Snowfall (2017) s05e08 Episode Script


1 You're not like me.
I go from war to war, whereas a man like you has the war inside.
You said you could keep me safe, but you can't.
I have to keep some distance from you until you're actually free from all this.
I'm trying to help you, Franklin.
You want to help me? Help keep the peace! Instead of making everything worse.
DEA! Hands up! Do you understand what you're looking at? Multiple homicides.
Trafficking and distribution.
We've been instructed to shut down every facet of this operation and walk away.
We're hearing another name.
Some O.
motherfucker just got out the pen.
Name's Kane.
You didn't shoot and kill my baby brother? We can come at you at any time, any place.
Does it look like I'm fucking hiding, little nigga? Once you press that button, there's no turning back.
Are you sure you want to do this? Do it.
I need to make some changes.
Will you marry me? It's been a while.
How you been? Been a time.
I heard you got shot.
Heard you were, too.
And here we both are.
Maybe someone up there likes us.
I tried your pager before Gustavo's.
Oh, yeah, that's probably the old number.
What, uh what can I do for you? I want to buy directly from you.
I feel like we did good business for a long while there when Franklin was hurt.
Franklin know about this? No.
I considered going to the Colombians.
Better the devil you know, right? Do you have the recordings? I told you my son wasn't an option.
The man Teddy and the CIA are the problem.
And Franklin is the answer.
In the end only he can bring your enemies down.
And if you refuse to help us gain access well, then, I'm afraid we have nothing left to talk about.
There's gonna be a wedding.
My brother and his girlfriend.
Friends and family will be invited, of course.
But the decision was made to also include certain key business associates.
Lest they feel left out.
How soon? They want it to happen quickly.
Next month, while the weather's still warm.
I'd like to know everything you can tell me about this event.
Rap is about KQ ♪ Gonna rap to the rhythm, show you what we can do ♪ Some bitch want to talk, she says.
To the beat to show you where it's at, rock, rock, rock ♪ - What she up to? - I don't know.
She kind of dressed up like she work in a office.
Came in a Mercedes with a white driver.
Send her in.
Mike Reynolds so suave and he's debonair ♪ He makes your ears listen when he's on the air ♪ Randy Bebop he's cool and he's caring ♪ He likes all the women no matter what they're wearing ♪ Alex Barrea, he's one of a kind ♪ He jams all the tunes to shock rock your mind ♪ Now, early in the morning when the sun first rise ♪ Joe Bailey gets up and get all the way live ♪ Mr.
Kane? Baby, you can just call me Kane.
May I sit down? Mm.
Thank you.
My name is Veronique Turner.
I'm Franklin Saint's girlfriend.
I'm also having his child.
Why the fuck are you here? Could you please put that cigarette out? For me? For you.
I was at that restaurant your men lit up.
I want to know if I can stick around or if I should go visit my mother back east.
Yeah, Franklin ain't tell you we all kissed and made up? Mm-hmm.
He did.
I'm here to ask you if that's true.
And like I said I told Leon I'd make the deal.
I intend to keep my word.
So me and my baby will be safe? You ain't got a damn thing to worry about from me.
- That tailor? - Mm-hmm? - Making magic.
- Mmm.
When's it gonna be done? - Next week.
- Ooh.
Gives us another week for alterations.
How's everything going with the wedding planning? So good.
Keisha is a godsend.
She locked down the location and the caterer.
And she got this chocolate fountain.
You can dip fresh strawberries.
What about the band? Eh, that's a little bit more tricky, 'cause all the good ones are booked up already.
Tell her don't worry about it.
I got a idea for the music.
Look at you, looking good.
- I feel good.
- Mm.
I ain't lost my temper in about three weeks, - Haven't had a drink in three days.
- Okay.
I got this mean tuxedo jacket.
I talked to Teddy today.
He agreed to sell to us.
Think I'll take that drink.
You knew this was coming, baby.
I know.
Franklin is family.
But I like to think that what you doing is just business and I got your back.
But I will not go to war against my own blood.
It ain't gonna come to that.
It's not.
It's not.
It's not.
Franklin gonna be mad as hell.
