Snowpiercer (2020) s03e06 Episode Script

Born to Bleed

Our journey to bring you into this world has been brutal.
But I wouldn't change a single misstep.
Previously on "Snowpiercer" It's the lack of sensation I'm worried about.
Ding, ding.
Well, that must be a good sign, right? Why is she three weeks early? That's really not out of the ordinary.
But a genetically modified cold baby is.
How bad is he? You know Wilford.
You might be the only person that can help him through this trauma.
One fire, it's a statement.
We get another, it's a campaign.
You'd think that one Layton was enough.
I want you to start pushing like your life depends on it.
Someone really hates you.
I've been told over and over that time heals all wounds.
But there's one man on Snowpiercer who will never let mine close.
What the hell was that? Some kind of prank? It's a trap.
Wounds fester.
They rot.
They don't go away.
Maybe it's just me.
I pick, unable to let wounds heal.
It's in my nature to provoke.
Or maybe I was just born to bleed.
Ruth? What are you doing here? I've been thinking about our time together and that maybe I made the wrong choice.
Shit, don't tell me that now.
It's okay.
It was a long time coming.
Wasn't it, Strong Boy? What have you done, Mr.
Pike? Wake up.
Wake up! Pike! Pike! Hey.
You all right? What are you guys doing in here? Someone tried to kill Layton.
Tried? Is he okay? It was a bomb.
Apparently walked away.
We don't know much more.
But he wants to see all of us.
Where is he? He's holed up in the big Alice Engine with Zarah and the baby.
Oh, it makes sense.
It's one of the most secure areas of this train.
Do we know who did it? I guess we'll find out.
Let's jet.
Whoever pulled this shirt is a coward.
Say whatever you want about the Tail.
At least we handle things man to man.
I wouldn't say Layton's much of a Tailie anymore.
I'm just saying, he's off swimming with sharks.
They bite.
Man, once a Tailie, always a Tailie.
Good to see your faces.
I wish it was under better circumstances.
Thank you, guys, for coming, really.
You should be celebrating your daughter's birthday, not fearing for your life.
Well, you're carrying, good.
- Yeah, you? - Yeah.
Yeah, Wilford's got a sword collection.
- That's handy.
- Yeah.
- What do we know? - That it was a trap.
Till's got some leads.
That's all for now.
We'll keep y'all locked in here for now.
Z, I'm gonna stay by this door.
Take Astrid, grab your crossbow, and set up at the border.
Yeah, let's go.
Nobody gets down here till we know what's going on uptrain.
You all right with her? Do you need me to stay? Thanks, I'm good.
Layton's moving on from all the wounds he inflicted, but we're still bleeding, even if the trauma's hidden deep, on Snowpiercer, 1,029 cars long.
Well? Well, he's calm, yes, but calmly obsessed with retribution.
- He's not coming around? - Just not sure he's ready for the big reset to really build a foundation of healing.
It's good of you and Till to keep coming.
Maybe today's the day.
All right, come on.
Stop pretending I know you're not taking the meds.
Can a man not nap? No, because you're needed.
There's been an attempt on Andre's life, so come on, up you get.
It's time to get back to work, Sam.
Just tell the psychiatrist what he wants to hear.
The only reason they made that man the shrink is because he boarded the train with the biggest collection of self-help books.
We both know that's true, so just say the word.
The word is no, Ruth.
Please leave me alone.
If you won't do it for me, Sam, can you do it for your daughter? 'Cause Carly is struggling.
She needs you.
No, she doesn't.
Because all I think about, day and night, is Wilford, still breathing, so I stick needles into his eyes, choke him slowly with my bare hands and slit his throat for what he did to me and my family.
Well then, you know what? The longer you feel this way, the longer he wins.
There's two bricks missing.
That bomb was small and targeted.
I'd say it used half of one of these plus the ethanol.
Great, so there's enough to make three more, or one big one.
During the Year Three Rebellion, the Tailies smuggled in these same materials.
