Snowfall (2017) s02e03 Episode Script

Prometheus Rising

1 Her name is Soledad.
I brought her, 'cause we're gonna get married.
And I want to run what we created.
I want to be part of the family.
Well, you have to provide me with absolutely pure cocaine at prices that's gonna make your balls hurt.
Who the fuck are you, man? Doesn't matter who I am.
It only matters who I represent.
And who's that? The United States Government.
Shit, 5,000 ain't shit.
It is.
It's a lot.
I don't want those two knowing what I'm holding.
Motherfucking Biscuit! I told you not to mention that fucking money! Lucia Villanueva.
Tell your boss we can help each other out.
Hey, what you looking for? We got what you need, man.
Wait! Back the fuck up! We've lost the buyer.
And I'm out of my supply.
What, you're gonna take Avi's place? I'd like to try.
You know, I'm starting to realize that you got one job in this life, and that's to protect the people you love.
Get in here.
Oh my God! - Oh, shit! - Franklin! I thought maybe I should go, before your pop shoots me for some burglar.
That's Jerome's idea of being careful.
So You just in danger walking down the street now? Well, I carry a lot cash sometimes.
How long we got? An hour or two.
But if you hear something that sound like the front door, you best get your ass out of here fast.
I hated that dog.
- I hated that dog! - Hated! And I'm just like, what did the dog do to you, man? That's a canine! - Every time you came home - Are you okay? at night with dad's car - after getting all high with Kathy - That was with Margolis! Oh, man.
And he's standing there, 4:00 in the morning, - he's standing there - You're out here trying to explain to him, you're like, about health class and hormones, and all kids gotta He's scared to death! "It's all all right, man.
" "It's all all right, man.
" "Be cool, dad.
" I got eyes on the LZ.
All right, so yeah, this is gonna be real professional.
It should just be two or three low-level Columbian guys.
They probably won't even speak English.
Just open the doors, stand aside, while they load up.
You told me 15 times already, tell me once more, I'm gonna crash this plane into the desert.
All right, well, it's not a joke, though.
We get in, we get out, right? That's affirmative.
Thank you.
Real professional, like a couple of green berets dropping in on a VC picnic.
You will wait for Danilo and Diego.
No, that's what I'm saying, we don't have time for that.
We're gonna miss the window for our drop.
Search them.
All right.
Hey, man, that is not a weapon.
This is ridiculous.
Whoa, whoa, all right, all right, all right.
Look, we do this every week.
No, you did.
All right, you know what? I want my cocaine on that plane right now, you understand me? What's wrong with you? You know who we are? I'm sorry, do you not know - who we are? - The bosses only need one of you alive to talk.
Mm I'm supposed to be back by morning.
Or at least call Jerome.
Your days of slaving for that Jheri curl motherfucker, that's over.
Listen Ooh! Come on! Mm-hmm.
I'm gonna take you out for breakfast.
And then bring you back.
And make you pass out again.
But I really gotta go! Mm-mm.
You don't understand what this is about, do you? What do you mean? Don't move.
Where you going? Open it.
Now you see what we're doing? Tuscon.
El Paso.
Like a gypsy.
Cheap motels and trailer parks.
And the girl? Soledad Caro.
Both parents dead, no brothers or sisters.
She went to Galveston Community College for a year, and she was tending bar at some shithole in El Paso called El Hueco when they met.
- You checked that out? - Owner confirmed it.
Said she pretty much ran the place for him.
A monkey could run a dive bar.
A trained monkey.
I guess I really only have one other question for you.
How the hell did you miss this? - What? - Pedro! You said it was like he'd vanished.
He was smart, he used only cash, had fake IDs, moved around a lot.
In Arizona and Texas.
- Miguel.
- Pedro.
It's good to have you back.
- Lucia.
- I didn't know you were coming by today.
We talked about a job.
Which I said I'd think about.
And have you? What's the hurry? You just got back.
Take her to Knott's Berry Farm.
We'll talk next week.
I want to work.
Yeah, and I've wasted enough time.
The family business is as much mine as it is yours, Lucia.
Now What do you have for us? Mm-mm, baby, you're supposed to be on guard.
How are you gonna stop a burglar if I'm on top of you? - Was that Louie? - Uh-uh, Jerome, she ain't here.
