Snowfall (2017) s01e05 Episode Script


1 Si no encuentran mi dinero en una semana Voy a empezar a investigar a cada uno de ustedes.
He's not gonna stop until he knows who did this.
You fuck this up, and I'm gonna kill you.
Alejandro: There are soldiers in the jungle, waiting for me to deliver supplies and weapons.
Give this to Alejandro.
Not flying into Hawthorne anymore.
Where the hell are we going to land, then? Franklin: Saw Pops last night.
- You all right? - Tough to say.
You poach customers, you gonna get blowback.
[Grunts] Where is my money? Aah! - [Gunshot] - This is fucked.
I'm out.
You lasted longer than I thought you would, kid.
[Tape ripping] [Plane creaks] [Clank] [Plane creaks] [Inhales slowly] [Plastic crinkles] [Exhales slowly] [Exhales] [Hollow thump] [Rattling] [Exhaling deeply] I know.
Landing gear was my idea.
I know that.
But You know what? The operative word there is "land," buddy.
You you've done nothing but blow smoke up my ass since we started this thing, and you know it.
So so, then you give me one reason, just one reason, why I was supposed to believe there wasn't gonna be yet another shitshow waiting for us at Hawthorne.
I didn't think so.
I'm sorry.
But, you know, you gave me no choice in the matter.
You gave me no choice at all.
[Speaking Spanish] [Women speaking indistinctly in Spanish] Señoras, perdón, no hay trabajo hoy.
Les voy avisando cuando hay trabajo, ¿ok? Lo siento.
[Women speaking indistinctly in Spanish] [Door opens, closes] [Door opens, closes] Surprised that your sorority sisters can't sell more cocaine.
I'm sorry.
Is that sarcasm? [Doors creak] [Zipper whirs] We're banging our heads against the wall that Ramiro placed between us and the entire Eastside.
We're not gonna be able to buy the next shipment on time.
[Scoffs] Well, tomorrow's a big opportunity.
Lots of people looking to celebrate this great nation by getting fucking wasted.
Hopefully, we'll be able to make up some ground.
Do you have somewhere to go tomorrow? - ¿Mandé? - ¿Como una fiesta o algo? Uh Sí, claro.
Happy 4th, Oso.
[Door opens, closes] [Brakes squeal, engine turns off] [Door creaks open] Cissy: Hey.
[Photo crinkles, door closes] 'Sup? I pulled them lawn chairs to take over to Jerome's like you asked.
I asked you that yesterday.
Remember the 4th parties we used to have here at the house? [Chuckles] I remember them being a lot of work.
Dad didn't think so.
You know, for somebody who has zero love for this country, the man had no shame using it as an excuse to throw down.
That year all his friends from Oakland stopped by? Shit was live.
[Package rustles] When I was in the garage, I found this.
How is it the first time I'm seeing these? Ain't no big conspiracy.
Just forgot they were there.
- [Beads clacking] - Almost didn't recognize the man.
Shit being out of focus didn't help.
Can't say it was my best.
- You took this? - Mm-hmm.
Mama got talent.
[Chuckles] You ever think about picking it back up? Takin' pictures doesn't pay bills.
Neither does that "sick" bullshit you been disrespecting us both with.
I quit Cho's.
Didn't want you stressin' about the money, so I kept it quiet.
You right about the money.
And it gon' hurt.
But not for long, 'cause you're going back.
Not to no liquor store if you don't want.
But I can't abide you being idle, either.
Know all too well where that leads.
[Rustling] [Refrigerator door closes] No, we gonna be all right.
I'm-a see to it.
I promise.
Yeah, okay.
I need to get on these ribs.
You want me to make you something while I'm up? Already ate.
[The Universals' "New Generation" playing] Everybody now is doing their thing Everything now is [Indistinct conversation] If you wanna have a groovy time Just grab your I done told them folks, I'm the one started it.
This ain't his fault! I mean, I don't know why y'all are in my personal business anyway.
- Here, take what I got.
- [Coins clattering] You want it all? Here.
Just take it all, 'cause I ain't got damn no time for this.
Don't make no sense.
You know that's some bullshit.
I've been sitting here all day.
All day! I gotta go to work.
He gotta go to work.
Man: Just shut up! - No, you shut up! - Shut your damn mouth! Woman: Nobody talkin' to you anyway! Damn! Everybody in here got something to do.
