Slugterrainea s01e34 Episode Script

It Comes by Night

3x08 - "It Comes By Night" You know the drill people! Lock 'em and block 'em.
Everyone inside and secure your slugs! Hey, come over here! Trini! Time for bed! Aw, Mom! Do I have to? Flutter and I wanna play some more! Flutter will still be there in the morning.
Now come inside.
See you in the morning you crazy little meatheads.
And don't forget to turn the fence on! It's okay you guys.
I just forgot my It started about a month back.
Just a few random slugs at first, but now this is the worst we've ever seen it.
And your healer slugs don't help? We don't have any, main reason we called ya.
Heard you had a mighty solid fella named Doc.
- Well, I did.
- I'm sorry.
Uh, no.
He's fine, just, far away.
I have to admit, when Trixie said you needed some help, I wasn't expecting this.
It's like something sucked the juice right out of them.
- That would be the creature.
- Uh, "creature"? The High Plains Monster.
It's something of a local legend.
No one's actually seen it but whatever did this slipped through the force fence like it was nothing.
But I've seen it! It's big, and it's scary and it has long legs like a spider! Don't worry, Trini, Flutter is going to be fine.
Could we, uh, take them to the Lightwell? Perhaps, but it doesn't explain what's causing this, or if it'll prevent it from happening again.
We'll get to the bottom of this, Brodie.
I promise.
If you could just, uh, give us a moment? Okay, I'm all for helping the slugs, but a monster, Eli? I dunno.
I'm an engineer.
In my mind, if I can't see it or I can't hit it, it don't exist.
What do you think, Trixie? You really think it's a monster? Well, I believe Trini saw something, and look at these slugs.
Brodie isn't the kind of person to exaggerate.
If we don't figure this out soon, people could get desperate.
Please! Order, order! What's going on here? Got me.
No one told me about a meeting.
Order, order please! A decision has been reached! Thank you.
Now, it is with full understanding of the desperation of the ranching situation that the town council has voted unanimously to award a bounty! Two thousand gold.
Everything our treasury has.
To the slug slinger who brings in the High Plains Monster! But we don't need bounty hunters.
I called in the Shane Gang! - Hey.
- Now-now, they can have a shot at it too.
At this point, Brodie, we need all the help we can get.
This doesn't look good, Eli.
Tell me about it.
This kind of money, this much desperation? People could get hurt.
Eh Sorry! - Stocker! - I'll bag you your creature.
But it'll cost you 5,000 gold, not two.
Five thousand.
For that, you get my services, the monster and your peace of mind.
Mister, if you can get it, we'll find the money.
Fire, Ice, the Power Trips The town council is making a big mistake, Brodie.
I know these guys.
They're bad news.
- Stocker, especially.
- Isn't there something you can do? What do you want, Shane? I know you and I have a history.
But if we're gonna be here, we all need to work together.
It'll better our chances of catching this thing.
Better our chances at splitting the bounty, you mean.
- We're not doing this for money! - We're not? - Uh, we're not! - These people need help.
And they don't need their town destroyed.
They don't? Oh, uh They don't.
Come on, man.
Use your head.
- This thing could be dangerous.
- To slugs.
Do I look like a slug to you? I work alone, kid.
Cheer up, dude.
We'll just have to find the creature first.
Check it out.
It's a motion detector mod.
Anything bigger than a Molenoid comes our way, this thing will light up like a Phosphoro Slug! Good thinking, Kord.
Let's get going.
So, here's a joke brothers.
What do you call a Flopper slug that transforms? Huh.
- That's weird.
- What is? Brothers? Brothers? Come on! Ugh! Nothing.
I thought I had something and then it was gone.
That's the last time I buy an off-brand blaster mod.
Brothers? Brothers! The Power Trips! Come on! Guys I think I found them.
Looks like these clowns here got themselves iced.
It's just like the slugs.
No way, man.
This thing is hunting people now? This is not what I signed up for, man! You're making noise.
What's wrong? What's wrong is we're three men uh, two men and a lady down! This is what happens when we don't work together! And your stupid traps aren't catching the creature, - they're trapping us.
Hi, I'm upside down.
- Appreciate this, man.
- I Quiet! Hey! Oh, that's just my blaster.
- Oh! Cut me down.
- Kord? Proximity alert.
Something's coming! Something big! Cut me down! - Well? How close is it? - Really close, cut me down! I can't tell.
It's coming from multiple directions? There's more than one? Uh No, not anymore.
This doesn't make any sense! Wait! Wait! I got a new signal.
- 400 yards out - It's close.
