Slugterrainea s01e32 Episode Script

The Thrill of the Game

1x32 - The Thrill of the Game Help me, Eli, Trixie, Kord! I've been captured! I'm being held at Land's End Cavern.
Please help me! I snuck in here to send this message but they Wait! No! No Damsel in distress? Pronto's specialty.
I thought you said your specialty was power napping.
Don't try to label me, sir! Pronto cannot be confined.
Land's End? Well that's way, way out.
There's gotta be someone out that way that can help her.
No hand offs.
She asked for us by name.
But she didn't ask for Pronto.
My heroic reputation makes asking for me by name totally unnecessary.
I'm guessing this must be the place.
Help me, Eli Must be where she transmitted her message to us.
But where is the distressed damsel? Over here.
But I'm not a damsel, and I am certainly not in distress.
Ambush! If you're working for Dr.
Blakk, you must be new.
Ah, he's next week's contestant.
You are the game today.
Game? What game? The one you'll play now that I've brought you here.
- And you are? - Well isn't it obvious? I am the Master of the Game.
And what's really cool about my game is you don't lose points when you fail you lose everything! I think we'll pass on your invitation.
He's some kind of an image.
Like a hologram! Did you really think I would make it that easy for you? You're playing against the best brain in the cavern.
What a specimen.
You should consider it a badge of honor that I chose you as opponents.
If you're so great, how come we've never heard of ya? Because the losers of my games can't talk! We're not losing, because we're not playing! We're leaving.
Now what are you doing up there? Oh, I must have pushed the wrong button! Sorry about that.
Hang on and I'll get you down! Hmm.
Now which one is it? Eenie, meenie, miney, moe.
Uh-oh! I seem to have pushed the squish-o button! Oh, dear! I don't have the override password.
Quick! Do nothing! I'm going for help! Gotta figure a way out fast or we're going to be - turned into a Shane Gang cube! - You think? Yeah about that help.
It doesn't look like there's anyone around! But I did find a DJ.
Jo! Jo! Jo! MC Mixmaster Game Master in the house! I was thinking of bustin' out some sweet beats for you hip cats to get thin to! Smooth jazz? I hate smooth jazz! What? This is the perfect kind of music to get squished to! Make it stop! Trixie, fire a Rammstone at the seam! Joules will short out the motor! I don't care about the walls! Someone just make the music stop! - Joules? - Bludgeon? Calling all slugs! Ah, there! So thrilling, wasn't it? And that was only your first challenge.
And our last, gamer guy.
Just give us back our slugs and we'll call it a draw.
I've gone through considerable trouble and expense to match wits with you.
I only choose the best contestants and my research tells me three of you are.
I didn't bother researching the Molenoid.
Ahh, yes! Pronto remains a Molenoid of mystery.
My rules are simple.
Any slug you use, I take.
Survive my challenges and you'll see them at the end.
Eli, we could lose all our slugs! We're not leaving without Joules and the others.
That's the spirit! Now, lady and gents, step right up for your next challenge! Pull the lever and win a prize! Here we go! Round and round it goes and where it stops is where ya go! Please don't land on freedom, please don't land on freedom, please don't land on freedom Oh! Ho ho ho! That was really, really intense, wasn't it? Let's take a look at what you've won.
I don't know what that wacko's game plan is, but we've got to try not using slugs to deal with it.
Hey! This was a challenge? No, this is! I think it may be time to seriously re-think this "No Slug" rule! I think you may be right.
Uh, but now you lost Buzzsaw.
I hope it was worth it.
Oh, it was for me! Pronto! Oh, goody! Another slug! It'll be a nice addition to my collection.
But I can't just take something without giving something back in return.
Here, have an apple.
Go ahead! It's practically exploding with flavor! Ah, two bridges, but only one will get you safely across the quicksand pit.
Which will it be? Make your choice quick! That bucket of rotten apples is about to tip! - Why don't we swim across? - Because it's quicksand? Precisely! He wouldn't expect us to use the worst-looking bridge - or would he? - Quick, Eli! Make a choice! Oh, bad choice! Jump to the other bridge! I should've packed my bathing suit.
Pronto! Maybe he'll come back up.
Quicksand is a one-way trip down.
Game Master, do you hear me? Pronto better be back with us when we finish this! Hmm.
There are consequences for failure.
Pronto's challenges are over, yours are not! I thought this bridge was better! What fun! You should have seen the looks on your faces! Oh, wait! You can! We don't even need slugs to beat your challenges.
Have you had enough? Ha! Not even.
You'll see.
All the machinery seems to be below us.
He's got to be down there somewhere with our slugs! Pronto.
His digging skills would sure come in handy now.
