Snowpiercer (2020) s01e03 Episode Script

Access Is Power

1 [Klimpt.]
You'd think loneliness would be impossible all crammed in here, but this train was designed to separate us from our possessions, from our loved ones.
Now every last shred of us is worth something to someone.
Everything's rare, so you gotta pay with something personal.
And we're all trading up for the most valuable thing there is.
Access all the way to First, where they hold the table for sport, then trade it right back down.
People avoid me because I care for the Sleepers, but that's my value, how I open doors and live in Second.
I can trade for things, while the weakest can only trade their carbon for compost.
So we keep pushing.
Pushing uptrain, pushing for access to feel more alive.
Access is freedom.
Access is power.
We kill for that on Snowpiercer, 1001 cars long.
[theme music playing.]
[crowd speaking indistinctly.]
We don't know what the Night Car is, what they'll make you do there.
- Anything's better than this.
- Zarah.
I'll die.
I can't do it anymore.
This is my decision.
We held on to these for a long time, but they're worth more as a commodity, to trade if you get into trouble.
Good luck, Andre.
[man 1.]
Yeah, there she is.
[man 2.]
Goddamn sellout! [man 3.]
Yeah, go on.
- Go show those rich men how we do in the Tail.
- [man 4.]
Four feet away, huh? - Walk away! - [man 5.]
Good for you.
[door opening.]
All right, can we settle? Settle down, please.
Thank you.
- Good morning.
- [all.]
Good morning.
We all know it's been a tough 48 hours.
It seems the events have been on Mr.
Wilford's mind, as well.
He's written a personal message for us all.
"To my loyal and trusted crew, without whom this mission could never succeed, in this time of adversity, I ask you, the lead stewards of humanity, to remain unshaken in spirit and resolve, as you've done so nobly these past seven years.
By your steady hand, we will ride out this hardship and outlive the ice, bound by our cause and our need.
" Winston Churchill.
I'm sorry? "Unshaken in spirit and resolve.
" Mr.
Wilford was paraphrasing Churchill.
I'll tell him you noticed.
Tell him there's unrest brewing.
The murders.
The Tailie uprising.
Third will feel the brunt of the rationing.
There's already talk of job action.
To that point, Mr.
Wilford suggests we work to ease the minds of passengers while we do repairs.
Ruth, what if we moved next week's prizefight up to tonight? Distraction? It's brilliant.
We make an event of it, and the winner gets a full upgrade from Third to Second.
It's aspirational for Third, and it'll remind First how good they actually have it.
Commander, you can handle the fight? Of course.
- Good.
- The Engine will provide.
Get up! [Layton yells.]
Get off me.
Get off me.
Get off me! [panting.]
That frighten you? It was Mr.
Wilford's idea.
At least with a bag on my head, I know how much Wilford actually wants me to see.
Let me explain clearly.
We each have our place up here, our lane.
And until you earn Mr.
Wilford's trust, your lane is narrow.
Your only concern is finding out who tortured and killed Sean Wise.
And if you try communicating with the Tail again, I'll stick your head out a port myself.
Can I have access to the witness of the first murder yet? No.
She's still unconscious.
Well does Wilford trust me enough to let me know what Sean Wise was informing on? Yes.
Sean Wise kept tabs on the black market.
He was trying to find the source of a new drug wreaking havoc in Third, Kronole.
Kronole's not new.
It's been in the Tail for two revolutions.
Oh, you're not getting a cut? Authoritarian states usually control their own drug trades.
Snowpiercer's an ark.
- It's not an authoritarian state.
- [chuckles.]
Uh Okay.
Well, if Sean Wise was looking in for Kronole, that's where we start.
All you gotta do is go down on a Brakeman.
Your boy Oz trades K for blowjobs in the Tail.
Well, look at you, detective.
Already working on the case.
You should see me without the handcuffs.
Brakeman Till, you're out of uniform.
Somehow it's my fault the Tailie got out of his cell.
- I wasn't even - You shut up.
Must be pretty nice up here in Second, if you can just lie around in bed all day.
You don't find it a little aspirational? Some of it.
Nikki falsely imprisoned? A cannibal ring right under my nose? It's embarrassing.
And I can't even find my underwear.
[Jinju chuckles.]
Nikki's our only witness.
