Snowpiercer (2020) s03e07 Episode Script


1 Nope.
Oh Shh Hello? Ben? Alex? Whoa, whoa! Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Stop! All right, hey.
Hey, take it easy.
All right.
- Who are you? - Don't play dumb.
What were you doing in the Engine? You're in a lot of trouble.
Hey, hey, hey.
No, no, no.
Hey, hey.
Listen, I don't know what you Hello, chaps.
Oh! Oh! Hey! Jesus! That was too close, Andre.
Clean him up.
- Javi? - Yeah.
- Have you got it? - Got what? Ruth? Oh, shut up.
You're ruining this.
- Yeah.
He's got it.
- Good.
Come on.
Let's clear out.
This'll draw heat.
Calmly now.
We split up and meet at the border.
Everybody got their papers? - Yeah.
- Good.
Come on.
Let's go.
Let's go.
What? What the Winnie? Why not? Yeah.
Uh Till.
Hey, you gotta help me.
I need Shh.
Inside voices.
Yeah, that's about enough of this nightmare.
I have to wake up.
Hey, buddy, you gotta get your shit together, okay? You're not dreaming.
You're dying.
- Hey.
- Hey.
It's first light.
The vigil's over.
Let's go get our boy.
His pulse is weak.
Go and get Dr.
Quick, quick, go.
Layton, wake up.
Wake up.
- Wake up.
Wake up.
- Hey.
- Wake up.
- Hey.
Cool it, or you'll get us both thrown in the slammer.
You can't mess around here, okay? - Where is here? - This is Snowpiercer.
- This is not Snowpiercer.
- No, it is.
And it isn't.
You'll recognize people, but they're not the same as they are over there.
You're the same.
Sort of.
I'm the librarian.
I know things.
You're still carrying residue from the other side.
But it will fade.
- You'll get used to it here.
- No.
"Used to it"? No.
Till, I need to get home.
Well, that's different.
I don't think I can help you with that.
Why not? Well, first, you'd have to see the Tail Boss.
But that's a dangerous journey, you know want I'm saying? - Nope, I don't.
- Okay.
Work with me.
If you want to get back, you need to find the Tail and ask the Tail Boss to send you home.
Wilford, he was pretending to be my buddy and he was gonna cross the border for some mission, but I needed papers.
Now, that I can help you with.
- Okay.
- Follow me.
Got it.
Okay, on three.
One, two, three.
How is he? Well, what does the doctor say? Nothing yet.
She's with him now.
We only just got here.
You said everything was gonna be fine.
What happened? I don't know.
He just he just wouldn't wake up.
The forger's the next door down.
Don't let on you're not from here.
You're not coming? I can't get you to the Tail, Layton.
Listen to me.
The longer you're here, the harder it is to get to the other side.
Do not get lost.
What did you do that for? Shh-shh-shh-shh-shh.
You don't have much time in the real world.
This cut will guide you if you start to lose your way.
Hmm? - Thanks, I guess.
- Okay.
Good luck, bud.
You'll need it.
Oh, shit.
It's you.
Uh, I'm here for my papers.
Not in the hall.
Not in the hall.
You want one? No, thanks.
Starts to wear on you, doesn't it? You tell yourself your cover story so many times, you start to forget what's real and what you made up.
I don't know about that.
You never started to believe your own lie? Whatever, you don't have to prove yourself to me.
I am out of the game.
This is just a little side hustle to keep me going.
Sign here.
This will get me in the Tail? The Tail? What, you got a death wish? Uh, just the opposite, actually.
Well, I don't mess with the Tail.
You understand? You want the Tail, go see the Cartographer.
Cartographer? Yes.
In the Market.
I'm gonna need something in return.
Two operatives got whacked uptrain.
I heard that you were involved, but I figure someone else pulled the trigger.
So you give me the triggerman's name, and I will send you on your way.
I don't know, and I don't rat.
Keep your damn papers.
What's going on here, Ruth? Just a little test.