Hey, what's she doing here, Lee? You're supposed to be on guard, man.
I am, my nigga, she's keeping me up.
Where the hell you been? Over at Claudia's.
Between the VSOP and the tongue-lashin', I passed out, but I got here as soon as I could.
For all I know, you could be in trouble, right? Uh-huh.
Lot of people want what we got.
What you and Franklin got.
All I got is burnt fingers and hair that smell like shit.
Goddamnit, Jerome! Why you got these niggas all over my house? We ain't running no goddamn motel.
- Hey, hold up - Delroy and them got killed! - They cut off their dicks, man! - Huh? - They cut off their dicks, man! - Who you talking about? Mexicans! They cut off they Delroy and my little cousin, man! They cut their dicks off, you're sure? Yeah, nigga, I'm sure.
Why you just standing here? - Get the heat, we gotta ride on them! - Guns for what? What you think? Kill us some motherfucking Mexicans! Motherfucking knives and shit.
I want every ese motherfucker dead! Motherfucking knives and shit, man.
I don't know where the fuck Franklin at.
He said he was going over to his mama's house, - probably at Melody's.
- You sure they cut their dicks off, my nigga? You see that shit? Mookie did.
He said he saw the bodies with the coroner over there by El Big Burrito.
- At Wabash and Stone? - Hold on! That's goddamn Pico-Union, nigga! I told you to stop fucking with them goddamn Mexicans and the skinny fuckin' motherfuckers! I know, but right now.
Just wait.
Mookie called Delroy's mom.
Delroy's mama called Leon's mama.
Leon's mama tried to page him, he wasn't answering, so she called my mama.
Delroy and his mama used to live with me.
He more like my little brother than my cousin.
- And now, we gotta get 'em.
- We will get 'em.
Man, we gotta kill 'em! Hold on! Mookie called Latisha, Latisha called Gloria, Gloria told you, and you just gonna what? Go out in the street and just shoot anybody? - It don't make no sense! - We'll kill all the fucking esés, fuck 'em! Delroy's dead.
Vic is dead.
They castrated them! - They castrate 'em! - They lynched 'em! They cas They done lynched them! - Okay - Come on, Lee! Nobody here seen a body! And even if they are dead, - we need to make a plan - Louie! Go get back to your goddamn girlfriend.
- Okay - This is man shit! - Just find Franklin first! - Fuck Franklin! All right.
I'll find him! Do you need me to do something? No, baby, this is man shit! All right, at least just let us load up the plane, and then we'll wait for your bosses, if that's what you want.
Do you understand that we represent the American Government? America.
United States is a pichiruchi country who can't win a war without the rest of the world behind it.
You murdered the Indians, you chained the blacks, and you pissed on the vatos.
I spit on America.
And your country? It's nothing.
It is weak.
It is inconsequential.
You are like a pawn that we sacrifice.
You play chess, or Nah, you're probably more of a checkers kind of guy.
Hey! Wait! No! Don't shoot! Hello, Reed.
This isn't what I had in mind.
You wanted back in, Gustavo.
Mm? Mm? Maybe we should go somewhere else.
Why? This is where the shit happened.
Where the esés at? They're probably asleep.
Shit, first time I've been outside the house before noon in a goddamn year.
Look, we just gotta pick somebody, - don't really matter who.
- Hell no.
That shit ain't right.
It ain't right? No, what ain't right is them killing our motherfucking people like animals.
We gotta send a message, right? By killing a bunch of old folks and fucking kids, my nigga? We can't let these motherfucking wetbacks kill our people, then walk around like ain't shit happened.
Oh, y'all too soft.
So I'm gonna have to do this shit myself.
- Let me out of the car, man.
- No, my nigga.
You ain't killing no fucking kids, my nigga! You dumb motherfuckers.
Wrap this shit up.
We out of here.
What the fuck is wrong with you people? You just gonna go out in the street, start shooting - 'cause you got a phone call? - Not just a fucking phone call.
Mookie seen it, man, they really dead.
So you gonna go and kill the first Mexican you see? That's what you do, man! Ain't your daddy a Panther? - They hit you, you hit them back! - You just out here with your M-16 backing this shit up? You the one who warned me 'bout the motherfuckers in the first place! They killed one of our goddamn folks, - all right? I overreacted! - First, it's just hearsay, - you don't just go out there - No, it wasn't, man, Mookie seen - What is you doing? - Come on.
