Snowpiercer (2020) s01e07 Episode Script

The Universe Is Indifferent

1 [ominous music playing.]
[singing indistinctly.]
To be human is to be self-involved.
Everyone believes they're the center of the universe.
We can't help it.
It's in our nature.
We scheme.
We plot.
We play our silly little games.
Like, why do we think we're the most important thing in the world? We're just not.
See, I understand something most people are afraid to admit.
The universe is indifferent.
It doesn't care about our stupid little plans, or our fragile little hearts.
The universe has its own plans for us aboard Snowpiercer, 1001 cars long.
[theme music playing.]
Layton knows, and he's just running around the subtrain.
I think, he's hiding out, and he'll be found.
I think we should come clean.
We'll tell the passengers it's three of us up here, or tell them something before Layton does.
They'd have our heads out of a port in no time.
And Layton isn't gonna leak it, not yet anyway.
How could you be so sure? I think he's gonna control his secret until he knows the best way to use it.
Only I'm not gonna let him.
You have the train, Javi.
I have the train.
[chimes ringing.]
Attention all passengers.
Wilford Industries wishes you good morning.
Yesterday, during the Torreta Canyon Crisis, Electrical Engineer Peter DiMarco paid the ultimate price for our survival.
Let us all observe a moment for his spark.
As crops must grow, new blood will flow.
So as is our custom, we will now announce an apprentice replacement.
Today, the greatest of honors, the young man known as Miles and Miles will be fast-tracked to the Engine.
- [teacher.]
Well done, Miles.
- [student.]
Great job, Miles.
- Thank you for your faith and your labors.
- Miles.
As always, our great engineer, Mr.
Wilford, wishes you a pleasant day.
[chimes ringing.]
You're pushing him up that ladder a bit too fast, aren't you, Melanie? Hm? What's going on? It's your day off, Ruth.
Take a break.
- It's a trap, Josie.
- Yeah, of course, it's a trap.
If he's in the Engine Well, then we did it, right? We finally got a Tailie - right into the nerve center of the train.
- That part does feel true, doesn't it? Well, she'll keep him close, hostage and bait.
You can't see him, Josie.
I know you want to, but Melanie is coming for me.
We need to spend every free second trying to move Third to the cause.
Yeah, you have to turn Third, but we have to make contact with Miles too.
I've got three hours.
- And you're sure he's the only one missing? - [Klimpt.]
I did a complete inventory.
- Couldn't have gotten out on his own.
- When did you last check Layton? - Actually lay eyes on him? - The day of the trial.
Two days ago? So he got out sometime between then and when he confronted me yesterday.
Then someone helped him escape.
Uh, the inventory found something else.
Um, there are several bags of suspension drugs missing.
Hey, hey.
Is there a janitorial problem? Funny.
Do you know the punishment for trafficking drugs on Mr.
Wilford's train? An arm.
Dominant side.
The hand that feeds.
Or the hand that supplies the train with Kronole.
The hand that helped a prisoner named Andre Layton escape from the Drawers.
I'm guessing in exchange for suspension drugs to make said Kronole.
I don't know anything about that.
You know, it's not the drugs that I care about right now.
Doesn't change what I know.
You're right-handed? Nice ring.
Not very calloused for a mop-and-bucket guy, are you? All right.
I met Layton once.
Five, six weeks ago, the night of the fight.
He came to me and asked me about the murders, and I gave him some information, and And that's all.
Terence That's not enough to save a finger.
I can help you.
If he's on the run, sooner or later, he's gonna come to me.
And then I'll bring him to you.
Getting ready for work.
It's almost normal.
Except for the security chip.
You're so damn beautiful.
[knock on door.]
My ride's on the way.
- Then we're good to go.
- Be careful, Josie.
I want you to be careful.
They're not looking for me.
[clears throat.]
The great revolutionary returns.
You gonna give me a hand? [Gillies.]
Engine Apprentice.
Well, it's the closest one gets to God on Snowpiercer.
We should all be very proud of our Miles.
And we are very lucky to have a special guest today, Mr.
Bennett Knox from Engineering, - here to assist with Miles' transition.
- Thank you, Ms.
Miles, in honor of your accomplishment, the class has a very special surprise for you.
[children muttering.]
Dig in.
That's right.
- Get right in there.
- [boy.]
It looks so good.
