Snowfall (2017) s02e01 Episode Script


1 - [SCREAMING] - Call an ambulance.
Now you see why I didn't call an ambulance.
How badly does the Director want this war funded? There are literally thousands of soldiers in the jungle waiting for me to deliver supplies and weapons.
You really think you're the guy to step into this? I want back in the game.
I ain't never scored blow before.
- I know a guy.
- He's kind of crazy.
[LAUGHING] Okay, front me a key.
You got one day to bring me $12,000.
- What is that? - Nothing.
- Go home, Mel.
- Come on, Franklin.
Go home.
[BLOW LANDS] I just wanna offer you the product I'm selling.
I'm not here to start any trouble Bullshit! Franklin Saint.
You ever need anything, you come find me.
Okay, Franklin Saint.
Get the fuck out of here.
Most of that goes towards the next shipment, okay.
So don't get too attached.
You have the balls to come in here after running to daddy? There's got to be a way I can do this without ending up dead or in jail.
In your own hood, they can't afford no blow.
See that? See those rocks? We gonna make bank.
It's gonna be 13 a key.
You have somebody stake out his little crib.
Get right to the source.
There's bills and the mortgage.
You ain't gotta worry about any of that anymore, Mom.
I don't want your reefer money.
- Aw, shit.
- [GUNSHOT] Leon! [GASPING] It ain't about payback, all right? Why don't you think about taking care of your people? Your folk.
Come on, Ray Ray.
- Ray Ray, man, come on! - Do it, motherfucker! - All right, all right! - Ray Ray! Ray Ray! - Do it! - Ray Ray! Ray Just wanted to say I'm sorry.
About everything.
Make sure he gets home safe.
[GUNSHOT] [PANTING] You need to learn to let things go.
The Director's very proud of you.
So is the president.
My fellow Americans, I must speak to you tonight about a mounting danger in Central America that threatens the security of the United States.
The plan to aid rebels fighting the Nicaraguan government is in trouble in the House.
The administration has given the Contras at least $100 million in the last five years.
And they can't even tell us how that money was spent.
If we cut off the freedom fighters we will be giving the Soviets one of their greatest foreign policy victories since World War II.
What the administration is asking for on behalf of freedom in Central America [PAGER BUZZES] Is so small, so minimal, considering what is at stake.
The total amount requested for aid to all of Central America ["CALIFORNIA DREAMIN" BY EDDIE HAZEL PLAYS] All the leaves are brown And the sky is gray I've been for a walk On a winter's day I'd be safe and warm If I was in LA Money.
Yuda, get the kid his bricks.
Ooh, California dreamin' On such a winter's day Yeah Who wants free ice cream? [EXCITED YELLING] I'd still be a California dreamer I'm searching for my mind Searching for something that needs me here Oh, California dreamin' Oh Dream on, dream on So keep holding me, baby In LA [OMINOUS TONE] Our people waited all day and all night freezing their asses off in the desert, and your guy never made the drop.
I know and I apologize.
You sure he made the pickup? Yeah, the Colombians confirmed that he came and went yesterday.
So what? The plane crashed? No.
I'm sorry that I wasted your time.
Just give me a few more days.
[CAR APPROACHING, BRAKES SCREECH] [CAR DOOR OPENS, CLOSES] [DISCO MUSIC PLAYING] Sup, Peaches? All quiet on the western front? Come on, let's go to Franklin's room.
Boy, you need to relax with all that.
Shit, I can't relax.
I'm ready to go, Wanda.
Ladies, I would like y'all to meet Franklin Saint.
AKA our Savior, AKA the Big Black Apostle.
What's goin' on, baby? Come on.
Franklin's fine, aight? Nice to meet you, ladies.
- What's up, Unc? - Sup, nephew.
God damn! [LAUGHS] I don't know how you got the energy.
If I got to spend my days in that cookhouse, I sure as hell ain't spending my nights in here.
Hey, Peaches! I don't need no chaperone, Jerome.
