Snowpiercer (2020) s01e08 Episode Script

These Are His Revolutions

1 Previously on "Snowpiercer" We need you uptrain waiting for the day we take the Engine.
Miles, will be fast-tracked to the Engine! Once you pass through that door, there's no turning back.
The revolution is happening.
Tell Layton I'm ready.
A number of passengers feel that Melanie has too much influence with Mr.
How would you like to know the dirtiest little secret on the whole damn train? I believe some folks on this train forget just how generous and wonderful a man Mr.
Wilford actually is.
Not me.
I could never forget.
It's Wilford who runs our Sacred Engine.
It's Wilford who has His finger on our pulse, who knows exactly what we need How much food and water, how much heat and space, how much discipline.
It's Wilford who saved us from the bitter Cold.
He's the only reason we're alive.
Yet somehow, on this train we all call home, there are passengers who see fit to challenge Him, passengers who think they know better, passengers who take for granted this great miracle that He's given us.
Password? "Eat the Rich.
" Take off your shoes and keep quiet.
Layton didn't tell me I'd be meeting a kid.
On the right.
What are you doing? Stop! Don't go there! Get back here! Stop! Hurry up.
Come on.
Holy shit.
They can hear us.
There's no Wilford up here at all.
- There - Shh! There's no Wilford up here at all.
Shh! Stop! Melanie's running the whole thing.
Layton wanted you to see it for yourself.
They're gonna tear her apart.
Now you can go.
One day, I know I'll see Mr.
Wilford again.
And when I do, I will thank Him, from the bottom of my heart, for everything that He's done.
For me.
For all of us.
These are His revolutions, 1,001 cars long.
That's enough.
Heads-up, move.
Back it up now! Tail, Comm, subtrain, Nightcar.
Right, this is it.
Everything hinges on us meeting the Jackboots mid-train, right here.
We hit them with overwhelming strength on our turf.
The lights just flashed in the Folgers' car.
LJ made it to the Engine.
All right.
This is it.
Let's get ready.
- Good luck, everyone.
- Stay safe.
Layton, I can't say which side the Brakemen are gonna land.
You know how stubborn Roche is.
None of us wants a fight with the Brakemen, but there are gonna be casualties today.
Where have you been? Look, I can't explain.
I just need you to stay out of Third today, okay? Why? What did you do, Bess? Is this about Layton? Just stay home.
I asked you point blank whether you were helping him, and you lied to my face? Jinju Why did you ask me to steer clear of Melanie Cavill? Because you're messing with things that you don't understand.
What things? You knew she put Layton in a drawer, didn't you? You're protecting her.
I was protecting you, Bess.
Did you also know she tortured a Tailie to death? I wonder, Jinju, just how many deep, dark secrets about this train you really do know.
Please don't make me choose between you and the train.
Just stay in here today.
Morning, Robert.
You wanted to discuss the Anniversary celebrations? Please, come in, Ruth.
Commander Grey.
What's going on? Ruth if there's anything you need to tell us best you do it now.
Anything like what? Ruth, we've heard a rather disturbing account from the Engine.
Oh, no.
What's going on? Pow! We've been told, reliably, that Mr.
Wilford is not in the Engine nor anywhere else on this train.
There's evidence that Melanie Cavill is running Snowpiercer.
Are you having a go at me? Hmm? Embarrassing me in the Aquarium wasn't enough for you? - Ruthie - Have you lost your mind, Nolan? You know that Wilford's in the Engine.
You've seen him.
You've shaken the man's hand.
Not since departure I haven't.
We simply need to know if this is true.
Because if it is, someone needs to assert governance of this train.
Someone like you, Lilah? Ruth, why don't you gather the First Class Committee? We'll get to the bottom of this.
This is Chicago, and we should be there in a day and a half.
This is our slowest revolution, isn't it? 22 hours off average.
We lose a little bit of time each revolution.
So it's on us to reverse that.
Because if Snowpiercer stops, we all die.
That's right.
Melanie Mm-hmm? What was your daughter like? She was smart.
Like you.
Much nicer than me.
What happened to her? She was with my parents at the end.
Allie was supposed to get on the train with them.
But, uh didn't make it.
My parents didn't make it, either.
But I have my Tail mom, Josie.
You're needed in First urgently.
