Snowpiercer (2020) s03e05 Episode Script

A New Life

1 I've been here before.
Where memories turn on you.
Even the good ones.
Previously on "Snowpiercer" My right hand to your rebel commander.
You should be leading this train, not Layton.
You experimented on my unborn child! Yes, yes, yes, we did.
Wilford had us do, enhanced genetic code treatment.
You stamped her with Wilford! You're confined to Third and barred from the Nightcar.
You picked the wrong side, Audrey.
Javi, do you copy? Suspension can't be that bad, can it? You tell me.
Face all the things that haunt you.
It'll set you free.
My little soul, I haven't seen your face yet, but my love for you is already limitless.
You aren't just my child.
You're the future.
What's happening to me? - My baby.
- Zarah, honey, listen to me.
As you grow up, you'll hear many stories about your mother Breathe.
Push! How, aboard Big Alice, she assured her survival yet again And of your father changing what was left of the world.
Our journey to bring you into this world has been brutal.
But I wouldn't change a single misstep or agonizing decision that led to your life.
Get out! I pray the choices your father and I have made are gifts.
The gift of a new life And the strength to face its dangers on Snowpiercer, 1,029 cars long.
Did you write down the name of someone special you remember? So now you hang it on the tree.
And then when the baby comes, Andre and I will pick one that we really like.
It's a Third Class tradition.
Someone wants to name our girl "Ogai".
Tail tradition was to name the baby after the nearest city.
That's right.
- Let me hang it.
- Okay.
- Mm.
- Perfect.
Okay, last names up, up.
Get them up on the tree.
Okay, thank you.
Oh, there we go.
Uh, Miss Gillies? Kar Kargle? That's a beautiful name, Chunder.
You can go put it on the tree.
Hey! You are not coming in.
You're not even supposed to be in Second.
He's been attacked.
I deserve to see him! She's restricted to Third Class and no Nightcar.
Ugh, that's right.
I'm blackballed.
It's not the first time in my life.
Okay, let's go.
Back downtrain.
Alex, is he awake? I know what the suspension drugs can do.
He needs me.
He really doesn't.
Come on.
Off we go.
But Alex.
Joseph! Joseph! Joseph! Dull.
Any new symptoms these last few days? New? Uh, no.
Increase in the pins and needles sensation? Uh, it's it's about the same.
It comes and goes.
It's the lack of sensation I'm worried about.
- Dull.
- Hm.
- Dull.
- Hm.
Um, that was a new area.
Um, is it spreading? Mm, I can't tell yet.
Perhaps it's shifting.
But my whole right leg is still numb.
That's not shifting.
Ugh, well, thermoreception is very complex.
Your TRP channels are essentially restricting cold stimulus, editing how you process injurious stimuli.
Possibly, it's affecting other sensations.
Like, uh like turning off the light in your compartment, and the neighbor's light blinks out as well.
But wait, is it, um is that gonna get worse? Very hard to say at this point.
- Ooh.
- Hm.
You okay? You need to lay down? No.
I need to sit up.
All right.
You got this.
Uncle Till coming through.
What do you think of the name Alyssa? Are you okay? I just feel really full.
Yeah, well, you are.
Uh, should this be happening? - I don't know.
- Oh, shit.
Oh, is that is that, uh - My water breaking.
- That's when yep, yes.
That's what I was I was thinking.
- We got to go.
- Right.
- Do you - Yeah, okay.
Can can you, uh Okay, um make way! Headwood Lab.
Oh, my goodness.
Thank you.
Code red.
Off you go.
It's time.
Zarah's in labor.
Oh, my goodness.
All the way to the end.
What? You're taking her to the Headwood Lab? Zarah, let me help you.
- Can we help you? - Yeah, I can do it.
- Let's go, you two.
- Oh, okay, fine.
Okay, you got it? Come on.
Make way! Clear the path! - Is it baby time? - Yes.
- Soon, honey.
- Baby time! Make way! Make way! - Emergency! - Baby time! I'm having a baby, not a heart attack.
Yeah, I got the heart attack part covered.
Just take it slow.
Baby time! Baby time! - Hooray! - Okay.
- Baby time, baby time! - Winnie! Out, out, out! Scoot, scoot.
Go, go.
Over here, Zarah.
- Here? - Yes, right there.
- All right.
- Baby, baby, baby! - Uh, Till? - Oh, yeah.
- Um, let's go, kiddo.
