Slugterrainea s01e30 Episode Script

Mission Improbable

1 1x30 - Mission Improbable Stalagmite 17.
The most escape-proof prison in all of Slugterra.
Watchful guards.
High tech locks, steel doors.
And now, in control of it all me! Mr.
Saturday! I can think of no better place to hold the world famous - Shane Gang! - Go ahead and gloat, Saturday.
- But you're missing two little things.
- Oh, and they are? The two of us you didn't manage to capture.
And they're probably on their way to rescue us right now.
Ha ha! Nothing can keep the great Pronto away from the fight! Hey! Where did everybody go? Captured! Well, never fear.
Pronto will come to the rescue! This is really going to take a miracle, isn't it? Slugterra! Slugterra! Slugterra! I wouldn't believe it if I wasn't seeing it with my own eyes.
The Shane Gang, locked up like a pack of stray dogs.
I'll be there before nightfall to collect them.
Congratulations, Saturday.
You're now officially another minion of Dr.
No, no, no, no! I am a businessman! And this is strictly business! Although I am running a little low on ghouls, Dr.
Call our arrangement what you wish.
You'll get your ghouls when I get the Shane Gang.
And one other thing, none of your mind-control foolishness.
I want our prisoners fully aware as they count down the minutes to my arrival.
He's not here yet, Saturday.
And there's still plenty of time for us to break out.
From Stalagmite 17? I have every guard under my control and they have one simple order, to insure you do not escape! Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to get myself a smoothie! I can't believe I got us in to this mess.
Come on, Eli.
It's not your fault.
Well, technically it is your fault but we forgive you.
Just don't ask me to forgive myself for what happened.
Ambushed by zombies.
This is the world's worst surprise party.
Gotta use the double barrel blaster! - Without the Enigmo slug? - I've been practicing.
I think I got this.
Uh-oh! Whoa! Now, where was I? Ah, yes.
Pronto's brilliant rescue plan.
Which begins with finding out exactly where our friends have been taken to! Luckily, the Rusty Buckle Cantina is nearby.
A watering hole for ex-cons, and all species of Slugterran scum.
With Pronto's natural gift of gab, he will easily learn through the criminal underground where our friends may be! This way! And now, that way.
Hurry up, you guys, he'll be back soon.
Come on, push! What's this thing? Whoo! An escape attempt! That is a zombifying offense! Wait! Stop! Do you really want to disobey Dr.
Blakk? Hmm, I suppose that would be bad for business.
But no more escaping! Face it, there's no way out of here except the front door.
Don't worry.
We still have Pronto and Burpy.
Yeah We must blend in and find a lowlife who just may know where our friends are.
Who do you think you are? Slugs have no place on mighty Pronto's exquisite shoulder.
Bah! You call this a mud shake? Now that's more like it! Ah, tut-tut-tut.
Leave this to me.
Ah, smooth.
Hey! Such ugly faces must have their ear to the ground.
Am I right? Nothing worse than a sassy slug.
So tell me.
What news have you heard about the Shane Gang from your brothers in crime? You can tell me.
I'm an ex-con too, you know.
Ex con? We're the South Cavern Women's Knitting Club! Okay.
Eh, settle down.
Outnumbered and out-needled but not out-stinked! Not so tough after a little whiff of Flatulorhinkus, eh? Actually smells better than this place did before.
Get him, girls! - Well excuse you, Mr.
Stripy Shirt.
- Don't shoot! I just don't wanna go back to Stalagmite 17, okay? Ever since that maniac, Mr.
Saturday, took over the place, it's worse than ever! Stalagmite 17! Of course! Not even that impenetrable prison can hold me back! I will climb every wall, break the locks and evade every last bitey-shark! Or you could just use the front door.
Ah! The front door you say.
So crazy, it just might work! Good day to you, fine sir! A-ha! You see? Exactly as Pronto planned.
We're running out of time.
Blakk's gonna be here any minute.
It's called a smoothie.
Not a lumpy! What does it take to get a proper blended fruity drink around here? New escape plan.