I hardly recognize you out of uniform.
Ah, it's my day off, Nolan.
You know, I could get used to hearing your pretty voice over the loudspeaker.
Oh, shush.
That was a one-time thing.
Well, what you did during the crisis, speaking to the train like that, it was a great comfort.
There's many of us who appreciate everything you do.
Thanks, Nolan.
I should probably, uh Thanks.
- Ruth.
- Mm? I wonder if you'd like to go for lunch.
Um, I would like that.
How's today? If your day off isn't spoken for.
- Today would be great.
- Then it's a date.
Hey, you.
What are you doing here? Layton got out.
- He's loose on the train.
- What do you mean? He got out of the Tail? Where were you two nights ago, when you didn't show up? I I told you last night.
I'm nervous about all this.
I stayed in Third.
Bess, there are things happening that you don't understand.
If you know where Layton is, you need to tell me now.
- [woman.]
Till! - I don't, okay? I'm late for my shift.
"A Giraffe Called Geranium," by Ainslie Manson.
"One warm summer day, on the West Coast of Canada, a young giraffe step gracefully" - How are you getting on? - "over Susanna's gate and into her garden.
" I don't feel so good.
"Giraffes were her favorite animal.
She didn't even mind" You're worried about being separated from the other kids, hmm? That, my friend, is the life of an Engineer.
But up there, we get to see things nobody else does, sun dogs and - Whoa, whoa, easy now.
You're all right.
- Okay, that's enough.
- What do we do when a child is ill? - [child.]
Get a mask on.
You know the drill.
Here you go.
Hand these out, all right? I'm gonna have to get a substitute, take him to the clinic right away.
All right.
Well, I'll come with you.
Put that on.
Oh, Miles, you're gonna be okay.
Don't worry.
Okay, come on.
Here we go.
You know the labor networks, okay? I need to meet a few key people.
You're asking them to join an insurrection, to lay down their lives.
Yes, I am.
I need I need trustworthy, train-smart leaders, who can help bring others to the table.
Why should we throw our weight behind you? You're on the run.
You're a liability.
I know, Audrey! I got a very small window, but I got more pieces than I ever thought possible.
I need you to help me move Third.
What do you think I've been doing since the trial? - Politicking.
- Ugh.
Yes, that's right.
War without bloodshed.
- We were poised for a general strike.
- Yeah, let me guess.
Yesterday's crisis stole your thunder? Mine too.
- That was Melanie Cavill.
- What was Melanie Cavill? Bring me the key people you trust.
[dramatic music playing.]
I got a story to tell.
All right.
Okay, we have a very sick kid here.
- Barfed clear across the room.
- What's wrong with him? [retching.]
All right.
Let's have a look at you.
Come on.
Come on.
Let's go.
Let's have a look at you.
That's it.
Straight through here.
There you go.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Where do you think you're going? Just keeping an eye on our newest Engineer.
And if he's contagious, he'll infect your whole department.
Let's keep this open.
Watch from here.
He'll never be out of your sight.
All right.
Hop on up there.
Lean back against the pillows, get your knees up.
Let's take a look.
- Hello, my Miles and Miles.
- Mom? We have to act normal, okay, so he doesn't notice.
I bet you have a nice cabin.
You should see the things I've seen.
Aw, they'll do anything to get out of school.
I'm sorry I made you sick.
It was the only way I could get to see you.
I missed you.
We have to be apart just a little bit longer.
But, listen, the revolution is happening.
It must be so interesting [Josie.]
Layton's with us.
He's got a plan.
Tell Layton I'm ready.
Good man.
We might not see you before it starts.
There's something important we need you to do.
What's it like working with Mr.
Wilford? He's such a fascinating person.
Goodbye, Mom.
Oh, tell me about your Engine.
Tell me about the Engine! Well, look at you.
The whole car to ourselves.
- Something wrong? - No, no, no.
It's just been a while since I, uh Ahem.
Dated? I find that hard to believe.
Well, there aren't a lot of options on Snowpiercer, are there? Everyone boarded two by two, didn't they? Except me.
- So, how did you come to be in Snowpiercer, then? - Aha, well In the Old World, I had a B and B in Kendal.
And one night, in the middle of this rainstorm, this strange man turned up.
He had no reservation, he had no luggage.
He was soaked to the bone, it was the off-season, so I took it upon myself to look after him, you know, make sure he had everything he needed, and we got to talking.