Not like we ain't got no lives.
He a good man.
Y'all don't know him like I know him.
He wouldn't do something like this.
- Make no sense.
- New generation I'm ready to go.
This is just too much for one day.
Too doggone much.
Talkin' 'bout love Y'all don't know him the way I know him.
- I love him and he loves me.
Oh, no.
- [Door opens] [Door slams closed] [Exhales deeply, inhales deeply] [People speaking in Spanish on TV] - [Sighs deeply] - [Siren wailing in distance] Man: It tastes like cardboard.
[Laughter] Woman: Excuse me? You picked that at the store, young man.
[Door creaks open] [Inhales sharply] [Chuckles] ¿Qué haces güey? ¿Pues no lo ves? Dormir.
Well, come on.
We're already late.
[Sighs] Late for what? My family's party? Oh.
[Exhales] Maybe it's not a good idea.
Why not? My father and uncle know you do collections for me.
It'd be more strange if you didn't.
You have a clean shirt? A tie? No? You need to borrow one? [Urinating] Oh, I'm gonna make this one an easy one.
Oh Uh, 'cause which side lost more men? Uh, Lexington and Concord.
[Imitates buzzer] [Zips pants] Wrong.
Because the red coats got the worst of it with, uh, 273 confirmed killed, missing, or wounded to our 95, which, uh, makes you 0 for Jesus.
Hey, you gotta get your shit together.
[Creaking] You're like a goddamn soup sandwich.
Fucking soup sandwich.
My old man used that nugget like he fucking invented a soup sandwich.
[Creaking, wind blowing] Come on.
Quit whining.
You know, as if I'd have missed even one, I'd have got Not like it mattered, because not even his monumental prickdom or whatever could stop me from loving the 4th of July.
Bottle rockets.
You know, not to take anything away from how I'm currently spending the holiday.
Stranded in a Mexican desert with a Nicaraguan invalid and 75 kilos of Peruvian cocaine.
[Bird calling] God bless America.
[Wind gusting] No! Shit! Shit.
[Panting] Oh.
[Wind gusting] Goddamn it! [Exhales sharply] Oh, God.
[Grunts] Shit.
Come on.
We just lost a half a day's worth of water.
We only had a day's worth left! Did you hear me? Want me to do the math for you? - [Creaking, wind gusting] - You think so? So here's the deal.
You're gonna get off your ass, you're gonna get in that cockpit, and you're gonna fly us the fuck outta here! You hear me?! [Slaps] Look alive, fucker! [Gasping] You need some help, Jerome? - Yeah, get that door for me.
- All right.
Teddy Pendergrass: I'm losin' again [Mouth full] Hey, who put the bot Get them bottles off my damn goddamn on my speakers.
Woman: Hi, girl! What's up?! Think I'd better let it go Touching my goddamn speakers.
[Turns up volume] Child: No, over here! Hurry up! This is like another love TKO Hey, baby.
How you doin'? Oh, oh, oh What up, Mike? - Yeah! - Think I'd better let it go - What you think about it, girl? - Unh! Oh, all right.
- Y'all.
- Oh, yeah TKO Mm-hmm Tried to take control of the love Love took control of me 'Cause you lose all thoughts, sense of time And have a change of mind Takin' the bumps and the bruises Of all the things of a two-time loser There's my man! Tryin' to hold on, faith is gone What's up, girl? Damn! What you got here? My daddy call it bread pudding.
More like brick puddin'.
Andre here? Please.
He working late all weekend anyway.
All weekend, huh? Good to see you ain't been arrested yet.
What you talkin' about? Like you don't know.
Mm-hmm, cheers.
Ol' boy still checkin' me out? Yeah, girl, he still on you.
[Laughs] Mm-hmm.
Now bend over, girl.
Bend over.
Yeah! [Laughs] [Laughs] You need to stop.
Rocking it there.
[Laughs] You know that's how he like it.
Rock it, baby.
Rock it.
Ooh! [Laughs] - Hell, naw.
- [Speaks indistinctly] Cissy.
- Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
- Unh-unh.
Tried to take control of love - Explain yourself.
- All right, Mom, hold up.
Whatever it is, this ain't the day or the time.
You need to bounce now.
Get your ass on up out of here.
Why you in my face? Drunk, high, sober, I don't give a damn.
Nobody wants you here.
You don't need to say shit to him.