You screwed up and got caught.
We need to know we can trust you.
You have your answer.
I got my eye on you.
- Any news? - No.
He's stable.
You can see him now.
Well, there's no sugarcoating this.
He's in a coma, has been for up to 12 hours already.
- Will he wake up? - I wish I could tell you.
CT scan shows some brain swelling, but his pupils are responding, so that's a good sign.
So what do we do now? Stay strong, hold his hand, talk to him.
It's a waiting game, I'm afraid, but you're welcome to stay.
I gotta go.
You keep us updated.
I have to get back to the Engine.
- Yeah.
I'll come too.
- You don't have to.
He'd want you here.
- Are you sure? - Yeah.
- He passed.
- So far.
Course I passed.
I told her you were solid, sport.
- Don't let me down.
- Yeah.
I'm good.
- Let's go.
- Right.
We cross the border individually.
Answer questions yes or no.
Stick to your cover stories.
We should be good.
All right? Let's go.
All right.
Uh, what's my cover story? - You joking? - No, I'm fine.
I just forgot.
Well, tighten up.
You're a dancer.
Name? Joseph Wilford.
Purpose of travel? Import-export.
Exotic fruit and sugars.
Thank you.
Name? Andre Layton.
Name? I just Andre Layton.
Why were you uptrain? I'm a dancer.
I love the ballet.
No, it's modern, actually.
We had a recital.
Dance is the hidden language of the body and soul.
Sad I missed it.
Next time.
Hello? Oh.
You shouldn't be in here.
Well, I'm just hiding out.
But I I can leave.
It's all yours.
I heard about Layton.
I'm very sorry.
Yeah, I'm sure you are.
I've never seen you cry before.
You know, you don't have to fight it.
He was your best friend.
And there's nothing I can do to help him.
So bye, Audrey.
You could talk to him.
If he's still in there, he'll hear you.
And say what? Remind him what he's fighting for.
- You should do it.
- Me? Like you used to in the Nightcar.
You get inside people's heads.
That's your thing.
This is different.
You just told me it's worth a try.
Please, Audrey.
Oh, you have just made my day.
Get down here right now.
We're just dropping in.
Brief respite.
Come on, chaps.
Oh You, my dear, are radiant.
It is the humidity.
It makes me glow.
Now, how long do I get to keep you? Come, I've got your favorite table waiting.
Till the sun's over the yard, at least.
Hey, hey.
Come here.
Two shots, please.
You forgot your manners.
Perdón, señorita.
Three shots.
- Salud.
- Salud.
- That's rum.
- No shit.
That a problem? No, it just, um, takes me back.
Check it.
Looks good.
- Ruth.
- Hmm? I'm gonna go to the restroom.
Hey, wait a minute.
Let's have a chat.
For God's sake, Ruth.
Let him breathe.
Sorry, old chap.
Another rum.
Hey, I'm looking for the cartographer.
Uh, yeah, thank you.
It's a good one.
Are you lost? You're the cartographer? Yeah.
Come in.
You're staring.
You remind me of someone.
- Where you trying to go? - The Tail.
Why you want to go there? Get back to my family.
Yeah? You're a dad? We have a daughter.
Yeah, well, being a parent makes you do crazy things.
So getting to the Tail, that's the easy part.
Getting in the Tail, you need the word.
What's the word? I don't know the word, but "Most will run, some will seek.
"Hide or cheat, we always meet.
I present, past and future keep.
" Is that a riddle? - Oh, I hate riddles.
- Okay, that's enough.
- Give it to me again.
- That's enough.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Just let go of my arm.
Man! Hey! Ah! - Gracias.
- All yours.
I told you he stunk.
Easy, okay? I just had some personal business.
Oh, you're gonna have to do better than that, man.
You botched the pick-up, you forgot your password, and I know that you talked to the Forger earlier about the Tail.
I vouched for you, Andre.
You told me you wouldn't ask any questions.
- I was just covering my back.
- Let's pop him.