What's wrong with y'all? We already lost two people, and now you put three more in jeopardy and you know what? I don't even know why the fuck any of this shit even happened! Delroy and Victor was out there pitching on Pico-Union.
- I thought we told them to stay out of there.
- I know we told them to stay out of there - but I came at 9:00 - That's the fucking job! That's the fucking job, man! When we tell somebody to do some shit, we supposed to make sure they do it.
It was in the same place where that Mexican bitch gave you the phone number.
You mean to tell me you knew somebody who might've helped you? Might've told you what really happened, you didn't think to call her first before going down there fully loaded? Nephew, I gave you the card with the goddamn number on it.
How's it going? Sometimes one looks good, but it's rotten at the core.
Sometimes it's hard to tell.
Pedro made it sound like this whole place was just for show.
Our farms in Mexico are where we started.
They're our heartbeat, our identity.
And you don't want any rotten onions in the basket.
For a farmer's daughter, old habits die hard.
Mira, Lucia, I think that you will come to feel that you and I are not so different.
How's that? We are both survivors.
Tiger Fuentes? Gigi.
She is a handful.
I'm fine, really.
Bueno? I want to talk to the woman who sent me her phone number a couple days ago from down the Pico-Union.
Yeah, I wanted to talk to you about a possible business deal.
Yeah, I don't know about all that.
The reason I'm calling is to find out why my men were killed yesterday.
They're dead? Are you sure? Lady, what the fuck? Two of men are dead, you're asking am I sure? I didn't know.
I hadn't heard.
Who are you? Lucia Villanueva.
You know who killed my people, Lucia? I have no idea.
Let me look into it, and then maybe we can meet.
Say 2:00? Not in no Pico-Union.
What about that park near Gower? It's public and not Mexican or black.
Do me a favor.
Only bring one of your people.
Will you only bring one of yours? Me and mine ain't killed none of yours.
I'll see you at 2:00 then.
Have the pigs' feet.
They call it Spanish pigs' feet.
But it is a delicacy of our culture.
We came here in good faith.
The pigs' feet is a national dish, but aguardiente is what we drink.
It is related to the Mexican tequila and mescal, but it is a superior, uh What do you call it? - Spirit.
- You're wasting our time.
We're gonna miss the window for our drop.
I thought you guys were professionals, not amateurs.
Amateurs? You're the amateurs.
It is an amateur who allows his own man to steal his plane and his cocaine.
An amateur who misses a week of product.
An amateur who arrives with a gringo we've never seen before and expects us to trust him.
I came here especially to reassure you and to introduce you to my new pilot.
Instead, I have been beaten, I have been insulted You mouthed off.
You called our country Who do you think you are? Talking about our country like that.
You're right, he shouldn't have done that.
But your man, he insulted our country.
- So what? - Your country is shit.
- Less than shit.
- Okay.
But my man doesn't see it that way.
He loves his country.
Your man upset him.
That is no excuse.
You shit on our people.
Look He's sorry.
I'm sorry.
We're both sorry.
But if you don't get us on our way, we're gonna miss our drop, and that's gonna cause mucho problems.
I like this guy.
Maybe you should screw him, marica.
Maybe I will, If we let you go now, you'll take twice the weight on this trip.
To make up for what you missed last week.
We didn't bring enough money for that.
But we'd be happy to take the weight, make up the difference next time.
There are also some other things.
Some gifts that we need.
Two cases of Tony the Tiger Frosted Flakes.
29 copies of Michael Jackson's album Thriller.
A case of sheepskin condoms.
15 Cabbage Patch Dolls for Christmas and those fancy Christmas lights.
Lots and lots of those fancy lights.
And visas for my friend and I and our families.
And also, one bodyguard who will bring his mother and young daughter.
- No visas.
- Yes, visas.
We want to take our wives to Disneyland.
And our girlfriends to Las Vegas.
Paul Anka is playing at the Flamingo next week.
- Paul Anka? - All right, thank you, no.
You're talking about official government documents.
- I thought you were the government.
- That's impossible.
Isn't that what you told us? That's what he told us.
Unless you're a fucking liar.
We'll take care of the visas.