- Thank you.
Break a leg.
Why is she three weeks early? That's really not out of the ordinary.
But a genetically modified cold baby is, and that better have nothing to do with it or I will put you out of cold-lock myself.
I assure you, the birth should be completely normal.
Should be is not good enough, Doctor! - Andre.
- Huh? We're here.
I'm fine.
It's okay.
Oh, thank God you're back.
Oh, uh, it's time.
Ferami's in labor.
Oh, goodness, she's early.
Is she all right? Yeah, she's doing well, I think.
- So do we sound the bells? - Indeed we do.
Some good news for once.
Bells on the hour till the baby comes.
You'll find the birth protocols in here.
You know what, actually, they've become quite fussy over time, so let's just, uh let's just keep it loose.
Sorry, uh, keep it loose? Tristan, Hospitality is not gonna tie itself in knots going by the book anymore.
Let's use what we've learned these past six months.
Keep light on our feet and meet needs proportionately.
I guess nobody really wants to hear a klezmer band, do they? Mm, nor do we need to clean up confetti.
My fellow passengers, the day has come to welcome the child of Ms.
Zarah Ferami and Mr.
Andre Layton.
As is tradition, we will ring baby bells on the hour every hour So it's really happening? It's on.
First baby in a long time.
Ding, ding.
Well, that must be a good sign, right? Eh, some people come around just fine, others struggle.
Hard to predict.
He took a dose straight to the heart, so Try reading to him.
It'll be like book club, but reversed.
Well, it might help mental stimulation.
Did you hear that, Dubs? As much as I would like, your brain won't turn to mush.
"'I know who I am', replied Don Quixote, 'and I know that I may be'" - Oh! - "'Not be those I named, but all the Twelve Peers of France, and even all the Nine Worthies, since my achievements'" - Ugh! - "'They have done all together and each of them on his own account.
'" Okay, breathe.
Andre, the moment I stop breathing, you will be the first to know.
- Got it.
- 48 seconds.
Just getting started.
I need to walk.
- Yep, here we go.
- I can do it.
I know.
I'm always here to help.
- You've done enough already.
- All right.
Always here to do more.
- I got you.
- Oh, my God.
What's that? - Liana.
- What? - Liana, the damn name! - Okay, here we go.
No, don't! Don't, I like it.
All right, okay.
Yeah, cool, whatever you need.
All right, can we gather round, everyone? - Gather round, please.
- Okay, get in line.
It's not too often that we get to celebrate a birth on Snowpiercer, is it? Well, Zarah Ferami is in labor.
And Mr.
Layton is by her side.
So the time is nigh to light our tree.
Hm? Tristan.
It's so pretty.
What's that? Shit! Everybody out, please.
Let's go! No, stay put.
The fire crew's got it under control.
- Yeah, I'm coming up.
- I got this handled.
It was just the tree that was targeted.
A tree full of names for my baby.
If I need you, I'll call you.
Until then, stay.
Where was it? Uh, it's a stall in the Market.
- Till's got it.
- You need to go? No.
You sure? - You trying to get rid of me? - Maybe.
I know how to breathe.
And your daughter's not getting off this bus anytime soon, right? Last contraction was half an hour ago.
We won't let you miss this.
- Thank you.
- Why is she here? Because I don't trust you.
That's why I've had her watching Wilford and not you.
No, no, no, no, no.
This is a special birth.
- You just said it wasn't.
- She's my doctor.
- She stays.
- So you'll fill Dr.
Pelton in on all of it.
Oh, don't worry, I've got a pretty good inkling already.
- I won't be long.
- Take your time.
I got this, remember? FYI, Wilford's waking up.
Thank you.
- It's gonna be fine.
- Yeah, I know.
She's a good doctor.
Housing, mess, power plant, all important for New Eden.
That's where I think you can help.
With your Engineer friend.
That will help too.
How bad is he? Listen, you know Wilford.
You might be the only person that can help him through this trauma as well as keep an eye on his work, keep him on task.
Javi, you know Sykes? We did six months of hard track together, didn't we? Six months on a bullet train sauna, yes, sir.
Well, Sykes is with us now, and that's why we're here.
Why am I here? I want you two to spec every system and troubleshoot all plans out of Ag-Sec.
Is that a problem, Engineer? She my apprentice? No, she's your partner.
Why don't you just say it, Ben? Say why I'm here.