Looking like that you need a bodyguard.
Huh? Peaches! Hey, hey, make sure she get to the club aight.
- Bye.
- Gimme a kiss.
Give Claudia a kiss for me too.
I will if you want.
Tell her to come by, see my tree.
She ain't interested in your tree.
- She like pie, though.
- [LAUGHS] And I'll tell her you said hi too.
["THAT'S THE JOINT" BY FUNKY 4+1 PLAYS] It's the joint We're gonna prove to the world That we're for real We're gonna prove to everybody We know the real deal, we got golden voices And hearts of steel 'cause with five emcees We got to be real, we're here for The party people on Sugar Hill So what's the deal [DOOR KNOCKING, INDISTINCT YELLING] Open this goddamn door! - The fuck is wrong with you? - [DOOR CRASHING] Oh, nigga, you wanna fuck on my goddamn Come on, man! - Mm-hmm.
- Bitch, get yo ass up! - Hey Hey, man! - Be cool! Nigga, get yo ass! [LAUGHTER] [LAUGHING] Just go! Grab his ass! That's the joint [INDISTINCT CHATTER] [INDISTINCT SPANISH CHATTER] [DOOR OPENS] - Jesus and Luis? - They lost faith.
They going back to Mexico.
They would have never done this to my dad.
Or Ramiro.
We'll have to train new drivers.
Who aren't gonna stay around either unless this works.
Floundering! And they can smell it.
Stomper's gonna be pissed if we go around him.
I'm not bringing this to that asshole just so he can cut us out.
Cessna Caravan, 1,200 nautical mile range, 3,600-pound payload.
- And the compression test? - Two weeks ago.
All green.
So it's the same deal as last time.
Have the seats removed and weighed.
- Uh, where's the seller? - Ohio.
I'll wire the money first thing, but there's still the matter of who's going to fly it.
Preferably someone who won't run off this time.
[PHONE RINGS] - Aero Services Aviation.
- Can we go secure? - Yeah.
- Will you excuse me a minute? Going secure.
Okay, what's going on? Wanted to let you know that the president's requested $21 million to finance operations in Nicaragua for the upcoming year.
Uh, yeah, I mean, that's only 3 million less than last year.
I could probably make up the difference if I He's not gonna get it, Teddy.
Repeat that, please.
Congress isn't going to approve any of the funds.
So that's it? There's no ancillary support? I mean, are there other options on the table? Besides you? No.
So now the question that I have to ask is can you handle this? Yes, sir.
I am very glad to hear you say that.
But Teddy, this will change things.
It now becomes imperative that nothing implicate company involvement in any capacity.
Is that understood? So no access to the weapons depot? No access to anything official.
Even me.
This now becomes something compartmented between the two of us.
And what if something happens to you? I will have records in my safe of everything so that you'll be covered.
We're counting on you, Teddy.
We believe in you and what you're doing.
Continue to make us proud, okay? Thank you, sir.
I will.
- Hey, Gladys? - Yeah.
- I'm sorry? Have the plane delivered to Kansas City.
Kansas side, any small airport west of downtown will do.
What's in Kansas city? [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Sometimes these things happen.
Just saying, a little heads up would be nice.
But I like seeing you, Frankie.
Even even Leon here is growing on me.
You know how stressful it is to ride through Encino with this much fucking coin in a car? Okay.
Maybe Leon is not growing on me so much.
I got a few ounces lying around somewhere so you don't feel I've wasted your time.
Muir, go to the stash, see what you can find for Frankie.
You got it.
You know not too long ago you were happy with just a few hundred dollars.
How we grow, huh.
Likes weeds.
Come over for Shabbat dinner, wear a nice coat.
Come on, Franklin.
You have money now.
Get yourself a nice coat.
- Avi! Avi! - What? [SPEAKING HEBREW] - What'd he say? - Hey, what's going on? [SPEAKING HEBREW] - LAPD! Hands up! - Hands up! - Don't run! - Don't run.
