Snowfall (2017) s02e02 Episode Script

The Day

1 Going secure.
Congress isn't going to approve any of the funds.
No access to anything official.
You're not going to see Dad when you're here? I already saw him through the window.
This should buy him whatever help he needs - until you get back.
- I have a Cessna Caravan waiting in a hangar; all I need is someone to fly her.
Look, he getting it for much less than 12 a key.
You have somebody stake out his little crib, - get right to the source.
- Happy birthday, Franklin.
- You talk to my moms at all? - How she doing? - Her heart's broken.
- How you think she doing? Cocaina, smokable.
Right now, it's being sold by mayates in Pico-Union.
Pedro ran for a reason, hmm? He might never come back.
We killed his father.
He's not going to let that go.
- Avi! - LAPD! Don't move! - Everybody down! - Oh shit, come on, get! - Hands behind your head.
- Your boy's got priors.
And because it's a felony, the bail's 50.
- I want him out.
- Coke's officially gone.
First thing in the morning, we head up to Oakland.
Get enough rock to tide us over.
[TIRES SCREECH] [ELECTRICITY CRACKLES] I'm sorry about this, kid.
- Who goes there? - It's me.
- Pedro? - Hello, prima.
Why are you here, Pedro? That's not the right question.
I want to hear your answer.
The question is, why did I leave? We know why you left.
You ran.
We had to bury your father without you.
- Deal with everything.
- I thought I was next.
How fucking dare you? You know, at first, I thought I was running from you.
And you.
But you know what I figured out? I was running from myself.
The fuck is wrong with you? Are you high? Can I tell you a story? So one night, I was in some terrible bar in El Paso.
In fact, it was called the Hole.
Two weeks of drinking and blacking out.
When I looked up, I had no idea where I was or how I got there.
But then, one of the waitresses came by and started talking to me.
I asked her why the bar was called the Hole, and she said that it was named after a local state park.
And she said that it was some sort of a sacred area That Indians lived there thousands of years ago.
And then, I asked her out to go see it with me.
- So this is about a woman? - Yeah, we began dating.
She helped me dry out.
Helped me become a new man.
You're so full of shit.
Why are you really here? [EXHALES] I'm not here to fight, okay? To begin with, my money.
My inheritance.
You have it, yes? I'll call Gutierrez in the morning.
- Should only take a day or two.
- Okay.
Once I have it, if you still feel this way, we'll go.
[TENSE MUSIC] - You brought her? - Her name is Soledad.
And yes, I brought her.
Because we're going to get married.
I'll call in a day or two about the cash.
What the fuck, man? Oh, Franklin, you stupid motherfucker! Shit.
Leon, Leon, that you? Leon, wake up.
Come on, Leon.
Leon, Leon, wake up! Leon! [PANTING] Fuck.
Hey, hey, hey! Down here! [DOOR UNLOCKS] [DOOR OPENS] [EERIE MUSIC] What the fuck is this? Who are you? You can't hear me talking to you, motherfucker? Who are you? [BREATHING HEAVILY] What you want from us, man? Huh, what you want from us? You fucked up, Franklin.
Louie! [DOG BARKING] God damn.
Hey, Franklin.
Anybody here? In here.
- [CARTOONS PLAY ON TELEVISION] - You in there? [LAUGHS] You seen Franklin? Mm-mm.
Where Louie at? [LAUGHTER] You don't know nothing.
- Hey, Franklin.
- Hey, hey, hey, you okay? [EXHALES] What the fuck is going on? I don't know, man.
Aw, hell no, man.
I fucking pissed my pants.
[GRUNTS] Hey, where were you grabbed? I was walking home, and some white dude asked me for directions, but I don't know, man.
Shit, I'm fucked up, cuz.
- You get a good look at him? - No, not really.
My motherfucking head hurt.
[GROANS] [COUGHING] [WHISTLING] [KEYS JANGLING] Hey, how many are out there? [STAMMERING] I don't know.
I only saw one.
[WHISTLING] [WHISTLING] You punk motherfucker.
On my momma, I'm going to kill you when I get loose.