I'm too screwed up to drive, right? All right.
I can't trust you in the Engine yet, Javi.
But we're getting off this train soon, and there's no one I trust more in HVAC and Irrigation than you two.
So please follow the order.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
Winnie, shouldn't you be in school? No, 'cause the baby's coming.
Oh, that's right.
Pike! Heya, Winnipeg.
Hey, mind if I grab Ruth for a sec? Yeah.
- Hi.
- I heard about the fire.
I wanted to make sure you were okay.
I am, yes.
Thank you.
Didn't last long, right, your walk on the wild side? Well, if it makes you feel any better, they're not fitting very well.
There's hope.
She can stop answering to Layton, starts a chain of two with that whippet, Mr.
Well, it's your last chance.
Are you serious? And then what? You plot your comeback.
I have.
This is it.
I have a place, Pike.
Lucky you, Ruth.
It's my job to put the dark days behind us and start something new.
We're about to get off and build a colony.
Oh, and you're all into this, are you? I am, yeah.
Really? Um, um Our newest passenger is another hour closer.
- Well - Uh, thank you.
You'd think that one Layton was enough.
Come on.
This is a good day.
All right, see you, Winnie.
Bye, Pike.
See you around, Ruth.
Um, think I just got used to sleeping with the hum of the Engine.
Just came up here to get some peace.
Baby bells a bit much right now? Hey.
I'm really happy for them.
It's great for everyone.
I'm down an Engineer.
Get your ass out of that rack, I'll give you some more helm time.
- Really? - Yeah.
Unethical, unprofessional, dangerous, and downright screwy.
- Doc, I chose this.
- No comment.
It's not just about giving my kid the best chance at survival.
We all need more people like Josie who can handle it outside.
The cold is a human killer.
A doctor seeks to cure what is fatal, no? - Except you won't stop.
- We need to evolve.
- Take a look out the window.
- Less than 3,000 of us left, and you're rolling the dice with our genetic heritage.
Okay, okay, let's just stick to this generation.
Still got a ways to go.
Uh, what the hell are you doing here? - She kicked me out.
- Yeah, well, that tracks.
So? Power cord.
Runs from the electrical box.
Ignition point here.
Pour pattern to the tree.
Looks like someone exposed the, uh the wire.
As soon as they turned on the lights, woof.
Took some setting up.
They wanted an audience.
Or they wanted to watch it themselves.
Can't be that many flammable liquids on the train.
- We'll make up a list.
- It's ethanol.
I ran support on a firebug case once.
Guy was burning down laundromats.
That sweet smell, almost rotten.
Sticks with you.
- Catch the guy? - No.
The world ended, so joke's on him.
Well, the Nightcar has a ready supply of ethanol and a little redheaded psycho behind the bar who doesn't like me very much.
Or it isn't about you.
Some people just like to see stuff burn.
Right, which one of you slouches wants in on the Baby Pool? We've got length and weight or time and closest city.
Yeah, all right.
I'll put a vintage fleece coat on 4:10 p.
- Nice.
- 7 pounds, 2 ounces, and I'll put up a night with my husband.
That's upping the stakes.
Very nice.
Hold on.
Down to the pub on a big day? It's a bit old school.
You'll get no judgment from me.
Looks like family life suits you too.
I'm a changed man.
Are you? Circumstances tend to change, but people Hey.
Bridezilla, where were you this morning? If you must know, in bed with him.
Ah, that's that's beautiful.
Tell us about your alcohol supply chain, LJ.
We get the grain from Ag-Sec.
Our distillers make the ethanol, and then we water it down and send it out.
But when it arrives, it's pure? Highly flammable? Oh.
So that's what this is about? The fire in the Market? Come on, Bess, we're not vandals.
Guess when it's Mr.
Layton's baby tree, it's not vandalism, it's terrorism.
We measure our ethanol to the teaspoon.
Wilford ran a tight ship.
So if you want to check our inventory, go right ahead.
- Okay, okay.
- Mm.
Look, we're all good citizens, check the books.
Then you want to check the speakeasy in the Market.
Come on.
I'll take you.
- Should've hit her.
- Mm-hmm.
That is 140k.
Yes, it is.
Do you want more? You tell me.
All right.
Find the sweet spot.
Easing off.
There you go.
You're leveled out.
Ah Ah! Autopilot.
We are now a perpetual motion machine.
- Hm.
- Minus all the worn bits and the glitches.