[SPEAKING HEBREW] - Faster! Move.
- Hey! Against the wall.
Right there, don't move! Hey, stop! Everything is okay.
Hello, Officer.
[EXCITING MUSIC] Stop! Stop right there! Freeze! Hey, don't fucking shoot, all right? Hands behind your head.
- Think you can run, huh? - Get the fuck off me.
- Hey! - Fuck off! I said hands behind your head.
You got a problem? Punk kid.
Think you can run from me? Shut the fuck up.
[SIREN WAILING] Your boy's in business with a Babe Ruth motherfucker.
That dude, Avi? Hitting him with possession with intent to go along with a hefty gun charge.
In terms y'all laymans can understand, that boy fucked.
What about Leon? Hit him with a 69PC.
- The fuck is a 69PC - Felony evading.
Why the fuck you ain't say that then? 'Cause I'ma fucking professional, J-rome.
No, you's a moron, Biscuit.
Least they ain't trying to rope him in on a possession of weapons beef.
Now the bad news is, your boy's got priors, and because it's a felony, bail's 50.
Ain't 50 hundred, nigga.
- I want him out.
- Gonna need 10% down.
Cash, collateral, whatever.
Shit, 5,000 ain't shit.
- Yeah, it is.
- It is.
It's a lot, Tyrone.
I'm gonna need a minute to get that for you.
Hey, ain't my boy in there.
Do what you gotta do.
Nephew, you got the five Gs on you now.
Let's get this shit done.
I don't want those two knowing what I'm holding.
Tyrone's straight, he always has been.
You getting paranoid.
Avi and Leon are locked up.
And I just spent the whole of yesterday running around Encino with 42 Gs in a duffel bag trying to find a cab or a bus before the cops found me.
So yeah Maybe I'm a little on edge.
Well, with Avi in the clink, you know where we gonna get some more coke? [TRUCK BEEPING] [INDISTINCT CHATTER] [HEAVY MACHINERY CLANKS] We wanna see Vuelvas and Chumacho.
Tell them Lucia Villanueva's here.
They know my family.
They used to buy marijuana from my dad and my tio.
[CLICKS TONGUE] [SPEAKS SPANISH] If you're not interested, we'll leave.
[TRUCKS BEEPING] [DOOR UNLOCKS] Thank you for seeing us.
Cocaine, but rocked-up, smokable, and cheap.
It's moving like wildfire in South Central and it's about to take off in the barrio.
It's gonna be bigger than heroine, more profitable.
Right now it's being sold by mayates in Pico-Union.
I've been in business with Stomper and the Monarcas.
But I'm bringing this to you.
There's money to be made.
I know it.
You say it's good.
Let's see.
[LAUGHS] [SCOFFS] Okay, wait.
[OMINOUS MUSIC] [HIGH-PITCHED RINGING] [FAST-PACED PULSING] [TRUCK BEEPING] [SOMBER MUSIC] [ROCK MUSIC BUILDING] You see the key to this game, Lucas, is a steady hand and laser focus, of which I have both.
Your problem is you're thinking about Bethany's titties, and how if I whip your ass right now in public you're not gonna get to see 'em.
And because you're thinking about that and not concentrating on the shot, you're gonna miss that shot.
Resulting in me whipping your ass and coincidentally, you not getting to see Bethany's titties.
Think you mean ironically.
What was that? Uh, you said, uh, "Coincidentally not getting to see Bethany's titties.
" But I think what you meant to say was, "Ironically not getting to see Bethany's titties.
" The circumstance you're describing being one of irony, and not coincidence.
Hey, Bethany.
Matt, wanna tell your friend to stop talking about my tits? Are you finished? You gonna take a shot, or keep doing a hatchet job on the English language? - Oh.
- Ha-ha.
- Wow.
- Hmm.
The weapons are flowing South.
Contras are pushing back.
That's how you're funding this? Not all of it, but yeah.
- That - Yeah, that's fucked up.
Even for the CIA, that's fucked up.
Okay, okay.