But I'm-a make him understand.
When? After the wedding.
Let's just have a good time with family.
Yeah? This is how we control our future.
It's the only way.
We are gathered here today to join this man, Jerome Saint, and this woman, Louanne Jones, in holy matrimony.
Despite any differences we might have, we come together today in this beautiful place because we share something in common.
We share the desire to consecrate the union of Louie and Jerome.
Marriage is a sacrosanct union between two people who care for each other, trust each other, love each other.
Marriage requires mutual respect, meeting each others' needs, and taking responsibility For each other, your family and your children.
Let us take a moment to pray for the success of this union.
Excuse me.
What are you gonna do with all this chocolate? I'm gonna dip the strawberries and then pass them out after the service.
To everybody? Everybody who wants one.
What's your name? Pastel.
Nice to meet you.
You mind grabbing me a water, please? Of course.
vitality, and love for one another.
Before God, your friends and your family, I ask you to affirm your willingness to enter into the covenant of marriage.
Do you, Jerome, take this woman to be your wife? Hell yeah! I do! All right, now.
And Louanne Oh, Louie.
Do you take this man to be your husband? Yes! The rings? I now pronounce you husband and wife.
Just two more.
All right.
Congratulations, sir.
- Champagne? - Ooh.
Thank you.
- Madam? - Thank you.
Sir? Ladies? Champagne? No, thank you.
Um No, thank you.
Thank you.
Strawberry? Uh, yeah, sure.
Why not? - Sir? - Oh, no, I don't drink.
If you don't drink, you should just take the whole plate.
Mm, it's crazy, huh? - What? - Being all upright and married, - just like a citizen? - Girl.
It's not a egg roll.
I can't.
Can't My stomach.
Sure you don't want me to come home with you? Mm-mmm.
Don't be silly.
I'm just going to bed.
When's the next time you're gonna be together with your entire family? - Enjoy it.
- Come to yours later? Not yet.
It won't be like this forever.
I know.
- I love you.
- Love you, too.
What the fuck is happening? Franklin? - How you doing? - Wanda.
Yeah, I'm good.
- It's a wonderful wedding.
- It is.
Louie's so gorgeous.
Vee and Mom saying you're doing a great job with collections.
Looking after the tenants.
Thinking about maybe you could manage some places.
- Yeah? - That would be a dream.
Come here.
Proud of you, girl.
- I'm-a get some food.
All right? - Uh Mama! - You okay? - Yeah, toda madre.
Thank you, baby.
Uh - Thank you.
- These are nice.
What the fuck? Did you see something just run across the table? N-No.
What did What did you see? I don't know, maybe a squirrel or something? - I didn't see - You-you all right? O-Oh, shit.
Uh Mama, this is, uh, Candy, and, uh, what's your name again, - my brother? - Johnny, ma'am.
- Hello.
- Pleasure.
- Hey, Johnny.
- Nice-ass suit.
- I got you, I got you.
- Candy? How you doing? - Okay.
- They're in from Little Rock.
You two came all the way from Little Rock for the wedding? - Oh, well, we work with Louie.
- Oh.
In that import-export business.
That's quite an impressive watch and earrings - you got there.
- Oh, yeah, we decided to take us a little shopping trip down the Rodeo Drive.
You damn right.
I don't think they ever seen no niggas quite like us down there before.
- I'll tell you that.
- Well, they better get used to it.
They better get used to it.
That's right.
Yeah, boy.
Taking it all in, huh, brother? Skully.
Hey, how's it going, man? Having a good time? Me and your family, man, we been bonded together in death.
Now I'm here to help them consecrate their union and celebrate life.
Only with the death of ego can we walk the higher path.
Well, guess I better be getting up out of here.
Tell Louie and Jerome I hope they enjoy their wedding gift.
- How you doing, man? - Okay, you Leon.
Hey, man.
What's up? - You okay? - Yeah.
Just It's all a bit overwhelming, though.
Oh, fuck.
You feel that? I do.
Look, I just want to let you know that even though shit is changing, I'll always be your friend, man.
Maybe Jerome and Louie will calm down some and we can focus on making shit right with our people.