Sounds like you know where you're visiting next.
I'll move this shit somewhere safer.
Good idea.
You're showing signs of concussion.
I feel fine.
I won't go to sleep or drive a car or look at bright screens.
Being facetious helps too.
Take it slow.
That blast really did a number on ya.
Seriously, don't let him sleep.
Yeah, I don't think there's any risk of that.
Thanks, Doc.
Thank you.
What's your gut telling you? It takes a special type of psycho to try and kill me on the same day as my daughter is born.
- It wasn't Wilford.
- Oh really? Because with me out of the way, that just leaves you and Liana for him, and that feels like pretty Wilford to me.
You've seen him.
He's barely capable of it.
He's a shadow of himself.
So are his usual allies.
I am going to go crazy stuck in here.
Drink? No, you have a concussion.
You're not drinking.
He's not drinking.
She's right.
How about I make you both some tea? That would be great.
Thank you.
You're staring again, Mom.
It's been a long six months, I guess.
You're just you're like a completely human man now.
I'm sorry I missed it.
You didn't miss anything.
But at least Wilford kept apprenticeships going.
I heard you're top of your engineering class.
Is that true? Hmm? Yeah, it's pretty awesome.
We're gonna figure out who did this to Layton, okay? We're Tailies.
You mess with one of us, you mess with us all.
Do you think any of us are still Tailies? As long as you remember our culture, the way we learned to live together.
That's how we're gonna do it off train.
What's the word, Bess? Caught anyone yet? It was a fertilizer bomb.
All right, I got you now.
The bombs in the Year Three Rebellion.
I am not bringing up old blood.
I just need to know who built them.
Come on, you know who built them.
It was me.
But I had nothing to do with yesterday.
That's not in question, Lights.
I just need anything you can give me.
It's been a while.
This is my cookbook.
Guessing not your mother's casseroles.
Bombs, spring-loaded weapons.
Formula for fertilizer's here.
The pages are torn out.
- You want to hold her? - Oh, no.
No, I'm one of those people with a fear of dropping babies.
You won't.
I trust you.
Go ahead, man.
She's not gonna bite.
- Got her? - Yeah.
There you go.
She's beautiful.
Her name's Liana.
Liana? Where's that from? The Naming Tree.
That's a Third-Class tradition.
You know the Tail names its kids after the closest city.
Liana suited her.
- Layton.
- It's me.
The bomb was made from instructions stolen from Lights's cookbook.
She said that only the Tailie war council even knew the book existed.
- And most of us are dead.
- Well, exactly.
It's a short suspect list.
He's here.
I'm coming.
Pike, give me Liana.
I don't think I can do that right now.
Yeah, you can.
- Pike.
- Please.
Just give Zarah the baby, all right? Everything else we can talk about.
Yeah, give me my child.
- Please.
- Let me go.
- Pike.
- Please.
Pike, put her down.
Put her down, all right? This is between me and you.
Just give her back.
Just hand us the baby, please.
Pike, please.
You seriously think that I would hurt your daughter? Please, Pike, please.
- Gah! - Oh, my God.
She's okay.
She's okay.
Go kill that maniac.
Pike! Nice work.
Keep it up.
- Where are you going? - Diapers.
I guess they brought little Liana down here so fast, they forgot 'em.
You're Roche's kid, right? And you're Wilford's? How is your cognition? Excuse me? Your brain, your senses.
You spent six months in the Drawers.
I know that it gets pretty hard in there.
My brain's just fine, thank you very much.
They say that everybody responds differently.
It's probably just because you're young.
You're not a student of body language, are you? I know that you think I'm a Wilfordite, but I really don't blame your dad for trying to kill him.
I do, because he failed.
Well, that's only because he got too complicated with it.
The suspension serum is pretty unpredictable.
When I tried to kill Wilford, I kept it pretty simple.
A blade to his carotid artery.
Are you gonna eat that? No.
Copy that.
I got Brakemen setting up checkpoints front to back.
