Snowpiercer (2020) s01e02 Episode Script

Prepare to Brace

1 Previously on "Snowpiercer" Attention all passengers We are 6 years and 9 months from departure.
We have a Removal Request.
Andre Layton.
- What do you want with me?! - Stop, stop! We've heard that, in the Old Life, you were a homicide detective.
We've had a murder.
The Tailie's uncooperative.
The Tailies have revolted again.
And if you catch the killer, we'll make you train detective and move you to Third Class.
You're a traitor! We need you, for the day we take the Engine.
You have the train Mr.
I have the train.
You'd think with all we've lost, that defeat would break us.
But the only reason we're here is we refused to die in the first place.
We're as persistent as the cold, forever trapped beneath the ice.
We keep our eyes on the floor, dig our nails in, and prepare to brace Do you think I want to be here? Eh? That Mr.
Wilford wants me to be doing this? Snowpiercer is all that's left of the world.
- Mommy! - Please, no, no.
Each of us has a personal responsibility to the Engine Eternal.
You Tailies barely have to do anything.
Yeah? Just sit around and don't rebel.
This is your fault.
Let's get it over with.
Please don't.
Do it to me instead.
Where's the logic in that? She's just a little girl.
Yeah, a little girl who helped to kill six men.
I'm her mother.
It's my fault.
I let her help the rebellion.
Someone with the moral fortitude to take responsibility for their actions.
All right.
Oh, baby.
Oh, come here, baby.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay, honey.
You're so brave.
It's gonna be okay.
Look at me.
Look at me.
Go to your brother.
Be strong, Winnipeg.
I love you.
Unticketed passengers, Mr.
Wilford has found you guilty of insurrection, murder, and disturbing the order of the train.
As stowaways, you have no right to trial or the established appeals process.
Layton, keep your promise.
You hear me? It is only by the largess and mercy of Our Engine Eternal that you have been allowed to live thus far.
It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.
So by the authority of Wilford Industries, you are hereby sentenced to indefinite suspension in the drawers.
May God have mercy on your spark.
They can take our limbs our children our leaders.
They keep trying to take our dignity, but any survivor will tell you they check their dignity at death's door.
The more they steal from us, the more human we become.
Humanity will fill our bellies one day when we eat the rich of Snowpiercer, 1,001 cars long.
Easy, girl.
Recent Class 4 That's why I reconfigured the plow.
But I can't see conditions here.
Good morning, engineers.
Good morning.
Our speed keeps triggering avalanches.
Second one in an hour.
This stretch gets rougher every revolution.
With a storm like this, Mel, it doesn't matter how many old Russian satellites I hack.
We're basically running blind right now.
Keep the speed up.
I'm gonna be busy downtrain today.
It's gonna get hairy.
How's your murder in Third? It's two murders in Third, an uprising in the Tail, and drama in First where they're acting like there's a mob at their door.
Guys, back to the engine, please.
Do not highball this terrain.
I recommend we throttle back 12%.
Javi, I can't announce blackouts.
Not today.
Well, you can slow for safety, or you can have electricity.
Maintain speed.
She'll hold the track.
How long do you think she can keep this up? Well, Javi, we're going on seven years and counting.
Attention all passengers.
Wilford Industries wishes you a good morning.
The temperature outside is minus 100 degrees.
Get up.
How you feeling this morning, Brakeman? Sit down.
- Don't get used to it.
- Yeah.
She might be experiencing some PTSD symptoms 'cause I saved her life.
You were in it to save your buddies.
I don't owe you a thing.
You two are gonna have a great day.
- Sanitation! - All right, back it up! You know the drill.
Sanitation detail.
You will keep your eyes down.
You will not interact with ticketed passengers.
- Watch it, Tailie.
- You can just ask nicely.
Your people killed their friends.
I don't think you realize how unpopular you are.
Yeah, well, they killed 14 of mine.
Layton, come on.
It was a good, clean arm.
It shattered very nicely.
But, no, that's not enough for the Folgers.
They're with Sharma.
She's worked up a nice head of steam.
I'll handle her.
Oh, wait a minute.
- Oopsy.
- There you go.
You're the First Class Committee Chair.
Table it or I will.
How are everyone's train legs? Did we miss our Gravol this morning? Actually, Melanie, we don't think that Gravol is the best prescription for a rebellion in the Tail.
I think "rebellion" is overstating it.
Commander Grey had it contained in minutes.
Six dead.
Security forces don't grow on trees, Melanie.
And we have a second concern.
The murder in Third the one you tried to keep quiet because you pulled up a Tailie to assist the investigation.
