Smith (2006) s01e02 Episode Script


gemaakt door massimo I'll be home for dinner tomorrow night.
Try and stay out of trouble.
It's a commission job.
Two million dollars it's going to be the usual split.
You don't belong here.
Hey, hey, I don't want any trouble.
You ready? - Yeah, where's Ryan? - In the car Come on.
I don't want to leave him waiting long.
I should have never married him.
He loves you, Mace.
Okay, we're a go.
Help me! Nobody move! Nobody wants to hurt anybody here, okay? Go, go, go! - What's going on? - Museum robbery back east.
Somebody stole a bunch of paintings.
You're ready for another job? Three or four more, Charlie, and I'm out.
I mean it, that's it.
Let's open a file, we got one unknown-- Smith.
But whoever planned this That's the one we want.
Three male suspects in front and two in the back.
With the female decoy across the street, we've got at least six unknown Smiths, one stolen delivery truck, one stolen phone company truck, and two rental vehicles.
Security cameras? They removed the tapes from the recorders.
Canvass the area, ATMs uh, parking garages, traffic cameras, anything that might have picked up an image.
What about the escape boat? Not much left of it bomb squad thinks it was military-grade C-4.
Divers are fishing for more of the body, but so far, all we've got is the one arm that landed on the barge.
Fingerprints? No fingers, but the M.
says the arm is the same blood type as the blood they found at the museum.
He's checking DNA samples to confirm.
Bullets from the dead guard's body were 5.
56-millimeter NATO rounds from an M-4, M-16 or AR-15.
What about the art? De Delacroix, L'Education de la Vierge, 1842.
Tintoretto, Christ at the Sea of Galilee, 1578, and a Rembrandt: Il Figliol Prodigo Prodigal Son, 1638.
- How much are they worth? - At auction? $100 million, two? But they can't sell them.
This had to be a commission job.
Paintings are halfway to Asia by now.
Witnesses? Docs are done patching up the woman who got Tasered.
Hines is bringing her back from the E.
She says she may know the woman who assaulted her.
White, blonde, five-seven, blue eyes, 110 pounds.
Colorado DMV is sending us a photo off the driver's license used to rent the two vehicles.
A Mary Sue Chandler.
Might be the same woman.
Guy with the truck in the alley? Five-eleven, muscular.
- Race? - No um, and no hair color.
Guard only saw him from behind.
Five-ten, slight build, white, accent.
Accent? What kind of accent? Guard couldn't be sure he said maybe English, Australian, South African.
White, five-nine, dark hair, phone company jacket.
White shaggy blond hair, tattoo of a leopard or jaguar on his left forearm.
White, six feet, black hair, blue eyes, expensive clothes.
He was the one calling the shots.
All right, we have six unidentified suspects at large.
Let's go find them.
I'll let you know when the witness from the alley gets here.
Here we come.
You're late.
All right.
Keep a low profile.
No flash, no cash deposits.
No large purchases.
Everything was destroyed I.
's, tickets, clothes, shoes? There's only a hundred here.
That was the split.
The split was 50% to you, 50% to us.
Four ways, that's 150 grand each.
The split was five ways.
Shawn's dead.
This is for Macy and for his kid.
Is there anything else that I should know about? Something that you remembered later, something that we might have missed? Hmm? Annie? No.
All right.
Stay out of trouble.
Wh-when's the next job? I'll call you.
I've got something, if you guys are looking to keep busy.
$125 a square foot is a great deal.
You can check the comps.
The owner isn't going to do too much T.
at that price, but he will pop for new paint and carpeting.
You're not going to find a better deal anywhere in Simi Valley.
- How many Ethernet drops? - Fifteen.
Do you have OC192 service yet? It's still T3 but phone company promises it's coming.
I'll take it.
Take a look at this picture please.
That's her.
The woman who attacked you in the alley? She looks just like this girl I went to high school with, only Dorothy wn't a blonde.
