Snowfall (2017) s05e07 Episode Script

Lying in a Hammock

1 Fuck! Three coordinated hits.
I didn't see any of 'em coming.
Shit ain't got nothing to do with no Peaches.
If he did do this, ain't no way he stuck around.
- He didn't do it alone, neither.
- It was a big hit.
Lot of people involved.
Somebody gonna talk.
Yeah, a'ight.
You heard what she said, right? Nigga, I just said, "A'ight.
" Fucking The last two days have been the most fun I've had in years.
I have wanted to do that ever since Tehran.
You said you could keep me safe, but you can't.
But we'll find them.
Maybe this time.
What about next time, huh? We're hearing another name.
- Kane.
- Didn't think y'all would find me this quick.
I heard about Kev.
You don't know what really happened.
You didn't shoot and kill my baby brother? You know, we can come at you at any time, any place.
Does it look like I'm fucking hiding, little nigga? What'd he say to that? He said next time he'd do it right.
What about Peaches? What he say about that turncoat motherfucker? I don't think he knew.
Peaches just wanted the money.
I got Top Notch to hire a professional who will hunt that nigga down.
We'll find him.
Okay, so how we gonna hit back at Kane? We don't.
Not yet.
Nigga, I'm still drunk.
So, you're gonna tell me we ain't gonna hit back at Kane? You know the score.
Kane an OG, got pull everywhere.
We hit him, it's a war.
Nigga, we already at war.
We can hit him.
We just make sure - they don't know it's us.
- We ain't doing that bullshit.
Letting that piece of shit cop kill the man who practically raised us.
Who practically killed us.
- I'm-a handle this shit.
- How you gonna do that? I'm-a sit down with Kane to let him know he got two options: We fix shit with his family, or I take him and his whole crew out myself.
What you mean by "fix shit"? You ain't gonna like this, but Kane got legitimate beef.
Nigga, we got legitimate beef.
We killed the nigga brother, and we ain't take care of his family.
What the fuck you expect? Well, you awfully quiet over there for a change.
We spoke about it on the car ride over.
I know what that nigga did.
My unborn baby, my mother being shot at.
If it was anybody else, I'd put them and everybody they ever smiled at in the fucking ground.
But I can't do that 'cause it's Kane.
It's delicate.
If Leon says he can handle it, I say we let him try.
Motherfuckers try to come kill us, you want to make a goddamn deal.
Y'all niggas go ahead and make the fucking deals, okay? I'm gonna go find Peaches, and after that, I'm gonna go get that bitch-ass nigga Kane.
This shit ain't just about Kane.
It's about Black bodies in the street.
It's our people wiping each other out.
And if Kane ain't interested in your deal? Like I said, I'll do the shit myself.
Sure you don't want me to take a look at your face? No, I'm fine.
You sound like him.
I keep telling him, he leaves now, his stitches won't hold.
I need to go.
Start moving the bricks out to your trunk.
- They're in the kitchen.
- Okay.
And he's risking infection.
Thank you.
I looked into your wallet while you were unconscious.
It says your real name is Theodore.
You know, if you're asking me if I wish you hadn't gone through my things, the answer is yes.
I like Theodore.
It suits you more than Thomas.
See you soon.
but we're moving international funds from two separate countries, so All we're asking for is 48 hours.
I understand.
You show them the proof of funds? Yes.
The city doesn't care.
It just looks unprofessional to get an extension.
If we miss this new deadline, they're gonna reopen the bid.
Without us.
Where's Mama at? She should be on the bankers' asses.
Coffee with a friend, I think.
- Friend? What friend? - Yes.
Look, I'll handle the bankers, okay? And I'll work the phone You okay? Mm-hmm.
- Just cramps.
- You sure? You want me to call the doctor or something? No, no, I already spoke to her.
What did she say? That the time between ten and 12 weeks is a delicate one.
We just have to wait it out.
Delicate? Delicate how? After 12 weeks, there's less chance of a miscarriage, so - Of a miscarriage? Oh, hell no.
- Yeah.
It's fine.
This is how it goes.
We just have to hope things are gonna work out how they're supposed to.
What the hell that supposed to mean? We're supposed to be having a baby.
What you talking about? Franklin, we got a lot of stuff to deal with right now, okay? Who keeps paging you? Who is this? Teddy.
CIA Teddy? Who's gonna end up killing you if the gangsters don't, Teddy? See, now you're starting to sound like my mother.
You want to see your girlfriend upset? - You compare her to your mother.
- I'm serious.
Y'all two been talking about this shit? Franklin, we're wasting time.
This deal is slipping away.
And I've worked too hard, and I won't let that happen.
So you take care of this, and I'll take care of my end.
This doesn't make any sense.
How would they have known the location of all three drops, especially ours, if there wasn't somebody on the inside? Couldn't say.