Wilford picked the best person for the job.
He's a former homicide detective.
There's a policeman in the Tail? There's a bit of everything back there.
Don't worry, Mrs.
The point is, upgrading this man in the middle of a rebellion, it sends the wrong message.
If Mr.
Wilford needs help, I was a lawyer for 25 years.
I'd be happy to share insights if you share details of the investigation.
Well, as a lawyer, you understand that information is privileged.
And I didn't know that Finklestein, Branxom, and Folder did murders, Mom.
Go ahead and laugh.
My family may not think I'm capable, Melanie, but the Freeze taught us all we have the capacity to kill.
Which is why everyone is a suspect.
Even you.
Do you want more coffee, Lilah? Well, enjoy your breakfast.
And, um, it's a good day to stay seated and ready to brace.
- Thank you.
- Can I get you anything else? How's your breakfast? Wonderful.
Thank you.
Tailie tossed coming through.
Buddy, keep moving.
You ready to detect, Detective? Tunnelman Jakes Carter.
Come on.
He's the guy who found the body.
I'm working a double.
This is my lunch break.
Great, I'll join you.
Hey, small for me.
He's good.
I know you.
You're that Tailie detective.
Look, I already told what happened once.
I'm the train detective, and Mr.
Wilford asked me to come hear it from you directly.
Do you have a problem with that? No.
No problem.
I was doing routine maintenance under Ag-Sec.
It was just another day, 'round and 'round we go, right? I pop a floor panel, and there he is no arms, no legs, and no dick.
Who has access to the subtrain? Pbht! Hundreds of people go through every day workers, passengers, all classes.
What are the checkpoints like between classes? - There's - Don't answer that.
I-I am trying to assess how far you can move a body.
That's it? Nah, one more thing.
What's that you're eating? Mmm.
This is the best beef noodles on the train right here.
Hey, if we need you again, don't be an asshole.
Okay, stay on point.
We got two hours till the autopsy, and Nikki Genet is still unconscious, restricted access.
Well, when you're done with your beef, we'll take a trip to the Nightcar where she used to work.
Scene of the first crime.
It's good.
Is the issue with the suspension formula or the duration? That's a complicated interplay.
I-I've taken very good care of her.
- Her muscle mass - I'm just trying to figure out if she's gonna come out of it.
I hope.
Maybe you should recommend Mr.
Wilford put the entire program on hold.
Tell Mr.
Wilford I'll get to the bottom of it.
Then we better go look at your data.
Welcome to the Nightcar.
Say it ain't so, Joe, please Say it ain't so That's not what I wanna hear, Joe And I've got a right to know Say it ain't so, Joe, please Say it ain't so I'm sure they're telling us lies, Joe, please Tell us it ain't so They told us that our hero has played his trump card He doesn't know how to go on Miss Audrey.
It's her place.
We're clinging to his charm and determined smile But the good-ole days are gone The image and the empire may be falling apart The money has gotten scarce One man's word held the country together But the truth is getting fierce Say it ain't so, Joe, please Say it ain't so We've pinned our hopes on you, Joe And they're ruinin' our show I found Nikki in the room with Edward, her regular.
She had no idea what was happening.
Drugged, I'm sure, by the real killer.
But Mr.
Wilford needed a quick resolution a body in a drawer.
This time will be different.
Just for context, what was Melanie Cavill's role back then? That's a good question.
It's her lips to God's ear, isn't it? On the house.
Old-world spirits.
A little something special for you service.
What service is that? You could reverse a Wilford injustice.
That hope is in short supply in Third.
I've been wondering for a long time what exactly it is you do up here in the Nightcar.
We offer epiphanies, darling.
Let him go see for himself.
I can't let him outta my sight.
If you want this to be different than Nikki, he needs to understand what she did.
You can have 20 minutes.
I'll be waiting right here.
All right, what is it about this case you couldn't tell me in front of a Brakeman? Patience, Mr.
You wanted to know what we do here.
You gonna give me the good stuff? The Nightcar's never actually been a brothel, Andre.
When the world ended, most people needed something else to grieve, to connect with everything we've lost.
I've developed the Nightcar Experience so we could heal, individually and collectively.
You a therapist? Relax, Andre.
Clear your mind.
Remember how we used to meditate in the Tail? Yeah, I gave that up when you left.
You're in good hands.
I'm sure we'll meet again soon.
Close your eyes.
Do you remember the water, Andre? I remember.
An element still awake.
Hear the wind.
Earth is still alive.
The birds.
The leaves.
Remember the trees the grass the sun.
I can feel it.
