Smoking (2018) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

A former fighter, known as Number 56.
Oh, that.
That's Kenuma's work.
Tell Sabe where he is.
I don't mind telling him, but I'll have you know that Number 56 chose to work for us.
He must feel more comfortable with us.
Tell me where he is.
Fine, I'll tell you where he is.
Where did that gorilla go? Nice to meet you, Haccho from Smoking.
Who are you? Would you like some information on the group you're looking for? Kenuma made contact with that former narcotics agent.
That's the second man now.
That's Boss Sunaji from The Cleaner next to him.
What is Uncle Sabe doing with them? Sabe was a member until ten years ago.
He still has connections with them.
Former Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare narcotics agent, Mr.
Shinji Mizunuma.
Sabe killed your wife and daughter five years ago Who are you? That's bullshit.
Uncle Sabe wouldn't do that.
How can you be so sure? What? You didn't even know that he used to be a member of The Cleaner.
If you think I'm lying, why don't you ask him yourself? What are you after? Why are you telling me this? Sabe took my eye.
I have a score to settle with him.
Seeing as you do too, I thought we could work together.
Councilor, I've been making good progress with the case.
- Soon - Mizunuma.
We're calling off the undercover operation.
What do you mean? Orders from the top.
It's over.
Got it? Daddy! How are you? You worry too much.
They're just running tests.
I'll be out by tomorrow.
That's good to hear.
I peeled an apple for Mommy.
You did! You're such a big girl.
- Open up.
- Thank you.
Did you leak the information to the public prosecutors? Our job is to expose as many drug operations as we can to protect our future generations.
It's not to conceal them.
This isn't on me.
You're on your own! Excuse me.
Where are my wife and daughter? Your colleague came to get them just now.
Oh, here.
Did you kill them? Hifumin! Give me a hand! Where am I? We are not your enemy.
Where's my wife? My daughter? The police took their bodies.
My guess is they'll treat it as a mugging.
The man you killed was just a pawn.
He's not the real culprit.
You got involved in something you shouldn't have.
That caused a certain syndicate to take action.
I'll kill them all.
And then, I'll kill myself.
Do you think that's what your wife and daughter would want? Starting today, live your life as a different man.
What for? To stop as many people as possible from becoming victims like your wife and daughter.
A man is putting his life on the line to fight for you.
It excites you, doesn't it? Please stop! You've got a point.
Let's have some fun.
Stop! No! Stop! Where's Uncle Sabe? I know where Goro is.
I'm going to go get him back.
Who told you where he was? What is The Cleaner? Tell me.
Who are you really? Now isn't the time for that conversation.
Answer me.
Hey! Stop! Calm down.
This isn't a job.
Why shouldn't I kill them? I'll search this way.
Hifumin, stay with Haccho.
Goro! Goro.
I guess they've got you on speed.
Hey, Number 56.
That's your last opponent.
You kill him, and I'll let the girl go.
What do you say? Hifumin, he's not in his right mind.
Stay back.
I'll wake him up.
Never thought I'd be throwing down with you in a place like this.
Come at me, you fucking gorilla! Over here.
This should make things fair.
Fuck friends.
Fuck family.
Fuck Smoking.
I guess we were always strangers from the start! Hey! Number 56! Stop dicking around.
Shut the fuck up! Take me to Kenuma.
Is that all you got, you bastard? Give me some more.
Kill me! Stop! Hifumin.
That's it? He was so close.
You brainless fucking gorilla.
I guess you weren't enough of an incentive.
What? Are you okay? Bye.
When I'm around you, I feel like I can do anything.
If you don't mind, would stay with me a little longer? I love you too.
I love you too, Goro.
THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION Subtitle translation by Zensho Yamamoto