Like, not even back at the club, when everyone was there? Nel.
La Xiamara y yo left, when I had to take care of all this.
His mother just cleaned it up nomás.
Whose mother? His.
Out of the three of us, I don't know who looks worse.
What the fuck happened? Was that motherfucker Peaches gave us all up.
Was an inside job.
You didn't see that coming? Nobody saw it coming.
Goddamn it, sloppy as hell.
Bottom line is, I'm taking care of it.
- We know what happened.
- By what? Like, by bringing strangers to my drops? He's former Mossad, all right? Upping the security.
Can he spot a tail? He trained in counterintelligence? What's your background? Look, I get it, all right? This one's on me.
I fucked up.
But I'm-a fix it.
That's not something that I can trust anymore.
So we got to make a few changes around here.
First, I'll set the meets from now on.
I'll call you a few minutes before with time and location.
And second, you will come alone.
No one else.
I need security.
I'm your security.
Why don't you send Oso? I'll send one of my people.
Because that's not what I'm telling you to do.
You fucked up.
I got shot.
I will tell you how this goes from here on out.
You hear me? And another thing is, you're getting way too high-profile for my taste.
This real estate company of yours, you got some kind of prize from the city? Yeah, it's a legit business, built from my mother's company.
And then there's your mother, who is back from Cuba, I hear.
She decided it was time.
- That's not the deal.
- I know.
My mother, the real estate business, - it's not connected to this - Everything is connected! Open your fucking eyes, man! It takes one wrong person connecting your fucking real estate company to my business, and we're fucked, it's all over.
Pull out of the deal.
It's too late for that.
Draw too much attention.
No more high-profile buys.
You want to buy up the whole fucking ghetto? I don't care, be my guest.
But you will not make one more move that draws attention to the two of us.
Is that understood? Uh-huh.
Number 92.
Yes, ma'am.
Here I come.
Uh, sorry.
Veterans Administration.
How can I help you? Excuse me.
- How you doing? - Hi.
How I go about looking for a friend of mine? He's a vet and he gone missing.
I know he come here.
What's his name? Peaches.
DeJohn Hill.
Address off of 79th.
He's missing.
He was here last week, but I can't tell you any more.
The records are confidential.
He's an old friend.
We worried about him.
I-I can make a donation.
Give me a telephone number, address, anything.
Any way I can track him down.
Oh, I-I don't know There you go.
Your friend was here to see Dr.
Evans in the clinic up the hall.
Thank you.
You need to make an appointment.
If it's an emergency, you should go to the It ain't for me.
I'm looking for a friend of mine.
Lady in the front said he came by to see you.
You all right? I'm fine.
Let me see that.
Come on.
Who is your friend? You saw him last week.
DeJohn Hill.
Go by Peaches.
Wall or face? What? You broke two metacarpals.
Did you punch a wall or a face? Face.
There's nothing I can do about it but splint it and wrap it up.
What about DeJohn? I saw a lot of guys last week.
What's he look like? Big, tall.
Cornrows, light-skinned nigga.
Light eyes.
Light eyes, huh? If I did see him, I don't remember.
But you know what? You need to worry more about yourself.
Where did you serve? For me, it was Korea.
I done took up too much of your time.
Sorry for intruding on you.
I didn't mean to, uh to interrupt your break.
- Something to take care of you.
- No, no, no.
I don't want that.
I'm sorry I couldn't help you with your friend.
But I recommend counseling.
It's free here.
You've been through a lot.
There's no shame in admitting it.
Asking for help.
Jerome? Oh, shit, man.
I thought that was you.
It's Oakley.
Aw, come on, man.
We met a couple years ago, with Peaches.
Remember that house party our buddy Travis threw? That guy fell into the empty pool? Oh, shit.
Motherfucker bleeding all over the place.
- All over the place.
- Yeah.
Hey, man, I overheard you saying you're looking for Peaches.
Yeah, that nigga done went MIA.
I was with him literally last week.
Any idea where he at now? I mean, his family, they're worried sick.
Yeah, I got a pretty good idea.
- I can take you to him.
- Oakley.
- Coming? - Yeah, yeah.
One second, please.
Just hang with me.
I'll take you to him.
He's probably with Curtis.
They served together.
No, no, we can go right now.
Uh, just give me like 30 minutes, yeah? 24.
Pickup window.
Awful brave of you, nigga, coming up here all alone.
We said alone, no guns.
Figure I could trust you.
Guess we'll see.
So, Lee, here we are.
You gonna tell me some shit I don't already know? Before we all kill each other, figured you should at least know what really happened.
I don't want to hear any excuses, Lee.
I ain't got no excuses.
Kev betrayed us.
Went behind our backs to the Mexicans.
Yeah, way I heard, he did that shit to get revenge for Delroy.
Mexicans killed Delroy for slinging in their territory.