Okay, you're on lookout.
If you see anything, tell Javi or Bennett.
Excuse me.
Is there a problem? There's something rather incendiary that we need cleared up.
What is it? There's been a report that Mr.
Wilford is not aboard the train.
Well, that's ridiculous.
I met with him last night.
Well, I'm afraid we need Mr.
Wilford to prove it himself.
In person.
All right.
Well, I'll get the phone, and, Lilah, you can talk to him yourself.
That isn't going to work this time, Melanie.
We know you're running Snowpiercer.
We have an eyewitness account.
Direct from the Engine.
From whom? Choo-choooo! Seriously? You're listening to her? It's not what I was expecting, the Engine.
Not eternal at all.
More like a rat's nest, held together with rubber bands and wires.
And why should anyone believe you, LJ? Exactly, she's a psycho, and we're putting How dare you! I saw her quarters! I saw her books, her maps, and even this photo of her poor, dead daughter.
No Mr.
Wilford, though! Let me go! - Let me go! - Hey! Back off! He's got a gun! Call all available units! Commander, you can't! We need those units downtrain.
I don't take orders from you anymore.
Tail Station.
Roger that.
Got a 10-10 up in First.
What's going on? I don't know.
Double up patrols.
Come back again soon, boys! Do it.
The Jackboots are headed uptrain.
You ready for this? No going back now.
Send out the signal.
Sorry, I must get going.
Looks good.
Guys, we're running out of scrap.
If we ration the water, maybe we can strip a couple water barrels down.
We're all-in now.
Do it.
We need everything we have for weapons.
Excuse me, guys! Comin' through! I got a message.
We go today.
Spread the word.
Prisoner coming through.
Nice work, Brakeman.
I don't want to rough you up unless I have to.
Read my lips.
Until further notice, you're all confined to quarters.
Excuse me? You don't have the authority to do that.
Shut your mouth, boyo.
Lock her up.
You're making a mistake.
Ruth, it's a mistake! Nolan, what if we're wrong about this? What if Wilford is in the Engine? This is mutiny.
Then we need to see for ourselves, Ruthie.
You and I to the Engine.
Happy Halloween.
Make it fast.
I feel like a dizhiv wanker in this.
Big John, this is Jakes.
These are Layton's best Tailies? Hey, same side now.
Take John down.
His people will bring the parts you need.
Lights, you stick with me.
Where's my guy? I'm right here.
Oh, streuth.
Shall we? Tyson.
You know these aren't lawful orders.
Sit down.
That photo that they took of my daughter, I have another one in the booth, if you let me get it.
Can't do that.
It's just if something happens to me I want her close.
Mel wants us to lock down the Engine.
What would you lock down for? Why don't you tell us, kid? Two days here and we're already into lockdown? What was that? Hit the door.
Ben, they're gonna kill us.
It's over.
Lock it down, Javi! We don't we just open the door and tell them the truth.
- They need us.
- Do it now! - Come on! - Now! Go! - What'd you do? - I had to.
What'd you do? I'm sorry.
No, no, no! Ben! Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben, please! Shit! Grab him! All right, all right, all right! Where is Wilford? He's dead.
Cuff him.
He's been dead since departure.
Melanie took the train.
I had nothing to do with it.
You have to believe me.
I'm sorry.
Take him away.
You all right? Wilford is dead, Nolan.
He's been dead for years and no one even knew.
All that time how did I not know? And what is this? I mean What is all of this? She deceived us all, Ruth.
What will people hold onto now? You.
I want her to pay, Nolan.
I want her to pay.
So, why are we doubling up our patrols? I don't know, but it better be something good.
You're late.
This is Lights.
She's with you.
You finally caught the rat? Unh! What? He was resisting, wasn't he? Just open the doors.
I gotta check this uptrain.
Here it is rear comms No, no.
No, no, no, no.
You gotta look for 50/125 There is no 50/125! This is Jefferson in Tail station.
We don't have time for this.
I'm just gonna pull.
What the Asshole.
Weapons up! Sabía que volverías por nosotros.
Nice day for a walk, Mr.
Riggs? Yes, it is, son.
Let's make it a long one.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Why is she here? Hey, hey.
Okay, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Listen up.
Till is one of us now.
