Snowfall (2017) s02e04 Episode Script

Jingle Bell Rock

1 Her name is Soledad.
We're gonna get married.
She was tending bar at some shithole in El Paso called El Hueco.
- I want to work.
- Yeah.
And I've wasted enough time.
I have a Cessna Caravan waiting in a hangar at Fairfax Airport.
All I need is someone to fly her.
[TENSE MUSIC] You know I fucking love you, right? I'm glad you're here.
I'm supposed to be back by morning.
Or at least call Jerome.
Your days of slaving for that Jheri curl motherfucker are over.
- Hell nah.
- Okay, sh Cissy.
Drunk, high, sober, I don't give a damn.
Nobody wants you here.
- [SIRENS WHOOP] - Get them all out of here now! [INDISTINCT YELLING] I ain't movin'! I ain't - [BLOWS LANDING] - [DISTORTED WHOOSH] My customers don't pay in large bills.
You ever hear of a bank? What you lookin' for? We got what you need, man What! [GROANS] - [GRUNTS] - [GASPS] We got to send a message, right? By killing a bunch of old folks and fuckin' kids, my nigger? We can't let these motherfuckin' wetbacks kill our people and walk around like ain't shit happened.
So you gonna go and kill the first Mexican you see? That's what you do, man.
I always knew you wasn't built for that shit, Saint.
What's up? And a merry Christmas to you.
So, uh, not like I needed a reminder, but here.
I got something for ya.
[DISTANT DOGS BARKING] Jason Peters? Nice to meet you.
And you're 47 years old.
So, uh, show up at that address.
the one on the card there.
Please don't show up an hour early to that one.
- Right.
- And you got a suit? Something nice to wear? - I can get one.
- All right.
Don't cheap out on the shoes.
Hey, where'd you even get these? Gotta know who to ask.
I'll see ya.
You got to be Cissy.
I'm Nia.
We spoke on the phone? I'm an advocate for the homeless at the Edgewood Shelter.
What happened? Cops were clearing an empty lot in an effort to make our city pretty in time for the Olympics.
Alton didn't want to leave.
- When? - Six days ago.
And he's been here ever since? They wanted to release him today.
But he has two broken ribs, cuts that need cleaning, stitches.
Send him back out there and he'll die of infection.
How'd you get my number? You're his emergency contact at the VA.
He had his vet ID on him.
He's through the worst of the detox.
But if he gets put back on the street chances are he runs right back to the bottle.
Chances are good of that no matter where he goes.
[EXHALES] Look, I don't know y'all's situation, but he needs a safe place right now.
You don't know what you're asking me.
That's true.
I don't.
You gotta do what you gotta do, right? What's up y'all? - What, Santa come early? - God, I hope it's sandwiches.
Them ain't no sandwiches.
You know we can't move the product we already got, right? And I cut my thumb.
It was gross.
Blood everywhere.
We ain't got to move it all.
It's just how much I gotta buy, all right? So hire more cookers.
- And more dealers.
- We've been through this.
And you still ain't listening.
Look, we can't risk giving away The recipe, the recipe.
My hair stank and my feet hurt.
- I'm sorry.
- If you want this rocked up, wake up the motherfucker snoring on the couch.
[SIGHS] I can't do this alone.
- Hey, I'm out too.
- What? Gonna go see my girl.
Who I could see in here if you would allow her to cook.
You want some good news? - Sure.
- [CHUCKLES] Pretty good, right? [LAUGHS] That's real good.
It was easy actually.
The Valley is thirsty, amigo.
You want three this time? [LAUGHS] Damn whoa, oh.
- BOTH: [LAUGHING] - Yeah.
It's good, man.
Same deal.
Rad, man.
Thank you.
Look, I know of a party going on right now.
This will sell like hotcakes.
No, you gotta help me cook this shit, Rob.
No, trust me, brother.
You want me at this party.
I'll catch you later, okay? Whoo.
- Ready? - Uh-huh.
Let's do it.
Hey, Amira.
We're all set.
Right this way.
Gentleman, please have a seat.
So I assume Mr.
Thompson has made you aware of our rate of exchange? Yeah.
Reed explained it to me.