You hear me, you fucking worm? I'ma kill you! [WHISTLING] [WHISPERING] Come on, come on, Franklin.
Come on, Franklin.
Come on, come on Franklin.
[WHISTLING] What the fuck is this? What the fuck are you going to do with that? - What the fuck ow, fuck! - [ELECTRICITY CRACKLING] - Hey, hey, stop! - Hey, hey! - Stop, man.
- Tell me about the bust.
- [GROANS] - What? - Tell me about the bust.
- The bust? - Tell me about the bust.
- What bust? - Oh, fuck.
- At Avi's.
- Avi? - Tell me about the bust, - Franklin.
- What's this got to do with Avi, man? It was nothing, man.
We showed up to Avi's to buy, fucking cops showed up, we ran.
- That's it.
- Oh, yeah, that's right.
- Right, and you got away.
- Right.
But he didn't.
Right? He didn't get away.
And yet, somehow 24 hours later, he's out.
Free as a bird.
How? - What, you think he snitched? - Explain that.
- He didn't snitch, man.
- Hey, kiss my ass.
I ain't talk to no motherfucking police.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, shh, shh, shh, shh.
Look, man, look, hey.
Look, look, whoever you are, I swear to you, I swear to you, I don't know shit about how Avi got busted.
What did he tell the police? I think you do know.
Say it.
Faster, faster, faster, faster.
Look, I don't know, man.
But Leon didn't snitch.
All right, check with the courts, you don't believe me.
Check with the courts, man.
Check with the courts.
[HEAVY PANTING] He got charged with felony evading.
He got charged with felony evading, man.
[HEAVY BREATHING] And I bailed him out.
And he didn't snitch.
He's got a lawyer.
A court date.
It's all legit.
It's all legit, I swear to you, man.
I'll check.
We'll see, okay? You best back the fuck up with that shit.
Oh, I would love it if you would do that one more time.
Do it again.
[PANTING] You are the stupidest person I've ever met.
Fucking weirdo.
Little Leon Simmons.
[WHISPERS] Fucking light.
And how the hell this motherfucker know my name? And your name, too? I don't know, but we've got to get the fuck up out of here.
I don't want to fucking die down here.
I ain't going to let us die.
Hey, Franklin.
Come on, man.
I don't want to be stuck in no fucking traffic, dawg.
Hey, where the boy at? He still asleep or something? Thought he went up to Oakland with you already.
Fuck you talking about, Jerome? I'm right here, nigga.
Hold on.
Ain't nobody even seen Franklin today? Hey.
Y'all know where Leon's at? Oh, hell no.
Excuse me.
Ain't he with Franklin? It's too early for this, man.
Hey, you remember me? Yeah, you the only bitch who come to buy rock wearing a power suit.
What you want, a 20 again? No, I want more.
A lot more.
Can you connect me with your boss? How much more? As much as you can supply.
That's my name.
Lucia Villanueva.
Tell your boss we could help each other out.
I can't even go see my bosses until all this shit is sold.
But you could speed things up if you finish me off.
I'll clean you out, as long as you go and take my number to him right now.
[SCOFFS] How much more we got left? Ah Quarter field.
25 rocks, $250.
Here you go.
You know what, here's an extra 50 for your time.
[CHUCKLES] Appreciate it.
Thought you'd be at work.
I was just leaving.
- You seen Franklin? - Why would I see Franklin? I haven't seen him in months.
Well, he said he was going to come by here, to drop off you some groceries.
Yeah, about them groceries, you tell him to stop.
This ain't his house no more.
Oh, and I hope you weren't feeling like you were going to waltz in up there like it's your own home.
[ENGINE STARTS] [CHUCKLES] Everything okay? Yeah.
Yeah, everything good.
I'll talk to you later.
Where the hell is this motherfucker, man? How long has it been? Shit, too long, my nigga.
Going fucking crazy.
This is all on me, man.
- I'm sorry.
- No, my nigga.
I never thought life would be this good.
And it's worth whatever's coming.
And that ain't on you.
You're right.
Leon Simmons was arrested for evading and resisting.
Out on bail.
We already told you that, dumbass.
