Slugterrainea s01e33 Episode Script


1 1x33 - Lightwell [GRUNTS] Okay, C.
If you were trying to tail me quietly, I gotta say, epic fail, dude.
[GROWLS] Wanna have a little fun with him, Burpy? [CHIRPS] [COUGHS] [REVVING] [LAUGHS] [GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] Can't shake him.
We're gonna have to persuade him to go away.
And we can be real persuasive, right guys? [EXCITED CHIRPING] [GROANS] A little advice, C.
Next time Blakk wants me followed, he should send - someone other than you.
- He already did.
[GUN COCKING] We've been in tougher scrapes before.
Right, Burpy? [COUGHS] [GRUNTS] [WHIMPER] Burpy? [LAUGHING] Slugterra! [CHIRPS] [THEME SONG PLAYING] Slugterra! Slugterra! [LAUGHING] Burpy? What's wrong? Ugh! Dr.
Blakk, we have the Shane surrounded, just give us the orders and we'll take him down.
Your confidence will be your downfall, he and that Infurnus of his are dangerous.
Well, you don't have to worry about that.
His slug is sick.
His slug is sick? Yeah! Couldn't even take on a Flopper.
So, what do you want me to do? - Let him go.
- What? Hit him with a tracking ghoul and let him go.
But we've got him, now's your chance to end this! Do as I order, or it will be the end of you! Heh.
Well, I can't promise you he'll get off without a scratch.
[GROWLS] We've got to get Burpy home and fast.
[SQUEAKS] Scrapnel move on three! One, two, three! [GRUNTS] [YELLING] [WHISTLES] [GRUNTS] Oh, no you don't! Ugh! Ahh! [SIGHS] Oh, man! That ghoul must have been a dud.
We should have been goners! [CHIRPS] [GROWLS] Well, I hope that worked.
Good work lads, low sodium organic vegetable and wheatgrass smoothies, on me! [CHEERING] - Seriously? Again? - I'll get the ladder.
[SIGHS] Okay, I know what you're thinking.
But they started it! Don't do this Max Jackson! I wanted to watch Kisses From a Hoverbug! But they insisted on Max Jackson's 2000 Furious Punches.
[MOCKING CHIRPS] [LAUGHING] I may have raised my voice a teeny bit, but [SNARLING] it does not give them a right to do this to Pronto! - There you are! - Something's wrong with Burpy! [WHIMPERS] I don't know what happened, never seen him like this.
I've never seen any slug look like that.
Little dudes get a little low on energy sometimes, - but I never seen one sick.
- Poor little guy.
Can't even move.
I'll make sure you get better, Burpy! [CHIRPS] There's gotta be something we can do! Well! If there is, no troll, human or even Molenoid knows! Couldn't agree on a movie again? [STAMMERING] Yes.
I'm not giving up.
Burpy needs our help.
You know we're with you, Eli, but none of us have any idea what to do.
[EXCITED CHIRPING] These guys do.
[EXCITED CHIRPING] Stay with me, pal.
We'll be there soon.
Wherever "there" is.
- Getting darker.
- And scarier.
This whole place gives me the heebie-creepies.
Oh! That is because we have entered the territory of, the Shadow Clan! Eli: That's where Burpy needs to go? [SQUEAKS] I'll never fit through that, there's got to be a bigger opening.
Yeah, but how do we find it? Eli: We ask.
This is their territory.
I'm betting the Shadow Clan will know what to do.
Never around when you want them though, huh? Pfft.
Whoever wants them around? They're always so serious and spooky.
You know, it's like they enjoy being frightening.
Uh, not that Pronto is ever afraid.
[CHUCKLES] [HISSING] [SCREAMS] [FARTS] It's okay, Kord, I got this.
[INDISTINCT WHISPERS] This ground is sacred.
Leave now.
I need your help.
This one's fire will go out soon.
[WHIMPER] Once it does, he will be no more.
I see now why your slugs led you here, to the Lightwell.
The Lightwell? What's that? The Lightwell is 50% legend, 50% lore and 50% mystery! Supposedly, it's where slugs go for a recharge.
I'll take Burpy, if you show me the way.
Paths to the Lightwell are not meant for humans.
It may not even be possible for you to survive the journey.
That's a risk I'm willing to take.
One way or another, I'm taking my friend.
[GASPS] Remember later, son of Shane, it was you who asked for this.
Right behind you, Eli.
Why do I have the impression - that Pronto was just insulted? - He said only I can go.
Eli, no.
You can't go in there alone.
It's okay.
If that's what I've got to do to save Burpy, then that's what I'm gonna do.
Besides, I won't be alone.
I got these guys.
Lead the way.
[CHIRPS] Oh! Of course! "They" get to go! [BEEPING] Dr.
Blakk, the tracker's working perfectly.
[CHIRPING] Eli: Guess we go this way? [GRUNTS] Whoa-whoa-whoa! [GASP] [BUZZING] [BLOWING] [SIGHS] [CHUCKLES] Okay.
Let's try this again.
[GRUNTS] Easy, one rock at a time.
[SCREECHING] Whoa! Ahh! Whoa! [YELLS] Okay, buddy, take it down! It's armored! All over! Okay, need another idea! Ugh! Yeah, the double barrel would stop it.
Only problem, that takes two hands! [FRANTIC CHIRPING] It looks like that's the only shot we got! [GRUNTS] Bull's-eye! Ugh! [GRUNTS] Ugh! [YELLS] [GROANS] [CHIRPING] Thanks, guys.