- We can't risk this shit.
- Get that shit out of my face.
You tell them to stand down.
You need me, or you never would've brought me this far.
We only need you for the meeting, Andre.
After that, we're done.
Do you understand? - Fine by me.
- Put the gun down, Ruth.
What you don't know might hurt you.
They're okay, Alex.
Just him.
Bring him down.
Look at that, he showed up.
- That was the plan, right? - Shut up.
Hey, we're gonna be friends here, maybe.
How you doing? Good to see you.
- You too.
- Hey.
You hungry? You're always hungry.
Hey, let's get you some claws.
Some claws, some legs, oysters over here.
Oysters, claws, coming up.
Have a seat.
All right.
Uh - Sam.
- This is Sam, this is Joseph Wilford.
- Joe.
- Joe.
This is the guy I was telling you about.
You all right? I guess we'll see.
Here we go.
Go ahead.
Dive in.
I'm not really here for the seafood or the company.
The crab's a filthy creature.
He warned me I wouldn't like you.
He said the same about you, old chap, but I told him it doesn't really matter, 'cause I'll forget you, anyway.
I heard about that heat uptrain.
Two dead G-men.
That kind of sours the deal.
Oh, hey, that's on me.
There were no witnesses.
Joe bailed me out.
Got us across the border clean.
Well, it's not my problem, as long as I get what I need.
Let's have a look.
Shall we? It's legit.
It's all good.
By the power vested in me, you assholes are under arrest.
No! No, don't shoot! Go.
Help me! Get up.
Modern dance recital? That was the kids' troupe.
Let's go.
You're in a world of trouble now.
Why am I not surprised you're like this over here too? Firing squad's at midnight.
Hey, hey.
Firing squad? Take care.
Do you want forgiveness? Pike? Oh, God.
Indeed, brother.
Your hour draws nigh.
Confess your sins, and you will be absolved.
Of what? There are a pile of bodies in the cantina.
Start there.
I just want to go home.
How can you get back home if you don't even know what you're looking for? The Tail Boss can send me home.
That's where you're very wrong.
What do you really want from me? You threatened New Eden.
I didn't have any choice, Pike.
May God have mercy on your soul.
Pike, I won.
I get to keep my secrets, Pike! That was the deal! Pike! - How's he doing? - No change.
What is she doing here? Oh.
I know, Zarah.
But you worked with her in the Nightcar.
You know what she can do.
I don't know if it'll work, but I can try.
Guess it couldn't hurt.
I could use a break.
Josie, want to get a cup of coffee? Yeah, sure.
Now what happens? I try to reach him.
Let's go.
Listen to your breath.
Feel the in and out as the air fills your lungs.
Andre, if you can hear me, move towards my voice.
Remember your body.
The feel of your daughter in your arms.
Someone you love whispering in your ear.
Remember yourself.
You're searching for something but you don't know what.
You're trapped, Andre.
You're holding onto something that isn't real.
Move towards me.
Come back.
Whatever's keeping you here, face it.
And come home.
You made it.
You're a good man.
I caught a bullet on the way out.
You've got to keep going.
What do you mean? To the Tail.
You're nearly there.
Take it.
What is it? It's our gift to the Tail Boss.
Good luck.
I recognize this.
You've glommed on to some theory.
This is step one, "research frenzy.
" Step two would be "soak in the bathtub" if you had one.
- So what is it? - Could be nothing.
Well, it's clearly something because you called me in here.
I need charts, Alex.
And my instruments Parallel ruler, compass.
So that you can slash your guard in the throat? Is it true Mr.
Layton is at death's door? - That's need-to-know.
- Fine.
Leave me out of the politics.
But this this is big, Alex.
Give everyone some real hope, especially you.
If you don't help me, we may never know.
Old Ivan's Way.
I'm sorry.
It wasn't supposed to go to knives.
God, I hated the Tail.
All of its customs.
Like people playing the piano like it wasn't a bunk bed.