You ever read that book I gave you? I got to take a piss.
What the fuck? Look at Franklin.
- Ooh, where's Franklin going? - Who knows? Oh, fuck.
What the fuck? Fuck! Oh.
That's not good.
You're scared now, huh? What the fuck is happening to me? Well, my father used to say that what goes around comes around.
What the fuck does that mean, huh? Means you can only do so much fucking before you finally end up fucked.
Oh, I did what I had to do.
You was on the fucking pipe.
- So I deserved to die? - No, no, I didn't - want to do it.
- So why did you? Hey.
I would never have given you up.
I couldn't fucking trust you, man.
No, no, no.
You couldn't control me.
Okay? So you killed me.
Just like your father.
I didn't kill my father.
He's dead because of you.
Look, killing you That shit hurt, man.
No, buddy.
That didn't hurt.
This shit hurts.
Rob, wait I bought all the speakers.
All of them.
They sounding good, bro.
Hey, Cissy! Oh, Jerome.
Oh How are you? Marriage feels great.
Mm? - Did you do this? - Do what? Dose everybody with LSD? LSD? Yeah.
Oh, shit.
Oh, shit.
How'd you know that? Somebody told me.
Niggas gonna lose they shit.
Lose they shit.
- That your phone.
- Oh.
Hello? Yo.
How you doing? Nigga, I'm fucked up.
Yeah, me, too.
Does champagne do all that? No, nigga.
I don't think so.
Franklin? Franklin.
Baby? - Baby.
Are you okay? - Mama No.
No, Rob Rob fucking shot me.
- I think I might be dead.
- No, no No, no, no, no.
No, no, but baby, we've been dosed.
- LSD.
- Fucking acid? - I thought I was losing my mind.
- No, no, no.
Of course not, but baby, listen to me, you need to just go with it, babe.
- Just let it happen.
- No W-Wait, wait.
How do I make it stop? I don't-I don't want this.
You can't make it stop.
But listen.
You are safe with me.
I will not let anything happen to you.
Okay? All right.
Here we go.
Let's just go in this room.
All righty.
- Here we go.
Here we go.
- Rob Okay.
Rob said I killed Dad.
Oh, no, you didn't, baby.
I love you, Mama.
Oh, babe.
You know I would never do anything to hurt you.
Mama, what's wrong? What's wrong? I got a son that puts white people above their father and money before God.
That's what's wrong.
Everything you do you do for yourself.
That's not what your father taught you.
- I can't take this right now, Mama.
- That's not what - your mother taught you.
- I got to go.
- I'll talk to you later - Where does that come from? Don't give me any tongue! What? How do you know these people, Mr.
Drexler? You mean why is a white man in a Black wedding? I am an advisor of the groom's nephew.
He's brilliant.
You! - You did this.
- What? Sorry, I-I don't understand.
He did what? We don't want the same things.
I want freedom and all you have to offer is death.
Hey, señor, I don't know what she's talking about.
- Señor, please help me.
- No, no, M-Mrs.
Saint, He's a waiter.
Dripped with honey.
I-I need to go.
Uh s-señor - Find my friend.
Where is he? - S-Señor.
Listen to me, I made a mistake.
I need you need to leave my family alone.
Do you understand me? Leave my family alone.
Saint, what's wrong? The KGB man from Cuba wants to kill Franklin.
- Oh, no.
- Yes.
Okay, I'll put you in the back of my car and you can take a nap.
Oh, okay.
- I killed everybody.
- No, you didn't.
It's gonna be okay, okay? Leave me alone.
Leave me alone.
Listen, I've got a gun, okay? I'll blow your fucking head off! Leave me the fuck alone! Franklin.
It's me.
- V? - Yeah.
What H W Wait, wait, wait, no, no.
No, you-you went home, you went home.
I felt better and I wanted to come be with you.
Open the door? You came back for me? Of course.
Hey, hey.
Come here.
You can't fight this energy.
You're gonna have to surrender to it.
No, no, no.
N-No, I don't want to hear that shit.
Somebody fucking did this to me.
You can't be afraid.
