Snowpiercer (2020) s01e04 Episode Script

Without Their Maker

1 Previously on "Snowpiercer" There's unrest brewing.
The murders.
The Tailie uprising.
Third will feel the brunt of the rationing.
Our fortunes built this train, and Mr.
Wilford is losing control.
You ever meet Wilford? Shook his hand a few times before we boarded.
He speaks through Melanie.
You don't want to cross paths with Melanie Cavill.
Then I'll go around her.
Nikki! Look.
Remember who that is? She killed someone.
What's she doing out? She's innocent.
I saw Sean the night he was killed.
With another guy.
Can you describe him? Not from these corridors.
First class, maybe.
So, who are we looking for? Oh, I'm not gonna tell you till you let me go see Josie in the Tail.
I thought you were dead.
You don't remember me, do you, Nikki? But you do know who I am.
That's what humans do, isn't it? Our great leg up.
We roll.
We hack.
Knuckle down and change.
Even Snowpiercer is an adaptation.
That was classic Wilford.
While the world froze and the other mega-rich tried to hole up in bunkers or upload their consciousness, Mr.
Wilford dusted off his train set.
Snowpiercer is His system.
Systems resist change, even without their maker.
I'm just a scientist.
I'm here to save the world, not change it.
I know our chances of surviving are slim at best.
All I can do about that is provide small moments of happiness on Snowpiercer, 1,001 cars long.
Yeah? Hey.
I knew you'd be up.
No rest for the weary.
What's up? I need you to take care of yourself, Mel.
We can't afford you getting sick.
There's mounting supply-chain issues, and now you're taking this murder investigation on your own? I appreciate your concern.
I do.
Anything else? Yes.
I want you to ask for help.
Layton, wake up.
- We need you.
- What happened? You'll see.
Thank you.
Thank you.
So, have you thought of a workaround for the methane shortage? Yep.
Goat farts.
Very good.
I knew it would pay off.
Melanie Cavill.
I'm not afraid to be seen together.
You just don't want to walk to work with me in the morning? Jinju, there's enough track talk about me as it is.
Hey, you got to step up for this, babe.
Isn't that what I just did? Oh, you did, huh? And I will.
I just Give me a minute.
Thirdies are weird about dating uptrain.
What's the difference whether it's uptrain or downtrain? You're from Second.
You have the privilege of seeing it that way.
Okay, baby, I know you're not enticed by all this 'cause you're from Detroit Hey.
I'm from San Francisco.
Those places are gone, but now it's up to us to start over.
Agricultural Officer.
Nikki Genet is dead.
I'm sorry.
I know how much you cared for her.
Okay, stop now.
Stop it, Henry.
I'm gonna give you a chance to make things right with Mr.
Thank you.
I'm so sorry.
I want you to go get a gurney and some sheets.
Don't let anyone see her.
We need postmortem data.
Do you understand what I'm asking you? Yes.
Will you do that for me, Henry? Thank you.
Where were you? I gave you a description of a First Class killer.
What did you do with it? I was waiting till morning.
First waits till morning.
She's dead our killer gets his bacon and eggs.
Shut up, Layton.
We all failed her.
The border's closed.
I just came from Second.
It's been closed since the fight.
The killer's from First.
If he followed you, he left the fight early.
No time to get uptrain.
Then he's still in Third.
How we doin'? Switching to breakfast.
'Round and 'round she goes.
You want one last Railman's? Nah.
Any word how long they're keeping that damn border closed? They'll close it all night if they want.
That fight was a mess.
Where you from? Second? Yeah.
Hey, these are First Class booze tokens.
I mean thanks.
All right, how many men do you have uptrain? We've got plenty.
Okay, send a sweep team uptrain from the Tail.
Eyes up, son.
We've got it from here.
Layton doesn't really need to see this, does he? They don't even know who they're chasing.
I need to go to First.
He doesn't set one foot in First.
He does whatever Mr.
Wilford wants.
Yes? Let's get every First Class passenger that was at the fight out of bed.
That will not be popular.
Popular? You people have a serial killer Hey.
Tone it down, would you? I need to know that the search is underway, and then you and I will go to First.
You have to clear that with Mr.
Wilford, or is that your call? When you're ready, I'll be talking to her.
All right, my Brakemen will work down from here.
We'll open every door.
We'll check every cupboard.
And meet my men in the middle at Ag-Sec.
Start a sweep team uptrain from the Tail, then.
From there, we will review all What about the subtrain? It's still closed to nonessential personnel.
