Smoking (2018) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

Just get your friends to say when they're coming.
Hifumin can't speak.
Give it to me.
What the hell? If you say anything else, we'll shoot him.
Uncle Sabe? It's me.
What's up, Haccho? Everything is taken care of here.
How long will it be before you guys can make it here? We need a bit more time here.
Can you wait for an hour? An hour? All right, we'll be waiting.
Get everyone here.
We'll exterminate all the rats at once.
I think the transaction has been made.
Really? Well, well.
Let's go.
You bastard! Who the hell Goro, get this one off me! Don't move! Don't move.
I said, don't move.
Don't You don't move.
Are you hurt, Hifumin? Hello.
Give it here.
I can do it faster.
You're totally helpless.
That's why you couldn't do anything.
Then, I was dragged into it and ended up hurting my back.
You don't train enough, Haccho.
Unlike you, I'm more about the brain, not muscles.
What did you say? Sorry, just kidding! I'm sorry! - Welcome back, Uncle Sabe.
- I'm home.
About that new drug You stink, Ken.
Do you ever take a shower? I missed.
- Let's go.
- Yeah, let's go.
Thank you.
Can't you talk, sir? You must not have any friends, right? Same as me.
It's because I'm a nuisance.
HIFUMIN Sir, your name is Hifumin? I'm Ken.
But how? Cool! That's amazing! Amazing! Where are you going, Hifumin? Don't skip out on us.
Take care now.
Well, in any case, I guess making friends is a good thing.
Who's that? What? Me? I have to go.
Hey, that's a good drawing.
KEN, HIFUMIN We did it! It lit up.
Let's bring a ladder and write really big.
Yeah! Will you jump and write up high? Thanks for today.
I had fun.
See you later.
You're home awfully early.
I thought I told you to clean up before I get home.
I'm sorry.
Now, I have to punish you.
Stop! Stop! Don't talk to me like that! You should thank me for letting you live.
Got it? Get to work, you lousy kid.
Hifumin? I'm all right.
My mom is gone.
That guy is my new dad.
Go home.
He told me never to have friends over.
If he finds you here, he'll get mad again.
Go home.
Go home, I said.
Hurry! Let's hang out by that river again, okay? You want to get stronger? Seriously? Like this.
That's right.
Hold your elbows in.
Left arm straight out.
That's it.
Okay, try a punch.
Move your fist like this, see? Keep going.
What's gotten into Hifumin? What do I care? I guess I should be grateful to her.
What? I have a lot of money now, thanks to her insurance.
Seriously? Did you really kill her? I pushed the car into the ocean and made it look like an accident.
It was too easy.
How awful.
You're not going to kill me too, are you? There's one more thing.
I've got the dead chick's kid.
He's insured, too.
Seriously? But I feel sorry for him.
We just have to be patient.
Then we'll go to Hawaii and live it up! Wow, I'm so happy! What the Give me back my mom.
Ouch! You idiot! Why the hell did you push me? Shut up, bitch! After all the trouble I went through for letting you live Come on.
Come on.
Hey, don't let your guard down.
Okay, let's do that together.
What? You're freaky.
Let's go.
Must be a nutcase.
Excuse me.
I want to ask you something.
Got a minute? It seems that Ken hasn't been at school for a whole week.
Something must have happened.
I don't know.
But apparently the man taking care of him is so intimidating that his teacher and counselor can't do anything for him.
Really? Hifumin So that's why he wanted to get stronger.
So that he would be able to survive on his own.
Wait, you're still alive? You stink like hell.
Hurry up and die.
I'm hungry.
You're in the way.
Hifumin! Hey.
What the hell are you doing? Stop! Don't! Get off me.
Seriously, who the hell are you? What's that look on your face? How about this? You, a crazy man, broke into our home and killed Ken.
And then, I had to kill you in self-defense.
Once I'm done with you, I'll send the kid to the afterlife.
Die! Die, dumbass! That's enough.
What a pain.
Let's get this over with.
You're not strong enough yet to protect other people.
Is this good, Hifumin? What do you think you're playing at? Would amateurs like you have the balls to actually kill someone? I don't think so! Do you want me to chop off your head? Stop! You know what? I have no sympathy for people who mess with children.
Haccho! It won't be long before the tide comes in.
Please let me live.
I'll do anything.
Help me.
I'm begging you.
Once your organs have been washed clean, and they are no longer filled with your filthiness, we'll take every last one of them.
We'll give them away to people who really need them.
Help me! Wait, come back! Hey! HIFUMIN, LET'S PLAY TOGETHER AGAIN.
KEN Don't stop.
Guard up.
What happened to his poor little friend? Some relatives on his mother's side took him in.
It seems they've been worried about him for a long time.
That's life, right? It's just a succession of hellos and goodbyes.
These are for you.
Nice, right? Work hard so you can beat the gorilla.
Who are you calling a gorilla? THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION Subtitle translation by Katherine Lundy