And the vato Kev was about to kill was a Mexican OG, would've wiped us all out.
Including you up in Tehachapi.
But we ain't mean to kill him.
We was just trying to stop him, and it went wrong.
It went way fucking wrong.
I know.
We fucked up.
I'll own up to that.
Problem is, now so have you.
If you'd have just came at me and Franklin, that'd be one thing, but you came for the whole family, and now they all want blood.
You know, when I was little, all I wanted was to be like you.
Way you was cool with everybody.
Always had a fine woman on your arm.
Saw the way you handled shit, and thought that's how I want to be.
But I had that temper.
Was always getting into trouble.
Raging, lawless Leon.
Couldn't tell you shit.
Never thought you'd make it out of Wayside.
And I wouldn't have, hadn't been for you hooking me up with them Western Tribe brothers.
That's right, because I treated you like fucking family.
I know, and I ain't gonna ever forget that.
So let me help you with yours.
You're respected, connected.
Wouldn't believe the amount of money you can make off this powder, and we got an endless supply.
Oh, shit, so we talking business now, Lee, huh? That's what the fuck we doing? I figured, if anybody would be trying to make peace, it'd be Franklin.
What happened, man? You gone and changed on me, Lee? You done really been through it, huh? I would've taken that bullet instead of Kev.
I promise you that.
He was my family, too, and I ain't got much left.
We can squash this beef here, right now.
If you really want to look after your family, this is the way.
I keep thinking about Khe Sanh, where I busted my cherry.
I ain't never been out of Houston.
Suddenly, I'm in the jungle.
Ain't that about a bitch.
I was just trying to stay alive and had three kills my first week in country.
Didn't sleep for days.
Shit Still have nightmares about it.
For the next six months, we were hunted, taken out one by one.
Every day, every step, wondering where the next shot was gonna come from, if it was your time.
Now I'm just so goddamn angry all the time.
I-I just can't.
I can't take no more of this.
It's court-mandated, part of my probation.
Tell the judge you're a vet with flashbacks, they go easier on you.
Some of them niggas ain't faking it.
Yeah, I know.
Those are the guys trying to do something about it, too.
Guys who don't? You can park right here.
You can hang out in the garden.
Listen, man, um I-I need some scratch.
Just like a hundred.
The fuck does this have to do with finding Peaches? Well, I know Curtis won't open his door for nothing.
And my connect here gets his smack direct from Asia.
Where you been? Running your errands.
Made collections at the Arlington place.
Shouldn't you have security with you when you do stuff like that? They're not after me, Franklin.
Veronique handling the banks? Yeah, she's working on it.
Went to First National to speed up the transfers.
Did you say something to her? About what? Teddy.
All of this, other life.
I did.
Which was? What you should've said from the start.
You have a problem, you come to me.
Okay? You don't just go behind my back.
Behind your back? Mm-hmm.
What would've happened if she had gotten shot? Or worse? She needs to face that reality.
- You do, too.
- What are you doing to me? I'm trying to help you, Franklin.
But, for some reason, you want to keep me at arm's length.
You listen to me, you want to help me help take the burden off my shoulders? Then help with the downtown property.
Help with this.
Help with the banking.
Help keep the peace instead of making everything worse.
New place? Out of the way? Not really sure what you're trying to tell me here.
Trying to tell you this ain't business as usual.
Hey, nurse.
Whatever she's having.
So, um hearing rumors about who came after you.
I got more than rumors.
Where he stay.
He only been out of prison for a few months, so the address might be temporary.
So, what you looking for? You want me to bust him? Send him back? I'll pay.
Yeah, that might be too expensive.
Even for you, beautiful.
Whoa, whoa.
What, you just gonna leave? All right.
This is what I need.
Now, either you can get it done, or you can't.
Yeah, I ain't say I couldn't get it done.
I just said it's gonna cost you.
Well, maybe instead of being cute, you give me a number.
250's a number.
250's a hand job.
Don't tease me.
50 now, 50 when it's done.
One hundred.
And we go on a real date.
And no.
That's $150,000 to kill some nigga just out the joint, who your buddies is gonna probably gun down in the next couple years anyway.
Or I can find somebody else.
Like who? You think you're the only cop in L.
with his hand out? - Okay.
- Hmm.
- I'll look into it.
- Hmm.
Well, don't take too long, beautiful.
Thanks for the drink.
It's a wireless transmitter.
Corresponding receiver.
Uh, the telephone taps.
We got one for the telephone, and these are for his car.
Listen, I'm gonna need your help with this, 'cause installing some of these is a two-man job.
Franklin? He's gotten lazy.
Can't afford to take any more chances.
Listen About the other day, taking off like that I was hit, you know.
I mean, it was kind of like my brain just I had to get out of there, but I shouldn't have left you like that.
I'm sorry.
I'm glad you're okay.
What are the terms? He's gonna use his connect to start at ten keys a week.