Look, I all that I need is a stopgap.
I just need someone reliable who can fly the loads till I find a permanent replacement.
That's it.
- How long? - A month.
Two months, tops.
I'm sure Bethany will still be waiting here for you when you get back.
He's not doing well, Teddy.
Jesus Christ.
Looked like he was doing fine to me.
- You're spying on us now? - Here.
This should buy whatever help he needs until you get back.
'Cause you're not gonna see him when you're here.
I already saw him, Matt.
- I already saw him.
- Through the window.
Yeah, and they're spotless, by the way.
Great work.
Still got you washing 'em with vinegar once a week? It would mean a lot to him.
I don't give a fuck what it would mean to him.
I really don't and I'm sorry.
But, listen, it's you I came back for.
You understand? I have a Cessna Caravan waiting in a hangar at Fairfax Airport.
She's sexy as hell.
She's ready to go.
All I need is someone to fly her.
You sure about this? Because when I came back from 'Nam, nobody had any idea what the point was.
For those people down there and for us here it's important.
If we win this war we can change the course of history.
And this war, we can win.
- Any minute, man.
- Tyrone in there now.
Where was I? Uh, you was gettin' ready to ruin the rest of the fucking movie.
Damn right, and he go, "Say hello to my little friend.
" [IMITATES GUNSHOTS] Get him, motherfucker.
Yo, he's bad, I seen this shit twice.
Yeah, cuz.
- So he live? - What? Nah man, everybody in that motherfucker die.
What's wrong with you, Jerome? Man, you got crabs or something? I don't like being out in front of this motherfucking place, God damn.
- Amen.
- Ah.
- This fool.
- [CHUCKLES] So when you drop the soap, do you bend over to pick it up or do you squat? Like how do you How does that work? - This motherfucker.
- What's up, man? Hey, y'all make sure this little nigga don't run, you hear? Who the fuck you talking to? All right, playa.
Look, y'all need me again, and it sound like you will, you know where I'm at.
[LAUGHS] - They sweat you hard? - Some.
You give 'em my social? - Name, number, address.
- [LAUGHS] Appreciate that, man.
So what you want, huh? Drink? Lap dance? Wanda ain't come with y'all, huh? Oh, no, man, she havin' a little trouble walking.
Spent a little time with her while you was gone.
Oh, you want to fuck with me after I just got out, huh? Nah, she wanted to fuck with us.
Oh, really? So I have to beat all y'alls ass, huh? [LAUGHTER] [TRUCKS BEEPING] [INDISTINCT CHATTER] Miguel.
He's out there somewhere.
All right.
Still nothing? Not in the States or in Mexico.
It's like he's vanished off the face of the planet.
Maybe he has.
You know Pedro ran for a reason.
Hmm? He may never come back.
We killed his father.
He's not gonna let that go.
["BACKSTROKIN'" BY FATBACK PLAYS] Why don't you tighten up on your back stroke Boy, we was talking about you last night.
- All good, I hope.
- [LAUGHS] Your homegirl Tanosse was up in here.
With your name in her mouth.
I did not know you two was acquainted.
Yeah, we used to kick it back in the day.
So she said.
Let me get you a drink.
If Tanosse in here, I take it Bobo back in the pen? Yup.
She been hearing rumors that you on the rise.
Yeah well, I got other shit on my mind than pussy.
[LAUGHS] Making you a rarity amongst young men.
Come on, let me talk to you.
[DOOR OPENS] [GUNSHOTS] - [SCREAMS] - Hey! - Hey, what the motherfuck? - What the fuck? Shit! - There we go, Peaches.
- What the fuck happened? How they get in? Back door.
Somebody didn't lock that shit? Somebody left that shit unlocked? They jimmied the shit.
And Peaches, you ain't hear it? And so what? You just kill some motherfuckers in my house? You ain't wanna scare 'em off first? - What you gonna do that for? - I ain't asking you! - Well, I'm answering you! - Stop! Fucking stop.
Keep your voices down.
