.
But that's Dr.
Blakk! So you are the one responsible for all this? [gulps] Er more or less.
Well, I'm sure it was exhilarating while it lasted, but now it's over.
If we reveal ourselves now, when everything's at stake, the King'll never live it down.
There's nothing more sacred than a slinger's honor, especially in their home cavern.
But, Eli, honor needs to be earned.
By dueling.
We can't keep propping this guy up.
As a courtesy, you may draw first.
Consider it a parting gift, or perhaps a last wish.
One way or another, his people love him.
I don't want to watch his entire life's calling crash and burn.
And if we don't step in, his entire life will crash and burn.
- Not to mention the town.
- I know you guys are right, but let me try this one more time.
All right, then.
The Shake, Rattle and Run! All: Whoa! [grunts] [Blakk chuckles] I'm not nearly as naive as my associates over there.
- What - You're not dueling alone.
Er I I don't see anybody else.
I'd recognize that Infurnus anywhere.
You're getting help from Eli Shane! [gasps] [sighs] You've caught me red-handed, Dr.
I'm afraid I am receiving assistance.
[all gasp] Okay, time to face the music.
Ah, here he is.
The puppet master.
I tried, Eli, but it appears as though the game is over.
Sorry King, I wanted to save your cavern and your honor.
Now you'll save neither.
[straining] My final offer, surrender this town and I'll leave it intact.
Force me to duel We love you, King! Don't let the bad man scare ya! Surrender? Sorry, Doctor Blakk.
I don't know the meaning of the word.
[cheers] Then allow me to teach you.
[groans] Ow! [crashing] Uh-huh.
Let me show you how I defeated the Twisted Man and his Little Twin in a duel that lives in legend.
Never heard of it.
[growls] [gasps] [whimpers] [gasps] Goodbye, Your Majesty.
If you want the King, you have to go through us.
You'd defend a man who's a cheat and a coward? A man who's lied to you about his prowess and exploits? [laughs] You think we don't know all that? It's why we love him! Why without his tall tales, we'd go nuts in this middle of nowhere town! Even I know they're just stories.
But they're good stories! Thank you.
And I'm sorry my little subterfuge brought us to this moment.
Oh, touching.
One obstacle or 100, I'm going to have this cavern.
[grunts] [grunts] Let's get 'em! [war cries] It looks like the King and his people have Blakk on the ropes.
[indistinct yelling] [screams] [chirping] [grunts] [surprised cry] Give it up, Blakk.
You're not taking this cavern.
Get my Gatling Blaster.
Stop Locke and Loade from getting the Gattler, I'll take care of Blakk.
[grunting] [grunts] With or without you rabble, this place is still my gateway to the Outland Reach.
[mechanical whirring] King: Did everybody see that shot? I believe that I just won the day! [all cheers] Best we retreat, Doctor.
[cheers] Pretty impressive how well you stood up to Blakk on your own.
I wasn't alone.
That's the secret of this cavern, its strength is in the collective spirit of its people.
I'm just a humble vessel for their greatness.
Not entirely humble, but great nonetheless! Things ended well, this time.
Blakk wants something out there beyond the known caverns.
I'm pretty sure he'll be back to get it.
[laughing] And next time I won't hesitate to ask for help.
I may not be the best slinger in Slugterra but I am the luckiest.
Eli: No one's ever going to dispute that story, Your Majesty.