Now let us the fuck go.
Oh, where the fuck is he going, man? Hey, just be cool, man.
Just relax, man.
We going to get out this shit.
[TENSE MUSIC] Hey, what you doing, what you doing, man? You said we were telling the fucking truth! Yeah, no, I believe that you're telling the truth.
That'll help me sleep.
But now, you've both seen my face.
- And that won't - I can't see I can't see your fucking face, man, I can't My nigga, it ain't need to go down like this.
Look, man, we still don't know who you are.
Huh, we still don't know who you are.
Won't tell a soul about this shit.
Come on, you have to think I'm pretty stupid - to believe that, wouldn't you? - Okay, look.
I've got a ton of fucking cash.
Huh, I've got a lot of money.
I could offer you That's not worth it to me.
[TENSE MUSIC] Then what is? See, if you knew the answer to that question, you might be of some use to me.
But seeing as how you're not even smart enough to figure out who I am, I'm afraid there is no benefit to me letting you live.
- Do you work for Avi? - No.
Man, if you don't work for Avi, then why the fuck do you care if we snitched? Hey, man, fuck it, Franklin.
Piece of shit want to put us down like dogs, fuck him.
- Shut the fuck up, Leon, man! - You're trying to stay alive? - That's not the way.
- Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you.
Come on, Franklin.
Think about it.
I'm going to shoot him.
Gonna put a bullet in his brain.
- Who am I, Franklin? - You thought I knew you.
- Who am I? - You're the connect! [HEAVY BREATHING] You're the plug.
The guy we was looking for.
You're trying to cut Avi out? That's bold.
I mean, it's stupid, but it's bold.
Well, Avi's a crazy person, and he upped the prices.
It's stupid to want to pay less and deal with somebody sane? No, Franklin, it's stupid to trust a stoner kid to get it done.
- Whitey got a point.
- Shut up, man.
You've lost a buyer, and I'm out of my supply.
Why don't we help each other? [LAUGHS] Come on.
You were selling dimebags on the street corner six months ago.
You're going to take Avi's place? I'd like to try.
How much you selling to Avi? A lot more than you can move, kid.
At the right prices, I could move six a week, easy.
Eh, six won't even make a dent.
Ten, then.
T Ten a week.
Hmm? That help you out? How are you going to move ten keys in a week? Put that away And I'll tell you.
[TENSE MUSIC] Convince me, and I'll put it away.
I just heard something funny.
Would you just put it down, already? Just put it down, just put it down.
What'd I do? Dude, you want me to fucking put it down? Then put your money where your mouth is, then.
All right, fine, fuck it.
All right, let's go, let's go.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] Can we talk? Sure.
Can we talk inside? Here is good.
- You hear from Gabriella? - Yup.
I'll have the first load in the next couple of days.
Just want to make sure you'll be ready to go.
Where the fuck did you even find that shit? Pico-Union.
A couple of young mayates.
Mayates, huh? She also tell you I'm done paying the other tax? Nah, she didn't mention it.
You sure? The tax stays.
Unless you want the street to know it was us that hit your family.
Now take your gorilla, and get the fuck out of here.
And once we figured out how to rock it up and sell it cheap, we were selling more and more.
We got dealers spreading out all over my neighbourhood, and we expanding every week.
What do you do with your cash? Storing it for now.
I've been growing the business.
Security? We got plenty.
Fuck is this? A job interview? You got supply, we want to buy.
What more is there? He's just being careful.
Wants to know if we for real.
Which we are.
What is the high like? This rock? Short and intense.
They need more right away.
- You speaking from experience? - Nah, man.
I don't deal with none of that shit.
You'll never turn me down.
No excuses, no bullshit.
I show up with ten keys, you buy ten every week.
- Do you understand? - Yes.
And you see what happens to people who fuck with me? Uh-huh.
Hey, we good? Because I've got to go to the fucking bathroom, or I'ma piss my pants.
[TOILET FLUSHES] - Enjoy taking a shit? - Stupid.
Put that on.
I trust you both understand why this place needs to be kept secret.
- What's your name? - Richard Nixon.
I'm kidding.