I'll put another patrol down there anyway.
He's not suspended? We're shorthanded.
We need every man we've got.
- He was slinging Kroney.
- He's your partner.
Work it out now.
Work it out later.
Just do your freakin' job.
I'm sorry for your loss.
If the killer's from First, they'll only let you get so far, and there won't be any justice for Nikki.
How's Third gonna take that? Both victims are theirs.
Oh, that remains to be seen, Detective.
Now that I got a sense of what you do here, I thought you might have a take on it.
You know people, high and low.
You know their secrets.
Strict confidentiality.
It's assured in the Nightcar.
I appreciate that.
Melanie Cavill ever have a session? That would be confidential if the answer wasn't no.
She's never shown herself like that.
Maybe now she'll have to.
Think Nikki's death could be a catalyst? Catalyst for what? From what I hear, a lot of workers in Third are pretty fed up.
You need to step carefully, Detective.
But many of us do want change.
We're waking First.
Audrey, I promise I'll do everything I can Cut the shit, Melanie.
You have my support, Detective.
I'm holding the subtrain.
Not a lot of downtrain faith that the powers that be actually want to solve this thing now that the suspect's from First.
I want it solved.
And it doesn't matter which Class the suspect is from.
Let's go.
I've never seen a blue chip before.
Could be First Class, open heaps of doors.
Layton said, "It's only doors between us.
" You can't just chip out of the Tail.
No, but someone could chip out of Sanitation crew.
Ah, the break room.
There's that door with the key pad.
They think we can't use it.
You've been stashing supplies there, right? Yeah.
Things we scrounge on shift.
- Any clothes? - Yeah.
Okay, so, if we get someone in the corridors, then what? We make contact with Astrid.
Since she apprenticed out in the first year, guys, we've heard from her, what, twice? Astrid's still one of us.
She's got people here.
If she can find Layton, we can set up communication with him.
Give me the chip.
I'll try tonight.
John, you're a lion.
They don't see Tailie women uptrain.
I've got a better chance of blending in.
It's true.
This is the only key we've ever had.
Sanitation! Hey, what happened to your friend? Uh, he's too sick to work, sir.
Come on.
This way.
It's inhuman.
You got to be kidding me.
Art belongs to First now? These people broiled the Earth, then they froze her, and now they hang the spoils on their walls.
Layton, I was a born on a dirt farm in Eastern Pennsylvania.
I came from nothing.
I know a thing or two about class.
That anger that you feel when you look at all of this? It's justified.
Let's use it.
Whoever the killer is, First is going to protect their own, so you be their worst nightmare from the Tail.
I'll do the rest.
All right, two things first.
I don't give a shit who you are, and somebody up here has got a thing for chopping off Third Class dicks.
- Now, look - Yeah, I'm looking.
Here's the thing.
I don't see everybody who was at the fight.
This is everybody.
Melanie, this is ridiculous.
No one from First Class has ever been charged with a crime.
You should thank her for that.
She keeps the borders tight, she keeps the rabble at bay, and she keeps First Class above the law.
But Mr.
Wilford's doing things differently this time.
Isn't that right? Yes.
Now where are the bodyguards? All right, let me try this a different way.
How many arms did you take in the Tail? 14, if anyone's counting.
So, where are the bodyguards? I didn't invite the help.
Erik didn't come home last night.
He didn't? No.
He asked to leave the fight early, and when we came back, he wasn't here.
You knew he was missing and you didn't tell us? Tell Roche Erik's a suspect.
He has his gun, too.
- LJ.
- LJ.
What? I saw he had it with him last night.
He has his gun? There are no guns allowed on the Snowpiercer.
Our security was allowed to keep their sidearm.
The rest of us were disarmed to keep you safe.
I'm gonna need to see Erik's quarters.
This man is not entering our carriage.
Bringing this man into First? This is unprecedented.
On behalf of everyone here, I demand to speak to Mr.
It's time, Melanie.
This is Bennett.
I'm sorry.
I need you to put me through to him.
It's urgent.
Oh, hey, are we doing this again? Thank you.
I'll wait.
Anything to put a smile on your face.
Good news first We may have identified the killer.
Is that for real? Or is that part of the act? Yeah, a bodyguard from First.
But the family's reluctant to let your detective in to investigate, and they would like a word.
Well, that would piss me right off.
Huff, huff, huff.
The Folgers.
It's their man.
Yes, Lilah Folger, sir.
I know, but she's demanding it.
Very good.
For the investigation, we will allow him in, but only if you accompany him.