Who the fuck are they? Fuck.
It's motherfucking Biscuit.
That ain't Tyrone.
That's Jamal.
That's Biscuit older brother.
Biscuit's older brother, who's paranoid now, Unc? I told you not to mention that fucking money! They wouldn't even thought twice about this shit if you ain't make a big deal of it, God damn.
I told you not to keep that fucking money in our house! Wanna talk about this now? Hey, look, if nosy-ass Shirley heard the shots, then the cops is probably on the way now.
God damn.
So now what you gonna do? - Fuck.
- Huh? Me and Jerome go and load up the bodies.
Drive 'em out.
Bury 'em.
You two, stay here, clean this shit up.
Sun rises, this never happened.
[TENSE MUSIC] I'm with that shit.
Come on.
This shit is fucking crazy.
Why ain't they back yet? Gotta dig.
Shit takes time.
How you know? [SCOFFS] This house ain't gonna never be the same.
You know, we should probably get some bars on the windows.
And new doors.
[KNOCKING ON DOOR] - That them? - Nah, they wouldn't knock.
You expecting somebody? At 8:00 in the morning? [TENSE MUSIC] Ah, shit.
One second.
Something wrong? Nah, I'm all right.
I just Go on.
'Sup? I just I was gonna come by yesterday on the actual day.
But then I didn't know if I should.
In the end it just ain't feel right not wishing you happy birthday.
You have fun? Yeah.
Yeah, we did.
We, uh, had a little party.
Nothing crazy.
I just came to give you this.
Happy birthday, Franklin.
Hope it was a good day.
Hey, uh you wanna go get some breakfast or something? Can't, school.
It's cool.
Uh, I'll walk with you then.
I don't think that's a good idea.
- I just want to talk for - Franklin.
My dad's been hearing about you too and don't want me nowhere near you.
Someone will see.
Hey, uh you or Andre, talk to my moms at all? She and my dad spend some time together.
I see her here and there.
How she doing? How she doing? Her heart's broken, Franklin.
How you think she doing? Take care of yourself, okay? [SPANISH MUSIC PLAYING] [WHISTLES] Gracias.
This place is a shit hole.
You know who I am? [INDISTINCT CHATTER] You bring all this in? From our family's farms in Mexico.
Then we sell it wholesale.
You bring it through, uh, border checkpoints or you have your own routes? I thought, uh, you were here to talk about this new drug.
I'm here to talk about whatever the fuck I want.
We have our own routes.
My father and uncle created them.
They're dead now, right? Is that right? Mm-hmm.
If they weren't, what do you think they'd say about this new product? I think they'd see a new business opportunity.
My boys agree with you.
They like this new rock cocaine.
Not me.
From what I seen, it makes people crazy.
Right? Keeps 'em calm, obedient, which we control.
It also mean getting into business with the mayates and that could cause some problems.
This drug is gonna catch on whether we're in it or not.
And if we're not that's a lot of money going to those mayates and not us, leaving our people weaker.
Is that what you're worried about? Our people? Among other things.
Empowering Mexicans in this country.
Ensuring we have a voice that cannot be ignored.
I believe this drug is the future.
And I believe it so deeply I'm willing to front all the product.
Take on all the financial risk.
The decision is yours.
[TENSE MUSIC] How was the flight? Uh, it was as smooth as a stripper's ass.
[LAUGHS] It was fine.
You must be Matt.
And you are? You can call me Mrs.
Could I call you something else? No.
Can I speak with you privately for a minute? Anything you can say to him you can say in front of me.
Yeah, it's all right, Gladys.
Go ahead.
I still hadn't heard back from Avi so I went by his house.
And I think we have a problem.
It's a nice spot.
Any opportunity to get out from that desk.
So this bust, this wasn't the result of surveillance or a long-term op? Started with a murdered rich kid in Studio City.
Now we got the DEA, the FBI, and ATF all fighting for who's gonna take the lead on our bust.
You mind if I keep this copy? Yeah, be my guest.