- 300 yards - Everyone, get ready! 200 yards It's moving way too fast! What the heck, man? Where is it? I can't see nothing out here! 100 yards 50 yards And it's right on top of us! - Huh? - That's what you get for buying off-brand gear.
Stocker! Hey, Bubba! Fire! Look out! We're not having any effect on it! - Ideas? - Just one.
Run for it! Whoa! Trixie! - Pronto cannot see a thing! - Light 'er up, Glimmer! Trixie! My expert diagnosis is she's still alive! Hey, yo, cool your jets, cats.
Change your mind about sticking together? Follow me.
Hmm She's alive, just I don't know.
She's dead weight.
Should have left her behind.
Sorry, bro.
That's not our style.
- We gotta look out for ourselves, man - You're wrong.
We'll never survive unless we look out for each other.
We'll figure out a way to help Fire and the Trips.
I promise.
You sure you don't want some of our boots, Stocker? It'll be a cold day before I need a couple a' kids - to survive in the wild.
- It just don't jive.
- What doesn't? - Get with it, dad.
Monster drained slugs, then it drained people.
It's a drag, see? Don't make no sense.
He has a point.
The same question has been taxing my ample brains.
There's an old cave troll legend.
That people and slugs share the same energy, deep down.
A light you could call it, magic from the earliest days.
I never took much stock in it but maybe that's why this creature's draining us now.
- Keen.
So how do we beat it? - Light.
- What? - The monster is afraid of light.
In the woods, I used a Phosphoro slug and it fled.
That's why it only attacks at night.
You know, he's right.
It did flee when he shot that slug.
So, what've we got? All right.
That's one Phosphoro Slug and a flashlight with half a charge left.
Uh, this somehow does not look promising.
Well, it's a start.
Tonight we'll sleep in shifts and take turns on guard.
Hey, E, it's your watch, buddy.
Did you see any Looks like it's just you and me, buddy.
You should be more careful.
I almost slugged you.
There is a great disturbance here, Eli Shane.
So you noticed.
Shadow and light must exist in balance or all is threatened.
Thanks, for that.
But I've got a thing, so You fight in shadow.
You see your enemy but do not understand.
Then can you help me? What are we dealing with here? We have already shown you, the barrier between worlds is weakened.
Deep in the bowels of this Earth the Darkbane and their monsters wait for the time to rise up and take all of Slugterra.
Their magic is weak here.
It costs them to travel through the barrier.
But they have ways of returning to physical form.
That's why it's draining slugs? A slug's natural magic is protective.
There are forces, which can pervert this.
This was the first.
Good to know.
Now let's go stop this thing.
Huh? Hello! Somebody help Pronto! - I told you not to set the barn on fire! - Our enemy hates light! Therefore he must also hate fire! Ha! Yeah, but so do we! It's getting toasty in here! - Eli! - Kord, behind you! Drag, baby.
No! Time to go.
I have to go back! Live to fight another day.
Then you can help your friends.
Whoa! - Jump! - Whoa! It won't stop now.
It has our scent.
- Our scent? - I know when I'm being hunted.
Now help me with this boat.
The river is the fastest way back to town.
Whoa! I don't know Shane, it's not in our nature to trust the Shadow Clan, but if you say this thing is from the Deep Caverns, we need a plan.
Hit it with the Phosphoro Slugs and try to hold out until dawn.
Heck of a plan.
I hope we can pull this off.
She's putting a lot of faith in us.
They all are.
When are you gonna get it through your head? There is no "us.
" You stay here with the slugs if you want.
I'm going to hunt that thing.
Ah! Well that's crazy! You won't last five seconds on your own! I don't back down.
That thing drained my friends! They need us.
This town needs us.
You wanna be a tough guy? Fine.
But sometimes being tough means knowing how to ask for help.
Wait for it.
Wait for it Now! Open fire! Stocker! - You all right? - Face it, Eli.
This is hopeless.
You can't fight what you can't touch.
I have an idea! We're going to give this thing exactly what it wants! Hey! This way, you big ugly monster! That's right! This way! I'm sorry, guys, but you'll just have to trust me.
Missed me! Try again! What is he doing?! Okay! It's solid! You and me ugly! Let's dance! It hates fire and it hates light, so let's give it both! Okay, Burpy, ready to go supernova? I hope this works.
Pronto must stop eating snack foods after midnight.
They give me the craziest of nightmares! Flutter! Town's back to normal.
What happened to Stocker? I dunno.
He left before daybreak.
Without his reward, too.
You ask me, I think he didn't want the reminder he'd done something nice for people.
You did a good thing, Eli.
- Yeah.
- Why do you sound worried? Something the Shadow Clan said.
This was just the beginning.
Slugterra's magic is weakening.
You really have to ask yourself "what's next?"