Snowpiercer (2020) s03e02 Episode Script

The Last to Go

1 A brighter future awaits [BEEPING.]
beyond the train.
Previously on "Snowpiercer" We find New Eden, then we go back for the others.
Whoa! Ben! Ben, do you copy? [SIGNAL BREAKING.]
Ben, come in.
We keep everyone as alive as possible, minus an arm or two.
Let's go.
Quick, quick, quick, quick, quick.
They were here.
Right under our noses.
What if there is no New Eden? What if she's wrong? Your mother didn't make it, Alex.
That idea of an oasis out there - died with her.
Hello? [GRUNTING.]
If you're out there, Mr.
Layton, now would be a great time to come home.
When the cold comes for you, the blood stops running to your limbs.
It pulls up inside to keep your organs warm.
My first love told me that.
An off-shore roughnecker, he was.
Tall and lean and tough as wet leather.
He'd say, "Ruthie, your smile keeps me warm, so be sure to wear it till I'm home".
Next, the cold comes for your mind.
And after that, your will.
And yet, still, the heart fights on.
She says Wilford's up to something in back.
Ain't no sunshine when she's gone It's not warm when she's away Ain't no sunshine when she's gone And she's always gone too long [SINGING ALONG.]
Anytime she goes away - Big day, friends.
- Big day, sir.
Everything's ready for the test.
Dear, poor Dr.
Headwood, how are you doing without our dear, poor Dr.
Headwood? I feel he's still with us, sir.
Are you confident here in his shoes, as it were? 100%, sir.
Yes, how is this for the occasion? It's very Manhattan Project.
Put down your lint brush, and hand me my towel.
Pardon me.
Much to do! Thank you.
Any time she gone away He left me too soon, my roughneck love.
His rig went down with every man aboard.
I know, I know, I know, I know I know my smile kept him warm as he floated, all alone.
Just as I know our hearts will be the last thing to go on Wilford's train, 1,023 cars long.
She's dehydrated, malnourished, her blood pressure's low.
She's probably got radiation poisoning, so Hey.
You wanna talk about what happened out there? Yeah, well, you two almost died.
No, when we kissed.
I got a baby on the way, and I made a promise to Zarah I'd Yeah, I don't need to talk about it, no.
Yeah, no, me either.
Ben's got the data.
Should we see if it's all been worth it? Yeah.
I still don't get how it's possible to survive eight years out there.
Well, you freeze yourself in, live off the residual power as the reactor cools.
It's kind of genius if you ask me.
It's not even why you went out there in the first place.
We have our results.
Guessing that grimace isn't just from the ribs.
More of the same.
Analysis shows the location is warming, but the trend isn't steep enough to be habitable yet.
How long are we talking Ben? A century? Give or take.
Oh, that's 0 for 5 on this milk run.
Okay, that leaves one more location your Arabian warm spot.
Yeah, from all the data we've collected so far, it looks actually pretty promising.
Located here, Horn of Africa, southern Arabian peninsula.
We haven't got enough food to get there, Ben.
We've got another mouth to feed now.
It's time to go get our train back.
We find them, we reconnect to the train, we lead everybody to the new hot spot.
I'm far less concerned with taking her - than I am with keeping her.
- Yeah, she's right.
we're going back empty-handed.
No proof of New Eden.
- No Melanie.
- We're not empty-handed.
Far from it.
Come on.
Whoa, okay.
No, no, it's okay.
It's okay.
I got it, I got it.
No, you're all right.
You're all right, you're all right.
Look, you don't need the suit here.
You see? It's all right.
Uh, hi.
My name's Andre Layton.
We kinda met already, fighting in the nuclear plant.
Do you remember that? I'm sorry, do you speak English? Yeah? Here.
All right? What's your name? - Asha.
- Asha? Great.
Don't worry, you're safe here.
No one's going to hurt you.
You're on Snowpiercer.
Snowpiercer? Am I dreaming? Not unless we all are.