That bitch from Hospitality's blocking access to her.
Yeah, you won't get much out of Nikki.
She's still confused.
I thought she was unconscious.
- I wouldn't go there, Bess.
- Why not? Because if Melanie's doing it, it's what Wilford wants.
Okay, well, it's that kind of thinking that put an innocent girl in the Drawers.
You don't want to cross paths with Melanie Cavill.
Then I'll go around her.
- [man 1.]
Right? - [man 2.]
Shifty little dodger.
I can't wait to slap him with this.
Good, but hold up.
You're at an impasse with this case, so I'm shaking this tree to make something fall out.
Okay, the train is like a small town, so everyone's gonna know you're coming.
Two years ago, you put Nikki in a Drawer for a crime she didn't commit.
Now you don't know if Sean Wise was murdered by that same psychopath or if it's just somebody else trying to complicate the murder of a Wilford informant.
- Your point? - My point is I lead this time.
Tailies came pouring out onto us.
We started sticking pikes in those animals.
- They buckled quick.
- [Fuller.]
Heard you went out of there on your hands and knees.
And you left your partner behind.
Move it.
Yes, sir.
What's this about, sir? You're trading Kronole for blowjobs in the Tail.
Gonna listen to a Tailie? - Who's your supplier? - Supplier? No, no.
I passed a little Kroney to the Tail, okay? But it was just from what we confiscated, for the Tailie woman whose arm they froze off.
It was a humanitarian act.
Did you know Sean Wise? - What, the dead guy? - Yeah, the dead guy.
Why? What's that got to do with it? I swear on the train, boss.
[crowd chattering indistinctly.]
Watch the neckline, yeah? - Terence, I was coming to see you.
- Oh, shut it.
Why is the Lead Brakeman leaning on you? Was asking about Kroney.
I didn't say nothing.
That's good.
What about the Tailie detective he's with? We pulled him out to work on the Sean Wise murder.
- So how'd he get to Kroney? - He's smart.
Don't know.
I wouldn't underestimate him.
Don't worry about that.
We'll give that cop a nice warm welcome.
[Shad's "Stonethrowers (Gone In A Blink)" playing.]
Gone in a blink [Layton.]
Look, hey.
I already told you.
Zarah didn't kill the Wilford rat.
Well, she was gonna have a baby with him, wasn't she? Look, she lived with him.
What did he tell her? You talked to my guy.
Now I'm gonna talk to yours.
Sean worked for Ag-Sec.
He was also a spy.
I didn't know he had anything to do with any of this.
- He mention Kronole to you? - No.
Anybody connected with making it or distributing it? No, he didn't mention drugs at all.
I mean, he bragged sometimes about knowing people who could get him whatever he needed.
You're not new here.
You know how the underground works.
Who was it? Tunnelmen? Night Car staff? Janitors? I don't know anything specific.
You're saying he was a spy, so he wasn't sharing it with us.
Is that it? Because I gotta get ready for Fight Night.
What's that? Don't worry.
You won't be attending.
- Janitors.
- It's okay.
[Bob Kelly's "One Little Kiss Will Do It" playing over speaker.]
- That's another one.
- Whoo! Off with it! - [Ruth.]
Run along, now, girls.
- [girl giggles.]
- Fight night? Perhaps you lose something.
- Robert loves a fight.
Don't you, Robert? Ruth, I see you, with your surprise casino and your Roman games.
You're just misdirecting us from an extinction event.
- Snap! [chuckles.]
- [chuckles.]
Seriously, Ruth, we realize that this is no longer a pleasure cruise.
But our fortunes built this train, and Mr.
Wilford is losing control.
Resources crashing.
Insurrection in the Tail.
Fight Night is nothing but a bold-faced distraction.
Yes, but it's an entertaining distraction.
[Robert chuckles.]
Please, show solidarity with the train.
These people work hard, you know.
And it lifts them just to see you.
Yeah, Mom, do it for the Thirdies.
- Snap! - [Robert groans.]
Come on! [chuckles.]
[LJ chuckles.]
Come on, Daddy.
Come on, sweetheart.
Let's make a night of it.
You can get dressed up.
Married, right? Twenty years.
Kids? We doing this? Three kids.
Two of them didn't make it.
Hard choices.
We hold them close, they keep us going.