Wilford, my apologies.
It seems everything is sorted.
I miss you, Mel.
Thank you for that.
Goodbye, sir.
Can't back down from that.
30 minutes.
Here you go.
All the piss and shit left in the world.
You get used to the smell.
Quick, let's go.
- Just not the cholera.
- Cholera's not so bad.
Come on, quick, let's go.
Before they get here.
Pass me that.
Pajamas? Yeah, it's the middle of the night.
Kinda works, huh? It's fine.
Better hurry.
- All right.
- Let's go.
Hurry up.
Pass it to me.
There you go.
Good luck.
Is he going to go through all of our things? Should we offer him a drink? No thanks, LJ.
He was 7th Marines.
Then he worked private security.
What else can you tell me about him? We hired him when the Freeze started to keep our family safe, and he did.
And he saved my life.
How'd he do that? That's not pertinent, LJ.
Anybody seen this before? What is it? It's a J-Hook.
Used for beekeeping.
What? He showed it to me.
He said he found it.
- Where? - I don't know.
The old Apiary? We used to keep bees until a colony collapse three years ago.
They crated up all the extra hives and everything.
They're in storage.
Well, we need to find which crate.
Can you send Till? May I? Lilah, let's us three go into the other room.
We can position this in a way that's best for your family.
Brakeman Till.
How How did Are you out of the Tail? No questions, okay? There's no time.
Are you still in Food Processing? Yeah, but I just cut and load the bars.
I don't have access to ingredients or anything.
That's not what we need.
Did you know that Layton's out? Yeah, they're using him as a detective.
There's a killer loose up here.
That's what it was.
Okay, look.
We need you to make contact with him.
Josie, if they catch me You could be sent back to the Tail.
I know.
Honey, I get it.
You're healthy now.
You live like a human being.
The Tail needs you.
We need you.
One Tail.
One Tail.
Thank you.
Looks like Erik wasn't born into the nice life he had up here.
Yeah, I don't think he had a very good childhood.
You think he was capable of something like this? Maybe.
He sure wasted those rioters who tried to grab me on the way to Snowpiercer.
Is that when he saved your life? He joked about being cold-blooded.
Born for the Freeze.
Even if this was Erik, it's not our fault.
Nobody's saying that.
Oh, I can just hear the track talk.
Over the years, we learned that as a private soldier, Erik did things.
It's what he's for.
Not psychotic murder.
It can't come off like we have sheltered a monster.
Did Erik ever get aggressive or weird with you? You guys really not get to see the sun in the Tail? Most of us haven't seen the sun in seven years.
How's that make you feel, living up here with everything you need? I mean, you guys didn't have tickets.
Watch this.
He asked about your relationship with Erik.
What about it? He tell you things? Ask you to keep secrets? LJ? No, I-I better not talk about it.
Can we sit? I need to ask you about Erik and LJ.
We'll expect to hear from you, okay? Bye.
Miles Oh, Christopher.
Talk to Mom.
She'll understand.
Ah, she's gonna be late.
Mate, you're stressing me out doing that.
Two minutes.
- Oh, 'bout time.
- Yeah.
Santiago here's about to have a heart attack.
We got to move.
Put this on.
All right.
Three, two - There you go.
- one.
Back to work.
Yeah, back to work.
So, suddenly we're searching for a professional soldier with a pistol? Revolver 38.
That's comforting, thank you.
Hey, you sure it's not above? No, it's on this level.
Over here.
Anybody in there? Open up.
He's on the move! He's up top! Stop! Go, go, go, go! Out of the way! Osweiller, get him! I'm going up! He's going back down! He's going to the stairs! Okay! I'm on it.
Move! Move! Oz! He's getting away! Go, go, go! Shit! Erik was only allowed two bags on the train, and he brings records.
They were his dad's.
He hated his dad.
He was white.
Yeah, no shit.
It's a cat.
Yeah, yeah, I-I know.
It's just It's been a while.
Erik saved him, too.
Where'd he come from? Snowpeter is a master of disguise.
Snowpeter? That's funny.
- Though we gotta say goodbye - Though we gotta say goodbye - For the summer - For the summer - Baby, I promise you this - Baby, I promise I'll send you all my love I hear you eat people.
Every day in a letter We put a stop to that.
Sealed with a kiss - Why? - Yes, it's gonna be It keeps everyone up here scared of you.
Like, I'd eat a dude just to make everyone shit bricks like they do with the Tail.
But I'll fill the emptiness I'll send you all my dreams I know this song.
