Smoking (2018) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

Are these really Kobayashi's tattoos? Every tattoo in this world is unique and distinct.
This is how I prove I killed the target.
You skinned the tattoos off very clean.
Did you used to be a doctor? I'm just a hit man now.
I'm the Flayer.
You're twisted.
Bring it.
APPRAISAL STATEMEN Now, take this and get lost.
What is the meaning of this? Are you suggesting that this is all my work is worth to you? That's all a scum like you deserves! Do you think I'll just let this go? What are you going to do about it? Put out your cigarette.
Get up! Who the fuck are you? What the hell do you want? Hi there.
Why you Where are you going? I spent a lot of money on this shotgun.
So let's fight.
Who do you guys I see you're awake.
What the fuck is this? To tell you the truth, someone else has hired me to take care of you.
What? Who did? Seems like there are a lot of folks who don't appreciate being short-changed.
I'll give double of whatever they're offering.
Sabe! Come on! Okay? It's too late to beg for your life.
What? I have already finished.
Is that mine? The Flayer doesn't just remove the person's tattoo.
He also removes the mask that person is wearing to reveal their true dirty nature.
Good morning, Uncle Sabe.
Good morning.
It's finally warming up.
It sure is.
Good thing it has.
How's business? I've made you wait Hifumin.
I brought you lunch.
I got a big haul today.
Plus, I've got your favorites.
Tuna mayo and natto rolls.
How about showing some appreciation? You're reading Uncle Sabe's books again? How are you not bored by now? Haccho, come help crush the cans.
My job is to supply them.
Your job is to crush them.
Ouch! Ouch! Do you want to crush cans or have your head crushed? You fucking gorilla! Get off! Ouch! Hey, Goro.
It's not cool using your MMA moves on me.
I could've crushed your skull, but I didn't.
I'm going to kill you one day.
It's such a nice day, let's go out.
Let's go camping.
SUMOU CAMPGROUND MANAGER'S OFFICE Excuse me! Excuse me! Yes? What can I do for you? Excuse me.
The cooking stove I borrowed ran out of gas.
Oh, I'm sorry about that.
Where is the rest of your group? I always camp alone.
Really? Why should I deal with annoying human relationships when I'm out here? I see.
Oh, gas! Come right in.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
Is anyone here? Coming! Hold on one second, please.
I'm sorry.
- There's two of you? - Yes.
What seems to be the trouble? My son is hurt.
My goodness.
Do you have any first aid supplies you could spare? Come inside.
Let's get him treated.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
I appreciate this.
How old are you, son? Are you in high school or college? I'm sorry.
He can't speak.
Not at all? That's right.
I see.
Well, we should get going.
Would you like to stay for dinner? What do you say? Okay.
Naoya Sarukawa, also known as the Wild Monkey.
He raped his leader's wife and brutally killed her.
And then he disappeared completely.
The Kaju gang was after him, but they hit a dead end.
So they came to us.
We know where he is, right? Then, let's just go kill him.
Apparently, he's had plastic surgery, so we're not sure if it's actually Sarukawa.
We must check his tattoo first.
Why do we have to drug him just to check his tattoos? Why don't we just blast our way in there and be done with it? We don't kill anyone but the target.
That's our rule.
Jeez, I'm bored.
We are not supposed to go in for another hour.
Fucking boy scout.
Are you going to stop me? Do I have to kill you first? So There's this hot spring that I think you should check out.
I mean, I've never been there myself.
Wait, did I say this earlier? I did, didn't I? Here, have some.
Eat up.
What's wrong? Here.
Another glass? Thank you.
So, there's this stuff called Yunohana mineral salt.
It's just floating in there.
And it's really great apparently.
You should definitely check it out.
Oh, right.
I have another bottle in the car.
- I'll go get it.
- Thanks.
Your dad left.
You can't call for help, can you? Good! When you fight back like that, it turns me on.
Hello? Found you.
Former Kaju gang member, Mr.
Naoya Sarukawa.
What? That snake tattoo.
It proves it.
Who are you? I've been asked to take care of you.
What? What? What's going on? It's a barbiturate.
It's a powerful sleeping drug.
I mixed it into your drink.
Damn it! Okay, okay! It's no use.
Very soon, you'll lose control of your limbs.
Fuck, that hurts! Ouch! Come on! I dare you to kill me! Kid.
I'll eat you down to the bone.
Run, Hifumin! Let go of me, you old bastard! I wouldn't even make fucking soup stock out of you! Take that! Good boy.
Stay right there.
What? What did I need this for? See, they did get their asses kicked.
You owe me a pack of smokes.
- Neither of them is dead, so I win.
- Hey.
What the fuck, dude? - They're practically dead! I win.
- Hey.
No, they're alive, so I win.
No, I win! - I win! - I win! - I win.
- Hey! Hey! Who the fuck are you? Can't you see we're talking? Hey.
Just shoot me or stab me already.
No way.
If we kill you recklessly like that, it will damage your precious tattoo.
We must peel your tattoo off first to prove to our client that we've killed you.
That's the way we do business.
My tattoo? You didn't just kill your leader's wife.
You killed all those innocent people who visited that campground.
You'll pay for that! Now you will experience their pain.
So, no anesthetic? This will be fun.
Don't piss yourself.
I don't want to clean it up.
What the hell I shall now begin.
What? So, you insert the knife around the edge of the filefish? Yes, but make sure you don't insert the knife too deep.
- I see.
- Yes.
You are like a wolf in sheep's clothing.
The least I can do is to peel away your human skin to reveal your true form before you die.
Wow, that's amazing! Look how clean the skin came off.
Hide in here.
Whatever happens, don't come out.
- No, I want to stay with you, Mom.
- No! I love you, Hifumin.
THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION Subtitle translation by Zensho Yamamoto