It was the same thing when Zarah went uptrain.
- She was my warmth.
- Tomato soup and a grilled cheese.
Think Sean Wise got killed on this Kronole tip? Or did Wilford's rat just get his dick chopped off by a serial perv? You ever meet Wilford? Shook his hand a few times before we boarded, but the Engine's bio-secure now.
He speaks through Melanie.
- Hey, I told you to stay home.
- I got something.
- It turns out Nikki's awake.
- Okay.
Take Layton.
Keep an eye on him.
- I'm having my lunch.
- Let's go.
- [Melanie.]
- I've got the crack under control.
Bojan's team is behind on the Cattle Car window.
Oh, shit.
We can't keep pumping heat down here.
- Main banks are near an all-time low.
- And more mountains to come.
[Melanie sighs.]
- I can offer one immediate solution.
- What? We uncouple the Tail.
I mean, we move the Tailies into Third, cut the empty weight loose onto a siding.
There'd be civil war in Third.
I need a more viable solution.
God, I wish I were welding.
Ma'am? Ma'am? Ma'am, I This is Melanie.
- It's me.
- Hey, what's up? We don't want the investigators to see Nikki like this, right? No.
Why? Till might be on her way soon.
Thanks, Jinju.
- [Dr.
Make it quick.
She's to be off-limits.
- Nikki? Nikki.
She's out of it.
That's a common post-suspension reaction.
- Yeah, she's got a fever.
- That's perfectly normal.
It's not like sleep.
- What's not? The Drawers? - She's just disoriented.
Everyone comes out of it a little differently.
She's gonna be fine in a few days.
Nikki, can you open your mouth for me? [Klimpt.]
Oh, [clears throat.]
I wouldn't recommend that.
- [Till.]
Oh, Jesus.
- Looks a lot like Kronole withdrawal, doesn't it? - She's just a long-term Sleeper.
- Has anyone given you Kronole? - [Dr.
Course not.
- What's Kronole? - Will it make me feel better? - She's not cleared for visitors yet, doctor.
We heard she was awake.
That doesn't mean she's ready to be questioned.
I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.
Please, let's let her rest.
This is bullshit.
Is your suspension drug some version of Kronole? Of course not.
- Her gums are black.
- That's a common post-suspension reaction.
Maybe it's the other way around.
Maybe Kronole's a street version of their drug.
The materials are tightly controlled.
It's not possible, is it? Klimpt, what have you done? [Till.]
You skimmed the suspension drug.
Then what? Who did you give it to? Courier comes.
Sometimes it's a janitor.
- Different person each time.
- What did you get? Just supplies for the Sleepers.
Vegetable balms to prevent bedsores.
Wilford didn't think of everything.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I had no idea they made Kronole from it.
Would you give us a moment, please? - What's going on with these two? - That's what I wanna know.
What the hell is this? What the hell is this? - This is Miles' hair.
- Layton.
Miles? - Layton, stop.
- Miles.
- Layton, stop! - What did you do? - Stop it! - Stop! It's not what you think.
Miles made the apprenticeship program.
- He made apprentice? - Yes.
And he's fine.
We just gave him a haircut.
I wanna see him right now.
Objects in motion stay in motion at the same velocity, unless Anybody? Miles.
The object is acted on by an external force.
[Miss Gillies.]
Thank you, Miles.
I got my own bunk with a curtain, my own fork, and I ate this thing.
- It's called a tangerine.
- [chuckles.]
Heard you're nailing the science too, bro.
- I have a hundred percent on all my tests.
- See? That's what I'm talking about.
- You're gonna be an engineer.
- I don't know about that.
Josie's gonna be worried about us.
Yeah, she is.
You see any of the other kids from the apprenticeship? Mikala's apprenticing in Laundry.
And Mia I don't know.
Miles, it's time for dinner.
Don't you love dinner? I'm keeping my eyes open.
Let me down.
That was Blanca Peak.
- What's the problem? - We should have passed it yesterday.
We should be running full tilt, banking power to climb the Sierra Madres.
So the impact yesterday caused some serious damage? We were already losing time.
Whatever happened made it a lot worse.
The Year Four Slowdown lasted a month.
Started with darkness, water rations.
Question is, when does our drain on resources outweigh our value as labor? Right before the Sierra Madres, I reckon.
