Smiling Friends (2020) s01e06 Episode Script

Enchanted Forest

1 How is that even fair? You're just button mashing, Glep.
There's no skill for that.
Hey, can you guys turn that down? I just have a little bit of a headache.
Oh, sorry.
No, no, it's it's all good, it's fine.
It's just that these guys started doing construction inside of my place at like 6:00.
Oh! That was right in ear, dude! We officially deliver a royal decree from the princess of the Enchanted Forest.
She's been unable to smile for a royal portrait and needs your assistance.
The Enchanted Forest? Oh, my God.
I love the Enchanted Forest! My ear's still ringing from that noise.
Well, Charlie, you're going to love this place.
There's so much to do here.
Look, Pim, the castle is right there.
Okay, so let's just get this job done with as few distractions as we can.
I am in dire need of travelers who might be interested in a quest.
If you want this goblin to reveal his guard, you must simply fetch the amulet No.
Good day.
If my tribe is to survive the winter, I'll need 15 boar hides from No.
Alright, dude.
That was not even fantasy.
That's just an alien, Pim.
Oh, come on, Charlie.
Let's just do one quest.
I always wanted to, but I was never allowed.
Daddy, daddy, can we go inside and do an epic quest with those mythical creatures? No, Pim.
The Enchanted Forest isn't for children.
It's only for heroes with unrelenting dedication, bravery and wisdom.
Perhaps one day.
Oh, I love you, daddy.
Oh, I can't believe after all these years I'm finally here.
You can kiss your dad on the mouth? What was that? Oh, this must be a witch quest.
We can get your hat back, and maybe even win some witch gems.
Which hand of the witch hand will it be? This is the most obnoxious thing I've ever experienced in my life.
Ah, That one? Wrong.
They cannot be allowed.
That's is How is that fair? How is that even fair? Where are we? Did I pick the wrong hand? Oh, we were right there, man! Don't worry, you'll be dead soon enough.
She's actually pretty good at that.
Yeah, she's good.
Back, away with you, you nasty rotten thing.
Thanks, man.
You saved us.
No worries.
The name's Mip.
You two critters must not be from around here.
Everyone knows you'd never do a witch quest.
What brings you to the Enchanted Forest anyways? We were on our way to the castle to cheer up the Princess.
Our job is to make people smile.
The Princess? How queer? I'm on a quest for the Princess myself.
You're free to join me, if you please.
Yeah, definitely.
Yeah, sure.
Oh, wonderful.
Follow Mip.
So, what do you see the Princess for? Ah, Mip has but one quest Find the hero worthy enough of delivering this package to the Princess, Mip crafted it himself, as us forest folk do all things.
Wait, so you're telling me you made that damn thing on your back? Oh, this? Yes.
But sadly, Mip hasn't been inspired enough to use it for many moons.
Sorry, Mip.
I've got a pretty bad headache, man.
Is it okay if you could not If a headache you've got, a headache can cure.
Drink this, yellow one.
Charlie, we don't know who this guy is.
You sure we can trust him? Pim, this is Mip we're talking about.
Well, my headache is completely gone.
Mip rocks! Yeah, Mip rocks.
Oh, dear.
A creature of the forest is in trouble.
Help, help.
The thorn is killing him.
Oh, I know what this is.
It's a riddle.
Hmm, let's see.
Perhaps we have to find out what the thorn represents in a metaphorical sense and then Instead of just trying to take it out? It came right out, just like you said.
Charlie, how did you know how to do that? You must be a hero.
Yeah, you know, when you put it like that, I guess it does, you know, make sense.
You are Charlie.
You are Charlie.
Charlie the hero.
I really thought that was going to be a riddle.
That's alright, Pim.
There's plenty more quest along the way.
Charlie, your heroism inspires me.
I feel a song coming on.
For ending the thousand-year war between the aliens and the spiders.
You have shown unrelenting dedication, bravery and wisdom.
We humbly give to you the crown of Zimblar.
I thought you said aliens weren't fantasy, Charlie.
Oh, yeah.
I don't know.
I'd call it sci-fi/fantasy.
Man, I am beat for carrying all this shit around all day.
As is Mip.
We shall set up camp and regain our strength for tomorrow.
But the castle is right there, Charlie.
Dude, how are you not tired? We've been questing all day.
No, you've been questing all day.
I'm just having a little bit of fun, man.
Oh, Mip just hates nasty arguments.
Look what you did, man.
You scared off Mip.
I'm sorry about all this silly business back there Mip.
Mip hopes he didn't cause that.
No, you're awesome, man.
We couldn't have gotten this far without you.
Charlie, I think I found the hero worthy of delivering my gift.
Who? It's it's you, Charlie.
Mip, I'd be honored.
No, I'm the one who's honored to be in the presence of such a hero.
Well, maybe it was your song that helped me become a hero.
Well, maybe I like that.
Mip is getting pretty sleepy, Maybe we should get some rest.
Yeah, yeah.
Good idea.
Good night, Mip.
What's going on here? Charlie knows how much I loved the Enchanted Forest.
Is he doing this on purpose? It's like I don't even exist ever since Mip came along.
Pim, what are you doing? Charlie, you don't even like the Enchanted Forest.
That's not yours, dude I deserve something.
Y-You got to have all the fun.
Now I'm going to deliver this package, and do the final quests.
You're being weird, man.
Let it go.
Please be very careful with its creation.
I earned it! I earned it! - Mip! - Oh, my God.
Mip, I'm so sorry.
No, don't fret, Pim.
Perhaps you're right.
Perhaps all along this was your quest.
Please deliver it to the princess for me.
You could tell her it was from you.
I I grant you my one quest.
Just hold on me, Mip.
You're going to be fine.
I never meant to interfere with such a wonderful friendship.
Mip becoming cold.
Mip going into the light.
Mip fading away.
It's alright.
Go into the light.
Just just try to relax.
Holy shit.
I always not expecting that.
Yeah, that genuinely took me off guard.
Sorry about getting all worked up back there, Charlie.
No, I also got carried away with all the quest crap.
I got stuck in a vicious dopamine cycle.
You want to finish this last one together? Yeah, for Mip.
Oh, hello there.
How can I help? Hi.
Uh, we're the Smiling Friends.
We were sent here to help you smile for your portrait.
Oh, great.
I've been unable to smile for a while now.
Well, before we help with that, we have something for you.
Oh, wow.
This is from you? No, actually, it's from a good man, a forest folk named Mip, who sadly passed away on his journey here.
Did you just say Mip? Yeah.
Yeah, Mip.
Oh, my God.
Did you know him? He was the entire reason I haven't been able to smile for my portrait.
He's my stalker.
What? You joking? No, seriously.
I have blocked him on everything, and I've had to move twice because of him.
So, what's in the package then? I I don't know.
I-I have no idea.
Oh, my God! Jesus Christ! It's was a bomb the whole time? Wait, so you said he's definitely dead, though, right? Yeah, yeah, he's dead.
He's Yeah, he's dead.
Yeah, I think he melted into goo.
Thank God.
Oh, good.
So I guess we did it, right? We tackled who made you smile? Yeah, I guess you did.
Charlie, are you okay? I think it's because he drunk a green potion from a stranger.
I don't think, uh I don't think it's because of the potion I drank.
I think it's just because of allergies.
That is not allergies, Charlie.
I think we need to call someone.

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