Smoking (2018) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

You've got a good side after all.
Watch your footwork.
That's how you get rhythm.
That's it.
You've got good shoes, anyway.
It's all about the shoes.
Are you the one from Smoking? Please forgive the intrusion.
My name is Yuya Masaki.
You did a favor for my boss, Hitoe Shiwasu.
How is Ms.
Hitoe doing? Actually I'd like you to kill Hitoe Shiwasu.
Hitoe Shiwasu? You mean the president of that company? Is it a famous company? I've fielded a similar request before.
It was shortly before Goro joined us.
She got tangled up in an issue over land rights, and she ran afoul of a yakuza group.
I gave her some advice.
That's where it started.
But why would she end up being targeted by one of her own? In her mind, employees are slaves.
The Hitoe Corporation doesn't simply exploit its workers.
She threatens anyone who wants to quit, since we know what goes on inside.
No one can quit.
She uses a private army to conduct a reign of terror.
She threatens outsiders as well if they cause trouble for business.
She sometimes even kills them.
I can't believe your story so easily.
Please believe me.
With that woman around, nobody can live a normal life.
I'm asking you.
Please kill Hitoe Shiwasu.
His story smells fishy.
Is it really true? Or is it just the complaints of a weak-willed millennial? In any case, we need to do reconnaissance.
First things first.
Haccho, Goro, do some undercover investigation.
No time like the present.
Let's go, Goro.
How about after we eat? What? You can't fight a battle on an empty stomach.
You want a bento box? I'll be right back.
Oh, youth! It came late for him.
I guess I'll go by myself, then.
Do your best.
Will do.
See you later.
Four nori bento boxes.
That will be 16 million yen.
You came.
I'm sorry, I just went on break.
That's okay.
Are you having lunch now? Yes.
I'm on my lunch break, too.
Really? We're not really supposed to let non-employees in here.
It will be our secret.
I'm sorry about this.
Don't be silly.
It's nice to have the company.
I'm glad.
It's been a long time since I've had lunch with someone like this.
Is your leg all right? Sure, it's all better.
That's good.
It was my fault.
I'm sorry.
Well Minami.
- Let's eat.
- I love you.
I mean I'm sorry for disturbing you.
If you don't mind, would you stay with me a little longer? Good afternoon.
Delivery from Smoking Water.
Mishima! It's all right.
You're Zip your lip.
The president shouldn't be back for a while.
Let's go.
Is this poisoned or something? I don't use such sneaky tricks.
What? Well then, is it What are you doing? A gift from this employee of yours.
Custom ordered placenta water.
Is that true, Yuya? Yes.
This is a lovely room.
Thank you for your business.
Excuse me.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
Her personality has completely changed since the last time I saw her.
So Is that it, then? Yes.
Bye then.
You've done good work.
- Thank you! - Thank you! Now then, who deserves a little treat? I'll give it to you.
- Excuse us.
- Excuse us.
It would be absolutely wasted on me.
Go ahead.
Excuse me.
Thank you.
Come here.
Come here.
So that's what it's about.
It's revolting.
You cutie.
Uncle Sabe.
Is this really worth killing someone over? I'm fine.
I can still work.
Kenuma, take it easy for a while.
But sir Take this and go on a vacation with a woman.
Where is Sabe? Where is he? Talk! Mr.
Please don't push yourself.
Take your time recuperating.
Excuse me.
You're quite a drinker.
It's delicious.
Sorry that we don't have much snacks here.
They mostly just get thrown out.
It's a waste.
I eat pretty much nothing but leftovers, myself.
What? It's delicious.
For some reason, I feel at ease when I'm around you.
Like I'm living a free life.
Free? When I'm around you, I feel like I can do anything.
It would be fun if the two of us could go to a nice restaurant sometime.
Yes! I want to do that.
Will you promise me? Yes.
I promise.
I love you too.
I love you too, Goro.
It's my parents.
I have to go.
All right.
Well, then That guy.
Is he going to start a bento box shop? Are you still watching that video? You like that stuff, don't you? - Haccho.
- Yes? So you'll take the job? Thank you.
HITOE This mark shows that I'm a man who belongs to her.
I had no choice but to bottle up my feelings and act as her lapdog.
But now, I can finally be myself again.
Good evening.
She's in her office.
You're aiming at the wrong target.
What? What a face.
I can't blame you.
What is this? Nothing causes so much trouble as much as a poorly trained dog.
What is this? You still don't understand, do you? You silly boy.
Thanks to the video, we found out you lied to us.
Stop! Wait! Stop! Don't! Please stop! You didn't tell them that critical piece of information.
You killed someone too.
Because you Don't make excuses.
It doesn't change the fact that you killed him.
It's not like that.
We have determined since you put on a big show for us because of your own personal grudge, you broke the terms of the contract.
We checked the authenticity of your story with Ms.
Hitoe as well.
As a result That was amazing.
I still feel warm all over.
It's so beautiful.
He appears to be awake.
What's going on? This was Ms.
Hitoe's request.
You'll take care of the traitor for me, won't you? Yes, ma'am.
My life has really changed since I met you, Mr.
It's amazing how well things go when you kill everyone who gets in your way.
I'll curse you with my death.
Hitoe Shiwasu's slave will die here.
Uncle Sabe.
Oh, how cute.
Such a lovely pendant.
For you.
As a token of our renewed acquaintance.
You know how to treat a lady.
Put it on.
What do you think? Yes.
For a demonic personality like yours it suits you well.
What? Good boy, Yuya.
Well done.
You can go now.
Oh, my.
You're still alive? You're a tenacious one.
What are you doing? It is one of our principles that we will never lay a hand on a woman or child.
But you You're different.
Hitoe Shiwasu.
Greedy skin.
Corrupt skin.
Demonic skin.
Fiendish skin.
You Your face is thick because of all the layers of skin you wear.
You are the one here who deserves to be flayed.
What? I can't breathe! I can't breathe! I can't breathe! "Kill anyone who gets in your way.
" What an evil concept.
I wonder if she got it into her head because we put it there.
We have to take some responsibility for having accepted her request before.
That's true.
But Hifumin, did you have to use so much gunpowder? You blew her head clean off.
What's happening? From this point forward, how you decide to live your life is up to you.
I suggest that you forget all about us.
Otherwise, we'll have to pay you another visit.
I got this for you along the way.
I figured you don't have a sense for these things.
Look at you! "Thanks.
" In return, you're going to be our gofer.
Your job will be to procure bento boxes.
I'll go now.
See you later.
We'll have a steady supply of food now.
Right, Uncle Sabe? BENTO BOXES THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION Subtitle translation by Katherine Lundy