Smoking (2018) s01e12 Episode Script

Episode 12

THIS WORK DEPICTS ACTS OF VIOLENCE, SO SOME SCENES MAY BE SHOCKING As of today, our group, Smoking, is disbanded.
As of today, I am the leader of The Cleaner.
Please lend us your strength to purify this country.
It was Kenuma.
Kenuma took him.
I am going to destroy The Cleaner.
What's your name, kid? Bye.
Did you hear me? No? Wait, is this guy mute? We have been expecting you.
Come on! Say something! What? Speak up! Welcome, Dr.
Have you come to congratulate me? Let him go.
Is this kid really a mute? Don't you remember? This boy is the surviving member of a family you slaughtered.
A family I slaughtered? The trauma he got from that event has rendered him mute.
Really? I've killed so many, I don't remember which family it was.
Remember what I told you.
As long as you have a life, you must survive.
Kill me.
But, free him in exchange.
What are you talking about? I'm going to kill both of you.
Did you think I came here empty-handed? What? When I joined The Cleaner, I was entrusted with something from Sunaji.
From the boss? Evidence that proves the Bikoku Assembly is hiring us to carry out assassinations.
If this is made public, it won't just end Sakakibara, but the whole Bikoku Assembly as well.
And I'll give it all to you.
So please I'm asking you.
Just spare his life.
Do you think that will make up for this eye? Please.
Where is it? In our other safe house.
Where is this? It's an abandoned hospital I used back when I was a back-alley doctor.
FEBRUARY 2002 AT TEITO HOTEL, TOKYO How am I supposed to know what's on these tapes and CD's? What if it's just trash? Boss.
I will check their contents right now.
Go take a look inside there.
This building is booby-trapped with Nitroglycerin.
If you press this switch, the whole building can be blown up.
This is the last resort.
This will only be used when everything has to end.
Remember this.
Please let him go.
- Hey.
- Yes, sir.
Run as far away from here as you can once you get out.
Also, forget everything that's happened.
Your hate, your sorrow, and the time we spent together.
You must forget it all.
Don't ever look back.
Just look forward and live life to the fullest.
Got it? Now go.
Go! I want to stay here with you.
I want to be with you till the end.
Hifumin What beautiful father-son relationship.
Makes you want to cry.
Now, both of you can die together.
What are you doing? You sly old man.
Hey! See! They're trying to blow themselves up with the rest of them! I win.
You owe me a box of smokes.
They're still alive, so I win.
We're family.
When we die, we die together.
I love you, Hifumin.
I'll kill you.
You must not kill him.
Your hands are still clean.
You are guilty of countless sins and atrocities.
I am going to flay you nice and slow.
Christ, you're one twisted bastard.
Repent for your crimes, and then die.
What? This isn't it.
I think I found something.
Is this a four-leaf clover? It's so small.
Then this is only three.
What about this? All right, one more.
You threw some good punches out there.
Thank you very much.
It's all been taken care of.
There is no need to worry.
None of this will affect the next election.
Have a good day.
Good work, Mr.
I only did what you asked of me.
As the current leader of The Cleaner, I am counting on your support.
Of course.
Your guest has arrived.
Thank you for coming all this way to see me.
Don't mention it.
What is this? Impressive.
This is Kenuma's tattoo.
It is our policy to deliver this as proof of completion of the contract.
I see.
Let's have a drink.
I'm surprised how cleanly you flayed the tattoo.
It almost looks like a painting.
It is yours to keep.
No, thank you.
It doesn't quite go with my home decor.
That's unfortunate.
I'm reminded of something Mr.
Sunaji often said about you.
About the crazy doctor? I have a proposal.
Smoking, was it? To my knowledge, it was a very close-knit team.
Would you be interested in supporting me? Are you asking us to become the second generation of The Cleaner? Yes, I am.
No matter how grand your ideals are, they don't matter unless you achieve them.
In fact, they could be harmful if you don't.
They feed people hope, but end up casting them into the pits of despair.
I completely agree.
Today is going to be a good day.
Let us toast to our future.
That's quite all right.
I can't drink as much as I used to.
It's that way.
Please excuse me.
TO KNOW WHAT IS RIGH AND NOT DO IT IS THE WORST COWARDICE You hide your ugly desires behind a crusade to cleanse this country.
It's you who is the root of evil.
Let me peel away this human facade and expose the devil underneath.
THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION Subtitle translation by Zensho Yamamoto