It's Reed Thompson.
Reed Thompson.
And how do I get in contact with you, Reed Thompson? You don't.
I contact you.
Well, you know, that don't work for me.
I'm sorry.
We talking a lot of money and product, man.
You know everything about me, I don't know shit about you.
Yeah, that's because you don't need to know anything about me except that I can supply you.
- Where'd you get your product? - Why? - So you can cut me out now? - Come on, man.
Put yourself in my shoes.
You get T-boned, electrified, thrown in the shithole, gun in your face, and now what? You're just supposed to go along with some crazy-ass deal? How am I supposed to trust you? Trust is overrated.
Not to me.
Are you always going to be this big a pain in my ass? Yeah, he is.
Look, you can't afford to walk away from this deal.
- You don't have any leverage.
- Right, but I will if I have to.
[TENSE MUSIC] Help me sleep at night, Reed Thompson.
Put the hood on.
All right.
I told you five times, either one.
Franklin Saint or Leon Simmons in the emergency room.
Checked in for injuries.
I don't know, man.
I already asked Leon's momma.
She ain't seen neither of them.
And Leon ain't say nothing about going up to Oakland early with Franklin? Your ass would have known about that if your ass was around here to Jerome, it ain't time for that shit.
- He's my goddamn nephew! - My nephew, too! Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Maybe this ain't nothing but Franklin getting a little sweet thing last night, all right? Yeah, but Leon ain't get none of this sweet thing last night.
Where he at, huh? Where Leon at? Yo, yo, what up? Nigga, I'm gonna pop your fucking head off.
Calm the fuck down! Listen, have y'all seen Franklin since last night? - No, why, what's up? - Fuck you doing here? We just had a little chica try to buy our product ho-sale.
Is you trying to say "wholesale," nigga? That's what I said.
A ho, wanting to make a sale.
Anyways, look, she said she can make us all rich.
Lucia Villanueva.
Bought from us on Pico-Union.
What you doing selling in Mexican's area? Because they buying, big time.
Ain't nobody selling stuff over there.
There's a reason for that.
We don't fuck with no goddamn Mexicans.
I thought I told you that before.
- Go easy on my relative, man.
- No, this what you need to do.
Tell all your little fucking corner boys stop fucking selling to the goddamn fucking Mexicans! Who is you raising your voice to, man? Get your fucking ashy asses out my goddamn house! - What's wrong with you, man? - Fuck you looking at, fat boy? What's wrong with you, man? Get the fuck out of here, man.
This is your fucking fault! You need to learn how to hold shit down.
Shut your bitch ass up.
You shut your bitch ass up, nigga.
Spending all that time at the goddamn club.
- Leon! - You look like shit, man.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, Leon, - Where were you, baby? - [STAMMERING] - Where's Franklin? - Are you hurt? Leon, where the fuck is Franklin? - Hey, man, where's Franklin? - Are you hurt? We all good, all right.
We all good.
I just need to change my clothes, and shower.
But Franklin on his way.
You smell like piss, man, where you been at? Hey, Jerome, man, get some towels or something.
[TENSE MUSIC] Franklin need to walk through this door right fucking now.
Pedro, she's beautiful.
[LAUGHS] [BOTH SPEAKING SPANISH] - [CHUCKLES] - He says that I have to practice English, so I can do both.
I go back and forth.
Okay, well, which one's better for you to tell us the stories about you and Pedro, the new man? [SPEAKING SPANISH] Shall we take this inside? [SPEAKING SPANISH] Thank you, it's still fairly new, but we're settling in.
Oh, she loves it.
It's very big.
[LAUGHS] But I, um I can see how you could live a good life here.
I mean, everything, you know? It's beautiful.
You know, once Pedro has his money, you can live anywhere.
Have any life you want.
Lucia Pedro wants his money because it is his money.
And because He wants to have his own life.
He's his own man now.
On that note [LIQUID POURING] To, um To being your own man.
Oh, delicioso! [INDISTINCT CHATTER] Hey, Matt.
Matt, I want you to meet a new customer.
This is Franklin.
Franklin, this is Matt.
He's my pilot.