I find it's the best way to describe how we, uh, convert and move our assets without getting into certain un-pleasantries.
So, uh how would you like to have your account entered? In your name? Yes, please.
And what identification would you like to use to access it? Yeah, um, I'll be using my, uh, my North Dakota drivin' license.
Here you go.
I like your statue.
Thank you.
It's Persian jade.
Yeah, my mom's had one just like it when I was a kid.
Not that color, but a lion.
[LAUGHS] I dropped it.
She was She was mad.
You know what? - You should take it.
- Nah, it's No, no, please.
Think of it as a, uh, token of our future together.
Give it to your mother and watch her smile.
Thank you.
Now, in order to best understand how to protect your assets we should discuss how you plan to disperse them.
If it's just cash withdrawals, that is a process we can handle for you here, in house.
But, um, I was thinking of maybe investing.
You know, real estate? Oh.
If acquisitions are your final goal, may I make a recommendation? For an extra 6%, we can create a corporation for you.
In your name, but overseas.
This will allow you to acquire assets within the United States without drawing any unwanted attention.
- And where would this bank be? - It's not a bank.
It's just a place where your business will be based.
And there are several options, but at this point in time and for a variety of reasons, I recommend Jersey.
Y you could set an overseas account up in New Jersey? Forgive me.
Jersey is an island 5x9 miles in size off the coast of France.
So would you like to proceed with this? And this, um, extra 6% Seems like seems like a lot.
Take your time.
[DOOR OPENS] [DOOR CLOSES] It's not that I don't understand.
Look, it's the same rate I get.
- It's the exact same deal.
- Yeah, no offense, Reed, but I still don't actually know you.
Thought this is what I wanted.
Now that I'm here, handing all my money over to another dude I don't know, trusting that all this is legit.
I don't know.
It doesn't seem right.
[EXHALES SLOWLY] I have what some people might call control issues.
And I always have and since I was a kid, really, but the simple truth is that I can't do everything alone.
So I have to empower the people that I choose to work with.
See, it's not just about being in charge.
It's about deciding how you want to be in charge.
Look, you wanna walk out of here right now, that's fine.
I understand.
I'll keep taking your fives and your ones.
I don't care.
It makes no difference to me.
But what you have to decide is just how big you want your business to become.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC BUILDING] And how much control you are willing to cede to get it there.
We got a problem.
We're short.
Short what? What you talkin' bout "short"? Money.
From the trucks.
Almost five grand.
Come on, boy.
You telling me you get yo balls - all twisted up over five grand? - It's not the money.
It's the principle.
This ain't no corner boy shit.
It's one of us.
- You stealin' from me, nigga? - [SCOFFS] [CHUCKLING] I know your ass ain't askin' me so who you think took it? I don't know.
I don't know.
My advice? Let that shit be.
Assume whoever took it need it.
Eh? We got a problem.
These cats got took.
Couple fat motherfuckers jacked us.
They stole the take and the rock.
How much they get? 150 cash.
Couple dozen rocks.
We tried to stop them, but there was four of 'em.
They was big.
They for real.
Y'all good? Need a doctor or something? Nah, we straight.
Hazard pay.
Go get yourselves cleaned up.
Come back whenever you ready.
All right? [DOOR SHUTS] Hm.
[SIGHS] - What? - Fuck, you mean "what"? People talkin'.
Since Delroy and Victor, feel like maybe you ain't got people back.
Call your guy.
Tell him we need some help.
You got a tree.
- Hm? - Yes, Matthew.
I thought maybe we were lacking on Christmas spirit.
- You even got lights.
- Yeah.
Strung 'em myself.
What's with the bag? It's gonna go home.
Didn't want Dad to be alone for Christmas.
Oh, yeah.
That's great.
You could come with.
[BREATHES DEEPLY] Christmas with the old man.
- Mm-hmm.
- Negative.
Well [CLEARS THROAT] I can fly you to D.
, spend it with Julia and Paul.
Uh, they're actually gonna go up to her family's place for the week in Vermont.
So I'll drop you there.
Hm? I'm not actually welcome.
It's a Catholic family and all, so they weren't exactly thrilled about the divorce.
I didn't realize that you had filed the paperwork already.
You hated that I got married.