Mm, and the human factor.
And the human factor.
I can see why Melanie loved it.
Um I think I need to overshare something.
Really? What do you got? Demonstration? Let's go.
- Observe.
- A real demonstration.
- Mm-hmm.
- Okay.
Whoa, whoa, what are you doing? It's all right.
Can't feel anything.
- Why not? - 'Cause it's a side effect from the cold resistance.
All right, let's just take that out.
You're gonna hurt yourself.
Don't hold your breath.
- There you go.
- 48 seconds, 15 minutes apart.
She's cold.
You okay? - You feel cold? - Yeah.
- 96.
- That's way too low.
- Let's warm her up.
- What's wrong? The warming blankets are over there.
It's not entirely unexpected.
What's that supposed to mean? The late Dr.
Headwood, may he rest in peace, anticipated a slight drop in host temperature.
Oh! You're the "host".
Then what did he predict? Hypothermia? Do you want me to call Andre? No, not yet.
I'm fine.
Just another heating blanket.
I'll get it.
90 degree elbows.
Female to female 3 inch 16 pieces.
Get that, Javi? Uh, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, I got it.
There are a bunch of reducers up here too, but Hey.
Let's let's take a break.
May I? Do you remember it? I don't.
Just fragments.
I don't even remember what I did to piss Wilford off.
But while the dog was attacking me, all I could think was, well, it's not the dog's fault.
It's weird, right? That part stuck with me.
Wilford had things clamped down pretty tight.
Not even he could keep the underground stills from running.
Right through there.
You're not gonna come in with us? No.
They're his people.
They're the competition, they can sod off.
You hear anything, pass it on to Till.
Happy to help.
As you were, everyone.
We're just here to talk to management.
Well, we pilfer for grain, potato.
Turn 'em into fuel for heat, cooking, light.
Everything else, we make booze.
I did not know you had this skill, Z.
Come on, man.
Evolve or die, right? It's the damn Tail all over again.
Why is that one cloudy? Son of a bitch.
This is water.
Somebody ran off with a bunch of my shit.
It did not take this much ethanol to start that fire, so someone's out here with a lot more.
One fire, it's a statement.
We get another, it's a campaign.
Then it's about shaking people's faith.
Yeah, but in what? New Eden or me? It's adorable you think there's a difference.
You got to get downtrain, daddy-o.
Nah, she'll call.
Pelton said Wilford's coming out of suspension.
Maybe he'll spill some secrets.
I, uh I'm gonna go have a talk with Audrey.
She does hate your guts.
Describing a lot of people right now, Till.
What are you celebrating, Audrey? Oh.
It's you.
Have a seat.
We can play our old jailor games.
Where were you earlier when the fire started? I watched it.
She's cut off.
Ooh, full K-9 mode.
- That's exciting.
- The fire, Audrey.
Do you know anything about it? I won't answer any of your questions until you come back in your old Brakeman uniform.
Oh, come on.
Don't tell me you never thought of it, me locked in that cage every night.
Not even once.
You're a mess.
And you're a bad liar.
Audrey You're gonna need to hurry up and find your rock bottom or you're never coming back.
You don't know me, Bess.
I know who you were.
A healer, remember? I saw it with my own eyes.
I watched you make people's pain go away, so to hell with you for giving it all up.
'Cause we're all gonna need it when we get off this train.
Pull yourself together.
You were ruined by frostbite.
You're kind of a miracle, Josie.
I know, I know.
Just It's hard to live on duty sometimes, you know? And you know that better than anyone.
Do you miss her? Melanie? Yeah.
Every day.
I had one relationship for 15 years.
Personal, intimate, and always our island.
I just stayed on that island when she was gone.
Ah, yeah.
Yeah, I know that place.
At least you know your soulmate's still alive.
But those baby bells, Ben.
Baby bells.
This this is me now.
We wouldn't be on course for New Eden if it wasn't for you.
And if it makes any difference, Layton still loves you too.
"In short, then he remained at home 15 days very quietly without showing any signs of a desire to take up with his former" Aren't you supposed to be panicking and making things worse for Zarah? Yeah.
I will again soon.
- How's he doing? - Comes and goes.
The doctor says stimulation is good for the brain.
He's not really much use to us as a vegetable.
You know, I used to say I wouldn't wish suspension on my worst enemy, but Now I'm not so sure.
It's dark in there, ain't it? He talk to anyone besides you today? Any visitors? Audrey tried, but I stopped her.