- Nice to meet you.
- Same here.
You wanted to know how we bring it in This your own plane? How far does it fly? Well, with the weight stripped out, and the auxiliary fuel tanks, about 2,200 nautical miles.
Give or take.
Far enough.
How y'all two know each other? Uh, we met at the bar of this little café up near the Agua Dulce Airport.
You ever been up there? Antelope Valley? - Nah.
- He was flying these bullshit scenic tours for tourists.
Yeah, and he was screwing one of the waitresses.
- Now, he flies the loads.
- And he jerks off.
[LAUGHS] Have you ever been up in one of these small planes? Nah, man, never been on a plane.
Hold on a second! You have not experienced the greatest thrill a man can have besides, obviously, banging a regional airport cocktail waitress? Well.
[SOFT MUSIC] Shit's about to change.
You always drink when you fly? Always.
How's this thing stay in the air? Uh - Luck, mostly? - Physics.
Ah, physics.
- Ever crash? - Oh, yeah.
- All the time.
- He's kidding.
Listen, kid, relax.
Nobody does anything better than I fly.
[GRUNTS] 401 Foxtrot to tower, request permission to taxi to two seven left.
Tower to 41 Foxtrot, cleared to cross runway two seven left.
401 Foxtrot, thank you.
Hold on, boys.
Here we go.
Tower to 41 Foxtrot, radar contact.
Fly heading two three zero.
Climb and maintain 2000.
401 Foxtrot to tower, heading two three zero, climbing and maintaining 2000 feet.
Thank you, tower.
401 Foxtrot, AMF out.
- Ay, who he talking to? - Hawthorne Tower.
But we get far enough out, and we check in with someone else.
Yup, you are never alone when you're up here, Franklin.
Don't ever say this country doesn't have its moments.
But they tracking you the whole time? Yup.
But there are ways around it if need be.
Going low is the main way.
[SCREAMS] [LAUGHING] What the fuck! [ALL YELL] [LAUGHTER] Oh, man.
Please don't do that again.
What the fuck, man? I think he likes it.
[LAUGHTER] Oh, man.
So after you pick up the product - Hey, Franklin.
- How you bring it back - to the country? - Ask me one more question.
I'm going to throw you out this fucking plane.
[LAUGHS] I could do this all day.
That's why I fly.
You can be up here, and not down there.
This [INHALES DEEPLY] This is freedom, man.
[SOFT MUSIC] Matt wanted to fly before he could walk.
Go ahead, take the yoke.
- Nah.
- Yeah.
Grab that fucker right now.
- Not that! - Ah! I'm just kidding.
Grab that.
Grab it, man.
Grab it, we're fine.
- Go ahead.
- What? Come on, fly this plane, pilot.
All right, I got it.
Whoo-whee! We got a pilot here, boys! [LAUGHS] Yeah, running South Central, baby! Stop yelling, stop yelling.
I got you on the headset.
[BOTH YELL] Oh, man.
I can't believe this shit.
[SWELLING MUSIC] I'm flying this motherfucker.
You see me, Reed? Here's good, man.
You don't want me to drop you at the house? [SCOFFS] Nah, it's fine.
So, a couple days, you'll be ready? Mm-hmm, ten keys.
Ten grand a key.
And, I'll, uh, I'll pay to fix the car up.
Nah, I don't need it.
Just need your product.
Hey, look, man.
I understand why you did what you did today.
I do.
From here on out, no games.
No tricks, no bullshit.
You be straight up with me, I'll be straight up with you.
But if you ever fuck with me Or anybody that I care about Then it won't be good for you.
You understand that? Yeah.
I do, Franklin.
Reed Thompson.
[TELEVISION PLAYING INDISTINCTLY] You're the one responsible for getting into this mess.
I mean, you know, you gotta keep this shit tight.
Otherwise, I mean, what are we really doing? - They had pictures of me.
- Hey.
- Ho! - There he is.
- Hey.
- God damn, nephew.
- Where you been, man? - Oh, my God.
- I got a story for y'all.
- Yeah, Leon told us.
Yeah, that's just the half of it.
We about to move into the big leagues.
