Smoking (2018) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

It is good to see you again, Mr.
It's been ten years now since you dropped out of our organization.
We've both gotten old.
I never would have thought you'd become a hit man of your own accord.
What is this about? Matsudo is dead.
He died protecting you.
I'm sure you don't want anyone else to lose their life.
Come back into The Cleaner.
What if I refuse? You're as stubborn as ever.
I'll give you time.
Think it over well.
Here are your four nori bento boxes.
Thanks for your business as always.
Well My friends at work really like your bento boxes.
I was the one who first recommended them, so now I always come to pick them up.
That's nice of you.
I put in an extra piece of fried chicken for you.
Here you go.
Thank you.
Why does only yours have extra chicken? Right? You should give some to Hifumin.
No, this one's mine.
Don't be childish.
Thank you.
You bastard! I'll kill you! He's been possessed by the god of chicken.
He died protecting you.
What can I get for you? No, it's okay.
Are you all right? I'm sorry.
I'm fine.
Thank you Hey.
I just happened to be passing by over there.
So Is everything all right? I have mild anemia.
I see.
Lately, I've been busy with a lot of things.
Is that so? I guess there's no leisure for the poor.
I seem to feel a bit better now.
Thank you.
Are you sure you're really okay? My home is right nearby, and I need to get going.
How's business? Where's the information? MURAYAMA CITY, MOTHER AND CHILD KILLED REMAINS LEFT BY SIDEWALK "The Cleaner"? I'm home.
What's that? Since when do you garden, Uncle Sabe? Welcome.
What can I get for you? What is this place? This is good enough, isn't it? Wait This isn't what I agreed to.
Don't! This kind of place really gets me in the mood.
Please stop! Stop! - Hey! - What You bastard.
What the hell are you doing to her? Wait! Don't.
He's not the problem.
Actually, I used to be married.
Really? My ex-husband pushed his debts onto me.
So I started working at an employment agency.
It was normal office work at first, but Thank you.
Could I just get your signature on this? Caring for my parents has gotten more difficult lately.
I've been taking time off work, and money got tight.
One month ago, I received a small advance on my pay.
And then Interest? An advance is like any other loan.
It accrues interest.
It's written in the contract.
INTEREST RATE: 50% PER TEN DAYS How much do I owe? Right now, it's 700,000.
In ten days, it will be over one million.
In just one month? Ms.
This company offers a different type of work as well.
It's your decision.
But if you don't repay it soon, that interest is going to stack up.
As far as these things go, this is a very friendly offer from us.
And that's how I got forced into doing the work the company does on the side.
That company.
Where is it? This is my problem.
I'm not about to cause trouble for you, Goro.
But Just seeing your desire to help is enough for me.
So? What are you going to do? I was thinking I would go and beat the living shit out of them.
Violence isn't always the answer.
You should think about her.
That's the most important thing.
Uncle Sabe.
There are ways of solving problems other than with force.
I don't know if this helps, but - I can't accept this.
- No.
Take it.
I don't have any hobbies.
So this money should be put to good use.
But Pay it back whenever.
Wait your whole life if you want.
- Hey buddy.
- What? - I want to ask you something.
- What? It'll only take a second.
Well? Bingo.
Is that right? Hifumin.
Will these do? How nice for you that you know such a kind person.
Thank you so much.
Not at all.
Exactly enough.
Thanks for your hard work.
I'm sorry that it took so long to pay it back.
We'll be on our way now.
Then, all that remains is the interest.
We'll wait for your payment.
After all, this is compensation for injuring our customer.
Your interest still remains as it was.
You can't I'm sorry, but please continue to pay up.
That's cruel.
What is? You're the one who signed the contract.
You brought this situation on yourself.
Right then, Ms.
In that case, how about you make your porn debut? What? I bet you could rake in the money.
You'd be able to pay back your debt right away and use the rest on whatever you like.
I know it may put your boyfriend off a bit.
But I'll tell you, having a rich star for a girlfriend is definitely something he'd be proud of.
What's this? Are you angry? Are you going to hit me? Go for it.
We'll make this bitch pay the compensation.
There are ways of solving problems other than with force.
I'm the one who injured your customer.
Leave her out of it.
Let this be it for her.
Goro, please stop I can't believe you confessed on your own.
The price is very high for interfering in our business.
Hey! This guy says he hurt our customer.
The cost of interfering in our business and this woman's debt.
You're taking it all on yourself, right? Are you listening? I don't have the money.
What? I'm begging you.
Quit screwing around, you bastard.
Goro! You god damn son of a bitch! Stop! Let's start training for your new job.
Get this all on film.
We can sell it.
I bet having your boyfriend watch turns you on.
Enough of your shit.
Stop! Stop! Good afternoon! We're the Smoking Pest Control Service! Everyone, please be patient until we're finished cleaning up.
Hey, Hifumin.
This is even better than I imagined! Smoking Pest Control Service! Take the girl home.
She'll wake up soon.
Uncle Sabe.
We are family, aren't we? It seems that you're one of the underworld's most wanted.
Hey, what's going on? What the hell is this? You are a demon who takes advantage of women who are in trouble.
We're going to put an end to you.
I'm so sorry.
Everything is all right now.
If you ever need any help, please let me know.
About the discussion we had before I'm afraid I must refuse.
Is that so? Goodbye.
Look how handsome you've become.
THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION Subtitle translation by Katherine Lundy