- The train survived? - Let me show you.
Can you walk? Just up here.
Who the hell is that? You lost the privilege to ask questions.
Oh, come on, Bess.
Were they outside? How's your head? I bet it hurts.
Not as bad as when you broke my nose.
Where's Mr.
Wilford, the Great Engineer? Yeah, we don't really know.
There's two trains now.
There's a woman in a cage down there.
Yeah, it's a long, complicated story.
And you've got one too, and I want to hear it, but it's better to take one thing at a time right now, trust me.
Why should I trust any of this? Welcome aboard, Asha.
10% should give us a nice jolt.
Nothing too lethal.
An appropriate test level, sir.
And the decommissioned First Class cars should provide the necessary buffer from the EMP pulse.
Well, let's hear her sing, Kevin.
Commence trial at 10%.
Confirm 10%.
Initiate countdown.
Initiate countdown.
We're all clear.
Initiating countdown.
Two minutes.
I brought your little friend back.
There you go.
Should we get out of here? [BEEPING, WHIRRING.]
I'd wager that it's a weapon.
It's set in the very last car, right where the trains need to reconnect.
Sure it's not just a heater? - [COUGHS.]
- All right? Yes, thanks.
Just cold.
That's why you can't be running around out there.
Can't afford to lose you.
I'm no use to anyone hiding in a hole, am I? [SCOFFS, LAUGHS.]
And in five, four, three, two [POWER UP THRUMMING.]
It's all right.
What was that? Felt like some electrical wave went through me.
Then that was the thing.
Whoo hoo! Well done, Kevin.
Well done, crew.
Love will guide you home When your heart has been broken Torn open wide Love will guide you home When your tears - Oz, what's going on? - Just just give me a second.
I wanna I wanna remember this.
Love will guide you home again LJ, it's a mean, old world.
But with you in it, it finally makes sense.
Lilah Junior, will you marry me? Holy shit! That rock is huge! I know.
It's actually crazy.
It's probably the biggest diamond left in the world, and all it cost me was a pair of heavy socks.
- Put it on me! - You've got to say yes first.
Yes! Yes! I didn't think anyone would love me after my parents died.
- I know, baby, I know.
We have to tell Wilford.
- Really? - Yes! Out of respect.
He's the closest thing I have to family.
I mean, after you, you know? Okay.
Lilah Junior and Mr.
Osweiller - are here to see you.
- Oh, bring them in.
- He's wearing a tie.
- Hmm? My young denizens of the Nightcar.
Could we, uh could we have a word in private? - We're getting married! - What? We wanted you to be the first to know.
LJ, my dear, what a surprise.
Very wise to put such a nice ring on a her finger, Mr.
When was the last time we had a wedding? This is quite the occasion.
Perhaps just the occasion the train needs.
Oh, no, we're not expecting anything we don't need it.
- I am.
- Well, you should, my dear.
Life's been so bloody dreary this leg.
We'll give everyone a shift off.
Let's remind all the grumblers what unity looks like, that we're all in this together and loyalty is rewarded.
What do you think? Well, we could all use a little respite, - maybe an extra ration or two - Wonderful, tomorrow then.
- Tomorrow? - Yeah, why not? No time for cold feet.
We'll transform the Nightcar, LJ.
Or should I say Mrs.
Osweiller? Oh, Folger-Osweiller? - Um - Rolls off the tongue.
I'm seeing red velvet, layers.
Zarah, go see the Cakemaker.
You put the Cakemaker in compost.
Then get him out.
We're getting married! Get him a shower and anything he needs from the bakery, okay? Thank you.
Thank you.
What the hell are you doing here? Wilford's building a weapon.
You know anything about that? I know he's up to something, but no.
Well, Ruth saw Javi working on it, so she wants to make contact with him.
I told you guys, Javi won't talk to me.
He hasn't been the same since that dog attack.
Well, we all got scars.
It's Ruth's call, if she wants to see him.
Hitting the monitor does not tend to affect the satellite's geosync.