Look, I don't want to talk about bad shit, okay? Like what? Like our baby that was almost killed? Fuck! God This isn't real.
This isn't real.
This isn't real.
- This isn't real.
This isn't real.
- These are the things inside your mind.
There's nothing more real.
What's in your mind has brought all of us to this moment.
Breathe with me.
Don't lie to yourself.
Not here.
Try and tell the truth.
The voice inside your head you push down.
Like the one that said I'm-a lose you and the baby? You can't be a gangster and a family man.
You can't be a killer and in honest business, too.
No, no, no, I don't accept that.
I've come this far.
In the end, you'll have to destroy us all.
You'll have to.
Because the only way we can survive is to betray you.
And that's just what we'll do.
Betray you.
Betray you.
Betray you.
Betray you.
Betray you.
Betray you.
Oh, God.
I feel amazing.
This place is amazing.
You don't hate me, do you? No, baby, I love you.
I love you.
I love you more and more every day.
Every goddamn second.
But I'm so wrong.
You took me into your family.
Even though I was from the streets.
- From the sewer.
- Even when we fight - I did it all.
- And we hate each other, - I love you even more.
- And I knew that nobody would never want nothing from me but some ass You understand what makes me tick.
- You do - and a fine woman on their arm.
even if you think you don't.
I once thought that only women would love me.
- You always say the thing - That only the pussy - that's just right.
- Made things right.
But no matter how mad I got or how angry You know how to love a man.
You know how to put me in my place when I'm wrong.
- No matter if I was off with Claudia - And I need that shit.
- Or killing Claudia - And that's why, baby.
- I don't want to be with anybody else - you never let nobody say that I was less or nothing.
Because that feeling that I have inside, it's like wolves.
- It's like they can see - And you know - everything that - that your mind - no one else knows is there.
- And my mind, - it's the same.
- And you know.
And I know that you do.
- And because of that - And because of that - I love you.
- I love you.
It don't matter what white people think, Avi.
Brother Malcolm said it best when he said it's either the bullet or the ballot.
Well, Mr.
Shabazz was, uh, a brilliant speaker and an organizer, but you can't reject a good idea just because the man who has it is white.
Yes, I can.
We need our own thinkers, our own thoughts.
But in order to have your own thoughts, you have to study everything and travel.
- Travel? - Yeah.
I ain't no goddamn tourist.
Algeria, Somalia and Nigeria aren't places for holidays.
You can go to Vietnam, meet the people who defeated America when it wanted to dominate them.
So, I can just go to Vietnam? - Sure you can.
- Or Africa? You can meet meet with the Viet Cong.
They'll tell you what it's like to fight America and win.
You can go to Ireland.
Eh, the fuck I care about them white men for? The English conquered them, they banned their language, they forbid them from Look at that sunset.
Who is this? I like you.
Franklin? Is that you? You put me in business.
Made me rich.
But there's some shit I need to say.
What's wrong, Franklin? I know what has to happen.
What are you talking about? You think you have to kill me one day.
But before you do, I'm gonna kill you.
'Cause if it comes down to it and it's between me and you, then I promise you it's gonna be you.
Who was it? It was Franklin.
I thought you said he was at the wedding.
He is.
He paged you from the wedding? Why? Told me he was gonna kill me.
I can't tell if you're joking.
I'm not.
Well at least you know for certain he's not home.
So what do you want to do, Theodore? Come on, California.
You know I ain't gonna scare that easy.
- That's how you do it.
- Come on, California.
- Ow.
- Nigga, yeah.
Got to be quicker than that, now, motherfucker.
- Oh, shit.
- Yes.
Stop it! Stop fighting, D.
You, too, Little Rock.
It feels so goddamn good to let it out.
That's just the acid making you feel that way.
Tomorrow it'll be all blood, bruises and broken teeth.
How come it ain't do something crazy to you? That shit must be in the chocolate.
I'm allergic.
Oh - Nigga, you crazy.
- Oh, shit.
Are you all right, girl? - Yeah, I'm fine.
- Oh.
Hey, Wanda? - Wanda.
- H-Hey, Leon.