Can't run forever.
You need to make an announcement, spread his name across the train.
He is armed and agitated.
Can't have him thinking every citizen's an enemy.
Whatever this is, it's between him and me.
Let's keep it that way.
All this commotion.
It has to be now.
Can you get me to see Wilford or not? That depends on if you have it.
That depends on what the plan is.
Miss Audrey is ready for her conjugal.
Our boss got pulled off on the manhunt.
I can give you 30 minutes.
How are you going to get me into First? I'm banned.
One sec.
It was my dad's spare.
Never thought I'd see it again.
Pleasure doing business with you.
Are you sure this is a good idea? Open the door and look away, Brakeman.
Not sure you're gonna find the old boy up for it.
Joseph? Audrey.
What have they done to you? How did you get in? Someone tried to kill Layton last night.
What? He's vulnerable.
Brakemen are scrambling.
The train needs you, Joseph.
You could walk right out of here.
What's going on? Suspension.
It was hell.
An endless death dream.
I just want to hold you.
Checkpoints, Brakeman? Hospitality wasn't informed? We just got the order.
They found out who the bomber is.
Go on, then.
Who is it? The Tailie called Pike.
Gah! Anything? Some stolen goods, some forged meal vouchers.
Nothing useful.
How are you holding up? Can you please be the one person who doesn't ask me that today? I'm not talking about your head.
I know Pike is like a brother to you.
Why would he do it? I don't know.
We were enemies before we were friends.
I made some calls he didn't like.
What have you got? Bomb recipe.
- Oh.
- Ruth? I heard that Pike was a suspect in the bombing.
Surely that's a misunderstanding, so I came here.
- Why? - To talk to him.
To get to the bottom of it.
Didn't realize you two were close.
Well, we are.
Six months together in a foxhole fighting your war.
We formed a bond.
I won't apologise for it, either.
Like, a bond, bond? You heard me.
Look, we can stand here, clucking about it, or we can start clearing his name.
I'm sorry, Ruth.
You know where he might have gone? No, I don't know.
If he contacts you, don't confront him.
Call us.
Will do.
Who's that? The New Eden girl.
What are the odds? - They're in my favor.
- Take it easy.
What're you hiding from? Too many people? Too many dynamics.
Not used to it.
I get that.
I was wondering who those belonged to.
Ammonium nitrate.
Well, now you just changed the dynamics.
Eight years living in a hole.
You're not the scariest thing I've faced in the dark.
Frankly, that's a relief to me.
You see, Layton's New Eden is supposed to be greenhouses and sunshine, but I just knew that there was more to it than that.
These are instructions on how to build a bomb.
We found them in Pike's bunk.
I know no one wants to hear this, but Pike is the one who tried to kill me.
No man, that can't be.
He fought for you, Layton.
We all did.
Yeah, well, something changed.
Has anyone seen him since this morning? Any contact? Now is not the time to close ranks.
He is running.
He will come to you for help.
And if he does, what, we serve him up? He has enough ammonium nitrate to blow us off the tracks.
Damn straight, you serve him up.
Tailie or not, Pike brought this on himself.
If you see Pike, bring him in.
That's an order.
"That's an order".
So, you're Indian, lived in England and worked in the Horn of Africa? How did you wind up there? Migrated.
Thousands tried.
We heard it was warmer.
What'd you find? New Eden.
Layton found you crouched in a hole.
Doesn't exactly sound like greenhouses and sunshine to me.
Endurance isn't pretty anywhere.
Yeah, each of us still living stands on a mountain of dead.
It's something that Layton conveniently forgets.
You in there? What are you doing? What have you done? It's nice to see you too.
Asha? You all right? He set the bomb off.
It's it's complicated.
That's Snowpiercer for ya.
Why are you doing this? We were about to get off, have a fresh start.
You're ruining it.
Layton's not the only one telling this story, is he? It's not too late to fix this, Pike.
Just go on.
Turn yourself in, to me, right now.