What it does do is make me feel better that they're all falling out of orbit.
How do you find a needle in a haystack, Ben? Thank God it's only a haystack.
You have any theories? - I have one theory.
- That he's following us? That's a pretty good psychological assumption.
If he is following us, we're back on the main line in a day or so.
As we came through here, our satellite coverage improved.
Maybe we see him there.
And he sees us? Your mom would be proud of how you handled the train yesterday.
I don't really think so, Ben, but thank you.
Alex, we found a survivor.
Maybe we can hope for a miracle.
She's gone.
Ben, it's all right.
Tell me who she is.
At least tell me what you're looking for.
What did you find? [STIRRING MUSIC.]
Just, uh, in here.
I've made it up for you.
It's, uh, it's so warm.
Thank you, uh Josie.
Josie, Josie.
I'm sorry, it's been a long time since I even spoke.
Sorry? It'll all come back.
You made it.
I mean, wow.
You all right? Hey.
You all right? How close you ever come to freezing to death? Uh I guess no less than most of us.
Is it like they say? Yeah.
You start to relax, it goes warm, you see things.
Mm-hmm, okay.
Like, uh, trees? Dragon's Blood Tree.
I could feel the sun.
It was the place we're looking for.
Yeah, well, I'm glad you came back, 'cause it wasn't.
No, look, these trees only grow in the Gulf of Aden, right here in the middle of our Arabian warm spot.
I'd never even heard of a Dragon's Blood Tree before.
But I saw it.
Are you saying you had a vision? I'm just telling you what happened.
- You tell anyone else? - No.
Keep it on the rails.
You had a close call, something popped out of your memory, some tree you learned about in high school.
Yeah, you're probably right.
Another day, another near-death experience, right? - [CHUCKLING.]
- Okay.
Love you, buddy.
We're on a different attack today, Kevin, a charm offensive.
What do you think? Too much red? - Never enough red, sir.
I agree.
- Why'd you say that? - Say what? - What? - Folger-Osweiller.
I just said it.
I didn't know he'd put it on the register.
Yeah, well, it's his wedding now.
- I knew he'd do this.
- So what? We get to be king and queen of everything for a day.
- He's using us, LJ.
- He's investing in us.
I would've been very happy with something small.
Sing you a song, just a few of us.
But that wasn't on the table, was it? Yeah, because we don't have any friends.
I want to be in a power couple.
We could run this train one day.
- LJ, Jesus.
- What? Old people keep dying off, there's barely any young people left, and soon we'll have to rule them.
It's our wedding day.
Do you ever stop conniving? - Conniving is good.
- Fine! Connive away! It's too late to call it off now, because Wilford would have my head out a port, wouldn't he? Don't walk away from me! Oz? Javi? Javi? You can talk to me, no one is here.
Engineer Wilford wants you down in First.
- But I'm on shift.
- I don't know.
That's what he wants.
So put it on autopilot, and off you go.
You look beautiful.
It's your big day.
Would you just leave it? I don't care if it looks like shit, just leave it.
Oh, dear.
I heard the bride might be blue, but blue in the face? Excuse me.
Yes, that will be best, thank you.
- Come now, here.
Now, tell me what you fought about.
"You're always conniving".
He thinks I'm selfish and I'm cruel.
I have to be sometimes, don't I? It's why I wanted you in the Nightcar, LJ.
You're a realist.
You understand someone always gets hurt.
Yes, yes, it's like I don't say it out loud, but c'est la vie.
He also probably thinks I'm taking over the whole ceremony.
Don't you understand why your wedding is important to me.
Helps keep everyone in line.
They see there's only one way, the way I do things.
You see, on the train, the old laws and morality, they don't matter as much as what? - Loyalty.
- That's right! Loyalty to the train! [CHUCKLES.]
Now, save the crocodile tears for the ceremony.
Make a show of it, for me! I will.
See you soon.
Lovely spot for your wedding bed.
Thank you.