Yeah, well I mean I hate the idea of marriage as an institution more than yours specifically.
[TENSE MUSIC] Did you guys discuss custody? - - - Holy fuck.
- What? Um.
Don't leave.
- What's wrong? - I might have a problem.
- What kind of a problem? - Can you give me an hour - or two and then you can go? - Teddy.
Please? Thank you.
[DOOR SHUTS] Hey, baby, you back? [FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING] Hey.
I want the combination.
Say what? To the safe.
You in need? What you want? 500, G? What I want is to not have my shit doled out to me like I'm an infant on a fuckin' allowance.
You ain't got to take that tone with me.
I asked you how much you want, right? - Just say the number.
- What's the problem, Jerome? What, you don't trust me? Or you just think I'm not good enough? You just comin' off kinda ungrateful like I ain't Nah, that ain't what this is.
Wait a minute, I took you in.
- Took me in? - Remember that? When they had tossed your ass to the side? I done everything for you.
I ain't even want to be a part of this game.
- I did this shit for you.
- Listen to me.
I want what I have fucking earned and you gonna give it to me.
I ain't giving you shit.
What you need to do is lay your ass down, so you can get your head right.
You know what? You right.
I do need to lay down.
Next to somebody else.
So go and do that then 'cause I'm tired of the bullshit.
And I ain't got time for you, Jerome, 'cause this is it! I'm done.
[SCOFFS] You ain't done with shit.
You think that old bitch can satisfy you the way I do? She can do ten times what you ever could.
- [LAUGHS] - And you can take that combination and all that money and shove it right up your fat, lazy ass.
'Cause I'm out.
And you ain't never gonna forget the day you let the best thing that's ever gonna happen to you walk the fuck out the door.
Hey, can I ask what you guys doing out here? 'Cause I live nearby.
Support structures for the Olympics.
The Olympics? Wow.
What, uh what events? I don't know.
Shooting, I think? Cool.
So, um, how much longer you guys think you'll be? It's just kind of loud, you know? Whole place will be dug up two days? Two days.
Oh, shit.
Must have you guys working like all night, right? Not all night but pretty close.
Look, guy, I got a million things to do, so Oh, yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
Thank you.
How you know this dude again? He was in my platoon.
Nothin' to worry about.
I look worried? You always look worried.
How's your mom? Heard she was sick.
She go to the hospital? Yeah.
You got insurance? Couple of days in the hospital, you out a few Gs.
Need a loan or somethin'? All right.
You lookin' well, my brother.
Frank, Kit.
The boy wonder.
How you doin', young Don? Got some merch for us? Ain't much for foreplay, huh? Nah, he's fuck.
I guess we'll get to it.
[FUNKY MUSIC CONTINUES] This guy ever tell you why we call him Peaches? Yeah, something about likin' them peaches in a can with syrup and some shit.
Like 'em? That's all my boy ate.
Listen, on the real, this nigga's shit smelled like my nana's pie.
- Oh, come on, man.
- [CHUCKLES] Merry Christmas, motherfuckers.
- Have a seat.
- [WOMAN SCREAMING] [MEN YELLING INDISTINCTLY] [BOXES CLATTERING] - Hands up right now! - [WOMAN SCREAMS] - Get away from there! - Hands behind your back! On the floor right now! [SPEAKING SPANISH] - Hey, shut up.
- Hey, they're legal! - Hey, those two.
- They're legal.
I got the paperwork.
All of you, come over here.
And these are real how? - What do you mean? - Wouldn't be the first time I saw forged green cards.
[EXHALES] I don't hire illegals.
- Yeah, I bet.
- You guys are all alike.
- Excuse me? - I'm from a border town.
And I've had to deal with people - like you.
- None of that paperwork is fake.
Watching my father put his office back together after you Bully to your poor little daddy but sit down and shut up.
Hey, look.
Everything here is in order, okay, sir? - I bet - Soledad.
This is how you get hard at night.
Walking in here, acting like a big man.
When you slip into bed next to your fat, ugly wife, are you gonna be thinking about me? - Hey, hey.
- [SPEAKING SPANISH] You think I can't detain you? - You can't do shit - Twat - Hey.
- Puto.
- [GROANS] - Hey! - [ALL GASP] - No, no, no.