It's no problem.
Now I like him.
Maybe you should screw him.
El Oso.
What the hell are you doing here? I'm the man you're looking for.
Can we talk in private? Jerome tells me they killed your uncle a few months ago.
Sorry to hear that.
My father died around the same time.
Nothing to do about it.
- People die.
- Yeah.
Sometimes it don't make no sense.
Victor and Delroy were wrong.
But to kill them for standing on a street corner was foul.
Yes it was.
My people want this murder avenged.
A fucking mutilation? Your friends were killed.
But there was no mutilation.
I know that doesn't make things any better, but there's an even bigger problem.
The man who did this is not just some street thug.
You know his name? Yeah.
But he's protected.
By who? Everyone.
The man who killed your people, if he were touched by you or any of your men, you'd have an entire army of vatos after you and everyone you know.
Why are you here? Because I know about the drug you've been selling.
The hard cocaine.
I may be able to help you sell a lot more.
Two of my men are dead, and you're here to talk about business? Your men were doing business.
The man who killed them was too.
Everything we do is about business.
How do I tell my people that they're working with the enemy? I'm not the enemy.
And you are not a puppet.
No promises.
What kind of business are we talking about? Hey, what up, Oso? You still wrestling and shit? Man, don't talk to him; he's with them! Okay, that's fine, but my people will still want to do something about our dead men.
I'll try to broker a deal that will make us both happy.
Take care.
- Hey, where they going? - Home.
She told you who did it? She's gonna ask around.
Ask around? Man, all these spics know each other, man.
You gotta make her tell you who killed Delroy.
She can't tell us what she don't know.
- Bullshit she don't know.
- She wasn't there, Kev.
She gonna find us a number, and then we gotta do something about it, but we gotta wait on that! Fuck that! These Mexicans killed our people, your people, - and you just tuck tail and run! - I'm tired of listening - to this shit, Kev! - Shit ain't right, man! I always knew you wasn't built for this shit, son.
Fuck this shit, man.
I love y'all.
Hey, come on, man! - Fuck this shit! - Hey! So where exactly are you planning on getting these visas? I don't know why you're so pissed off.
I'm the one who got us out of there.
Well, yeah, by making promises that I'm gonna have to keep.
Better that than a bullet to the head.
Second, who says you have to keep them? Oh, oh, oh! You think it's a good idea to be making empty promises to crazy Colombian drug dealers? Yes, they are crazy Colombian drug dealers.
Who gives a shit what you promise them? Jesus Christ.
Look, from now on, just leave the negotiating to me, okay? No.
Not only what you were saying had them pointing a gun at my head.
You came to me, remember? - You needed my help? - No, I need you to fly the plane, Matt, to fly the load! Apparently that's not all! I was in 'Nam! There were no good guys.
And the only way to deal with bad guys is to be worse.
So do us both a favor, take that stick out of your ass and start pretending like you got a ten-inch cock to go along with a terminal case of the "I-Don't-Give-a-Fucks.
" And start pretending like you are a goddamn drug dealer before you get us both killed.
You done? If you hear me.
I hear you.
- Then I'm done.
- Great.
Drop site in ten minutes.
Clip into that harness, I would hate for this to be the thing that got you killed today.
You know I fucking love you, right? I'm glad you're here.
It's a real privilege, Teddy.
It is a thrill and a privilege.
I just can't go to that cookhouse today.
I just can't.
Y'all niggas running around with guns and shit.
And then expect me to wash your dishes and cook your rock.
Just no.
Shit, Wanda could cook.
Yeah, we hear her cooking on your rock every night.
You don't hear the half of it.
Hey, baby.
Jerome get you them studs! Jerome? Jerome wouldn't know a diamond if it bit him on the ass.
Product coming in soon.
That's why I need you in the cookhouse, Louie.
I need your car, Unc.
You bring the shit back in one piece? Leon, you're with me.
That's good.
You talk to Kev? He's with his family and Delroy's mama.
He blame himself for putting his boy to work.
I'm gone one day, people start dying.
Kev going crazy.
I mean, I know him and Delroy were close but we told them fools "Stay out of Pico-Union.
" What Kev want? Huh? Start a war, get us all killed? You did the right thing, Saint.
I mean, Kev was way out of line.
