Snowpiercer (2020) s03e03 Episode Script

The First Blow

1 It's time to go get our train back.
We reconnect to the train, we lead everybody to the new hot spot.
Previously on "Snowpiercer" Asha.
You're on Snowpiercer.
The train survived? The thing that you're working on back there, what is it? What does it do? It sends out an electromagnetic pulse, killing all the electronics on Snowpiercer.
It's going to stop Layton dead.
Disable it and give Layton a fighting chance.
Well, that's the signature, it's got to be them.
- We've got the drop on him.
- Wilford hates surprises.
Let's go give him one.
They're back.
They're back.
Battle stations! - Move it! Move it! - Move! I was born for battle.
Built for it.
Sometimes in battle, a perfectly crafted plan gets compromised.
A true general comes up with a better one right there on the spot, working without a net and sticking the landing to thunderous applause.
Hurry up, you dogs! Let's go! Let's go! Where are they? They were coming straight at us and then veered away on a sidetrack.
This line bends Southwest.
At that speed, they could be 20 kilometers away by now.
Or coming about to nip at our heels.
I'm sorry, sir.
There was no warning.
No, they saw to that, didn't they? No satellite coverage.
A moonless night.
An ambush from the shadows! As cowardly as the day they left, sir.
No, they didn't drive by for nothing.
Forward lamps to full.
Brake! There's a moment in a fight when that first blow lands and everything stops.
And in that flash of clarity, you know who you are.
I'll push as hard as it takes to get my engine back.
Snowpiercer, 1,023 cars long.
Full thrust.
Push through it.
- Sir, if that axel - Full power, Engineer.
Now! Well done, sir.
Round one to you.
No, no, that trap wasn't meant to stop us.
It was meant to slow us down.
We can't have any setbacks today, Kevin.
Ruth's people will be energized.
Find them.
I know just where to start.
Take the gloves off.
Make an example.
I thought you'd never ask.
- And Kevin? - Yes, sir.
Send Zarah to me.
What's our speed? 14 kilometers an hour.
All right, Mr.
Layton, you got us at a crawl.
What's the play? Layton knows better than to connect end to end.
My Jackboots would just sweep in and crush him.
So he's going to peck at us from the side.
He needs parallel track.
And this rail yard is an entire maze of it.
He broke free of the snare but slowed down.
We can get right up alongside him in these sidings.
They'll be in position in 2 kilometers.
- Bring us around, Ben.
- Copy that.
- How long we got? - Three, four minutes.
All right, stay sharp.
Let's get this done.
I'll make sure Josie's ready.
Bess Till - Bess! - Audrey, shut it.
What's happening? Is it him? You'll know it's him when his head is on a pike.
You ready for this? Ben takes us close.
I jump over, breach the Big Alice engine, and you reconnect.
We only get one shot at it.
Well, then, better not miss it.
Zarah, just in time.
Thought you should be here for this.
As a hostage or a spectator? As my confidante, nothing less.
Come on.
Have a look.
See, that's your old life creeping up our flank.
Are they attacking? Maybe they're here to surrender.
You see any white flags? - No.
- No.
No, and if I had to guess, I'd say they're trying to cut the head off the snake.
But I have a surprise for them.
Well, whatever these tin cans are for can't be good.
Pike, man, what's the plan? Keep your eyes on your work.
- Heave.
- And quit standing around! Let's go.
Come on.
What are you doing? All right, time to move.
I'll distract them.
You guys get to Ruth.
Whoa, whoa.
That's not how it works, man.
You're in charge now.
You don't get caught.
Hei, húndàn.
We're in position.
Josie, it's time.
Be careful out there.
I'll breach the bastard, don't worry.
- Now! Harpoon! - Deploy.
Opening cold-lock.
Wilford has a cannon or something.
- Pull back! - Switch track.
Josie, hold on.
- We're derailing! - Try to stabilize.
Well done.
Never fails to amaze me.
You take so much in and give so little back.
I just hobbled your man, Zarah, and you didn't even flinch.
At this rate, the war will be over by daybreak.
Come on.
The car is damaged.
We gotta go.
Let's go.
We have to cut it loose.
It's gonna derail us.
Cut here? That's four cars.
It's the closest J-link.
It's the only option.
- Asha's back there.
- We don't have time.
You okay? Thank you.
She waited eight years outside.
Can't very well kill her on day two.