Is that the best you can do? [SNICKERS] - Larry, what the fuck? - Hey! - Larry! - Stop it! - Get off.
- Get the fuck out of here.
Okay, we're going.
We're going.
[RADIO CHATTER] All right, let's go.
He fuckin' left? Hey, calm down.
- I'm still here.
- All right, thank Christ.
Listen, you gotta call dad and just tell him you're not gonna make it.
- Are you kidding me? - Come on.
We don't have a lot of time! And, uh, you want to put some boots on - and, uh, put on anything - Slow down.
that you don't mind getting dirty.
And, uh, get a jacket 'cause it's gonna get cold.
What you mean, she's gone? She done.
You got her slavin' over that stove 24/7.
What the fuck else you think she gonna do? That's what she said? Ain't nothin' ever good enough for her.
Always wanting more.
I say good riddance.
We don't need that shit.
[MACHINERY WHIRRING] Think this a good idea? Think we shoulda did this weeks ago.
Hey, why we out here, huh? Nigga, how many times you gonna ask? - What's up? - So he the big boss, huh? The tall skinny one? Yeah, that's him.
That's the Saint.
[CAR TRUNK OPENS] - You good? - Yeah.
Take this.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] Take the lead on this.
Hey! [PERCUSSIVE MUSIC] - Pay attention.
- Listen up! Y'all been doing good.
We proud of y'all.
But here's the real.
The better we do, the more attention we get.
More people want to take what we got.
I brought us out here today help deal with that attention.
Now, we expect y'all to be smart.
That mean no go shootin' these shits off.
Bustin' off rounds for no God damn reason.
Any of that bullshit, you out.
And you gonna get a fuckin' beat down to boot.
Now, me and Peaches, we gonna show you how to load 'em up, aim, and fire 'em.
So y'all don't shoot your dicks off like a bunch of motherfuckin' idiots.
[LAUGHTER] Now after we finish here, we got a little Christmas surprise for ya.
A'ight? All you can drink.
- ALL: Uh-huh, yeah.
- Fuck.
- ALL: Yeah! - Smoke! - ALL: Yeah! - Drink, smoke, fuck.
Motherfuckin' party.
Yeah! [AFFIRMATIVE CHATTER] - Yeah, come on.
- Yeah! You good? [INSTRUMENTAL LATIN CHRISTMAS MUSIC] [SPEAKING SPANISH] Give us your poor, your tired Your yearning to fuck off.
[SPEAKING SPANISH] Merry fucking Christmas pinches gringos.
[BOTH LAUGHING] [SPEAKING SPANISH] As long as I don't have to see that anymore.
Yeah, bueno.
Merry Christmas, cuz.
Is she now a Christmas miracle? [SPEAKING SPANISH] He treats her right.
I can see it.
Gettin' everybody strapped up.
You need anything else, man? Money-wise, maybe? You workin' hard.
I know you got that big ass family to look after.
Your cousin want to go to college.
That shit adds up.
If I get in need, I'll call you.
Y'all for real? As a heart attack.
Why? Bring her in the cook house, you can't dump her ass.
For real? Hey, Wanda.
Come here.
Hey, Franklin.
- You like my dress? - Very much, yeah.
Lee took me shopping for Christmas.
I love the heart neckline, that's the best part, because it shows off my collarbones.
But do you think these shoes work? You wanna come work for us? Oh, my God, Franklin, I will not let you down.
I will work so hard.
I will cook - and cook and cook - Look, all you got to do is keep it to yourself, all right? We a family here.
Gotta have trust.
- Huh? - You can trust me.
I promise.
- Let's go dance.
- [SHRIEKS] Thank you, Franklin! [INAUDIBLE CONVERSATION] Step up a second, will you? - Get it, girl! - So how many girls you juggling these days? Four, five? Since when you care how much pussy I've been getting? Since this pussy got expensive.
Don't that shit bleed you dry? Not the way I do that shit.
All I'm saying is, things are good right now.
But you might be thinking ahead.
Might wanna put some cash away in case shit slow down, - take a turn, you know.
- Hey, man.
Don't stress it.
Money been rollin' in.
That's why I took some from the trucks and gave it to Delroy mama.
