Smoking (2018) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

Bam! It's tuna that's in season right now! Canned food doesn't have seasons.
Do you really have to point that out? Hey! You are hogging all the meatballs for yourself, aren't you? First come, first served.
- Give me some! - Cut it out! Hey, Hifumin! Don't you think you took too many meatballs? Haccho.
We have a job to discuss after dinner.
His name is Takeo Tatezawa.
He's hiding out somewhere in this area because he's from here.
He has tattoos of a tiger and a chrysanthemum.
So, what did he do? He stole 30 million yen from his gang and killed a guard in the process.
So they are asking us to kill him and bring their money back.
Hey, let's go find him.
Go ahead, you two.
I'll go on my own.
Sabe? Come in, please.
Here you go.
Buy something for your kid.
- Thank you.
- Sure.
Sorry to have kept you waiting.
Please have a seat.
How's business? I'm doing all right.
It's thanks to what you've taught me.
I couldn't have your skills go to waste even if it means having you work as a black-market doctor.
My skills still don't compare to yours.
I've heard that you now specialize in retrieving tattoos.
Is that true? Well, did you look into what I asked about? Oh, yes.
Someone with tattoos of a tiger and a chrysanthemum, right? Thank you for your business.
How did you know Tatezawa is sick? Nobody has seen him probably because he can't leave his house.
I just thought that could be the reason why he can't leave the house.
Well, let's kill him and just get it over with.
We must confirm his identity first.
Besides, Tatezawa must be on high alert right now.
First, Haccho.
- You should handle this alone.
- What? Alone? Why? Haccho, you are doing this alone.
Understood? Fine.
You have a delivery, sir.
Is this the Yamada residence? No.
Maybe it was someone who used to live here.
Sorry to bother you.
See you later! - Be safe.
- Okay.
Hey, little lady.
What are you looking for? A four-leaf clover.
A four-leaf clover? Oh, I know.
If you find it, it's good luck, right? Wasn't it something like this? Where did you get that, sir? I can find anything I want.
Wow, that's amazing.
You can have it.
- Really? - Yes.
Thanks! If I collect enough of these, do you think my wish will come true? What's your wish? My dad is sick.
I wish he would get better.
I see.
You're a good girl.
I'm Hina.
Is that so? I'm Haccho.
Haccho? That's a weird name.
I still need to confirm whether his tattoos fit the description.
I'll need some more time.
You must be dicking around.
Don't rush me.
I have some new information.
Tatezawa has a child.
A daughter, about seven years old.
What are we going to do with her? Good question.
We can use her to our advantage.
We're professionals.
Once we've accepted a job, we do whatever it takes to complete it.
No matter who it concerns I know.
If you can't do it Goro, you should take over.
- Sure.
- Hey.
I've got it under control.
I'll do it.
Dad, your food's ready.
Thanks, Hina.
Are you okay? Your cooking can cure anything.
Really? Looks good.
Is it too bland? - Not at all! It's delicious.
- I'm glad to hear that.
It's so good.
Yes! - One, two, three! - One, two, three! Do it again! I'm getting a little tired.
Harumi, Dad's tired from work.
But you're leaving again, aren't you? Once I get back from this job, I'll play with you as much as you want.
- Promise? - Yes.
But you'll be a big sister by then, so you might have to take turns.
Really? Don't worry.
You and your new sister All of us will play together.
It's a promise! Yes, it's a promise.
Do you think we can just leave it to him? Everyone has a past that they have to overcome.
Oh, Haccho.
Who's that? Well This is a famous doctor.
He's a friend of mine.
I thought he might be able to help your dad.
- Really? - Yes.
Can you take us to him? But he said I can't bring anyone home.
Are you sure? Do you not want him to get better? You're right.
Let's go! Dad, a doctor came to see you.
Doctor? Haccho's friend is an amazing doctor.
I'm Hina's friend, Haccho.
Why don't you go play outside? Why? It's all right.
We have video games in the car.
Go play with this guy here.
Take care of Dad, okay? Uncle Sabe.
Could you please let me handle this? Don't worry.
We won't lay a finger on your daughter.
So, you're Haccho.
The 30 million yen you stole from the Sandoichi gang You're going to hand it over.
I figured someone would come for me one day.
You're despicable.
You used my daughter to get to me.
Why did you steal money from the gang? It's for my daughter.
I have to leave money for her.
That was all I could do.
She gets bullied because she's the child of a yakuza.
She has always been alone.
But lately, she got so excited and told me that she made a new friend.
I didn't expect that friend would be the killer hired to kill me.
I have lung cancer.
I have just a month left to live.
I'm going to die either way.
It's the price I pay.
I won't try to stop you from killing me, but I want my daughter to be happy.
At least leave her the money.
Do you really think she can live happily off the money that you killed someone for? Because of the shitty thing you have done, you're going to die by my hand.
You won't even be able to say goodbye to your daughter.
Do you really think what she wants is money? All she wants right now is spend more time with you.
Why don't you get that? You're right.
I'm a hopeless idiot.
Go ahead.
Don't worry about Hina.
Thank you.
Your father fought hard, but we were too late.
In his final moments, he said your name.
Dad! Dad! Don't leave me! Please, Dad.
You said my cooking would help you get better.
Dad, please! Dad! Dad! Serves him right.
This is what happens when you cross me.
Great job.
You can go.
You haven't paid us yet.
Tatezawa has a kid, doesn't he? She's your payment.
That's not what we agreed to.
You can sell her off for a fortune.
Bring her to me then.
I'll sell her off myself.
- Right? - Sure.
At least now I won't feel an ounce of guilt killing vermin like you.
What are you That girl is going to find happiness.
She will be free from scums like us.
You You picked flowers? You're so sweet! Shut up.
At least go buy some real flowers, would you? Flowers are flowers! There are many kinds.
You have to think about what feelings you want to convey with them.
Shut up! THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION Subtitle translation by Takuya Sawaoka