Smoking (2018) s01e11 Episode Script

Episode 11

That's it? I guess you weren't enough of an incentive.
What? Bye.
Why did you stop it? We could have killed Sabe.
That's good enough.
Return now.
God damn it! Haccho.
I'm sorry.
The time has come.
As of today, our group, Smoking, is disbanded.
You heard the truth, right? You know that I really was in The Cleaner.
And so you know what kind of person I am now.
I used to serve in the military as a doctor in the Middle East.
It was hell.
That was where I came to a realization.
People cannot save one other.
Traumatized by the sights of war, I was in utter despair.
I became a back-alley doctor in order to survive.
And then I met a certain person.
Come in.
Are you the talented doctor I've heard about? Who are you? It was the boss of The Cleaner, Akira Sunaji.
"The Cleaner"? The Cleaner is an organization of assassins that has existed in this country since long ago.
The one who runs the operation is Sunaji.
In consideration of your skills, I have a request.
Will you become our dedicated doctor? I'm sorry.
But I can't work for people who murder other people.
What we kill aren't people.
They're demons disguised as people.
They indiscriminately kill people and don't know right from wrong.
What is wrong with doing away with monsters like that? People cannot save one other.
But we can nip evil in the bud.
His words matched what I believed.
Before I knew it, I had become one of Sunaji's close associates.
But then one day, our relationship fell apart.
SAKAKIBARA That was quick.
After all, it was a direct order from you, Chairman.
So, he fell to his death.
You never know what might happen in this life.
The Chairman of the Bikoku Assembly, Masayuki Sakakibara.
"The Bikoku Assembly"? The largest government support agency in Japan? Yes.
At first, the Bikoku Assembly was just another client to them.
But ever since they joined forces with Sakakibara, The Cleaner has been the tool of the Bikoku Assembly.
As long as it benefited the Bikoku Assembly, they indifferently committed crimes.
They killed innocent civilians as well.
Their principle of nipping evil in the bud fell by the wayside.
They became just another group of murderers.
Because of that incident, I left The Cleaner.
And then it occurred to me.
This time, I would do it myself.
I would make a place for people who felt the same way as me.
I invited all of you for the same reason.
Because The Cleaner had destroyed your lives.
You three They took your family.
They took your life.
I love you, Hifumin.
They even took your will to live.
But in the end, nothing changed.
I wanted to save your lives.
But I couldn't.
I am truly sorry.
Now, one last thing.
This is a personal request.
Please Don't die.
All of you.
From here on, as long as you have a life to live, please keep living it.
Survive! With that, this is the end of our family.
Saying his piece and then hightailing it out of here What a selfish old fart.
Humans are fundamentally selfish animals.
If they are allowed to chaotically run free, they dedicate themselves only to personal gain at the expense of others.
War is the ultimate form of that.
That is precisely why an organization must have strict rules in order to avoid such a situation.
That's true, Mr.
This sort of slipshod work is very troublesome for us.
I wish only for a more orderly world.
You understand that, right? Yes, sir.
The boss wants to see you.
Really? You wanted to see me, boss? Kenuma.
You have been working as a member of The Cleaner for a long time now.
You've done good work for us.
I thank you.
Not at all.
Your work for us is now complete.
Be at peace.
What are you talking about? You're going to die.
Right here.
Right now.
Do it, Wakabayashi.
I'm sorry.
I can't go against the tide.
Wakabayashi! Remember what you once told me, boss? You told me I don't understand the tide of the times.
Well, let me tell you.
Let me tell you about this tide.
Ever since I made my first kill, I've been ready to die at any time.
What about you, boss? Are you ready to die at any time too? Kenuma.
Creatures that live in the dark long for the light You've made up your mind? Yes.
This will make us enemies.
I've accepted that.
Since you have made up your mind, you'd better stick to it.
Yes, sir.
You have visitors.
As of today, I am the leader of The Cleaner.
I will be taking over all of Sunaji's work.
Is that so? You can't kill a person with just your head.
In order to kill, you need arms and legs as well.
This is promising.
Please lend us your strength to purify this country.
"Bikoku Assembly"? What a joke.
What can a boy like that do? We're the ones who do all the work.
The arms and legs will take over the head soon enough.
I'm not thinking about controlling Japan.
That was Sunaji's piddling goal.
I'm going to turn The Cleaner into an international organization.
What is it? It seems like Sabe is acting strangely.
Sabe! Sabe has been a real eyesore for The Cleaner.
Shouldn't we get rid of him once and for all? What do you think, boss? Mr.
It was Kenuma.
Kenuma took him.
He He killed Mr.
For me, Mr.
Sunaji was like a father.
And yet That Kenuma! Kenuma.
Is he at your hideout? Mr.
You'll avenge the boss? Don't misunderstand me.
This battle This is my battle.
I am going to destroy The Cleaner.
THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION Subtitle translation by Katherine Lundy