Smith (2006) s01e03 Episode Script


Previously on Smith I'll be home for dinner tomorrow night.
Try and stay out of trouble.
Okay, we're go.
Go! Go! Go! That's her.
The woman who attacked you in the alley? She looks just like this girl I went to high school with.
Any mistakes? Other than Shawn being dead? Was it worth the girl? - What girl? - Shawn's girl.
The black one.
Where is he? He hasn't come home the last couple of nights.
He said he was going to Vegas.
We have a witness, saw a male surfer down at Waimanalo Beach talking to your brother and cousin just before they were murdered.
- Recognize him? - No Now, there's not a lot of time.
Less than five weeks.
What is it? Precious metals.
How much? A half a ton.
Joe, transportation.
We need heavy but fast.
Annie, IDs, all right? Three apiece.
All from out of state.
Matching credit cards and driver's licenses.
Jeff, I want a.
50-caliber machine gun.
So go on, just Go ahead, say it.
What? That I'm wasting my time with Annie.
Piss off.
You're not my mother.
How long has it been? 16 minutes.
Time for another one? Sure? Go.
Come on, little bit more.
Go on, pussycat.
Come on, kitty, another few feet.
Just a little bit more.
I know what I'm doing.
What? I didn't say anything.
The hell you didn't.
Here he comes.
Delta One.
Delta One, go ahead.
Yeah, it's another kitten.
They must be coming from the woods somewhere.
See any more? Nope.
Want me to go back around through the gate, see if I can find where they're coming from? Negative.
Come back in.
Roger that.
You know, it's really none of your damn business what I do with Annie.
I've got it under control.
Like all the psycho chickenheads you shag are an example of who I should be sleeping with.
You ready for another kitten? Yeah, why not? Running out of kittens.
They got to be getting sick of this by now.
I am.
Go on, pussycat.
Little bit more.
Another foot.
Another foot no alarm.
Lucky number five.
That's it.
One, two, three Ammunition? 400 rounds.
Jason's light off? Yeah.
What? You are so beautiful.
Emily's got the gymnastics tomorrow and I was hoping to catch a meeting.
Do you think you could pick her up at 6:00? No, I'm going to be in Portland.
Overnight? Just in and out.
But I won't be home much before 10:00.
What does the rest of the month look like? Uh, San Francisco on Friday and then Houston for a few days sometime next week.
What days? Bobby.
Bobby Yeah.
All right, everybody quiet down.
Dorothy Collins what do we got? Parents claim they don't know her whereabouts.
Last known address was Chicago four years ago.
She let her Illinois driver's license expire in April of 2004.
Divorced from a Michael Khouri in November of 2002.
Khouri's a real piece of work armed robbery, extortion, felony, assault, kidnapping, negligent homicide.
Currently serving five years in Michigan on a drug charge.
At least we know where to find him.
What else? Nothing.
Nothing? Chicago PD brought her in for questioning on the ex-husband's extortion thing in March of 2003.
The next day, she just disappeared.
Left clothes in the closet, credit cards on the dresser, and a brand-new car in the garage.
Social Security? Nothing since April of 2005.
Anything on IAFIS? No.
We're sending her Illinois license fingerprint through.
Hopefully we'll get a hit off of one of the state databases, but it's going to take some time.
Wilson, river debris? Divers are still searching, but the bottom's three feet of mud and silt, so it's slow going.
We got some good news this morning.
Coroner identified that charred fabric we found wrapped around that arm in Pittsburgh.
The same fabric used in phone company jackets.
Send a request to NLETS for immediate notification of any missing person reports nationwide I want follow-up on any white male under the age of 60.
Gonna generate a lot of hits.
Somebody out there somewhere has got to be looking for this dead guy.
Hey, Mark.
Hey, how you been? Hey, good to see you.
Been a while.
Come on back.
Hey, want a coffee? Uh, no, thanks.
So how's Hope? She's great.
She's great.
I heard she was out.
Yeah, yeah, she's been out, uh, five months now.
That had to be tough.
It's hard for mothers to be away from their kids.
How's, uh how's Sheila doing? Who knows? Took off two years ago, man.
So, uh, what's the job? Come on, I know you didn't come here to ask about my ex-wife.
Heard Shawn's in the wind again.
He gambling? Yeah.
It's too bad.
He's a good kid.
Word is you're drinking again.
Is that why Sheila took off? AA.
Six months now.
You get a Breathalyzer, Bobby, - and I'll blow into it for you.
- Nah.
We need to interrupt GPS and cell phone signals on moving vehicles.
Do you have access to them in advance? Probably not.
What else? We might need FAA tower-to-air, tower-to-ground monitoring.
- Control or just listen in? - I'm not sure.
we have to cut the power to the tower, generate our own signal, or hack into the FAA, fool around with their final approach tracking program.
Is that a yes or a no? Sure, man.