Dorothy? Dorothy Collins.
I thought it was her; that's why I followed her.
We went to high school together.
Any idea where we might find Ms.
Collins? H ope? - Yeah.
- Emily can't find her backpack.
Uh, it's in here on the counter.
She was doing her homework there last night.
Emily, it's in here! What are you doing? I was checking to see if the car payment cleared.
They called to say they hadn't received it yet.
Where were you this morning? Gym.
I woke up early, couldn't get back to sleep.
- Hmm.
Still taking the carpool today? - Yes.
You better get going.
I love you.
Love you, too.
Have a good day.
Emily, let's go.
Jason! Mr.
Thanks for coming in.
We have a witness saw a male surfer down at Waimanalo Beach talking to your brother and cousin just before they were murdered.
Have a seat.
Witness worked with an artist, gave us a good sketch.
Recognize him? No.
- You sure? - Yeah, I'm sure.
Got a name? No.
Witness saw a rental vehicle drive off after shots were fired.
Got a plate number, but the driver's license used to rent that vehicle stolen.
Stolen where? Los Angeles, during a robbery.
We done? For now.
I find out this has anything to do with a drug deal and you're not telling me, I will arrest you for an accessory to murder.
I just, I just don't trust her It wasn't Annie's fault.
Oh, which head's doing the talking now the big one or the little one? Where is this heap? It's no heap How much did you pay for it? Two grand.
Well, that's a heap.
Is that you? What? That smell.
Get off.
We don't even need it.
We can hustle up our own jobs.
Look, if we don't like it when we scout it, we don't go.
Hold this.
You did eight months.
You're not even a little pissed? She was outside, I was inside.
What was she supposed to do when the cops show up? She was to run into the building and scream, "Me, too"? Hey, man can you, uh, can you toss that for me? Keep the change.
Better? - Yeah.
- Sweet.
Rainbow sticker's a nice touch.
I mean, seriously, you couldn't pop for something a little better? I don't want something better.
I want something I can show my parole officer when he asks me how I'm getting to work.
That's a sweet bike.
Tom, you'd look good on that bike.
What the hell? Hey Get off the bike! Stay down, man.
Deposit posted in Grand Cayman yesterday.
So where am I year-to-date? We've done all right with short-term treasuries, but current bank CD rates are terrible.
Do you want to reconsider adding some securities? We could do six or seven percent, instead of your current two or three.
No, no, thanks.
A well-balanced portfolio would generate stronger long-term gains.
How about hedge funds? Don At least let me put you in some equity positions, 'cause I got a guy, he's buying up distressed real estate, sprucing it up, flip it.
Okay? Year-to-date? Well, with yesterday's deposit, deducting my processing fee and expenses, you have $4,262,000.
That enough? - I want to get to ten.
- Million? With your current investment guidelines? Never.
Not unless you're willing to take substantially greater risk.
Yes, can I speak with Joe, please? Yeah, speaking.
Hello? Joe.
How you doing? Where is he? Who? Shawn.
He hasn't come home the last couple of nights.
He said he was going to Vegas.
Didn't he tell you? He told me he was going to Dallas with you, to a car show.
Then this gets delivered this morning $5,000, with a note that says to hang onto it for him.
Maybe he's getting smarter.
Or maybe he's got somebody else up there with him.
He's got a new girlfriend, right? What? Of course not.
Come on.
Don't lie to me, Joe.
He's just up there gambling, that's all.
Well, next time he calls, you tell him to pick up the damn telephone.
You've got a call on six.
Who is it? Some woman.
She wouldn't give her name.
Take a message.
She wouldn't leave a message.
She says she's an old friend from Cairo.
Cairo-- like in Egypt? - She wasn't happy.
- She'll get over it.
Nice bike.
It's his.
No, it's not.
Looks like you could use it.
So what's the job? We knocking over a Burrito Express? I.
They keep cash in there? Better than cash data.
Mothers' maiden names, birth dates, social security numbers.