Meanwhile, Andre's teaching children how to breed rats just so we can eat.
- Oh, we had some dark times.
- Yeah.
But you know, you and Andre took such good care of everyone.
I mean, the two of you just You really bring out the best in each other.
- I don't know.
- You do.
You know, it used to really threaten me, but it doesn't anymore.
Andre and I are better as co-parents than as a couple.
Josie I never should have turned my back on you.
- I - Hey.
You were backed against a wall.
I don't blame you.
Never have.
I'm just so glad you're here with me today.
I And I'm glad that Andre has you too.
Hello? What do you want? Josie.
Sorry you're the Tail Boss? You didn't answer my question.
My name is Andre Layton, and I'm trying to get back home.
Do you know me? No, but the Tail Boss knows everyone.
"Most will run, but some will seek.
"But hide or cheat, we'll always meet.
I present, past and future keep.
" - Who am I? - Josie.
Who am I, Mr.
Layton? Death.
Been expecting you.
Didn't think you'd know the word.
I guess.
I know it too well, actually.
I guess I'm trying to escape it.
Death isn't the enemy.
You're here 'cause you're scared of something.
Oh, yeah? What am I afraid of? I don't know, but you're gonna have to face it.
He's here.
You run the train.
Yes, I do.
The power's in the Tail.
It's upside-down.
There's no up, no down.
The train is cyclical.
It's a cruel loop.
I saw the map.
A snake eating its tail.
How do I get back out of a loop? Thank you, Josie.
You like her.
It's complicated.
It's never as complicated as it seems.
You bring me a gift? I have something for you too.
- That's Zarah's handwriting.
- Read it to me.
"My little soul, I haven't seen your face yet "or held you in my arms, "but my love for you is already limitless.
You aren't just my child.
You're the future.
" Liana? - Hi.
- Hi.
No, this is This isn't your future.
It's not.
I'm going back for you.
I I can get you out of this.
I can break the cycle.
Look at what you brought me.
You're not here to face your death.
Pike's bomb.
You're here to face mine.
Liana! Liana! Andre.
Andre, wake up.
That was a rough one, huh? Asha? What am I doing here? Liana was supposed to send me home.
This is your home.
I'm supposed to be on Snowpiercer.
This hell is the only home you know.
I'm close to the answer.
Don't look in there.
Lunch is ready.
Tomato soup and a grilled cheese.
Hmm? A memory.
Look, we shouldn't dwell on the past.
We've got enough to worry about just trying to stay alive.
What's in there? What are you keeping from me? - Andre.
- Show me.
Give me the key.
No! Get off! Asha.
Stop! Stop it! You're not gonna like what you find in there, okay? Shh.
Marauders? The guys that killed everyone? - Not all, but most.
- Shit.
Asha! Asha! This is where it started, where I first saw New Eden.
You don't need to look in there.
You told me not to let you see it.
I made it up.
Pelton! It's okay, it's okay.
You're back.
I I thought you'd want to know Dr.
Pelton thinks he's gonna be okay.
No lasting brain damage or anything.
So thank you for helping him.
You're a really good friend to Andre.
Bess, you care so much for other people, but you won't let anyone care for you.
Why is that? It's been a long day, Audrey.
Oh, thanks.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Oh You had us scared.
Are you all right? What if I was so desperate to give everyone a future that I made one up? I can't lead this train if all I have is a lie.
After the Atacama, what route did you take? I'm not telling you that.
What is all this? Come with me.
After our trains separated, I followed your trail, trying to guess intentions, near-term destination versus long-term trajectory.
I couldn't catch you.
I had to intercept.
See? Whoa, okay.
So about three months in, I thought I caught a break A track switch signal near Marseille.
We followed it there but found no sign of you.
Well, yeah, 'cause that was the wrong continent.
We were nowhere near France.
So the question is, if it wasn't you, who was it? A signal error.
I don't think it was a malfunction, Alex.
I believe it was your mother.
That Melanie is alive.

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