All right.
I'll call you in a couple of days, all right? All right.
All right.
Hey, what's the job? You just get me the codes and we'll talk.
Um Is your uncle around? Come on, Luisa.
Open up.
Uncle Joe! Uncle Joe! Hi, everybody.
Sorry to just barge in.
I can come back later.
No, no, no.
That's okay.
We can talk in the back.
Ana's kids are getting really big.
What's Luisa, like, 14 now? So what's up? I got another envelope.
This time, there was ten grand.
Yeah? Shawn must be having a good run.
There was no note.
And the return address said Four Queens, and when I called, he wasn't registered there either.
Who is it? Who is he with? Is it that bitch Pam again? Look, I don't know who Shawn's with.
I just don't know, all right? I What time is it? A little after 6:00.
Where you going? Never ask a girl where she's going, all right? Why is that? Because you may not like the answer.
You spent the night? That's a first.
Hope we didn't keep you up too late.
N ope.
So are you boys flying to Reno today? Tom is.
Me? I'm going surfing.
That sounds lonely.
I think I'll survive.
Oh, I'm sure you will.
All right, see you in Tucson.
Hey, Joe! Buenos dias Art.
Is Shawn around? I haven't seen him.
Seems like nobody's seen him.
What can I say? You know Shawn.
That's a nice car.
It's a Bel Air, isn't it? This the '57 with the super turbo fired V-8 in it, huh? Very nice.
You know, Shawn he owes me quite a bit of money.
Sorry to hear that.
30 grand.
Closer to 35 by now.
I called the cell, the home nothing.
If I hear from him, I'll let him know you're looking for him.
I would appreciate that.
This is sharp.
You take care of yourself, Joey.
They use twin Skybands.
Rear cargo door, the pallets are on rollers.
How much is the gold gonna weigh? 1,300 pounds.
How do we know when they're landing? We'll get a call.
We're gonna need an armored car.
That's what we're gonna steal in Tucson.
And drive all the way to Reno? Why not? They always close the hangar doors? Yep, every single time.
Guards? Three inside the hangar.
Three in the armored truck.
Weapons? The usual: sidearms, shotguns in the front and back of the truck.
So we got to disable the GPS, the dispatch radio frequencies and jam their personal cell phones.
I talked to Mark Langley.
Oh, yeah? How was he? Sober, or so he claims.
When we get back, take Jeff or Annie and make sure, all right? I did time with this kid.
He seemed pretty solid.
I can call around, see if he's out.
All right.
So Tucson? Everything We go on Friday.
We're set? All right, well what do you think? When do we go? Sorry, man, I don't know him.
What about you? Hey! Dave! You know this guy? You a cop or something? Do I look like a cop? Never seen him before, bro.
Just a minute.
You know this guy? What? Uh, maybe.
I What's his name? I- I don't know.
I see him around sometimes in t lineup at Zuma.
Hello! Hi.
I'm so glad I found you.
Do you have a phone? My car has a flat and my cell phone died.
You got a spare? Yeah.
I was just gonna call Triple-A.
Might take them a while to get out here.
I could take a look.
Really? That would be great.
I'm Suzie.
Fernando Ramirez.
Hmm So what are you doing all the way out here? Well, I drank a little too much last night, Fernando.
So I pulled over to the side of the freeway, and then I woke up this morning, Gracias.
What can I do for you? I need a five-ton.
Truck? Liftgate? Boxes? No, thank you.
- Name? - Fernando.
Fernando Ramirez.
It's weird you know.
I'm trying, but Larry just doesn't seem serious.
You know, he says he isn't getting high, but I'm not stupid.
I can smell it on him when he comes home from work.
You know, it's hard enough trying to stay clean without having that in front of me all the time.
Gina? I- I can so relate.
My boyfriend said that when I went into rehab, he would stop.
You know? But I think he's still using.
When I try to talk to him about it, he just denies it.
I don't know what I'm going to do, you know? I meanhe's got this really good job, and I have the, the kids.
I'm so sorry.
We're on the move.
We're on the move.
We're coming up on Mission Road.
One? One in place.
Two in place.
Three is in place.
Hey, John, when we pick up from Borders, you want me to grab you a latte? Yeah, that'd be great.
All right.
One, we're almost there.
I'm Liz.
My husband won't stop using.
Lies to me about it every day.
I find things around the house.
Like he leaves them on purpose.
I know I have to confront him about it.
What if he lies to me again? Just I'm just tired of it all, you know? I think this might be it for us.
All right, on three.
What the hell was that? Some guy almost hit a lady.
What the hell is the matter with you?! - What are you doing? - Who taught you how to drive, huh? What's wrong with you, you're driving like that? With a truck like that! - God, this is so horrible.
- Huh?! That's crazy! I have to be somewhere in two hours! Sir, you're being very rude.