Safety's off.
Disconnecting now.
And we're clear.
You'll be safer up here.
Hey You gonna be okay? Turn out the lights.
Hold fast, okay? We have a problem.
Wilford's gone.
His train went dark.
He could be anywhere now.
Switch off comms and transmitters tip to tail.
Not a peep.
Zarah, what are you doing still on your feet? You must be exhausted.
So what are you planning? Bit of a lull.
It'll do us good.
Catch our breath.
I've invested a lot in you.
And the child.
I just want to keep you near me, for your protection.
And because they won't attack the engine if I'm in it.
How do you lose a 10-mile train? We were the ones that led him into this maze.
He could be running.
These six routes head out of the valley.
If he gets to linear track, we'll lose our advantage.
Yeah, or he's around the next corner, laying in wait.
He's gonna pick us off piece by piece.
I looked into the muzzle of that thing.
We need to get eyes on him.
Can we get to higher ground? Here, track follows the ridgeline.
Should give us a view of the whole basin.
Okay, let's do it.
Lights out.
If he's gonna go dark, so do we.
Up and at 'em, lovebirds.
Kevin! Get out.
How dare you? - Commandeering the Nightcar.
- Ugh, Kevin.
On whose authority? Call it a wartime measure.
Oh, you didn't hear? Layton's back.
There's work to do.
Why don't you, um, go put some coffee on? Who who's there? Here to see the prisoner.
I'm her lawyer.
I don't think that's a thing anymore.
Lose your helmet, Jackboot? Hey, come on, man.
Do you know me? You're you're a Tailie.
Forgive me, I-I don't know your name.
I know you.
Well, there's two things you should know about Tailies.
We have long memories and we win wars.
- Oh, yeah? - Mm-hmm.
We won the last one.
And we'll win this one.
And do you wanna be the guy who stands in the way? Hmm, Whiggins? You have ten minutes, Counselor.
Let me just get the door for you.
- Pike? - You're looking good, girl, with those arms dangling down.
You shouldn't be here.
It's too dangerous.
I'm gonna get you out of here.
Wait, wait, wait.
Tell me what happened.
Wilford drove Layton off with cannon fire.
Now we're rolling around in the dark.
Well, if Wilford is hiding, then we need to signal Layton.
I'm gonna get you out of here first.
You can't.
You'd have to kill Whiggins, and then you'd have to find Clifford and kill him too, 'cause he's got the keys.
Go on.
Pike, Mr.
Pike, you're a dear man and a brave one, but this war is bigger than us.
How do I signal Layton? I've got an idea, but you'll have to get uptrain to hospitality.
Hey, you good in there? I'm sorry, I dropped you right in the thick of it.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
What's going on? Did Mr.
Wilford cripple the train? No, look, it's just some cat and mouse, all right? It's fine.
And you're supposed to be the cat? Eight of you against the great Mr.
The great Mr.
Wilford is not who you think he is.
Isn't he the one that saved all of you? We saved our own damn selves.
He built all of this just so he could be king.
- So now it's your turn? - No.
This is personal for us, okay? I have a partner that I boarded with.
I have a child on the way.
Oh, if you're doing this for a child, you will do things that you will regret.
I just came in to warn you.
We are not giving up.
This is gonna get worse before it gets better, okay? - Okay.
- Hold on.
You are my sunshine My only sunshine You make me happy When skies are gray You'll never know, dear How much I love you Please don't take My sunshine away You know, when you sing, I can almost convince myself you're not a horrible person.
Thank you.
And then I remember you only sing covers, so the words aren't actually yours.
Lyrics are just dressing.
I sing for him.
Oh, God.
You scoff, but at the end of the day, that's all there is.
A person you sing for.
Who's that to you, Bess? How do you get all the way to the end of the world and have no one? I have people.
Who? Layton, Zarah, Roche.
Roche? Yeah, Roche.
He was like a mentor to me and and a friend.
Even though I fought him, he he had my back.
No, I don't I don't sing for him.
But not a day goes by when I don't think about getting him out of those Drawers.
I'm sorry.
I hope he survived.
We're at the ridge.
Eyes up.
If he is in the valley, this is the best vantage point.
- Anything? - Till? Negative.
There's nothing.
But they can't just vanish.
Time to put on a show.
To the south, far end of the valley.
Are you guys seeing this? Oh, my God.
Wait, wait, wait.