- [Josie.]
Look, look, look! - We're a day behind! Wilford hasn't uncoupled us yet.
- All we've got to do is hunker down.
- [Mr.
Double bunks, half water.
- [Josie.]
- Agreed.
All right.
Let's pull everyone forward.
Double up to conserve heat.
- [Lights.]
- All right? Our people uptrain will help us, somehow.
Thank you for letting me see him.
Well, hopefully now we can focus on our next steps.
I have to see Josie, his Tail mom.
I convinced her to let him go.
I know she's worried sick about him.
Till can give her a message next time she's down there.
Look, she really needs to hear from me that he is okay.
How about when you ID Sean Wise's killer, I'll let you see her? It's too late to get downtrain, anyway.
The fights are tonight.
Yeah, I was just thinking that.
Fight Night.
Feels like a pretty good place to find a Janitor.
Yeah, but if they're slinging Kronole, they're not exactly gonna sit down and have a chat with the Train Detective.
How about we leave that to the Train Detective? Watch his back, Brakeman.
Members of the board, as you well know [recording plays backwards.]
As you well know, I am not one for speeches.
[recording screeching.]
one for speeches.
- But we've been - [keyboard clacks.]
After exceeding earnings in the fourth-quarter financials, it's safe to say that we've been through a bumpy patch.
I am not one for speeches, but we've been through a bumpy patch.
And my advisers tell me So I want to say this to you.
[PA chimes.]
Attention all passengers.
Due to ongoing engineering repairs, Second and Third Class may experience diminished electrical supply.
From all of us at Wilford Industries, thank you for your patience.
Fight! Fight! Fight! - [music playing over speaker.]
- [crowd yelling indistinctly.]
Yeah! Come on! Okay.
- First Class.
It's up there.
- [Eugenia.]
Hey! One fox fur on Right Hand Man! [crowd cheering.]
One of the fighters is a Janitor.
That's them in white.
But I don't really know who's who over there.
It's not my beat.
[PA chimes.]
Good evening, passengers.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Fight Night.
[crowd cheering.]
Kind of everywhere, isn't she? The prize tonight for the victor, a coveted upgrade to Second Class.
But before we begin, it is my honor to announce that Mr.
Wilford himself would like to say a few words.
[clears throat.]
Good evening, passengers.
As you well know, I'm not one for speeches, but we've been through a bumpy patch.
So I want to say this to you.
If the track has taught me anything, it's that even the steepest climbs give way to descent.
I'll keep doing what I do best.
I will keep our Engine eternal.
And you keep doing what you do best.
Survive, survive, survive.
Survive! Survive! The Engine will provide! [laughing.]
Wilford! Wilford! Wilford! Wilford! Wilford! Wilford! And on that note, let the fight begin.
[bell dinging.]
Wait back there.
Come on, Tina girl! Cut him down! Zarah's working behind the bar.
All right.
She's never gonna talk to me with you attached to my hip.
I know this woman, okay? We're gonna get a lot more information out of her if I go alone.
All right, go.
Hey, keep an eye on those guys, all right? Make sure none of them leave.
And watch your back.
There he is.
The Train Detective.
I hope that's his undercover look.
[indistinct whispering.]
[crowd whooping.]
- I'm so glad you're still okay.
- Who are these Janitors? The guy with the beard over there is Terence, Sean's Kronole connection.
Keep chasing him! Go, go! He's Head Janitor.
Watch yourself with him.
Oh, I just wanna say hello.
I can ask if he'll meet with you.
- How bad do you need this? - It's the first key.
Well, there's always a price with Terence.
My wedding ring.
You gave it to me the day I left the Tail.
I traded mine, but I kept yours, so you can have it back, so you can trade it if you need to.
I've been thinking about what you said, about staying up here with you.
I still love you, Zarah.
- But - I know, Andre.
I know the Tail needs you.
I love you too.
[door closes.]
[indistinct yelling.]
[indistinct whispering.]
You're not a Janitor, Brakeman.
Surprise, surprise.
They didn't wanna deal with Wilford's pet Detective.
Wilford sent me up here to pry into their business.
If I was Terence, I'd wanna talk to me.
- Twice in one day, I'm stuck dealing with you.
- And I need to speak with Terence.