And he told me all about this fabulous luxury liner that he was building, said he needed people, just like me, and gave me a job on the spot.
That's how I met Mr.
Well, we're very lucky he found you.
To his health.
His health.
Can I ask you something, though, Nolan? Your wife died two years ago.
Why now? I wanted to talk to you for a while now.
That's the truth.
But I have to be honest.
There's another aspect to this luncheon.
Perfect day for fish.
It's lovely to see you, Ruth.
I was just saying to Robert, it's been too long since we chatted.
Uh, yes.
Well, yes, been a long time.
We have to discuss something, Ruthie.
Ruth, in a nutshell, a number of passengers feel that Melanie has too much power, too much influence with Mr.
- Well, I'm I'm not sure that I - We think it's time for a change.
If that were to happen, would you be interested in stepping up? You want to replace Melanie? Well, if Third can petition to change the trial, we can petition to change management.
- Right, Nolan.
That's what this is about, is it? - Ruth.
I don't express my feelings well, but I meant what I said.
The only reason I'd even considered this is my faith in you.
And just think, you'd be working with Mr.
Wilford, where you belong.
[music playing and people chattering.]
What's going on? Hello.
I'm here to talk about Andre.
Layton? Isn't he in? In the Tail? I understand you're pregnant.
That's wonderful news.
You know it's a privilege to have a child on Snowpiercer? It's not a right.
And privileges Well, they can be taken away just as easily as they're given.
So Who helped him escape? [Astrid.]
Layton deserves to be heard.
He speaks for the Tail.
I don't know any Tailies, and I don't know you.
Your people have got nothing to lose.
I mean, it's bad up here, but it's a life.
- I mean, what are you gonna replace it with? - Look, Layton wants what we want.
- No classes, no borders.
- Equal labor, equal rations.
But the Tailies want space.
What about that? We are not coming for your beds.
First Class has a bowling alley.
Okay? There is plenty of space on this train to go around.
There are 300 Brakemen and Jackboots on this train.
It's a 10-mile mark from Tail to Engine, thousands of doors.
Okay, what if I told you all those doors could be open? That I could bring an army of almost 400 with what I know, we could take down this train in one move.
I'd say spit it out.
[dramatic music playing.]
I got thrown in a drawer for what I learned, about the Man in the Engine.
I pulled back the curtain, and I found out something that, deep down I think you all already know.
This is an inspection! Line up! My name is Melanie.
You don't know me, but I speak for Mr.
You've rebelled against the order of this train many times.
Your brothers and sisters have died.
Your children have died.
And you have nothing to show for it.
I'm here to tell you, if you try again, you will fail again.
That's her.
That's Josie.
[all shouting.]
No! No! [man.]
Traitor! Traitor! [intense music playing.]
Thank you, Brakeman.
You can wait outside with the others.
- Who will conduct the interrogation? - You can go now.
I know you're scared.
I'd like to resolve this without you getting hurt.
I just want to know where Layton is.
It was hard for Zarah too.
She made the right choice by cooperating, and she'll be rewarded for it.
If you help me, I can do the same for you.
There's still time to save yourself, Josie.
I know there's no Wilford.
And I know you put Layton in a drawer because he figured that out, so I know you won't let me go, no matter what you're about to promise.
Well, if you know that, then you know why I need to find him.
I'll do anything necessary to make it happen.
Including using Miles? Did you know his mother died getting on this train? He was alone, in the world, when I found him, and now you're gonna take me, as well? Well, he's part of my family now.
And you can stay in his life, if you make the right choice.
All the things you've done, all those things you're hiding, Wilford's death, murders, children in drawers.
You must've had your reasons.
You must have.
But you have to know, deep down somewhere, that none of this is right.
Wilford engineered Snowpiercer to function in a certain way.
If I'd have created it, I would've created a different world, a more just world, but I didn't.
I inherited someone else's creation.
You know, people seem to think that those in power answer to no one, they're free to do as they choose.
Couldn't be further from the truth.
The person in power answers to everyone.
I make choices, not because I want to, but because everyone demands it.
The train demands it.
What made you like this? Nothing I say can ever make you talk, can it? [shuddering.]
Where is Layton? [yelling.]
Don't do it.
Don't do it.
Don't do it! No! [screaming.]
You just Where's Layton? Where is he? Please Please [screams.]