Thanks as always, Solo.
[TENSE MUSIC] Coke's officially gone.
We got enough rock for maybe another day or two, but that's it.
What about you, Rob? You know how hard it is to find someone to get you more than two kilos a week who isn't full of shit? He's trying to rip you off, he's trying to kill you Yeah, yeah, whatever, man.
Anything from you two? Nigga, you want a chopped-up key for 25 grand? Guy just a motherfucker.
Nigga, it was your connect.
I mean, it's like the white boy, Rob, say.
[LAUGHS] There's lotta bullshit out here, Frankie.
[SIGHS] Okay.
First thing in the morning, we head up to Oakland.
Visit Swim.
Get enough rock to tide us over.
Maybe even talk our way into they connect.
Set up a pipeline south.
That's what we're gonna do.
I'm down.
Get some rest, man.
We'll link up at Jerome's in the morning.
So what do you tell them? The LAPD? Oh, there's no them, it's just this one guy.
This detective, he's the CIA liaison at the department.
Hey, please don't open that.
Don't open that.
- So you're not worried at all? - Worried about what? About that guy, Avi, deciding to roll on you.
Not really.
I mean, even if he did, they'd just be chasing Reed Thompson.
Who's that? Exactly.
So do I get an alias too? Mm-hmm.
And you should start calling me Reed.
Okay, Reed.
If you're in the clear, what's the problem? The problem is, we're about import 50 keys of Colombian White.
I got no one to buy it.
So we need to find a drug dealer.
Talked to Claudia again, about the club.
- Mm.
- Offered her a blank check.
She ain't gonna sell, huh? You know there's other ways I could push her out.
[SCOFFS] Like how? She got cops on the payroll so it ain't like you can just shut it down.
And you ain't gonna kill her, so what else is there? Hey - can I ask you something? - Mm-hmm.
You know I noticed you've been spending a lot of time over there.
With her.
- Is that a question? - [LAUGHS] Look It ain't my business how you and Jerome live your lives.
I'm just sayin' if you falling for Claudia, it's bad for business.
That's a problem.
You know that.
Or maybe I'm just getting close to her trying to figure out a way to get my hands on that club.
Seeing as how you seem to be unable.
[SCOFFS] Look.
I'ma handle it, okay? I promise.
I mean, it might not be a Christmas present, but I'ma get it done, okay? [LAUGHS] [WHISTLING] [WHISTLING] I'm gonna piss.
Anything else you want to tell me? [DISTANT THUD] Oso? [SCRAPING] Who goes there? It's me.
Pedro? Hello, prima.
[TENSE MUSIC] [SIGHS] Environmental groups claims that by the year 2000 a quarter of the world's energy could cover renewable sources, such as the Sun and wind.
Although much of the technology needed to make such sources viable is not yet [SOUL MUSIC ON RADIO] [RADIO CHATTER] ["KEEP ON DOIN' IT" BY JEAN WELLS PLAYS] When you did what you did to me But keep on doing it ALL: Keep on doing it - Doing your thing ALL: Keep on doing it - Keep on doing it - ALL: Keep on doing it Keep doing your thing ALL: Doing it doing it - Keep on doing it [TIRES SCREECH] Keep doing your thing [CAR DOOR BEEPING] And all I hear is keep on doing if you like it - Hey, you okay? - I'm good.
Can you hear me? I'm so sorry, man.
Are How is your neck? It's good.
It's good.
[MUTED GASP] Sorry about this, kid.
- Keep doing you thing - ALL: Keep on doing it - Keep on doing it - ALL: Keep on doing it - Keep doing your thing - ALL: Doing it doing it Baby keep on doing it do it do it I ain't paying you to doing your thing Yeah keep doing your thing - ALL: Doing your thing Babe baby babe baby Stop, wait just a minute, baby You got me weak in the knees You wracking my nerves wracking my brain But it sure is good to me I never thought this day I would see And then you did what you did When you did what you did to me Oh but keep on doing it