Over a half million accounts.
What's the plan? Ram raid.
Security? Rent-a-cops, unarmed.
Don't want to run into any structured steel.
Building specs? I have a full set of blueprints in my car.
- How much time will we have? - Three minutes.
Diversions? The call-in man with a gun across the valley.
Be the most exciting thing to happen up here in years.
You gonna be inside with us or outside, ready to run at the sound of the first siren? What's the payday? 50 grand each.
How much are you gonna make, Annie? My job, my contacts is to unload the data.
How much I make is none of your damn business.
I'll find somebody else.
Annie! We're in.
When was the last time you saw Dorothy? It's been several years.
What's this all about? Your daughter may be a witness in an ongoing investigation.
Do you know how we can get in touch with her? She left right after high school, got married.
Ran off is more like it.
We don't hear from her regularly.
We don't hear from her at all.
Does Dorothy still live locally? No.
Is there an address or a phone number where we might reach her? No.
Could you look at a photo for me, Mrs.
Collins, see if you recognize the woman in it? She's blonde now.
That's your daughter? - Maybe.
- Sure it is.
Your daughter may be in trouble.
She may not.
We won't know till we find her.
And we will find her.
So I'd like to ask you both again: Do you have any idea how we might get in touch with your daughter? No.
- Who was that? - Nobody.
Are they gone? I watched them drive away.
What, is your mother in the car? You don't take my calls now? I thought I was gonna call you.
I've got something for you.
It's too soon, Charlie.
It's time-sensitive.
Been reading about you in the papers.
M essy.
Not your style.
Any mistakes? Other than Shawn being dead? Things forgotten, loose ends? There's always something, isn't there? Always something.
What about the girl? What girl? Shawn's girl, the black one.
I'm handling it.
Maybe it's time to disappear for a while again.
For a while? I want out.
You have enough to quit? What's the job? Precious metals.
And how time sensitive? Five weeks or it's gone.
And what's my end? At least half a million.
Interested? I don't know.
I'll think about it.
Shawn's girl, Macy - loose end.
- I'm handling it.
What about that one? Ah, it's too long.
It won't make the turn.
Three grand to fix my fender.
And ditch the bike.
I changed the plates.
Yeah, I don't care if you scraped the VIN number off the engine block with your teeth.
I want it gone.
How about that one? Nah.
There's not enough ground clearance.
It won't get over the concrete base sill.
What? Taking orders from Annie now? Well, it's a sweet score.
Identity theft? Stealing hard drives falls outside the boundaries of your limited personal ethics, does it? Want to get a steak after this? No, I got to work.
It's a condition of my parole.
Yeah, washing dishes.
I bet you're pretty good at it, too.
I've done worse.
How about that GMC? It's too slow.
So, I called your dad the other day, let him know I was back.
He said you hadn't been around.
He invited us overfor the dinner on the weekend.
What about that one? That one! Huh? Yes.
Can I speak with Eddie King, please? No.
Do you have another number where I can find him? Oh.
I appreciate it.
Hey, Hope, do you have Kate Riviera's chart? Um yeah, it's right here.
Feel like Poquito Mas for lunch? Sure.
Oh, and I need new insurance info.
Her Delta Dental has expired.
And make sure Debbie knows.
Can I speak with Eddie, please? Eddie King.
Jason? Jason! That's a big league play.
Hey, Angels, come here.
Get in here.
Get over here.
Come on, come on, come on.
On your knee.
One knee.
That's a great game, you guys.
Great game.
You hung in there.
Look, we got to work on our relays and our cutoffs, though okay? We're sloppy with that.
Now, we're gonna have practice on Tuesday.
All right? On three, teamwork.
Come on, get up.
On three, teamwork.
One, two, three.
Teamwork! All right, go congratulate those guys.
Jason, come here.
Jason come here.
That was a great game, buddy Great game, that was a great job.
- Thanks, Dad.
- All right? Angels, huh? Charlie came by.