By trusting that white guy that kidnapped your ass, huh? Yeah, something like that.
Guess that mean I'm going to be cooking a lot more, huh? Mm.
It means we all got to step up.
[APPREHENSIVE RINGING] She's going to love it here, no matter what she says about you.
She's tough.
Tougher than you think.
Business going well? It has its challenges.
How much does she know about what we do? She's going to be my wife.
She knows what I know.
You trust a woman you've only known - a few months with all that? - Yes.
And you should, too.
Gutierrez will have your money at 9 AM.
Then you can go.
You know, Soledad is right about me.
I want to do my own thing.
El Paso is a great place to start.
- Good luck there.
- No, this is home, LA.
I leave now, everything that we did was for nothing.
And what did we do, Pedro? We both hired Gustavo to take that money.
We both wanted to be in cocaine.
My father's blood is every bit as much on my hands as yours.
I'm here now.
We're here.
And I want to run what we created.
I thought you just wanted your money? No, I spent too much time alone.
I want to be part of a family.
Think about it, please.
Why don't you try sticking your head up your ass? - See if it fits? - Nah, nigga.
You need that fucking side look with the fat tongue, man.
It's Why don't you try sticking your head up your ass? See if it fits, huh? Where'd you hide your stuff? Ay, ay, that's it.
You already know.
[LATIN MUSIC PLAYING] that Nissan 720.
Ooh, pull up on the Shaw Sunday with a gang of bitches on the back.
You feeling me, brother? Look, man, maybe we can catch that late showing tonight.
Ah, shit, we almost done yet though? Almost.
Hey, customer.
Hey, hey.
Hey, what you looking for? We got what you need.
Man, wait, oh, shit, oh, shit! [GRUNTING AND YELLING] Get off him.
I spoke to Jerome.
I'll stop the groceries.
Glad to hear it.
But you know, I was thinking maybe I could take you out for dinner sometime.
Huh, what's that fancy place you was telling me awhile back? I know what you've been doing, Franklin.
I've seen the new activity at Jerome's.
New people.
New cars.
I know it's not just weed anymore.
Remember when I was a kid? You used to tuck me in at night.
Ask me about the best part of my day.
Why are you saying this, Franklin? I was I was just remembering.
Those times when I was a kid, and I'd be having a really big day, and And I'd want to remember everything to tell you that night.
- Today was one of them days.
- No, Franklin.
" [SOFTLY] No.
You know how I feel about all of this.
You're welcome home when you stop.
Hey, Momma, hey! [EXHALES] [KNOCKS] Momma! [SOFT SOULFUL MUSIC] [EXHALES HEAVILY] Please, Momma.
[CRYING SOFTLY] If you've ever Lived In a ghetto It may be At the close of your day [SINGERS VOCALIZING SOFTLY] On your front porch You hear the sound Of a jukebox Or From a neighbourhood Café Mm-mm At noon You may hear Neighbours cussing [SINGERS VOCALIZING SOFTLY] When a kid Breaks A window pane What are you doing here, Franklin? I'm sorry, I I just wanted to thank you for the card.
For remembering.
Look, I Had a [CHUCKLES] A strange day.
And I just wanted to apologize.
You know, really apologize for what I did to you.
- It's all right.
- No, no, it's not.
You know, I'm starting to realize that you got one job in this life And that's to protect the people you love.
And I didn't do that for you.
But when you're born - And I'm sorry.
- The child, the child Of a poor man Ooh They say the ghetto - Is the only - Get in here.
- Your pops.
- Place for you Double shift tonight.
But forget the window.
Come through the door.
I ain't ever been through your door, - and I ain't about to start now.
- What? [LAUGHS] - Oh, my God.
- Oh, shit! Franklin! [SOFT VOCALIZATION] And I'm satisfied Satisfied Oh, that there will be Ooh For when they build When they build, when they build New Jerusalem There won't be - No more - Ghetto For me For me - Mm-mm - No, there won't There won't be No more ghetto Ghetto, for me Be, I'll say it one more time Listen, there won't be - Never, never, never - No more ghetto Ghetto for me Mm-mm