Smoking (2018) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

You're being transferred to a medical prison on the correctional facility's orders.
On your feet.
Hey! What are you doing? Hi, there.
Hey, Matsudo.
How's your brother? He's doing well, thank you.
What's the matter? Nodoguro broke out of prison.
It seems like The Cleaner set it up.
I heard he's heading for Kawasaki.
No doubt about it, he's coming after you.
I can help! Matsudo.
You just enjoy a quiet life with your brother.
I'll take care of this myself.
What should we have for dinner? Hello.
It's been a long time.
Kenuma? You were late, so Look.
Why are celebrities always having affairs? "I started to love him more than my husband.
" Is that right? "Escaped murderer still at large?" Wow, this guy killed someone right after his escape.
Does he have no respect for the sanctity of life? We've killed a bunch too.
Don't put us in the same category as this guy! Well, I guess you're just like him.
Where's Uncle Sabe? Taking a walk? Oh, okay.
It hurts! - Who's the blight on society now? - Hey! - Tell me.
- It's me! It's you.
What the I was afraid of that.
Thank you.
Any time.
Who's there? Nodoguro.
It's me.
Oh, it's you, Doctor.
Where have you been? Just look at this.
I got shot! Come get these bullets out! Okay.
But let her go.
Why? We'll need a hostage to get out of here, won't we? I checked.
There's nobody around here.
She's not a part of this.
Help me.
Please help me! Nodoguro! Let her go.
Okay? We only kill our targets.
You bastard.
She saw our faces though.
You don't want witnesses, right? I forgot to taste her before killing her.
You want a turn too? Mr.
You can't.
I know! I'm turning him into the police.
Sabe killed the man I had following him.
That's good.
It means you're still useful to me.
Please call Sabe one more time.
Okay, I'll do it.
Please give it to me.
Did you get Nodoguro out? He's bait to lure out Sabe.
The bait you're using is causing trouble.
It's worth it if it means that Sabe will be dead.
I'm still struggling to understand your intention.
Sabe abandoned us.
And Smoking has already killed a number of my men.
Should we be letting someone like that live? Who do you think you're talking to? Besides, if your men were killed, it means that's all they were worth.
Bring Sabe here.
He's the best there is.
This is an order.
How much are you? Like you have money.
Beat it.
I see.
That hurts! Stop it! - That hurts, right? - Let go of me! - Hey! - What the hell are you doing? What the hell are you doing? I'm sorry! Please let me go! Well, okay.
I guess we'll just do it here, right? No! Go ahead, give it a nibble.
He's been gone a while.
Hey, Goro.
You're the one who took them, aren't you? What? The bullets in the container are gone.
- "Bullets"? - It's not like Uncle Sabe uses a gun.
So that leaves only you.
What are you talking about? It wasn't you? No! Really? It's been a long time, Nodoguro.
Doc? Do you remember? This is where you ran to and hid that day.
This is the gun you used that day.
Hold on, Doctor.
It's been ten years It hurts! What are you doing, gramps? It hurts! What the hell? She was only 15.
She just happened to be - walking by here.
- Wait, stop! Stop it! She had nothing to do with the job.
And you killed her like she was nothing! Doc! Hold on! These are stainless steel sutures.
They can't be cut easily.
Give me a break already! Help me! Doc! I'm going to make sure you suffer.
And I want you to remember the faces of the people you've killed before you die.
Don't do this.
We were both in The Cleaner together.
Why are you doing this? Killing isn't your job! Atonement.
That's what I'd like to call this.
But I have too much blood on my hands to have any right to atone for my sins.
In the end, people can't be saved.
The only thing I can do is to peel away their human facade and reveal their true nature.
That's all I can do now.
Got it.
You can stay here.
This way.
Sabe isn't here.
What is this? Kenuma? You were late, so Look.
Why did you kill my brother? What did you How does that feel? Pump me with all the drugs you want, I'll never do what you say! The one who killed your man was me.
Sabe is probably taking care of Nodoguro right about now.
Too bad.
Why did you do all this for Sabe? Mr.
Sabe saved my brother.
He saved me when I was about to die.
I was just as good as dead.
So if I'm going to die anyway, I might as well kill you for Mr.
Sabe! You piece of shit! Where is Sabe? Where is he? Talk! Okay.
I will I'll call him right now.
That was a pretty long walk.
Well, I took a little detour.
My legs are exhausted.
Do you all want to hit the bathhouse? Yes, that sounds good! Let's go get ready, Hifumin.
It's been a while, Sabe.
It is good to see you again, Mr.
THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION Subtitle translation by Zensho Yamamoto