We're almost there.
I hope.
Still doesn't feel right that Eli's in there by himself.
Of course it is not right! How could the Shadow Clan think only Eli is worthy? Pronto the Magnificent is worthy! Very worthy! - Bro, that's not what I - Pronto: Ahem! Excuse me? I think perhaps there has been some mistake.
Most likely because you do not know how truly wondrous Pronto the Wondrous truly is! Okay, I understand [FARTS] Uh! That one wasn't me! - [SIGHS] I got a bad feeling.
- Yeah, well hopefully if Pronto annoys them too much, they'll only flay him.
No, that's not it.
[SOFTLY] Did you see that? Whoa! What is that smell? Oh! This smells worse than a bunch of Flatulorhinkus slugs.
It's slimy Whoa! [SPITTING] This tunnel smells like the inside of a [BELCH] This isn't a tunnel.
[BELCHING] Whoa! Ugh! [GROWLING] Wait a minute.
If we got spit out its mouth, that means we crawled in through its [GASPS] Eli: Gross! [ROARS] There is no way I'm going back in there! [GASP] Chiller! Ugh! [BELCH] [SQUEAK] First thing after we fix up Burpy, we are all taking some very long showers.
[SNIFFS] [RETCHES AND GULPS] [GASP] Trixie: Eli told us you were bad at being stealthy, C.
But, man, you are really bad! [GROWLS] I'd save the groaning.
You'll be doing plenty when the Shadow Clan are done with ya! I'm in position, now engage the enemy! [BATTLE CRIES] Trixie: They're attacking the Shadow Clan? [SCREECHING] Not even C.
's that dumb is he? Shh! Save the questions.
I don't want to miss a minute of this! [YELLING] - [STAMMERS] What? - The Shadow Clan are retreating? What's that? You don't like my little Dark Light? Ugh! Never fear! Pronto the Worthy is here to save the day! [FARTS] [SIGHS] [CHIRPS] It's warm in here and [SNIFFS] sweet? [GRUNTS] [COUGHS] [BUZZING] You again? Get outta here! Man! That thing packs a punch, good thing it was just one and not a Huh? Swarm! [GRUNTING] We're in their hive! [SIGHS] Dozer? [CHIRPING] [SQUEAKS] I hope you're right! Put 'em to sleep! Ugh! Ha-ha, sweet! [CELEBRATORY CHIRPS] [CHIRPING] [SIGHS] Lightwell.
It's Wow! We made it, Burpy.
[EVIL LAUGH] We certainly did.
- Thanks to you.
- Blakk? [ANGRY CHIRP] What do you want with the Lightwell? What I want, is to destroy it.
[GRUNTS] - How did Blakk get here? - I can answer that.
Ugh! First of all, the tracking ghoul - C.
hit you with helped quite a bit.
- The dud! But you deserve the lion's share of the credit.
I don't I think I could have gotten here if you hadn't taken care of every obstacle in the way.
[GRUNTS] You certainly seemed quite motivated.
[SIGHS] Burpy? [WHIMPER] Burpy! No! [Blakk CHUCKLES] You'll never make it.
[YELLS] Looks like you were wrong! I made it! Congratulations.
We're getting hammered here! We might have a chance if the Shadow Clan would work with us.
Bah! To them we are unworthy.
Completely ignorable [GASPS] I think this means the Shadow Clan are in.
[GRUNTING] Without the Lightwell, slug energy can't rejuvenate.
And without your slugs, my ghouls will rule! Goodbye.
Burpy! Trixie: Oh, no! I'm out! - Kord: Uh, me too! - Pronto: Uh, me too! Hah! Choice! They're out of ammo, men! [PANTING] C.
: Heh-heh.
Go teach those punks some manners! [CHARGING CRIES] Oh, no.
You got us.
Oh, wait.
No, you don't.
[HISSING] [SCREAMING] It's a trick! Get back here to the Dark Light! Ugh! No! [GRUNTS] [HISSING] No! Hah! That should teach you not to mess with, Pronto! We did it! Uh.
We didn't do it? [WHISPERS] Trixie: I think they're saying someone else got inside the Lightwell! One more shot will do it.
[ELI GRUNTS] You know, I wanted you to see the Lightwell's destruction.
[SIGHS] But you you've changed my mind! [GROWLS] What? Ahh! [GASPING] My ghouls! [CHIRPING] Huh? Burpy! [CHIRPS] [YELLING] What? [YELLS] Nooo! What just happened? Where did you take him? So close to the Lightwell, our powers are limited.
We could only send him through the shadows elsewhere.
I fear those abominations you call ghouls are also what sickened this Infurnus.
[PUZZLED CHIRP] Blakk's ghouls made Burpy sick? The energy that binds the slugs to Slugterra, - is growing weak.
- Huh? If the ghouling does not cease, the Darkbane will come.
Well you can count on us to stop Dr.
[CHIRPS] Thank you for everything.
Now is not the time for thanks.
The struggle for all of Slugterra has only just begun! [WHISPERING] Did they just bow to you? - Eli! - Ah! - How's Burpy? - See for yourself.
- Yes! - Kord: Yeah, Burpy! [CHIRPS] I don't know what happened out here, but you must've done something to impress the Shadow Clan.
Ah, 'twas nothing! It was bound to happen once they got to know Pronto the Worthy.
[FARTS] - Ooh! Glad that's over.
- It isn't.
Other slugs are gonna get sick like Burpy, if we don't stop Blakk.
This is just the beginning.