Where are you? I'm home.
I see you.
Excuse me, ma'am? Yes? Yeah, I'm gonna need to see some identification.
Oh, I Oh-oh-oh.
No reason to be nervous.
Don't let the badge intimidate you.
Oh, don't worry.
It doesn't.
I missed you.
Where are you? I'm hungry.
I'm starving.
I got you.
Ooh, doughnuts! Mm-hmm.
Your favorite.
- I love you, Andre.
- Mm.
What? Zarah Ferami you wanna do this thing? Get married? You know, make it real? We are real.
I know, yes, but realer.
Say the words hold, cherish, sickness, health, all that shit.
I'm not worried about us, Andre.
I'm worried about the world.
I got you, Zarah.
In good times and bad.
I know, Andre.
I do.
I just wanted to hold you forever.
To be clear, this is not how it usually goes.
What'd you want to tell me? Wilford's people aren't telling you everything about Sean.
I think he was a snitch, 'cause he was lucky.
Like, he got perks.
What kinda perks? We won the Baby Lottery.
That kinda luck usually means you have a "friend" uptrain.
I was gonna do it.
I was gonna have a baby with Sean.
Did you love him? It's Snowpiercer, Andre.
Look, I'm not gonna let them pin this murder on you, Zarah, but while I'm up here, I have a responsibility to the Tail.
Would it be so terrible if you stayed up here? With me? Time's up.
Not what my Nightcar trip looked like.
You were supposed to be getting context on Nikki.
That's called taking a mile.
Sometimes detective work requires a personal touch.
Just to be clear, I've never done an autopsy before.
But I'm Ex-Navy Medical Corps, so I do know how to look for trauma and oh, and diagnose PTSD.
I guess we've all got that now, don't we? I formed out of Afghanistan for a one-year gig on Wilford's Dreamliner as a medic.
Who knew the world would freeze and the job would last forever? This lividity here, that's pooled blood.
Means he lay face-down for a while postmortem.
They moved him later.
What else did you see yesterday and not share? You tell me.
Multiple ligature marks.
Choked in and out.
They wanted to drag out chopping his dick off.
Stumps look sawn off.
Looks like this way down.
Hacksaw maybe? So the limbs were removed after he was face-up.
Oh, looks like with a with a different tool.
Machete? Cleaver? You guys really don't go there? What? Okay, who has the tools for this? Those noodles you had earlier, there were meat scraps in them from where? The butchers.
You're not saying this is cannibalism.
We don't do that up here.
We all know the rumors about the Tail, but we Oh, those aren't rumors.
First couple of years, there were kill cults.
One gang in particular, they would kill anyone, eat anyone.
Had no choice.
The rest of us, we ambushed their leader, each of us ate a piece of his heart so that no one could say they were innocent.
Anyway, your lunch was good? Hold on.
- What do you want? - Open up, please.
We need to look in your freezer.
It's a restricted area.
- Brakeman's business.
- I don't give a shit.
It's a restricted area.
If you want in, get the Notary.
Nice knife.
Bet you could cut my leg off with that.
We're butchering today.
Come back with the Notary.
Come on.
I assume it's due to how long she was under.
I agree, but pinpointing the complex matrix of titration, duration, isolation.
- It's gonna take - More research, yeah.
Or subjects.
It's the catch-22.
This is bad.
She may have suffered permanent neurological damage.
We can't justify I've got a seismic alarm.
How bad is it? Mierda.
The whole slope is coming down.
Oh, shit.
It's a Class 3.
We're not gonna get through the debris.
Hold on.
Brace! Brace for impact.
We got a breach.
Ag-Sec, Cattle Car.
We have a breach.
Ag-Sec, Cattle Car.
Javi, take over.
Got it.
You okay? Keep moving back.
Let us back in there.
We got to search the freezer.
No, it's an engineering emergency.
- Get out of the way.
- We got to search the freezer.
- We're working for Mr.
- Out of the way.
- Jackboot! - Breachman.
All right, two minutes.
Close the door.
Check this out.
Oh, I got it.
Hey, hey! Relax.
Oh, yeah, sure.
Oh, God.
Here's your beef.
How about this one, huh? Seven years she work hospitality for Mr.
Wilford, and now she comes downtrain to be Engineer.
Wilford asked her to check it personally.
Breachman Bojan Boscovic, at his service.
It's an extinction event.
Window job first.
We need to know if it's structurally sound.
I've been given the okay to reduce speed 10%.
No, no.
Th-That is too fast for mountain work.
- You give me 25%.
- Battery banks.
We don't have the terrain ahead to make it up.