- Is that - Ha.
They're still with us.
We see you, Joseph.
He's making a break for it.
East over the ridge to the trunk line.
He wants to sneak out of the rail yard because it's where we have tactical advantage.
If he gets out of the valley, he's looking at days of linear track.
- Can we beat him to it? - Alex? No.
I don't know, maybe.
It's all assumptions.
What are we waiting for? Pedal down.
Let's cut 'em off at the pass.
Full throttle, Engineer.
Sir, with respect, we're draining really fast.
A few ticks slower would be more efficient.
They've seen us.
They're coming! Tap every last reserve and get us over that bloody ridge! Come on! What are you doing? So you have a choice, Strong Boy.
I can take two fingers next time or I can take your thumb.
Or you could be smart like when you bravely volunteered to step up to my table here.
Wilford just needs you to start talking and name your collaborators.
No? Come on.
Leave him alone! - Hold him.
- Ah, no! No! Stop! I didn't sign up for this.
Just wanted to serve some drinks and play some tunes.
Would you relax? War is not pretty.
But Wilford will reward us.
If he wins.
Of course he'll win.
If he doesn't? And Layton rolls in here, finds this? Finds us? Wilford's little wedding puppets.
We're not the torturers, all right? We're just providing a venue.
I'm sure the mutilated guy will be quick to sort that out.
Hmm? Look, if you're not gonna talk, I guess you don't need that tongue anymore.
Hold him, please.
Hold him, hold him.
Open up.
Ahh! Look, even if we catch up with him, we still have the harpoon issue, and we can't connect end to end.
We'll never overpower his Jackboots.
So we need a plan to get into his engine.
We need a distraction.
What's this? Hands behind your back.
Ooh, handcuffs.
I knew you had a kink.
- Move.
- Mmm.
Good luck.
It's moody in here.
How much further? We're almost at the ridge, but we're basically running on fumes.
Keep pushing.
She'll make it.
Then we're home free.
Nice and easy, Ben.
Big Alice, this is Snowpiercer.
Come in.
Snowpiercer to Big Alice, come in.
- Sir, should should I answer? - No, no.
Come in, Big Alice.
This is Big Alice.
To whom am I speaking? I'm the guy standing between you and open track, Wilford.
I see that.
So it's a game of chicken, is it? At the rate you're going, I don't think you'll make it this far.
Oh, Big Alice has more fight than you know.
You called this meeting, Layton.
So go on, or are we just gonna stand here pissing off our prows? When we left, we made a deal.
I keep Audrey safe I remember, and I don't murder everyone.
Yes, I remember the deal.
It was made under duress, I'll remind you.
But I stuck to it.
Where's Zarah? She's right here.
Positively glowing.
I'm here, Andre.
I'm okay.
And Audrey? I want to hear her.
I need to know she's all right.
Surrender the train and you can tell her yourself.
Surrender? We'll give you a car in First, food, drink.
You two can live out your years together.
So I I give you absolutely everything, and you give me a little piece back in return? That's quite some offer, Layton.
The offer is, we end this without violence, or you could roll back down into that rail yard and we'll pick you apart.
That's it, sir.
We're tapped.
No deal.
I I want to hear her voice.
All right, Ben, I'm at the cold-Lock.
Soon, soon.
Auto-engaging hot reverse.
We should switch helms and get Big Alice pushing again.
Full stop, Engineer.
Let her power down.
- What? - Joseph.
That can't be good, can it? No.
Snowpiercer, we are dead on the tracks.
If you don't reconnect, everyone will freeze to death.
You're desperate.
And you have no choice.
Prepare to connect.
Javi, abre una cerveza, amigo.
Commander, move your boarding party to the connection point.
Generation deficit.
Train-wide temperature is dropping right now.
Better get your woolies on.
All right, boys, you ready? Move out.
Remember where to aim.
They're preparing to dock.
They've got no choice.
Let's go, let's go.
Move, move, move.
Cap okay? Hey, watch your back.
Move it, move it! This is crazy, Ben.
Yeah, pirate's life.
- Shit.
- You're all right.
Just reverse her in as fast as you dare.
And don't reconnect until we're in position.
Hey, remember, people, we're gonna clear it first.
Weapons ready? Move! Christ.
She's back.
The bloody balls.
Did you climb aboard, you little hobo? Uh-uh, baby on board.
No, you won't.