Yeah, I can practically hear the little mole man now Hello? Hey, did you hear that? He's talking to us from the soupy beyond! What? No, from the darkly below! Where somebody doesn't understand the concept of a well-lit workplace! But how did you survive the quicksand? Why shouldn't I? Molenoids spend their summers bathing in quicksand.
And also, I dug a hole through the bottom of the pit.
That makes you our inside operative.
Find where the Game Master is controlling all of this and report back.
But keep it quiet.
He can't know you're down there mole-ing around Ah! Understood.
Agent Pronto is on the move like a ghost! Three contestants still standing.
You truly are the most impressive I've ever challenged.
That's what I'm talkin' about! Maybe we're not impressed playing against a lonely crackpot with too much time on his hands.
I had some other fun games to play, but why don't we just skip ahead to a Final Challenge? And this one is personal! Ah, Eli, our hero to slug and human Can you save both? If not, who do you choose? I know you two from the Zombie Mall! What are you doing here? Well it wasn't my idea, I can tell ya.
We shoulda taken the cruise, Sylvia! You need to get out of your comfort zone, Howard.
Remember what the doctor said about my comfort zone? Doctor-shmoctor, honestly.
Do we really have to? Right here? Right in public? Trixie.
Dear, sweet Trixie.
How about a little target practice, hmm? Five targets, Five shots.
If you can make them that is.
If you think I'm wasting my slugs on your silly game, forget it.
Then allow me to supply the slugs though I very much doubt even that will help you.
What are you saying? I can't shoot straight? We'll see, won't we.
Lucky shot Ooh, Howard, a thrill ride! Oh, Sylvia, you know I don't like these things.
Who will it be? Slugs or people? Or does the hero save himself? Kord.
The brilliant engineer.
You have two minutes to build me something amazing, or your friends will have a nasty surprise! Eli? Can you hear me? Trixie? Whoa! These chairs are extremely well made.
Look at the joinery.
Sylvia, I don't care about the cotton-pickin' joinery! Something's not right Okay, Whiff.
Stink 'em! I know bacon bits make you windy Ah.
So that's his game! All right! What the heck is this thing? This isn't at all what we signed up for.
Handsome Devil to Top Dog I have eyeballs on the package.
And I found the slugs! It looks as if they're connected to the package.
- It's really creepy! - That's why he's stealing them! He's somehow using their energy to power himself and this game.
That's it! I figured it out! So, Kord.
What did you make me? A jetpack.
But it ain't for you.
Whoa! Thanks.
But you made me miss my target! And that target woulda sent Eli into the drink! And turned you into paste.
That would be bad.
Is that a jetpack? Was a jetpack.
Standing idle while they drop to their doom? You need to brush up on your strategic thinking.
Those two didn't react to the stink, they're more of your robots.
And I know you won't harm slugs, you need them for their energy.
Oh, yes? What else do you know? That you're just a clever geek living in a basement who's hooked into a slug energy machine to power his fantasy world.
How could you know that? Nobody researches me! Why don't you stop playing games with robots and holograms and match wits with me in the real world? Ha! Come and get me.
Eli! I'll even show you the way We can't all fit.
It's another challenge! I'll stay! You two get in! Oh.
Friends till the end.
Such noble losers.
We're not that noble.
- We just found a better way down.
- On the Pronto Express! I should've researched that Molenoid.
It's checkout time, Game Master.
Hand over our slugs! You think I'm beaten? Guess again.
You still have one last challenge.
To get past me.
And with the slug energy I've accumulated, you're not going to exist to play another game.
Handsome Devil to Top Dog, the package is locked on us! Eli to Pronto, I know! Get under the Geoshard! This was supposed to be a legitimate competition.
That extra slug energy really packs a punch! But you ruined it with your rule breaking and your cheating! - Did not! - Then you barge your way into my home and make demands! Nice try, but you'll need more than that to stop me.
Uh-oh! And you, my nosey mole, were the worst offender! I'll fill in the tunnel! Ten minutes, tops! Pronto! Whoa-whoa Go ahead, keep slinging.
It just makes me stronger.
- Status? - One slug left.
Same here.
Use the Xmitter, Eli.
That'll stop him cold.
It'll stop us, too.
And I need blaster power for a different idea.
Right Burpy? Fusion move.
Yes! Use what you have left for a diversion.
And make it count! No! - No! You keep cheating! - We can live with the shame.
But you will not live through this! I've started a meltdown that will destroy this entire cavern within minutes.
You might have just enough time to capture me or save the slugs, but not both.
Make your choice! He's right.
It's gonna blow.
Forget about him! Grab the slugs! - I think we've got 'em all! - We're out! Now! Get going! Whoo! Ha-ha! Eli! The Game Master is still free.
Guess we'll have to worry about fake rescue missions from now on.
But this wasn't a fake, we rescued them.