Ding, dong, ding.
Dubs? - You there? - Well, not long now.
The baby's nearly with us.
Suspension drug is some nasty shit, huh? Layton.
Layton, the baby bells.
- Yeah.
- Uh-huh.
Hey, since you're so invested in my family, maybe you know who's trying to hurt them.
Oh, what happened? Fire in the Market.
You got any firebugs in your faithful? The baby tree was arson? Someone someone really hates you.
Have a nice death nap.
Andre? Oh, there you are.
Ben's reporting heavy smoke in Ag-Sec.
We thought you'd want to know right away.
It's in the Seed Bank car.
- Get Till.
- Yes, right, go on.
Temp's still low.
55 seconds now, five minutes apart.
It's almost time to woman up, Zarah.
Find Andre.
- What's going on? - Thick smoke up top.
I pulled the alarm and got out of there.
Okay, stand back and wait for the Fire Brigade.
Fire's nine cars ahead.
We got to clear out.
- What? - Ammonium nitrate.
There's a bunch missing.
What the hell? Now this guy is pissing me off.
We can handle this, Andre.
Zarah is calling for you.
What the hell is that? Some kind of prank? - Get out! - Whoa! - Whoa.
- Oh, shit.
- Is that another fire? - Yeah, that's in Ag-Sec.
That's the Seed Bank car.
Hello, I've got an explosion in Ag-Sec.
I repeat, high-value car under threat.
Oh, man.
You guys okay? - Copy that.
- Andre, you okay? - Seed Bank's secure.
- Can you sit up? Ugh.
Yeah, we're all clear.
No breach.
All systems online.
Copy that.
Seed Bank's secure.
That was a close call, Ben.
Could have been a hell of a lot worse, but it was a small bomb.
It must have been detonated with a remote.
Yeah, because it was targeted.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, there, cowboys.
You guys just took one hell of a knock.
Get me down there.
What's with the alarms? - Where's Andre? - Eyes on the prize, Z.
He's on his way.
What's her temperature? 96.
2 and dropping.
Zarah, you need to start pushing or I need to start cutting.
What's happening to me? My baby.
Zarah, honey, listen to me.
On the next contraction, I want you to start pushing like your life depends on it, because it might.
Can you do that for me? Oh, Liana.
Move, please.
Out of the way.
Move! Okay.
Okay, almost there.
Just in time! She needs your help.
Hey, hey, hey.
How was your morning? Uh, just push, honey.
She's ice cold.
Her temperature's depressed, but it's what we expect.
- It's critical.
- Um, hey.
Uh, okay.
Zarah, I'm here, all right? I'm gonna get behind you now and I'm keeping you warm.
Okay? And you're pushing.
So you you can push, honey.
- Come on, you got this.
- Andre.
- You got this.
- I can't.
- Andre, I'm sorry.
- Mm-mm, mm-mm.
- Shh, shh, shh.
- I made a terrible mistake.
Hey, no, you didn't.
No, you didn't.
You made a choice.
You made a tough call in a world that wants to kill your daughter.
Now come on.
You got this, okay? Listen to him, Zarah.
It's mother against nature.
Right after this next part, push! At 7:53 p.
, Miss Zarah Ferami and Mr.
Andre Layton became the proud parents of a healthy baby girl, weighing 6 pounds, 7 ounces.
Both mother and daughter remain in good health.
Last call.
Last call.
I'll beat the drum here in the cold My blood runs slow here in the winter You left me naked and exposed I am that heart you sold to sorrow You could have given love You could have given love Oh, mercy, don't give up on me Wait Don't leave me Don't leave me Lead me to the light, it's getting red In the thin line In the thin line between love and hate Lead me to the light, it's getting red In the thin line In the thin line between love and hate Temperature's normal.
Vitals are stable.
You did well, Zarah.
All of you did.
It's never black, it's never white What do you think? What's it mean? She'll put the meaning in.
It's never wrong, it's never right Yeah, yeah In truth and lies, it's never simple Oh, you could have given love You could have given love Hey, Liana.
Andre? I will explain everything.
But can we wait just a little bit? Okay.
I just want to be here.
What the hell happened out there? Somebody almost got him.
Wait, yeah Don't leave me Don't leave, don't leave Don't leave, don't leave me Lead me to the light, it's getting late, yeah In the thin line In the thin line Between love and hate
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