Look, I know y'all got trust issues.
I got 'em, too.
People uptrain, they shoved us down here in the dark to fend for ourselves.
We learned how to survive in the shadows.
- Yeah! - Yeah! Well, today today, let's leave this hell behind! We will fight with everything we got.
'Cause out there, right outside that door, there is a future that does not include us! But it will.
Today, we take this train and we remind them exactly who it is that they locked up back here! Today, we march for Josie! For Josie! For Suzanne! For Suzanne! For Suzanne, for Old Ivan! Old Ivan! For everyone that we have lost to hunger and to sickness, to all the failed rebellions.
We got people who are willing to lay down their lives for us because they believe, like we know, that it is time for this train to work for all of its passengers! Today, we march to the Engine! One Tail! No.
One Train.
One Train! - One Train! - One Train! - One Train! - One Train! - One Train! - One Train! - One Train! - One Train! - One Train! - One Train! - One Train! - One Train! - One Train! - One Train! - One Train! - One Train! - One Train! - One Train! - One Train! - One Train! All right, let's go.
Fast as you can.
Big John's waiting.
One Train! One Train! Whoa.
Where you off to? I'm I'm back in electrics.
She was showing me a few things.
No, shit She's a Tailie! Oh, no! Hey, hey! Hey, call forward! Tell Commander Grey to get his Jackboots back here fast! Get off me! Osweiller, the line's dead.
What the hell are you up to? All right, go on foot! Go now! - Aah! - Shh! This is a very important promise Layton needs to keep.
You understand that, don't you, Murray? Yeah, they're me mates.
No one's called me Murray in ages.
Henry, this is Murray.
- Hey.
- He doesn't look like a Tailie.
Well, you don't look like much of a doctor.
Are you ready? I-I'm gonna need your help.
Oh, Christ almighty.
I'm proud of you, Henry.
I knew you'd do the right thing.
Thank you.
It's about time.
Well, go on, then.
Strong Boy you ugly bugger.
The passengers need to be told the news from the three of us first.
Let them know immediately who is in charge.
I'll get it.
Commander! Commander.
There's trouble downtrain.
Comms are down, and there are Tailies out.
The Tailies? While we squabbled over Wilford up here.
That's no bloody coincidence.
All units Downtrain now! The tunnels are the fastest access.
Double time! Let's go! Go! Ruth Please don't talk.
Whatever you think of me right now, please put it aside I need you not to talk.
All these memories I have of us Moments that, uh, I took to be true From sharing a meal together, on our feet during an all-night committee meeting playing good-cop bad-cop to settle squabbles in First.
Or when you gave me my personal commendation from Mr.
Wilford For my outstanding dedication to the company You earned that.
All those years were you just laughing at me? Hey? You made a fool of me.
Over and over.
The friendship was real.
Did you kill Him, Melanie? Wilford wasn't who you thought He was, Ruth.
He was a fraud.
He built the Eternal Engine.
No, He didn't.
I did.
I built this train, Ruth.
I put everything I had into it.
And Wilford sold tickets.
He didn't believe it was possible to save humankind.
And He was never even going to try.
- That's not true.
- He was going to waste it! All He wanted was to live as well as He could, for as long as He could, surrounded by accolades and booze and whores in the Nightcar.
We wouldn't have made it one revolution.
So I took Snowpiercer and I left Him trackside to die.
I'm sorry I lied to you.
I'm sorry for all the things that I did wrong.
I've been fighting to do what I know is right.
You're a filthy liar.
And a murderer.
Order will be restored.
Tomorrow, you will be executed for your betrayal of Snowpiercer.
Goodbye, Melanie.
One Train! One Train! Layton! Jackboots on the move.
We gotta hurry.
There's more.
The Brakemen are forming up in The Chains.
Roche One Train! - Let's go! - One Train! Bloody hell, Boss.
Let's wait for backup.
Jackboots are on their way.
Get your big-boy pants on, Osweiller.
We're gonna hold this mob right here.
There's must be about 400 of them.
Well, good thing for you you've been so nice to them over the years, then, isn't it? One Train! One Train! One Train! One Train! One Train! - One Train! - It's just us, Roche.
All right, that's far enough.
You are of great disappointment to me, Brakeman.
Yeah, I figured I would be.