Need a moment with Franklin.
- He don't need nothing from you.
- A half-moment then, damn! Just let me thank him.
Woke up in the clink this morning.
I'd still be there if he hadn't bailed me out.
Went and found him before he got up.
Think I'd better let it go I, uh Looks like another love TKO If you gonna be here, you're gonna clean up.
You know where the bathroom is.
Whoa, yes Mmm, mmm, mmm Oh, sometimes, sometimes I just feel like I wanna say Mmm, mmm Looks like another love TKO Tired of gettin' beat up by love Think I'd better let it go [Door closes] - Another love TKO - Yeah, yeah [Directory's "Feel It in Your Bones" playing] [Shower running] [Beads clacking] The pictures wasn't good enough? You had to drag his stank ass here? It ain't like that, Mom.
He came on his own.
Nigga bail himself out the goddamn pokey? - Where you get that money from? - Had some saved.
- How much? - Couple hundred.
Day after you tell me you quit your damn job.
[Indistinct conversations] I can't do this, Franklin.
Not again.
You know how it starts.
Ma, you the one who let him stay.
Don't get the shit twisted.
This here is a single act of kindness.
That no-good ass nigga ain't nothing but a hobo to me.
One hour tops, and you showing him the door.
Gonna find ya I'm gonna find ya [Children shouting playfully] I'm gonna find ya Franklin! What's up with your Pops? [Laughs] You didn't want a damn thing to do with him the other day.
Now he up in there using our soap? [Mouth full] Ask the boy a real question, like when he gonna return my pistol.
Look here, we gonna have to have a real conversation about why you had to lose that piece? Not as far as I'm concerned.
[Indistinct conversations] Lucia's place, huh? Mauricio's, yeah.
So she grew up here, huh? Psh.
You ask too many questions.
[Indistinct conversations in Spanish] - I need one second, okay? - Yeah.
Oso! [Chuckles] Hello! Thought you had other plans today? That what he told you? [Lucia chuckles] Hey, it's a good thing you're here.
It'll be fun.
Nadie trae corbata aquí.
Tío! [Speaking Spanish] Who's this? My man Gustavo.
Gustavo, mi papá, Ramiro.
Mucho gusto, señor.
He's the guy I was talking to you about.
You should speak with him.
Let him tell you himself how he can help us.
Right, Oso? Huh? ¿Oso? Come on.
Where you going? Wanna talk to you.
Come here.
Yeah, you enjoying that drink? - Yep.
- Good, I'm glad.
You fucking crazy? You want him sitting with your father? You trying to put a noose around all our fucking necks? Not all of ours.
My dad finds out, you think I'm the one catching a bullet? I'm his only son.
Chin up, cousin.
Nobody knows anything yet.
So here's what you're gonna do Keep your head up, smile that big fucking smile of yours, and be calm.
That's it.
Say it.
[Shovel scrapes] [Wind blowing] [Panting] [Grunts] [Bird calling] [Bag thuds] [Door creaking] [Breathing deeply] [Engine starts] I need help.
[Engine chugging loudly] What the fuck? Come on.
Um [Exhales sharply] [Sighs deeply] [Turns off engine] Fuck! Jerome, get your crazy ass down.
Now, Cissy, look, I'm just getting started up here.
[Chuckles] - Leon: Just hear the man out.
- I don't need to hear a damn thing.
I'm trying to keep this shit low-key.
Look, all I'm saying is strength in numbers.
You ask me, we already one nigga over capacity.
[Scoffs] All I need is another big mouth puttin' my business out on the street.
If you haven't noticed, Franklin, your business already out on the street.
Case in point The two motherfuckers making it they business to fuck you up.
If those fools get outta pocket, I'm-a handle it.
But until then, that's still just a straight up "if.
" Hey, JJ's dead.
- Wait a sec.
What? - One of Karvel's boys.
Got lit up this morning, both him and his girl.
Shit could've gone down any number of ways.
It's true.
I ain't gonna fret till I know the whole story.
Hey, man.
Bump all that.
Let's talk about what's really got you trippin'.
You cats mind? [The Final Solution's "Brotherman" playing] I break up anything important? - We just bullshitting.
- Mm-hmm.
You know, them cats been at your heels since you could walk.
I remember that one time, you wasn't but 4 - What you want, Pop? - Me? You the one showed up down at the clink.