We had it pretty good down here, didn't we? Just you and me, fighting Wilford for the people.
We were trapped down here.
It was pure.
Wilford was evil.
You and I were good, Ruth.
You and I.
Please tell me that you're not doing this for me.
You're not yourself.
Alex came.
She read to me.
To keep your mind working because they need you.
Well, this theory of theirs, the Arabian warm spot.
It's a maneuver to get everyone off the train, off of your train.
The science has merit.
Science is wasted without power.
You said that.
- Audrey - What? What? Maybe there's an easier way if we did get off together.
Now stop it.
Stop it.
We have to fight this together.
You and me.
I'm not a young man anymore.
I can't take a punch the way I once did.
I fought for you.
I clawed and spit and suffered for six months in this cage.
And I never wavered, not once.
For you.
For us.
And now you just you want to join them? We'd have each other.
- Audrey? - I'm done.
- Let me out.
- Wait.
If the freeze never happened, we'd be graduating high school right now.
Planning our gap year.
What's a gap year? Well, I only know from what Mom told me.
Basically, you get a backpack and a Euro-rail pass, and you barf your way across Spain.
Euro-rail? No such luck for us.
We don't get to run away.
Have you seen your dad yet? In the mental car? Why would I? Because he's still here.
He doesn't want to see me anyway.
Doctors won't let me in.
I can get you in.
He left with the explosives.
I couldn't stop him.
You were supposed to call us.
We could have caught him right there.
What, corner a desperate man with a bomb? What could possibly go wrong? Okay.
Hey, that place is burned, right? Where would he go next? He knows every crawlspace and cubby on this train.
If he wants to stay hidden, he will.
- Some Tailies here to see you.
- Send them in.
Layton, have you got a minute? Go ahead.
Whatever it is, they can hear it.
We've got an idea about how to get through to Pike.
Old Ivan's way.
Well, go on.
It's how we settled disagreements when they got bad.
The two people sat together, eye to eye.
They weren't allowed to leave until it was resolved.
Once they come to terms, the whole Tail holds them to it.
Why would Pike agree? Tailie pride.
Tradition cuts deep.
So, what, you just kiss and make up? Doesn't sound like the Tail I knew.
It isn't.
They left out the little part where, if the two feuding parties can't come to terms, they fight to the death.
No, we're not settling this with a bloodbath.
It won't be.
He's in control.
Look, if Layton refuses to fight, then Pike has no choice but to keep talking.
He'll come around.
We need to end this.
I'm sorry.
Roche requested no more visitors.
Well, you're gonna have to make an exception.
On whose authority? I don't answer to Engineering.
You're in Second, right? What section was it? We've been having issues with the heat exchangers in 17 recently.
I would hate to have to send a team in.
It gets kind of loud and wet.
Do you have rubber boots? He's down here.
You're a beast.
My first extortion.
Do you want me to come? Thank you.
Carly, you shouldn't be here.
I like your sweatpants.
I mean it, honey.
I don't want you here.
Why are you doing this? Just tell the doctor what he needs to hear and come home.
I can't be out there.
I got this anger in me, and without your mom, I just don't I don't know what to do with it.
I just she used to keep me in check.
If I was going to explode I'd just look at her, and she'd know, and the fury would pass, but now I just I c can't.
Then look at me.
I'll do that.
It's not your job to do that, Carly.
You're a woman now.
You have to find your own way.
I know that but I still need you.
So come home.
I'm here.
I'm sorry.
Pike's not gonna make it easy.
You saw him this morning.
He wants blood.
Yeah, but it's Pike.
You can bring him around.
- How? - Buy him off.
Whatever he thinks he wants.
Just give it to him.
He tried to kill me.
What kind of justice is that? How's that look? To who? Let's get our daughter to New Eden.
Pike, if you're listening, brother, I need you to hear me.
This has gone on long enough.
We owe it to our friends to make this right.
Come and look me in the eye and say your piece, and let's be done with this.
- Barbarians.