She's nervous.
Nervous about what? Macy.
She's cool.
It's under control.
I sent her five grand from Vegas.
She thinks Shawn's up there gambling again.
I'm flying back tomorrow, send her another ten.
What about Art Jackson? I haven't heard from him.
- He's gonna be coming by.
- Screw him.
Is there anybody else gonna be coming looking for him family, friends, anybody? No.
They're all back east somewhere.
Philly, I think.
They don't talk.
Macy's fine.
It's all good, Bobby.
I have it under control.
Hey, Dad Ethan's Mom is gonna take him to Jamba Juice.
Can we go, too? Yeah, no.
It's a great idea.
I'm starving.
Good, good.
In place.
You've reached 911.
State the nature of your emergency.
There's a man outside my window.
I'm so scared.
I think he's gonna shoot.
Help me! Go.
Down! Down!,Get down on the ground now! Go, go! We're in.
You've got two minutes.
Don't look at me! Get your face down! Stay! How we doing? Got two down.
Two to go.
We've got a guard coming in the northwest door.
Get down! Time to go, gentlemen.
Come on, guys.
Get out of there now.
Get out of there.
We got to go.
Let's go.
I'm sorry to hear that.
It'll go faster than you think, Holly.
listen, uh, say hi for me next time you get up there, okay? Okay, you, too.
Another major theft of stolen identities has struck the Southland.
At approximately 11:00 p.
, two unknown suspects overpowered the night technician, after they used a stolen SUV to smash through the side of the Information Data Associates Slick.
stealing the supposedly secure personal data Anybody we know? Uh, I don't know, it's hard to say.
Police recovered the stolen SUV less than half a mile away, but the suspects were long gone.
Kids down? Identity theft has become a huge problem in the Southland Emily is; Jason's reading.
credit reports to open new credit card accounts of unsuspecting victims.
I was talking to Holly Cole.
Dick's doing two years at Folsom.
Yeah, I heard that.
I guess they're really struggling, especially her two sons.
A spokesman for Information Data Associates I like it here.
Me, too.
Are you happy? Yeah I'm happy.
The kids like their school.
And they're making friends.
I know.
It's nice.
We can make a life here.
Everything is fine, baby.
We're going to be okay I promise It's after 10:00.
I'm going to make sure Jason turned off his light.
All right.
Let's make some money.
Hope? Macy.
What are you doing down here? It's a long story Jason wanted a python, and this is the only place that had them.
- How are you? - Okay.
Ryan's had a cold.
Oh, sorry to hear that.
How's Shawn? awol Again.
Las Vegas.
When? Last Thursday, he just didn't even bother to come home.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
Four or five more jobs, nothing less than a half a million on my end.
Six more months, I'm gone.
You're never going to see me again.
And Macy's my problem, not yours.
You stay away from her.
Where will you go, Mexico again? I hear South America is nice.
Men can live like a king down there on a hundred thousand a year.
Is Tom around? Inside.
I brought some champagne.
I thought maybe we want to celebrate.
I'm more of a beer man myself.
I've got your split.
You want it, or should I give it to your keeper? I'll just blow You plan on staying long? I haven't decided yet.
You know he's working tonight.
Guess I'll have to make it quick.
I brought some champagne.
So, Bobby just called.
All right, Charlie's got a job.
What is it? Precious metals.
How much? Half a ton.
Now, there's not a lot of time.
There's less than five weeks.
So if that's too quick, then walk away now, just let me know.
Well, we're going to need a new electronics guy.
Mark Langley.
Yeah; he's good.
Word on the street is he's drinking again.
What about Little Davey Appleton? Nah.
He's doing time.
All right, well, I'll check out Langley.
I'll make some calls and see who else is around.
Joe, for transportation, we need heavy but fast.
All right? At least a five-ton.
All right? Annie, I.
's, right ? Three apiece, all from out of state, matching driver's licenses and credit cards.
And, Tom, we need air-to-ground