Every day in a letter So did Nikki Genet.
- Sealed with a kiss - You know, you're a lot cooler smashing the system than you are being Wilford's dick.
I'll see you in the sunlight I'll hear your voice everywhere Well, maybe we can do both.
I'll run to tenderly hold you Erik ever tell you what he did with this? But, baby Never.
Erik practically raised LJ.
It's going to come out, Lilah.
- Zip it, Robert.
- We can't.
Erik and LJ are close.
" I can't say no to her.
It's these times.
Morality's a moving target.
You open yet, Anton? Come in, Jinju.
You made it.
I've got Bess's gift right here.
- Please - Shut up.
Shut up.
A gun.
An actual gun.
Keep quiet.
Or this artifact will blow your head off.
Okay, we're we don't want any trouble.
Shh, shh, shh.
I'll see you in the sunlight You know they hauled me up out of the Tail to solve this against my will? I'll hear your voice everywhere I got no skin in this game.
Erik might've been the murderer, but removing body parts that's how he screwed up.
What do you mean he screwed up? Well, castration's a crime of passion.
A punishment that women lay down on men.
That wasn't his idea, was it? He's probably just controlling the victim for somebody else, right? So, are we playing your song? Yes, it's gonna be a cold, lonely summer But I'll fill the emptiness Shit, if I was a blue-eyed Firstie girl, I'd be playing for time, too.
I'll send you all my love every day in a letter Erik's going down in a blaze of glory, right? Sealed with a kiss He's not going to The Drawers.
So, no one tells.
Sealed with a kiss And you finally got to feel something.
Sealed with a kiss When he held those men down for you.
Sealed with a kiss Sealed with a kiss Chop, chop.
Say you were even 2% right.
Tailies need stuff.
Always scrounging.
Bet you'd like blueprints.
How about guns? Only First Class security gets those.
You really are serious.
But I bet a blue-eyed Firstie girl might be able to get her hands on one of those.
And all I got to do is tell nobody? He's somewhere in here.
We got jackboots on the door.
All right, folks, we're extending lockdown right now.
She said this was coming.
Who? Your girl? All right, folks, listen up.
Just do what I say Get down.
Chip in.
Chip in.
Move! Ah, ah, ah, ah! Down.
Down, go! There's the suspect! He's down below, one hostage.
Push down towards us.
Just tell me your name.
Does that matter? Please.
They're coming.
All right, flank.
Turn around.
- Turn around! - Ohh.
Kneel down.
Forward! No, no! We have We have to hold! Hey, pull back.
He'll shoot her.
Batons down! Weapons on the deck, now! Advance! Get me Melanie Cavill.
It's urgent.
He's dead.
Erik's dead? I got you, baby.
I got you.
Oh, sweetie.
I got you.
It's okay.
- Honey.
- Shh.
Oh, honey.
I got you.
Oh, honey.
It's okay.
What's happening? Erik was a dog who did what he was told.
And Lilah Junior told him to torture and kill two Third Class men.
What? Your daughter's a murderer.
- How dare you! - What?! No, no, LJ, no.
LJ, stop it! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! Leave my baby alone! You get off of her right now! Attention all passengers.
On behalf of Mr.
Wilford, I share this news the murderer who hid among us is dead, and a second suspect is in custody.
Thanks to a successful investigation, order has been restored, and Mr.
Wilford assures you justice will prevail.
From all of us at Wilford Industries, thank you.
Now Mr.
Wilford has to deliver justice.
You in charge of that promise, too? How about I buy you a drink, Detective? Beautiful, isn't it? Yeah.
A monument to human dominion and resource control.
Come on.
Let's put the politics down and celebrate a win.
- Oh, shit.
- Mm-hmm.
What do you think Mr.
Wilford's big secret even was? I just want to go back to the Tail, Melanie.
You know I can't let you do that.
You've seen too much.
You figured it out, Layton.
I know you did.
A myth's a powerful thing.
Pray you never know the weight of it.
I'm sorry, Layton.
- Thank you.
- Keep warm, brother.
Hang on.
Hang on, mate.
Okay, nothing there.
There you go, mate.
You're looking stunning as always.
Oh, what the Yes.
Take over.
- What's he doing? - Hey, Josie! - Where do you think you're going? - Coming through, guys.
Mind your head.
Excuse me! What is it? Looks like Astrid came through.
- Yes.
- Yeah.
Keep him off-book.
And, Doctor, Mr.
Wilford does not want him damaged.

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