You know what I miss most in here? - Making smoothies back at the hideout.
- Oh, yes, that is totally Uh-huh, your smoothies are yummy! That is something you like to do.
So, you make smoothies? Now to find this elusive front door.
Oh! Go ahead and laugh.
You slugs cannot understand Pronto's scientific method.
Hey, watch where you Ah.
Exactly as Pronto planned it.
This is where Pronto's natural tracking skills will shine! Ha! I am already on the scent of our captured colleagues! Getting warmer! Even warmer.
A-ha! I am very warm now.
Okay, well, in my defense, it is quite warm in here.
I am a zombie.
Maximum Security Wing to Kitchen.
Huh? Ah, it's them! Zombies! Bring me all the fruit you've got.
And a blender! That zombie waiter will lead us right to our friends! You're dreaming, Saturday.
No way I'm making you one of my world-famous, supremely delicious, smoothies.
- Yes, you will! Or - Or what? How are you gonna make me, Saturday? I'm not one of your zombie minions.
- Yet.
- Ghoul down, Saturday.
Remember what Dr.
Blakk said about no zombieing.
It is better to beg for forgiveness than to go another minute without my smoothie! - Now! - Incoming! And outgoing! Oh.
Glad to have you guys back.
Sorry to interrupt the reunion, but Blakk's gonna be walking down that hallway any second now.
Night, night, Mr.
Huh? I know.
Pronto is an expert zombie-walker, no? A-ha! Quick! Which way to maximum security? Pronto is here to rescue Eli Shane! That do-gooder was the one who put me in here! Exactly as Pronto planned.
Lucky break.
Let's go! Oh, no.
Dead end! But Pronto will go down fighting.
Or we could take the elevator to glory! Uh, sorry, no room.
Next car.
To glory! Hey! I know that smell.
Eli, Kord and Trixie are this way! Pronto is coming! Oh-uh, trying to grab the glory, eh? Everybody can see Pronto is responsible for this! You have my heartfelt thanks.
Zombie guards to the front gates! Stop the Shane Gang! I'll handle their soon-to-be-zombified comrade, myself.
Front door's open.
Our luck continues! Yeah, not so much.
Your friends might have escaped, if not for you.
So, in return, Mr.
Saturday offers you a last word.
Actually, Pronto must admit, Pronto is superior to slugs but maybe not as superior to one slug as he thought.
- I said last word.
- Ah, excuse me, I am not finished, sir.
Pronto should have had more faith in you.
Huh? Pronto should have let you guide him more.
Yow! Ow, ow, ow, ow! Hey, we make a good team, you and I.
You can run, Mr.
But you cannot hide from the justice of Pronto and Burpy! Careful choosing your slugs! Not the guards' fault they're zombied.
Don't want to hurt 'em.
Too bad they don't care as much about hurting us! A Tormato? - What? - What happened? I don't know what just happened, but run! You reversed hypno'd my cryptogryff.
Impossible! Everything's possibly impossibly possible, when Pronto is around.
Perfect timing! Let's get as far from here as we can! Unfortunately, I don't think you'll be getting very far at all.
- Maybe we can swim for it! - Maybe we can be shark floss.
No choice.
Gotta slug it out! I do not think so, Dr.
Pronto? You may laugh at Pronto, but let me introduce you to my little friend! Consider yourselves rescued! That flame spire's gonna fizzle! We gotta bail! Question is, how? Got it.
The Double Barrel? Eli, what if it doesn't work? Burpy thinks it will.
If you had seen what I have my friends, you would not hesitate to have faith in this slug.
That's good enough for me.
Huh? Woo-hoo! Someone.
Pay! I knew you wouldn't let me down, Burpy.
And uh, you too, Pronto.
Yes, we made a great team! - Did Pronto just share credit - With a slug? Of course! Because Pronto knows how to handle slugs! You see, all of you could take a lesson from Pronto! Be strict but fair, with a steady hand.
In order to understand the slug, you must go through a simple twenty point checklist.
Step number one, does it stink? And, by stink, I mean smell.