Oh, crap! Mike, it's a robbery! Get out! Hello, Dispatch, hello! Go, go, go! Stay! Get the guards in the back of the truck.
Where'd you ditch the truck and guards? Wal-Mart, with all the RVs.
- Got 'em? - Yeah.
LoJack and a GPS.
Leave them on a city bus.
Deposit bags from the back.
Not even a little curious? No.
Yeah, that's her.
That's your ex-wife? Yep.
That's Dee.
Have you had any recent contact with Ms.
Collins? Sure.
She comes up for a conjugal visit every couple of weeks.
Brings me cookies and cigarettes, too.
She left Chicago in the spring of 2003.
Any idea where she is now? No.
No letters? Phone calls? Any close friends who might know her whereabouts? Associates? Chicago PD still has you listed as the prime suspect in a series of home invasions in 2002 and 2003.
Witnesses reported seeing an attractive young woman parked outside several of the robberies.
If Chicago PD has anything, they should charge me.
Two days before you were arrested up here, a hundred grand in cash went missing from a townhouse on Lake Shore Drive.
Strange, you get busted on an anonymous tip right after you hit a big score.
And a few days later, your wife disappears.
Must make you wonder who might have dropped a dime on you.
You have no idea where she might be now? No.
Thanks for your time, Mr.
What did she do? Can't be small-time if the FBI is flying all the way up to Michigan to ask me about it.
She always was ambitious.
You find her, tell her I'll be coming for her soon.
Looking for something? I know you meant to get me a gift.
How nice a gift? A very nice gift.
The Jag wasn't nice enough? It's fabulous.
But you know there's lots of upkeep.
- Yeah? - Mm-hmm.
Not the only thing around here that takes lots of upkeep.
Best things always do.
I'm going to take a copy of your offering.
I was thinking I might want to buy a couple of units.
You're into commercial real estate development now? Could be.
We're oversubscribed.
You're a clever, clever man.
I bet you can figure something out.
Gotta go to work, lover.
Yeah, what work is that, exactly? Better get up and get your pants on, baby.
You don't want to leave those investment bankers waiting.
Don't call my cell.
Wasn't sure you knew I was here.
- Get the camera? - Yeah.
- So, what's in there? - Financial advisor.
Early day.
I've got a meeting in Thousand Oaks at 3:00.
Didn't see it on your schedule.
Just came up.
Oh, like your trip yesterday uh, where was it? Portland.
What, are you checking up on my schedule, Jerry? I make it a habit to keep track on all my employees' travels.
You're coming next week, right? National Paper Products Convention in Houston.
Oh, yeah, of course.
I wouldn't miss that for the world.
So how did it go yesterday? - Portland.
- Oh, Portland.
They love the paper cups in Portland.
Can't get enough of 'em.
Hi, Macy.
You look nice.
Shawn around? And in Tucson yesterday, a brazen armored truck robbery has left local authorities scratching their heads as thieves overpowered two armed guards and made off with several large bags of are you ready for this? used supermarket discount coupons.
Total value of zero.
The Tucson Sheriff's Department is looking for four men and a woman who hijacked the Sinkus Security armored truck as it made its Yeah? All right.
No problem.
Bobby isn't coming.
Enrique, take off all the chrome, so we can start priming this truck.
Yeah? Slow down, Macy, slow down.
Tell me what happened.
How long does Bobby expect us to sit here for? Financial advisor, eh? Huh? Where I picked you up this morning.
Limited partnerships, venture capital, real estate.
Hmm Putting your money anywhere? A little bit here and there.
Where? Under the mattress mostly.
Sometimes I pull up a loose floorboard in the bedroom closet.
Here we go.
That's Mark Langley? He is gonna be our electronics guy? He look sober to you? I think somebody's sponsor is going to be very, very disappointed.
Come on! Come on! Macy?! Macy! Macy! It was Jackson.
He was looking for Shawn.
He took the car, Joe.
- No, you're okay now, all right? - He took the car and he says he's coming back.
You're safe now.
All right? You're safe now.
You and Ryan.
Okay? You're safe.
Come here Thank you for coming.
Sure thing.
Ryan asleep? Yeah.
I thought I'd spend the night on the sofa, make sure you guys feel safe, you know? Thank you.
I'll go get some sheets and a pillow.
All right.
No, no, no, we can't take any chances.
We'll have to find somebody else.
I got a few leads.
I'll follow up on them in the morning.
No, nobody we know.
All right, I'll call you in the morning.
Who was that? It was work.
Nothing important.
One of the guys drinks too much.
You know, I thought I saw you today.
- Really? - Yeah, over on Valley Canyon Road, around the corner from my office.
Hmm no.
Same kind of mini-van.
Same color everything.
- Oh - Really? Well, there's hundreds of them out there.
You coming to bed? Yeah, I'll be there in a minute.
Macy I don't want to be alone.
Please, Joe.
Macy, you