So you got him making money for you now? Makes the world go round.
- And you trust him? - End of the day, he just want to look out for his family.
Got the targets off our backs.
There's peace in the land.
That's good enough for now.
They must all be down.
Curtis? It's Oakley.
What the fuck? You think I don't know when someone running game on me, nigga? I am the game.
- Oh, shit.
- Hey, man, do something.
He's got a fucking Shut up.
Is Peaches here, or this all part of the setup? You talk now, or I'm-a start shooting! Yes, yes! He was here all the time.
You telling me that Peaches is a goddamn junkie? You really didn't know? He was just looking for a way to escape his pain, man.
Where he at now? He said, if he could pull it off, he'd have to run.
He talked a lot about Thailand.
Some motherfucking bullshit.
Son of a bitch.
What a waste of life.
So, how many times are you going to make me redo these? I don't know.
Maybe you just want an excuse to come back and see me.
I knew you liked me, in Tehran.
I always wondered if you were going to try something.
Especially that weekend, in Shemshak.
Methar was there.
And you needed him.
Probably a big no-no in the CIA handbook, sleeping with your asset's wife.
You think you'll ever go back to Tehran? No.
It's too different.
So am I.
So are you.
You were so green and pure back then.
So by the book.
It was sickening.
But kind of sexy.
But now Now? Now you're just a grumpy asshole.
And you're a bitch.
I think you like that.
Oh, yes, you do.
Why don't we have some fun? I'll rip my stitches.
I'll sew them back together.
They really believe Kane's just gonna go along with anything? What they believe don't matter to me no more.
Already told you, I ain't interested in no deals.
I won't move forward with Buckley without your support.
Just do what you're gonna do.
I'm gonna protect you.
Sorry about Peaches.
A fucking junkie.
Shit's starting to make sense, why he did what he did.
I mean, if I was on the needle and I saw Franklin kill Rob, I'd be making my exit plan, too.
I need to be worried about you? No.
But, um I need to make some changes.
You know I'm gonna be here for you.
Whenever you need me.
But I got to reconnect back with my shit.
My people.
Jamming Jerome's, that was supposed to be the start.
It was never supposed to be the end.
I need to get back to my plans.
Building businesses in our neighborhood, for us, our people.
I got to do something with my life.
- Man.
- I'm with that.
I You got to build your dreams, too.
And as long as you ain't running off to Thailand or Burma, or some shit, tracking down Peaches, I'm I'm fine with whatever you got to do.
I mean, shit, we can go there for the honeymoon, right? Huh? Yeah.
I know what I want.
I know what I got to do.
And the first thing on that list is you, baby.
So I'll make this official.
I love you.
Louanne will you marry me? You will marry me? Yes, I will marry you.
Come here.
Marry me, baby.
Marry my crazy ass.
International banks expedited the transfer, but I want confirmation from First National as soon as it opens.
So, we gonna make it or ? It looks like it.
Hey, about yesterday, I-I owe you No, no, you're right.
You're right.
I'm-a lock everything down until we're safe.
You are better off staying at the spot.
I know.
- How's the cramps? - Mm.
Not as bad.
Doctor said I just have to wait it out.
But my nausea has come back with a vengeance.
What about the threats against you? Uh, you know, Leon's handled it.
Kane's gonna work with us.
Why would he do that? He wants his family taken care of.
- Hmm.
- Like I do.
You believe him? It's the best play for now.
We do deals here all the time, and we've seen when they're in bad faith.
One thing my mother taught me: You deal with liars all your life, you usually suss one out.
What kind of work you do for Havemeyer? Off-book jobs that require discretion.
That's all I can say.
Can anything trace back to anyone? If I'm caught for some reason? No.
My cover is layered and deep.
What do you need from me to move as quickly as possible? Bank account numbers, passwords, records of previous wire transfers and all forms of identity confirmation.
And if I can get all that for you? Then I only need 24 hours to make all the necessary transfers and route everything to untraceable accounts.
Which I will set up in advance.
Beauty Louie, beauty Louie.
I got some shit for you.
- I got some shit for you.
- What you got? Your boy is not even trying to hide.
Now, it's not gonna be like going to the corner for a gallon of milk, but it's doable.
How soon? Just need a couple weeks to set it up.
I'm-a check out the guy's connections, his routines.
Make sure I got the right guys.
Hold up.
Feel like maybe you forgot to tell me something.
What? I thought you two were already married.
Well, congratu-motherfucking-lations.
Thank you.
What? Nah, marriage can be a beautiful thing.
Sharon and I had a great couple of years.
And besides, to be honest, I find married women even sexier.
The job, Buckley.
Tell me about the job.
There's only one thing you really need to know is that you got to be sure.
Putting this in motion Once you press that button, there's no turning back.
So, just to be clear You sure you want to do this? Do it.

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