Brotherman Must've been lookin' for somethin'.
Brotherman [Sniffs] How'd you find me? Went down by the overpass.
Your boy Curtis pointed me.
Ah, good man, Curtis.
Yeah, that's stretchin' it.
Took me for 20 bucks before tellin' me a thing.
Ah, well, I'll get you back for that, but, uh Now bail's a different story.
Forgot about it, man.
In fact, forget I came down there at all.
Well, I'm here now.
Might as well get your money's worth.
Noticed you had a few choice words with Jerome earlier.
Wanna start with that? Or with whoever did that shit to your face.
- Happened on a job.
- Ah.
Uh, which one? Stocking the shelves for the Koreans or slingin' for your uncle? Now I-I-I didn't come here to judge.
- I'm just sayin' - Shut shut the fuck up, man.
Huh? I don't need to hear any of it.
- Shut the fuck up? - Yeah, shut the fuck up.
I don't need to hear you're sorry.
- I don't need to hear any of that shit.
- Sorry? What the fuck I got to be sorry about? That's all I've ever done.
All I've ever wanted to do was be my own man.
And I couldn't be ashamed of that if I wanted to.
I've got news for you.
What you are ain't a fucking man.
Okay, and you would know.
That it? Shit.
You ain't got a fucking clue.
'Cause if you did, then why'd you come looking for me? [Fireworks exploding and whistling] Oh, shit! [Dogs barking] Damn! [Fireworks popping and whistling] She wanted me to give this to you.
Presumably, she meant while you were alive, I guess, but I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know if it make any difference.
I don't think that actually seeing your kid would make it hurt less.
[Ragged breathes] Well I never thought that would be how it ends.
Hey, Al Oh, my God.
Are you okay? Hey.
Can you hear me? Alejandro: Jesus.
We are farmers first.
Grow the product, bring it across the border, distribute.
Do everything possible to avoid conflict.
Ramiro: Including only working with people that we trust.
And we've had some issues with that lately.
Pedro mentioned this to you? Sí, señor.
You have any thoughts on that? No, señor.
We might need some new people moving forward.
Assuming my son hasn't misjudged you Estoy a sus órdenes señor.
¿Qué es lo que quieres, Gustavo? I mean, besides money.
Pues respeto, no más.
You want power, just like everyone else.
You work with us long enough, you might get some.
You cross us, we crush you.
¿Estamos claros? Estamos claros, señor.
Then get the fuck out.
[Footsteps depart] [Door opens, closes] [Inhales deeply, exhales slowly] [Gulping] [Water sloshing] [Exhales sharply] - Think it'll hold? - [Exhales sharply] It'll be fine for take off.
We'll see what happens when we try to land.
[Exhales] [Gasps, sniffs] Teddy: I'm never coming back to this fucking place.
Never should've landed here to begin with.
Let's get the fuck outta here.
Dale pues.
[Exhales, sniffs] Hey! [Robert Moore's "Everything's Gonna Be Alright" playing] [Indistinct conversations] Hey, I got some M80s that I'm-a fire off, too, but Cissy say ain't no fireworks for me right now.
[Siren whoops] [Car doors open] [Police radio chatter] Who owns the house? - It's my motherfucking house.
- Cissy: All right.
Problem, officers? Been reports of gunshots being fired of a roof.
It's just fireworks.
We do it every year.
And the open containers? The weed? That all part of the yearly ritual as well? - [Laughs] Hey, yo, you real? You for real? - Look Jerome.
- It's Independence Day.
- You check your attitude.
- It's Independence Day, though.
- You need to check these nuts! Franklin.
Ah, ah! Ah, ah, ah! We're not doing this.
Not today.
All right? - Let me go.
- Uh, sir? - Franklin: Hold this for me.
- Cissy: I'm not moving till we have a civil goddamn conversation.
Come on now.
- Wanna have a drink.
- Hey, wait! What the fuck you [Grunts] - Jerome: Come on, man! - Franklin: Get off! Get off of me! [Shouting continues] Jerome: Get off him, man! [Gun cocks] I will shoot! Back off! [Louie shouting indistinctly] Man: He can't fucking breathe! Jerome: Hey, you You let him go! [Ragged breath] - He's got a gun! - Let him go! - Hey, yo, let go, man! - Let him go! [Siren wailing] [Tires screech] Man: Hold up! Hold up! Andre: Come on, bro.