- You okay? - Yeah.
So you didn't get no acid or nothing? Oh, yeah, I got it pretty strong.
But you okay? - I'm better than ever.
- Okay, that's good.
I'm just trying to make sure everybody else is safe, so I should move on.
W-Wait, uh, I need to, uh, ask you something.
What? Um, I'm leaving the country.
Where you going? I don't know, uh, Africa maybe.
You got a passport? I want you to come with me.
How you gonna say that now? So you not gonna come, or Wouldn't do that shit, nigga.
Oh, ain't no friendly faces out there.
Only your just desserts.
- Who are you? - I guess the better question is what have I become? I don't know what the fuck you're talking about, man.
Your life.
Your life is my failure.
- What? - You messed it up.
I messed it up for you? What sitting in some shitty-ass cubicle, wiping the white man's ass? Oh, the white man.
White man ain't your problem.
- Not yet.
- No, no.
I don't have problems.
Shit, I solve them.
You know, your fear let the worst thing Dad did come true for you.
- For us.
- That's bullshit.
He never cared about anybody but himself.
He said he was working for the people, but as soon as somebody crossed him, what'd he do? He threw them right under the bus.
And here you are talking about the white man's ass when everybody got to kiss your ass, or else.
What the f I help people.
Help people? My God, you listen to yourself? Goddamn, nigga.
What about Mr.
Wright? What about him? What about Kevin and even Rob? Or Manboy? Your dad? And all the niggas you and your little motherfucking minions them plotted on in between.
Tianna? Khadijah? Lenny? Karvel? Him? Him? Him? Her? Him? Him? Bodies! Bodies! Bodies! Bodies! They're all dead.
- That's how you help, Franklin? - No, no, no, no.
No, I made me and my people rich.
Fuck kind of life would they have without me? They don't see it that way, nigga.
And they never will.
And you don't see it theirs.
And that's why this whole thing's about to fall apart.
Nothing's gonna fall apart.
I can still save it.
You know even if you do understand it doesn't make a difference.
- How you feeling? - Better.
That's good.
Your mom got a little paranoid, so I put her in a car.
She okay? Yeah, she's asleep in the back seat.
You a good man, Lee.
Good man.
Want you to know I understand why you wanted out the game.
You just wanted to be a better person.
Which you are.
Love you, man.
Love you, too.
Parissa, what's wrong? Oh, I was just touching myself, thinking about you.
What? Is there someone coming up? I-I was just thinking that after this, it would be nice if you took me to dinner before you know.
So there's nobody's coming up? Do you think I would be talking about dinner if Franklin was here? So if I say that we can go to dinner, will you stop using the walkie? Yes.
Let's go to dinner.
One more thing.
- What? - I'm sort of glad you got shot.
This is much more fun than my usual Saturday nights.
Okay, bye.
("CALL ON ME" BY THE FOUR TOPS PLAYING) - Darling, you ♪ - WOMAN: Oh, I love this song.
Say you're lonely, well, I'm lonely, too ♪ But togetherness is the answer ♪ For me and you ♪ Mind if I cut in? Oh, my God.
Haven't been the same ♪ Uh, you look beautiful.
- Damn, look at that.
- Thank you.
Look at that.
- Some wedding, huh? - Mm-hmm.
I think they put acid in the chocolate.
- Are you okay? - I'm good, I'm good.
- Okay.
- I'm Let me match up to you.
I can't let you down.
For a while there, I wasn't, but - Mm-hmm? - Now, maybe But darling, call on me ♪ I want to let you know I love you.
And always have, since I was a boy.
And I wanted to apologize.
For what? I always wanted to be in charge.
So I can know exactly what everybody was doing.
I said it was to protect you, but it wasn't that.
No? As you should ♪ You were right.
I should've listened.
Should've treated you like a partner.
- I should've done a lot of things.
- Okay.
That's them.
You should have.
You know, it's not too late.
Girl, if you want me ♪ Yeah.
It is.
Let's go.
I got to follow my own path now, Franklin.
Darling ♪ If you need me ♪ I'm sorry.
If you want me ♪ If you ever need someone, call on me ♪
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