We did it ourselves.
Come, sit down.
Come on.
The young, tumultuous love.
I know it well.
Well, the tumultuous part, not the young bit anymore.
But LJ's upset.
Yeah, well, it's, uh pre-wedding jitters.
We'll be fine.
Well, I am rather protective of her.
So, I had a long look at Ms.
Roche's personnel records.
You were an opportunistic boy in blue.
Well, I ran a few side hustles, yes, sir.
Oh, an entrepreneur with a vicious streak.
Good qualities in a Nightcar manager.
And yet, these hands [UNEASY MUSIC.]
Play piano so beautifully.
Part of you just yearns to be an artiste, warbling the saddest of songs.
I didn't grow up in what you'd call a creative environment.
You found your voice.
Piano man and his ginger wife behind the bar.
You're my team here.
We understand that.
We do.
Your Brakeman shakedown move, remember? Squeeze mine too.
Go on.
Squeeze them.
Give them some basso profundo.
Now, what are your hands for? Hmm? Crushing balls.
And caressing your wife.
When that's done, by all means, tickle the ivories.
Because you're very talented.
I mean that.
de la Torre? Just me.
Long time no see.
Ruth? But you're you're on the other train.
No, I've been here the whole time, been helping the passengers, doing my bit for our friends out there.
You shouldn't be here.
Oh, Javi.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
- No, no.
Engineer, I just need your help, please.
The thing that you're working on back there, what is it? What does it do? It's going to stop Layton dead.
I need to go back to the dog, I'm sorry.
Not yet.
Tell me how it works.
- No.
- Javi.
- No, no! - Javi! [BIG BAND WEDDING MARCH.]
Welcome, brave passengers, workers all around.
It's my great pleasure to pause our labors and spend time in union, the union today, by marriage, of Lilah Folger Junior and John Cristopher Osweiller.
I know these have been cold miles of deprivation.
The discipline's harsh.
You've paid in frostbite and loved ones lost to influenza.
May they rest in peace.
So, it's time we celebrate a win, isn't it? [CHEERING, GLASSES CLINKING.]
Old world matrimony.
Everyone, fill a glass.
There's enough for every soul.
Extra hot food too.
- I'll be back.
- Okay.
Raise a glass up and down our train for Lilah and John.
Come on! Cheers! Everyone now, to our unbreakable pact with the train.
To loyalty and your contract with me.
To survive.
Sounds like an electromagnetic pulse weapon.
I've never actually seen one before.
- But you do know how it works? - Yeah.
It sends out an electromagnetic pulse, killing all the electronics on Snowpiercer, leaving Layton dead in the water.
So while this wedding is happening, let's try and make it not do that.
- You got a manual? - Oh, come on, Lights, I told the lady that you're good at this kind of thing.
Disarming EMPs? Yeah.
- Where you going, Javi? - Back to the dog.
Ah, ah.
Where you coming from? Final data collection.
Can I go? Mm-hmm.
Come with me.
Follow me.
You too.
Now, I ask you to take the sacred steps in union with the Eternal Engine.
These four steps represent the path humanity has taken.
From grass to ice [WITH WILFORD.]
From ice to steel.
And from steel to the light of the Eternal Engine.
Anyone come through here? That dog-faced Engineer's here all the time, but he's in and out.
Well, we'll check it anyway.
Wouldn't this wedding be a great distraction for the enemy? I have no idea how to disarm this thing.
Just start messing with it.
- That's your plan? - You're my plan.
- Jackboots and Teal coming! - What? They'll pin us back here, let's go! We got to go! Let's go! - Come on.
- No, no, no, no.
You need to keep working on it, Mr.
What are you going to do? I need to run interference, or we'll all stuck back here.
They won't keep coming if they see me.
Just disable it and give Layton a fighting chance.
- Ruth! - That's an order, Mr.
Pike! You're in charge now.
I believe in you.
That's nice.
Yes, Kevin, it's me.
The one you've been looking for all this time.