Figure we owed 'em.
You took money without telling me? Yeah, man.
Gave the money to my dead cousin's mama.
On Christmas.
I know you ain't got no problem with that.
I got a problem with you taking shit - without asking.
- Whatever, man.
We getting paper too, and I shouldn't have to ask you for every little fuckin' thing.
Yeah, but I've given you everything - you wanted, kid.
- No, you haven't.
Man, you may have all these other niggas fooled, new guns in their pocket, runnin' around sippin' Moet like shit's all good, but I know it's just a distraction.
Band-Aid for you think you still got us out here acting like fucking bitches.
We retaliate, the prison esés be after all of us.
Pick us off one by one.
My fuckin' family.
Is that what you want? Nah, nah, nah.
Franklin, what I want is for us not to be out here actin' like cowards.
Hittin' back.
That's what I want.
You really not gonna let this shit go? No, and you shouldn't neither, Saint.
Here's a deal I'm willing to make with you.
If you can figure out who did it, some real information that even gives us a small chance to hit back without putting every fuckin' vato in LA on us then we can talk about payback.
That good enough for now? Huh? Yeah.
That's okay.
Right through here.
Nice dress.
Thank you.
Claudia get it for you? She did.
What if I promise you don't have to work in the kitchen again? It ain't about that.
We started this.
Me and you, right here.
Hm? Remember that? I can't do this without you.
You gonna have to try.
Merry Christmas, Franklin.
Jingle bells, Batman smells Fuck this all the way Oh what hell it is to dig All through night and day, hey Everybody now.
- Teddy, it's your verse, man.
- [GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] When whatever it is is dug up what do you want to do with it? [GRUNTING] Oh, Jesus Christ.
Rebury it.
Somewhere far from here.
I know that smell.
We don't have much time.
[PANTING] I thought we were moving some kind of fucking coke stash.
[COUGHING] How many are there? Hm? [GRUNTING] God damn it, fucking talk to me There's two, all right? All right? There's two.
Who are they? One was a drug dealer.
And the other was a woman.
And he killed her.
So you killed him.
He was a bad person.
I had no choice.
If we don't get them up and out of here before the sky gets light, we are both completely and utterly fucked, okay? Okay.
[COUGHS] [THUD] There in fucking suitcases.
[TENSE MUSIC BUILDING] You're the only person who knows.
[CLEARS THROAT] Literally the only person I could have taken with me tonight.
Look, if you want to leave, if you want out, that's fine.
I understand.
This was always gonna be temporary.
You've already done more than enough.
[DOOR CREAKS] You awake? Where am I? [SOFT MUSIC] I brought you home from the hospital.
You're in Franklin's room.
Alton? Alton? [DOGS BARKING] [PANTING] He friendly? How would I know? Picked him up at a shelter.
Said I was considering adoption.
INS thing end up doing what you hoped? Yeah.
Expect Larry decided to punch me in the fucking face.
Piece of shit.
Are you kidding me? It's fine.
At least it worked.
The ice queen was very impressed.
She's starting to let me in.
What do you think of her? I think she's gonna go down in flames.
Well, you just be careful, all right? Wow.
That's some good advice.
[CHUCKLES] You're a fuckin' ballbreaker, Lorena, you know that? [CHUCKLES] Merry Christmas.
Someday at Christmas Men won't be boys Playing with bombs like Kids play with toys One warm December Our hearts will see A world where men are free Someday at Christmas There'll be no war When we have learned What Christmas is for When we have found What life's really worth There'll be peace on Earth Someday all our dreams will come Feliz Navidad, Oso.
Someday in a world Where men are free Maybe not in time for you and me But someday at Christmas time Someday at Christmas We'll see a land No hungry children No empty hand One happy morning People will share a world Where people care Someday at Christmas There'll be no tears - [LAUGHING] - All men are equal And no man have fears One shining moment My heart ran away From our world today Someday all our dreams Will come to be Someday in a world Where men are free Maybe not in time for you and me But someday at Christmas time Someday at Christmas Man will not fail Love will be God And love will prevail Someday a new world That we can start With hope in every heart Oh, yeah Someday all our dreams Will come to be Every heart Someday in a world where men are free Someday At Christmas Time