Right in the middle of it, weren't ya? The whole bleeding time.
I picked a side.
Look, we're not here to fight you, Roche.
We just need to pass through.
No, you and your Tail friends, you're not going anywhere.
You're certainly not going through here.
The Tail's not the enemy.
The hell they aren't! You hear that? They want to tear this place apart.
Our fight is not with Third, Roche.
You should've sent all these civilians home.
No, see, I don't think so.
'Cause nobody here is gonna believe any of the lies you're selling them.
Wilford's dead? What is that? Some kind of psychological warfare? No, it's true, Boss.
He's not lying.
Melanie threw him in a Drawer because he figured it out.
You can believe the myth if you want.
The fact is, First just learned the truth, too.
Now, somebody is going to take over this train.
Would you rather it be them or us? Third and the Tail together.
We're the ones who've been keeping this train running anyway, right? One Train! One Train! Look, Roche, I know you didn't choose this.
Locking people up in cages, in the dark, starving? That's not you.
You are a good cop.
Make the right choice.
Just move aside.
You're gonna need all the Brakemen to keep the order when this is done.
Come on, Boss.
Think of Anne.
Think of your daughter.
Balls to this, man.
Osweiller, hold the line.
This uniform's not gonna protect me from that lot.
- I'll look after myself.
- Stay in line! Get back in line! God damn it, Till.
Now I have to go home, and tell my wife there's no Wilford? Stand aside, Brakemen.
- Come on.
Get him up faster.
- It takes time.
- If I bring them out too quickly - What? Just be patient! Please.
Whoa! What the hell, man? What is Help me.
What's that? Mandarin? Does he speak Mandarin? No.
He doesn't speak.
What? Got a report in, sir.
Units here and ready.
Good, son.
Keep 'em moving.
Let's move! Let's move! Grab a shield and go! Double time, Jacks! Double time! That's it! Let's go! Fighters come forward! I need all the fighters up front with me! Let's go.
We gotta go.
You got this.
- Wrap this around your wrist.
- Okay.
Come on, hurry up! Hurry up! They'll be here any second.
Quickly! I can hear 'em.
I can hear 'em.
Jackboots! They're coming! Move! Get into position! Okay, hold.
Now! Firing! Take cover! Let's go! Reload, reload! Advance! Let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go! Second round! Second round! - Now! - Yeah! Yes! What now, Commander? You keep pressing.
I'm gonna double back up top, hit 'em in the arse.
Your men, with me! Advance! Advance! Clear it, clear it! Now! Yeah! Grey! Attack! Attack! Hold the line! Hold the line! Archers, take out the front line! Till, they're taking the stairs.
Watch our backs.
Till, behind you! Aah! Aah! Retreat! Fall back! Retreat! Retreat! Grey! Retreat! Go, go, go! Retreat! Go, go, go! Go! Here they come! This is the last reload.
That's it.
Out of ammo.
Fall back to the next barricade.
I'll buy you some time.
Take the weapon.
Do it! Go! You heard him! Pull it back! Now's our chance! Go, go, go! Go! One Train.
One Train.
We did it.
We have them on their heels.
Let's keep pressing.
Get everybody up.
Layton, we have to move.
Let's go.
Stay ready.
We're pushing forward.
Let's go, guys.
Ready? Gather their weapons! Get everything you can.
We got a long march ahead of us.
Get back! Get back! Everybody back! Let's go, let's go! Back now! Let's go! Come on, come on, come on! Let's go! Move! Move, move! Fall back! Keep moving.
That's the last of them.
Forward doors are closed.
Seal it up.
Fallback barriers are holding for now.
Big John? He didn't make it.
Hold the line and resupply.
On my orders, we overrun their last defenses.
Where are your people? I don't know.
We We We should just come back for the other sleepers, wake them up later.
No, we leave here and we're prisoners.
We keep going.
Give me the keys.
Who's next? Pike.
You have insight into Andre Layton? Oh, yeah.
I know Layton intimately.
Always so righteous with his politics.
Mine were never refined enough for him.
But for another piece of this Mmm.
I'll give you Layton.
The thing about Layton is he's an idealist.
A good cop.
Doesn't have the stomach for sustained cruelty.
He took a big risk today.
And he lost.
Keep grinding.
He'll crumble.

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