She won't.
Good one.
Ahh! Tell your men to stand down or I will throw you off this train.
This is Head Engineer Wilford.
Boarding party, stand down.
We will not be taking Snowpiercer by force.
Stand down.
Weapons down.
Oh, my God.
Happy now? Say it! Andre Layton has the train.
Citizens of Snowpiercer We're back.
50 meters, 40 meters, 25 meters It can't be just over.
Well, I think it's about time we get on the right side of history.
The Eastern world, it is explodin' Violence flarin', bullets loadin' You're old enough to kill Here you go.
You don't believe in war But what's that gun you're totin'? Oz, I love you so much.
Over and over and over again, my friend Whoa, whoa, whoa! Oh, no, you don't believe We're on the eve of destruction Long live the Resistance! Bottom's up.
Ah, found it.
Ruth? Andre.
I never would have found you.
You're in civvies.
I remembered that Wilford had a secret tipple up here.
- Oh, could use some of that.
- Wanna celebrate? Yes.
Oh, welcome home.
It's good to have you back.
I knew you'd hold everyone together.
Well done.
Let's do it.
Take them out.
He's stable.
Carly's stable.
And Anne Javi.
Oh, man.
This warm spot, the Horn of Africa, you really believe it can support life? Yeah, our future is there, Ruth.
I believe it with all my heart.
You know, the Horn of Africa, the approach is maybe the worst stretch of track on the entire network.
And there was a war there when the climate crashed.
Yeah, yeah, I remember.
The people are tired, Andre.
It's been a long six months, and your first order is gonna be to steer them right back into more hardship? Mm-mmm, there won't be an order.
We'll put it to a vote.
- A vote? - Yeah.
We'll show them that democracy has won.
We'll choose our path forward together.
And you're prepared for the outcome of this vote? I am going to convince them that it is worth the risk.
Snowpiercer's running on duct tape and prayers.
This is a real opportunity to get off.
It's also a vote on you, Andre.
Much of the train doesn't support your leadership.
This isn't just about me.
It's what Melanie would have wanted.
All right.
I'll, uh, inform the notary.
I know that everyone aboard will take their vote to heart, but are you prepared to accept it if they vote no? You better think long and hard about exactly what it is you're gonna tell them.
You're confined to Third and barred from the Nightcar.
Where's Joseph? You picked the wrong side, Audrey.
Walk away.
Has there ever been a right side on this goddamn train? It's all gonna go to shit.
You'll see.
It went straight through my hand.
Something to remember us by.
Look at you.
A monster come for its creator.
It's poetic, isn't it? Layton can't hold it together, you know.
They'll reject him again.
I am the train.
A vote? That's right.
You'll get a vote today too.
You forget about them when you're the last person on Earth.
Thank you.
Don't thank me just yet.
There's something I need to ask of you.
You brought me back to life, Andre.
What is it? Shh.
My fellow passengers Today, for the first time since our departure you will have a say in our destination, and your choice will determine our future.
By now, you know that Melanie's sacrifice gave us a map.
Proof that there are places on the Earth that are warming.
Traveling fast and light, we tested each of them.
Sulawesi, Gujarat, Managua, the Atacama.
And each one of these let us down.
I know that you have suffered badly because of our decision to break the train.
But there is one more location on which I ask you to stake your hope: the Horn of Africa.
The journey to return there will be fraught with risk and the hardships will continue, but we have someone here who can renew our faith.
Someone we had given up on believing in.
What's he doing? But I'll let her tell you.
He's bullshitting.
My name is Asha.
I am a survivor.
Layton found me out there, outside.
Along with trees, green grass and life.
I come from New Eden.
One Grain of sand Ah Water in the sea I'm not asking you to choose between me and Wilford.
I am asking you to choose between the train we know and the dream we don't.
Thank you all so much for your sacrifices.
The story needed a hero, and we brought one back.
Well, in the wake of that performance, the yeas have it.
Almost two to one.
What's one more lie? The difference is, this is the last one we will have to tell.
Well, I doubt that.
I've come to think this train demands a lie.
Yeah, like an imaginary genius in the engine.
Or Melanie saving us with perfect science.
Or a survivor to show us the way.
So we press on.
What else are we gonna do? Josie? Well, we better be right.
Fellow passengers, our great endeavor continues.
You have spoken, and by majority rule, we are heading for New Eden.

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