We got this.
We got this.
[Louie shouts indistinctly] Andre: What are you doing, man? What the hell are y'all doing? - Put that thing away! - [Coughing] - Get in the car.
- Fuck you, pigs, man! [Franklin gasping] Fuck you, pig! - [Radio static] - Franklin.
Breathe, Franklin.
Hey, boy, get away from my nephew, boy.
- Stop! - Knock his ass out, boy.
[Gasps] Franklin, breathe.
[Franklin wheezing] - I got you.
- [Continues wheezing] Just breathe, Franklin.
It's okay.
I got you.
I got you.
[Indistinct conversations] Woman: Bionic lover Bionic lover [Raspy voice] Yeah.
The ice makes it better.
You sound awful.
It sounds worse than it feels.
- For real? - Fuck, naw.
It hurts like hell.
[Laughs, wheezing] He say anything before leaving? Mnh-mnh.
You all right? I'm straight.
For real.
Ooh, ooh - I should've told you.
- Hmm.
Ooh, ooh And I'm gonna make back that $200.
[Fireworks exploding and whistling] None of that matters now.
I just wanna sit here [Fireworks whistling] and enjoy this minute.
[Cheering] [Explosions and whistling continue] Your family es un desmadre Yeah, I know.
Your uncle and your cousin Todos pinches locos.
The only one who's not is tu papá.
[Cheering, fireworks pop] I like him.
Check out the balls on your boy, going after the big fish like that, huh? [Scoffs] In his dreams.
[Chuckles] It's not like her to cavort with the help.
Maybe he's packing something special.
Nah, he's a fucking ape.
[Laughs] He's an ape that has her pretty little ear.
Think I can trust him? Yeah.
[Sniffs] Yeah, you can trust him.
The way we trusted Enrique.
Look what happened there.
You never have to worry about me like that.
You do know that, right? There's nothing I wouldn't do for you.
[Sniffles] That I love you.
You've clearly had too much to drink.
Too much.
[Sniffles] [Explosions continue] [Indistinct conversations] Conozco a alguien who can help us just on the product.
You're not gonna like them.
Pero si esto jala.
I wanna be full partner with you and Pedro.
[Laughs] Now you sound crazy.
No, I don't.
I already killed two people, Lucia.
Ya me jalé a dos, chula.
I followed you, and I didn't have to.
O somos equals o a ver how long you'll last with Pedro and your sorority sisters.
Pedro's not gonna like it.
Pedro's not gonna like it? No.
Me vale madres.
If this works, you'll get your fair share.
[Engine roaring] [Filtered voice] She asked me to give this to you.
Okay, last time, I swear.
Um you sure we're good down there? [Filtered voice] I've been thinking.
If we're backed by the CIA, what does it matter if we're good down there? That's a good point.
[Wind howling] [Funkadelic's "Can You Get to That" playing] [Indistinct conversations] [Snoring] Leon: Hey, come on, homie.
What you grabbing on my shirt for? Kevin: Hey, you got this.
[Leon speaks indistinctly] - Get down! [Laughs] - [Kevin laughs] - Oh, shit.
- Ah! Oh, man.
Hey, you know it's a good party when the fucking roof catch fire.
[Laughing] It's high as hell, man.
Oh, man.
[Liquor splashes] Hey, why you pouring out good liquor, man? - Whatcha doin'? - Hey, that's for the dead homies.
- Oh.
- [Liquor splashes] - And what's that for? - All the ladies that ain't had the pleasure of my company, nigga.
Nigga, you gonna need a bigger bottle.
Be real.
[Laughs] - Hey, Kev.
- That ain't funny.
What's up? [Chuckles] Tomorrow morning, think I can borrow your auntie car for a few hours? Probably.
Why? So we don't have to take a bus to Avi's.
[Laughing] Hey, man! Hey, I love you, man! [Laughter] I love you, man! Oh, my bad.
Hey, my bad.
Hey, hey.
Signed "insufficient funds" Can you get I want to know I wanna know if you can get to that Can you get Can you get to that I wanna know if you can get to that Can you get I want to know I wanna know if you can get to that Can you get to that Can you get I wanna know if you can get to that Can you get I wanna know if you can get to that When you base your life on credit And your lovin' days are done Checks you signed with a-love and kisses Later come back signed "insufficient funds" Yeah, get to that Can you get I want to know