Running round like a chicken with your head cut off.
Well, I'm surrendering.
I'm cold, and I'm starving, so come on.
You'll get to be the hero without ever lifting a finger.
Take her.
There were 34 of us to start, eking it out on the plant's residual power.
Korean scientists.
Foreign nuclear technicians like me.
Some of our families too.
Marauders killed about half of us before they died out, and then Marauders? Then the cold and radiation poisoning took the rest of us.
My nephew, he was 15 years old.
He was the last to go.
He had thyroid cancer.
By the end, he was begging me to kill him.
That was about four years ago.
After that, yeah, I I lost time.
Stopped hoping, stopped thinking.
It's like someone other than me lived down there.
Then I turned my eyes on you.
I hate to tell you this, but humankind hasn't exactly evolved in your absence.
You pushed past what was safe, even sane, to rescue me.
Why? I'm just glad I did.
We're still basically blind.
We had picture last time we came out here.
The satellite's continued to degrade.
- Options? - Wait, there's options? We go back directly to the main line where we either see physical signs that are front of us, or we know they're behind us.
Or we parallel the main line, hoping the signal improves enough so we can glimpse them on the sat.
- Second route.
- Roger that.
And you picked that based on what another vision? No, I mean, there's got to be more options off the main line, right? Yeah.
You leapt from crumbling bridges Watching cityscapes turn to dust Filming helicopters crashing in the ocean From way above Got the music in you, baby, tell me why Got the music in you, baby, tell me why You've been locked in here forever And they just can't say goodbye She sacrificed for us, so now we gotta kill this thing, okay? The laptop patches in here so we can't hack the software.
Maybe we can disrupt the power supply, mess with it.
It's like an arming sequence.
- It's live.
- Oh, shit! [THRUMMING.]
- I think it's at full pulse.
- Yeah, I can see that! I can't turn it down.
It's not stopping.
I knew it had to be someone with acumen for rail logistics.
But to be honest, I'm more impressed with how low you went to grovel it out in the bowels.
Well, I do try not to disappoint, sir.
If you'd only stayed loyal.
I am loyal.
To something bigger than you.
You've got it all wrong, Mr.
I hear that all the time, and then I win.
Winning isn't leading.
And loyalty isn't enough on its own.
It has to come with love.
And not the kind that you feed off.
Unconditional love, sacrifice, for each and every passenger.
- Oh, God.
- You can't ignore love.
You can't predict it either.
We got to get this thing out that door.
We don't have any door codes or breach suits.
Uh, thinking, uh Year two rebellion, they sealed the subtrain doors on us, but we compromised the hinges.
- Go! - Here.
Strong Boy! Get ready! [SHOUTS.]
Okay, good, come on.
Let's go.
Ready! They're preparing the port for you now.
I'll make sure they mount the cuff nice and high, where prosthetics are impossible.
Wouldn't wear one anyway.
Come on.
Got it? Okay, run.
Run, sister, run! [INTENSE MUSIC.]
Go! The irony is, I built the ports in as an idle threat, never expected to use them.
You did.
13 times.
I'll pay my penance.
You can have my arm.
- Whoa.
- Whoa.
Wonder what on earth could that be? Huh.
- Electromagnetic? - Triangulating.
Well, that's the signature, it's got to be them.
Yes, it is.
520 kilometers west.
They're on the main line.
That's a lot better than seeing them on sat.
Yeah, it means Wilford can't see us.
- We've got the drop on him.
- Wilford hates surprises.
Let's go give him one.
I built something for you.
Something that would have saved countless lives.
We could've snuffed out Layton's pirate train without firing a shot.
Now, thanks to a rat found hiding in the pipes, when this war comes, you're all going to bleed.
It's back to broadswords and shields because of you.
Ready when you are, sir.
Let's get it bloody off then.
They're back.
They're back.
Battle stations! Go! Battle stations, you dogs! - [WILD LAUGHTER.]
- Come on! [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]

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