But you know, he didn't grow up without no daddy, so he don't know nothing about no rules.
Neither did you.
But you learned somehow.
Look, tomorrow we got that big shipment coming.
So I'm gonna need you to work the cook house so we can catch up, huh? I got you.
Hey, one more thing.
I was wrong to get in that car.
We all was.
Next time, I'll wait for you.
You dropped twice the load we agreed on.
I know.
But that's just the way it's gonna have to be from now on.
But it means that you double your take, so It was a pleasure to meet you, senorita.
- You too.
- All right.
We have to teach our people how to break up the hard cocaine.
Franklin says each rock will be about the size of a pool ball.
We break them down to a 1/10 of a gram each.
You think we can trust mayates to move it after what Conejo did? Hopefully they do what Gabriela says.
I'll talk to Hernan.
He'll organize the women to break the drug down.
What do we do about Conejo? Guys like that are bad for business.
Uh, ah, stay out of his way.
Men like that are in this for glory.
Their sons can't eat glory.
They need their fathers to teach them how to be men.
To teach them how to be fathers, not killers.
Yeah, but Truth only helps if a man accepts it.
It was like going around with a child.
Maybe he'll get bored and quit.
Why let Pedro back in That's not true.
He's my family, Oso.
I don't have much family left.
I thought we were supposed to meet at six.
You always show up an hour early? Just something I do.
Never wonder why.
It's because you're smart and careful.
Those are qualities that'll serve us both well, I think.
I thought we said ten keys, ten a pop.
Yeah, that's the money.
My customers don't pay in large bills.
You ever hear of a bank? You know what happens when a black man walks into a bank with dirty fives and tens? Maybe you're using the wrong bank.
Maybe you show me the right one.
If I do that, maybe you could start taking more than ten keys a week? Still a couple deals with ten first.
Then maybe we could talk about doing some more.
Business is only as good as the people you work with.
You mean you work with people who tase, interrogate, and drug you? And people who have you followed.
And this is gonna be coming in every week now? - Mm-hmm.
- We're gonna need a stove - in every room.
- And more fucking cookers.
Stoves, yeah.
I want to be careful about who know the recipe.
So for now, we keep the cooking in family.
Even if we get this all rocked up, we ain't got enough soldiers out there.
There ain't enough smokers in LA for all this shit.
All y'all gotta do is cook it up and break it down.
I'll figure out how to move it.
All right, man.
- Hey, man.
- Hey.
With Avi gone, the Valley's pretty dry.
You cool with me taking a kilo of powder, seeing if I can move it? You know somebody hook it up? Yeah, I know a couple guys who could be good for it.
All right, man, all you.
As long as I'm fronting this shit, we split it 60/40.
Okay, that's good by me.
No ships from any of the Cold War countries were anywhere in the area.
What do you think that Kennebec ship took, using a Western port and a Western vessel? - Hey.
- Hi.
Can I come in? Yeah, come on.
Louie and Jerome here? No, we alone.
You look nice.
What? Was it really Jerome that made you carry around that gun? We're just being careful, Mel.
So you ain't never used a gun on anyone? Never.
Officer Wright.
How can I help you, Officer? You see that Toyota, parked down the block? What about it? It belongs to a missing person named Malcolm Jenkins.
Went by "Biscuit.
" He worked for a bail bondsman that you recently hired.
So? Is that all you gotta say? Nothing else to say.
You want to explain the car? Maybe it broke down.
Maybe his friend picked him up, maybe he took the bus.
Maybe somebody stole the motherfucker and left it there, I don't know.
I don't know what you want from me, man.
I'm just in my crib, watching TV.
See, you think you're smarter than everybody else.
But you're not.
You see, I'm gonna make sure that the truth surfaces with this shit.
Until then, stay the fuck away from me and mine.
You understand? That all? Where are the bodies? Gone.
You didn't think to check if they had a car? I knew it was there when I felt the keys in his pocket.
What am I supposed to do about that? Steal it? Get my fingerprints all over it? Them men dead and gone.
They won't be the last.
Just do your job, Saint.
I'll do mine.
Okay, move out.
Let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go.
Let's go! Move! - Let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go! - Move it! Let's get them all out of here now! Get the fuck away from me! Move it, move it, man! Get the fuck away from me! I ain't moving! I ain't going! Hands up!