- For once we agree.
You're a freaking weirdo.
I'm calling on you to settle this with honor, Pike.
The Tailie way.
Old Ivan's way.
We'll finish this where we started.
I'll be waiting.
Are you ready? I'm here, aren't I? Your people are giving you a chance to end this peacefully, Pike.
Take it.
I don't think you want to stick around for the rest.
I'm not allowed, am I? It's a Tail thing.
Sure feels good to be home.
We were scattered escaping this place, but it's just us here again now.
And Tailies know the dark lessons of Snowpiercer better than anyone.
We gather like this not out of bloodlust, but to bottle this violent dispute and bind our brothers in an outcome that we all accept.
You two will sit together until you reconcile and agree on terms, be it a handshake, punishment, or compensation.
If you do not agree We'll call for the knives.
Everyone knows.
Two must call.
Both choose peace, or both choose blood.
Do you abide? - Can we just get on with it? - I will.
My misery was looking for company while this plays out.
I appreciate that.
I owe you something.
Come on in, Ruth.
Had the same idea.
You tried to kill me sideways on the day my daughter was born.
I know.
The more I thought about it, the better it got.
The naming tree and then the bomb.
I mean, it was so political, It couldn't be Pike.
We have a way through this.
The Tail way.
Your way.
You vouched for my life.
You kept me from hanging but then used me as your errand boy.
- You're right.
- Now I'm right.
I used you.
That doesn't mean I don't love you.
I wanted you to stand up and be better Because your heart is good.
And when I couldn't be the one to get bloody, you did my dirty work for me.
What do you want? - The knives.
- Come on, man.
I am saying I will put all of this behind us.
Think about it.
What do you want to be in the new world? Are you kidding me? Just call for the knives.
You tried to orphan my kid.
I'm gonna forget all of that.
I am going to push that down.
I am to blame for Strong Boy, and for the Last Aussie, and for all of the souls that I sent off into the cold.
Reese, Santiago.
I'll take all that.
That's on me.
So, what are you going to do? Pike, what do you want? A clean slate's not good enough.
Oh, you want a First Class cabin? - Wow.
- Another racket? What is it? What do you want, Pike? Look at the power you have.
You can just offer me the world now.
We have come a long way.
And yet here we are, back in the Tail.
Now you can dangle the luxury of change, but the Tail needs justice, and what can Pike offer Layton? I want you to be godfather to Liana.
I am serious.
You want respect, Pike? That's family.
I don't want your respect.
Then whose then? Ruth? - Don't - Oh.
Don't you ruin that.
What, you think she's too good for me, too? No, but you're provin' it to her right now, man.
Hold up and let me ask you something.
Did you want her to take over when I was dead? She deserves it.
She would step up if you were gone.
She's that kind of person.
You take on the responsibility of godfather, and all is forgiven.
That's beautiful and real.
And I could almost see it if I didn't see through it.
What are you talking about? I spent some quality time with Asha today.
Yeah, I found her hiding in the dark.
I guess she's not the only person that doesn't want saving.
I knew from the moment I saw her that this New Eden story didn't add up.
You set course on a lie.
- Careful.
- Does Ruth know? - You twisted her too? - Pike.
She was perfect before you came back.
Did you tell anyone else? Political implications.
That's your concern, huh? Here are my terms.
I'll give you a chance to keep your lie alive.
- Pike.
- All right? If you want to lead this train to the promised land, then call for the knives.
Josie! - Bring the knives.
- Layton - The knives! - What? - Please let me stop this.
- No, no.
- Let me stop this.
- You know the rules.
Miles, hang on to Liana.
Andre? Andre! I can't let you in there, Zarah.
Andre! Please, Pike! I will kill you myself.
Please, let me go.
Please let me go.
I hope you find it frozen.
We lost a member of our family today.
In Old Ivan's way, there is no winner.
Only the one who's left.
Layton, you will stay with Pike tonight to reflect and guide him through to whatever comes next.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry too.

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