[dance music playing.]
Janitorial is the most corrupt crew on this train.
We can't trust him.
I don't trust him, but we need him.
A fugitive, a janitor, and a madam walked into a bar.
Last time we met, Terence, we had a conversation about Third and the Tail.
I remember.
What this guy is proposing is an awfully bloody business for you.
There will be blood, Terence.
Your sad, rich clients uptrain will want yours.
- Melanie Cavill came asking about you today.
- What'd you tell her? That, uh, if I saw you, I'd rat you out.
So? Come on.
I'm not gonna play favorites.
You're gonna have to one of these days.
Uniting the classes, it just It's just never gonna work.
You gotta want it, Terence.
Will of the people.
I don't want to be callous, but it's just math.
You don't have the numbers.
So, uh count me out.
All right.
Time to check the prisoner.
Chip me in.
Brakemen's business.
You know the drill.
[Josie whimpering.]
Jesus Christ.
- Till.
- Yeah? Yeah, what can I do? What's your first name? Bess.
Nothing you can do, Bess.
She'll be back.
It's okay.
I didn't tell her anything.
She doesn't know you're one of us.
I'm one of you? You have to be.
I'm still a Brakeman, Josie.
What I did for you and Layton, I did because it wasn't right.
It's the only reason you need.
I still have a duty to this train.
We have a duty to each other and to the workers and to the weakest among us.
There's no future without it, Bess.
You just have to decide what's right and wrong.
It shouldn't matter what the consequences are for you.
I don't know how to help you.
There's Jackboots on the other side, and I don't have keys to your cuffs.
- Get a message to Layton.
- Okay.
He's hiding with Miss Audrey.
You tell him that Zarah betrayed us, but I made contact with Miles.
He's ready.
- Okay, I promise.
- Promise? I promise.
I will.
Okay? Bess? There's one more thing I need you to do.
Melanie, there you are.
- Been looking everywhere for you.
- Now is not a good time, Ruth.
There's a major problem brewing in First Class.
- Ruth, whatever it is, it needs to wait, okay? - You don't understand.
- It's the Folgers.
- I don't care.
Do you understand? I don't give a shit if the Folgers have another complaint about their goddamn steak.
There's none left.
Just tell them that, okay? This isn't a bed-and-breakfast.
This is the last remnants of humanity.
So whatever it is, I have real problems.
Just do your job and fix it! Well, of course, Melanie.
Whatever you say.
I Thank you.
I don't want to continue this, Josie.
You have a choice.
It's Layton or Miles.
Your hand.
What happened to it? Guard! [shouting but inaudible.]
Guard! Guard! [both grunting.]
Melanie! What happened? - Why did you conduct an interrogation without me? - Take her to compost.
We're done here.
Hello, Miles.
- I heard you had a rough day.
- [Bennett.]
This guy's a trouper.
Finished his exercises, said goodbye to his friends.
And no one interfered.
You know, once you pass through that door, there's no turning back.
You'll be an Engineer.
But to be an Engineer on Snowpiercer, you have to make sacrifices.
And that can be hard.
Are you happy as an Engineer? The needs of the train are more important than our own happiness.
We're Engineers.
We keep the world alive.
Taxi driver Be my shrink for the hour Leave the meter running It's rush hour So take the streets if you wanna Just outrun the demons, could you? He said, "Allahu akbar" I told him, "Don't curse me Bo Bo, you need prayer" I guess it couldn't hurt me If it brings me to my knees It's a bad religion Oh, this unrequited love To me, it's nothing but a one-man cult And cyanide in my Styrofoam cup I can never make him love me Never make him love me Love me, love me, love me Love me, love me, love me Love me, love me, love Taxi driver I swear I got three lives Balanced on my head like steak knives I can't tell you the truth about my disguise I can't trust no one He said, "Allahu akbar" I told him, "Don't curse me Bo Bo, you need prayer" I guess it couldn't hurt me If it brings me to my knees We're ready for your experience now.
It's a bad religion Oh, this unrequited love To me, it's nothing but a one-man cult And cyanide in my Styrofoam cup I can never make him love me Hello? Who do I get to play with tonight? You.
I've been thinking about you, and how much you like dirty, little secrets.
How would you like to know the dirtiest little secret on the whole damn train? [dramatic music playing.]
[closing theme playing.]

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