So you come here? You know he can't risk you.
A bloody Tailie on top of that.
You're just pissing him off.
So you go out there, and you tell him that I got eyes on me too.
I'm gonna lose Till, so that we can be alone.
You think I don't have more dirt on you, Osweiller? Me and your boss, Roche, we getting pretty close.
I could probably just make some shit up.
Or maybe Terence never sees Kronole again.
Go tell him, Brakeman.
You're bleeding crazy, man.
[crowd yelling indistinctly.]
Come on, get up! Oh, shit.
Nikki? Nikki? - [man 1.]
Right hand.
- [man 2.]
Two hands.
Give me something.
Come on, Tina! [indistinct whispering.]
- What are you doing here? - I need Kronole.
Look, look, look.
Remember who that is? [Lilah.]
She killed someone.
What's she doing out? She's innocent.
Layton, you're a pain in the ass.
Come on.
- [man 1.]
Put her down! - [man 2.]
Put her back! [woman.]
Let her go! [chuckles.]
[Masia One's "Bu Yao Lian" playing.]
[crowd indistinctly chattering.]
Well, if it isn't the famous Tailie Detective.
You want a date? Hm? Name's Terence.
Never Terry.
So you come out to solve a murder, and my chemicals dry up.
That shit's poison, Terence.
You should be ashamed of yourself.
[Layton chuckles.]
- You ever sell Kronole to Sean Wise? - Why? - Because he was screwing your wife? - No.
Because he was a Wilford informant.
Well, I didn't kill him.
- Don't put that on me.
- No.
- You don't want that kind of publicity.
- Yeah.
So, um, how much does Wilford know about his Kroney problem? Very little, yet.
But if I give him something about this murder, he'll probably forget about the whole thing.
[both chuckling.]
You know what I was in the Old Time before I was a Janitor? A janitor.
I cleaned a high-rise building.
I get on this train, and you know what I see? The train is just a high-rise laying on its side.
I know how this thing runs.
And my building just became the whole goddamn world.
Some people never had it so good.
Well, still looking for better.
Third Class and the Tail, 70 percent of the population.
Maybe we could see who's in the penthouse.
It's nice to dream.
I saw Sean the night he was killed.
He came down to score K with another guy, no one I'd seen before.
Can you describe him? Not from these corridors, no.
First Class, maybe.
Early 30s, buzz cut, takes care of himself.
There's one more thing I need, Terence.
Something very small.
Home you go, people! The border is closed! The subtrain to Third is out of order, you're walking home to Third.
It was a great success, despite a riot breaking out.
Maybe even because of it.
Well, I'll put the riot to bed, you put them to bed.
And, Ruth, good job.
It's an honor just to carry out Mr.
Wilford's wishes.
[Martin and woman chuckling.]
All right.
The border is closed! No pushing.
Nice and easy, please.
Keep it calm! - I got some information for you.
- What? Last call, I'm afraid.
We were just waltzing down the Champs-Élysées.
- [Lilah chuckles.]
- You're good.
Oh, well, you may have distracted us for one night, Melanie, but in a year or two, when you serve up history's last boeuf bourguignon I won't lie.
It's serious.
Wilford could always cut loose the Tail.
I'm glad you had a good evening.
And safe home, LJ.
Come along, darling.
Everybody out the door.
This way.
Okay, I'll meet you there later.
Layton has the description of a man who was with Sean Wise just before he was murdered.
But? Oh, I'm not gonna tell you till you let me go see Josie in the Tail.
Josie Wellstead.
I thought you were dead.
What did they do to you? Why did they pull you out? I'm fine.
I'm fine.
Just listen.
I talked to Miles.
You'd be so proud.
He's in a class.
He's learning real science.
- And you saw him? - And he's eating.
- [chuckles.]
- Three squares.
He's got his own fork.
I saw Zarah.
I had it all wrong in my head.
This whole time, I've not been seeing what was right in front of my eyes.
I miss you, Josie, and I am so sorry.
Me too.
I miss you too.
That's enough.
He's got his own bed.
And there's other kids.
And he misses you, Josie! It's only doors between us! So who are we looking for? [thudding.]
[guard grunting.]
You don't remember me, do you, Nikki? But you do know who I am.
[Nikki whimpering.]
[closing theme playing.]

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