- Huh.
- I can probably get you 12%.
No Jacuzzis in First.
So we're on rolling blackouts, starting with the Tail.
What's 20 plus 5, for our little ones in the group? You got to give everyone a chance.
You got 26.
Hurry up.
They'll send more Jacks for this blackout.
Someone's coming.
Hang on, hang on.
The medicine.
But no painkillers, just Kronole.
I'm I'm not giving that crap to my mom.
Okay, but it kills the pain.
Of everything.
Shh, shh, shh, shh.
Shh, shh.
Patterson, how? Here you go.
Open up.
Open up.
Good girl.
Okay, Suzanne.
Let's stop now.
We can't ration anymore power to Ag-Sec unless we start start canceling crops.
We're not breaking rotation.
Water won't flow for a couple days at least, not till the crack in the hull is sealed.
Then we only have what's in the reservoir for Third, Ag-Sec, and Tail.
We ration the people, not the crops.
Third and Second will get 15 minutes of running water a day, and the Tail will have to survive on what they've hoarded.
Is this what the start of a resource crash feels like? Starving the train from the Tail lot? It's not just the beef.
It's manure for fertilizer.
It's bovine cultures.
We use their methane.
I know.
It's bad.
But how bad stays between us.
In the meantime, we press ahead with selecting the new apprentices, and we bolster faith in Wilford to get them through.
Despite your violence yesterday, and the grave hand of fate hanging over our heads this very second, Mr.
Wilford believes that children deserve an education in skilled or unskilled labor, and so we are proceeding with apprenticeship selection.
The names are as follows.
Mikala Mwanza Mia Kaisheck and the boy they call Miles and Miles.
Should your families choose to accept his invitation, you have one hour to get ready for your new lives uptrain.
Two legs and one arm.
Um, left arm.
- Can you hang up? - What? No, all the butchers are dead, Roche.
Hey, look, the butcher didn't kill Sean.
- Think it through for a second.
- Okay.
If you're gonna retail him for meat, then why the torture? Okay, uh whoever did it got off on castrating him.
But the arms and legs were the exact opposite.
No emotion at all.
So the butchers come second.
He puts arms and legs in my fricking noodles.
Whoa, whoa, easy.
Back off, douche.
There is no use getting us both shitkicked.
Yeah, what do you care? Just blame the butchers and claim your Third Class cabin.
First off, I don't want Third Class.
I want to go back to the Tail.
And second Guess I'm still a cop, after all.
I was assigned to the first murder, too.
They had Nikki guilty out of the gate.
Fast tribunal took all of three hours.
Nothing I could've done for her.
You still care about getting the right guy? I finally got into the freezer and recovered your limbs.
Pretty good day.
She's good at this part, by the way, patting down the boys on the corner.
Good night, Detective.
Keep it moving.
Eyes down till you're back in the Tail.
Eyes down.
Keep moving.
Come and get me, asshole! Hey, get off! Get off! Hey! Layton! Get on the ground! Do you remember your mum, Miles? I I remember she smelled good.
That's all? I only remember the train.
You're my Tail mum.
Miles and Miles.
Miles and Miles and Miles, Miles, Miles, Miles, Miles, Miles, Miles, Miles.
You were so little when we started.
I'm not anymore.
Well, then, you better decide for yourself, don't you? Layton says we need our people uptrain.
He's right.
We need every department.
We need friends high and low.
You see? You are a good listener.
Miles I swear to you, I will not stop fighting from the back.
But you're going uptrain.
And that means we might never see each other again.
Yes, we will.
After the revolution, like Layton said.
All right? Love you.
What do you see when you look at this train? I see a fortress to class.
Is that all? Well, I see 3,000 souls surviving on a planet that's determined to freeze all life in place.
We're still in motion, alive and kicking, and it's not thanks to chance or fate or God.
It is thanks to order, meticulously maintained by Mr.
A balance of need and greed and speed, and you Tailies, who seem to have forgotten that it is 117 degrees below zero outside of this metal tube, and Mr.
Wilford is awake 21 hours a day just to keep the Goddamn heat on.
Guess that's why it needs informants like Sean Wise.
Wise was a Wilford rat.
He got paid in perks like the rigged Baby Lottery.
Why else would you care so much about a Thirdie's murder? So, what you really want to know is, when he was tortured, what Wilford secrets did he spill? Y'all got killers and cannibals and God-knows what else up here.
So don't you lecture me about balance.
My people found ours years ago.
Very perceptive.
No wonder Mr.
Wilford wants you as train detective.
But that's the only reason you're still here now.

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