So Help Me Todd (2022) s02e08 Episode Script

P.I.'s Wide Shut

So, Mr. Edwards
Coach Tom.
Did you dope your client, Nicole Smith,
with performance enhancing drugs
PEDs, as they're commonly known
without her knowledge or consent?
Absolutely not.
Would you tell us about your
relationship with the plaintiff?
COACH TOM: Nicole is a super kid.
She's determined, fearless.
The next Serena Williams.
She qualified for the U.S. Open.
But now that she's
tested positive for PEDs?
Her endorsements and the
opportunities are gone.
SUSAN: For the both of you, I'd assume.
COACH TOM: My reputation is shot.
My clients have all left.
I coach kids.
And I love them like they're my own.
The idea that I would have
It's okay. Take your time.
that I would jeopardize
her health and her career
It goes beyond sports for me.
I would never harm anyone.
No further questions, Your Honor.
Counsel, your witness.
(QUIETLY): Good job. Good.
BERTA: Coach Tom, is it true
you yourself were accused
of doping when you competed
in Germany as a minor?
To what? The truth? Coach Edwards here
is portraying himself as
a pillar of the community.
And I think the pillar
should be allowed to answer.
Your Honor, there is no foundation
and this is beyond inflammatory.
We have a source in Germany
who can provide a blood report.
(MARGARET CHUCKLES) This is the first
the defense is hearing about this.
And there is no record to authenticate.
It's being mailed as we speak.
reconvene in 72 hours.
Court adjourned. (BANGS GAVEL)
You didn't have to jump in back there.
I was perfectly capable
of handling myself.
I know you are, Susan.
But you froze at a crucial moment.
So I jumped in. That is why I'm here.
Actually, you're here because
my client's insurance company
demanded a senior attorney.
And with Beverly in France, that is you.
Susan, this is a big case.
Yeah, a civil suit where an innocent man
could lose his career, his
house and his reputation.
I know.
I know how to handle
big cases, Margaret.
Just like Rory McIntosh.
A huge client that I signed
- all by myself.
- You had help with that.
Yeah, of course. Todd.
And me.
That gift basket idea was mine.
You wouldn't have signed
that client without my help.
The firm needed to sign Rory McIntosh.
What happened?
I thought you said they would
never find out about Germany.
You knew about this?
Yeah, I told her after
your investigator dug it up.
This is really bad, isn't it?
Mr. Edwards, I understand your concern.
If I can't coach, I'll have nothing.
Tennis is my whole world.
Tom, you hired us to
win this case for you.
And that's exactly
what we're going to do,
despite any setbacks.
I know you're worried,
but, please let us handle this.
Trust us.

You knew.
Just calm down. Don't, don't
Okay. Okay. That's enough.
Let's get back to the office and see
if we can unexplode this bomb.
So, I will see you later tonight.
At the restaurant. Where
I made reservations.
- Ooh.
I like my man with a little swag.
Was it too much? I can tone it down.
We don't have to go out, we
You are adorable.
You are adorable. Adorably lame.
I don't know what she sees in you, man.
I don't care for you spying on me
in my place of employment.
And I don't care at all.
Do you think I want
to watch you playing Magnum P. Almost
with a woman so, so
far out of your league?
She'll probably break up
with you in, like, a month.
- I'm taking a different elevator.
- Oh.
Those are out of service.
Oh, hi. Going up?
Cute mustache. Is it real?
Do your parents know
you're down here? Hmm?
Need me to call someone for you?
- Okay, these are the most overdue invoices
- Okay.
the Connelly contract,
which needs to be signed,
and at the bottom there,
I've included the brief
you requested for the Waters hearing.
There are just not enough hours
in the day to handle all of this.
- Welcome to my world.
- Okay, well, Francey,
you do know that I appreciate everything
- that you've been doing, and I
- Tell me about it at lunch.
- Okay.
- I just sent a call to your office.
Oh, my God. Okay. There you go. Sorry.
- Wow. She seems frantic.
- As are we all.
Oh, hey. A little birdie told me
that you have a date
coming up with "Judy"?
Yes, I do have a date.
- Aw.
- But I'm keeping my private life
and my personal life separate, so
let's not talk about it.
I'm not gonna be Lyle,
parading around at work
making kissy faces
- and knitting my own sweaters.
- (CHUCKLES) Okay.
Oh, uh, Susan wanted me to remind you
not to talk about weather balloons
- on your date.
- What? I
Oh, and don't drink any
beer, because it makes you
Thank you. Not talking
about that. Thank you.
MARGARET: Susan, I'm flabbergasted
'cause you didn't choose
to tell me all that in the first place.
SUSAN: The other side
should've never found out.
I made the executive
decision not to include it.
Uh-huh. And?
The file in Germany was
sealed because he was a minor.
And as part of the deal, he
agreed not to compete anymore.
It took Todd days to
uncover that information.
And it was a mistake to hide it.
It would have seriously prejudiced
the jury against him, Margaret.
TODD: Okay, okay. Let's calm down.
We're all friends here.
Well, we're all lawyers here.
Well, some of us are
lawyers, but we're all here.
The mistake was not
suppressing the information.
The mistake was not disclosing it to me
so that we could've prepared
our witness in court,
in case he got blindsided, which he did.
Honestly, you've been a little
- distracted.
- Mm-hmm.
And you've been so insistent
that you don't need my help.
Okay, okay. You know what?
I think we're missing
the biggest question here,
which is how did the other side
find out about the Germany stuff?
Because I barely found it, and I'm me.
And they don't have
a me. Only I have me.
That is water under the bridge.
We are behind and we need to pivot.
Susan, what was your
initial legal strategy?
To rely on the lack of physical evidence
- and the coach's impeccable reputation.
- MARGARET: Mm-hmm.
But now a seed of doubt has been planted
about his character,
so we need a new tactic.
We are going to provide the
jury with an alternate suspect.
- Todd.
- Ow.
Have you been able to identify
who else might have been
able to provide Nicole
- with performance-enhancing drugs?
- Yeah.
Well, uh, there's, uh, Petey Petersen
the strength and conditioning coach,
Mary Jackson, the nutritionist,
and the physiologist that
they bring in only for matches.
But we kind of vetted all of them
and there didn't seem to
be any there, there, there.
Nope. Didn't need the
third "there" there.
Wait. There? There.
We need to focus on who
has the most to gain.
For instance, Nicole.
Todd, find out how easy it is
for a junior athlete
to gain access to PEDs.
Margaret, just to be clear.
This is still my case.
Yes. And I'm going to help you win it.
Why are you letting
her get to you, anyways?
- She's only trying to help
- I know.
I know the firm is failing
and that's why she couldn't promote me.
But she didn't tell me
and she didn't warn me,
and so now I'm stuck here,
- at this failing firm.
- Stuck? Why are you stuck?
(SIGHS) Because if
you don't get promoted
to Senior Associate within
a certain time period,
people assume there's
something wrong with you.
That you're not smart
enough or good enough.
And even if I went to another firm now,
it would be even harder, so yes.
I have hit my sell-by
date and I am stuck.
I mean, can't hurt that you're
married to a zillionaire.
Todd, that is his money,
- his career, his achievement.
- Hey. Okay.
We're all in this together.
You know, we're a team, right?
I mean, all of us except maybe Lyle.
- His office is right there, Todd.
- No, no, no.
He's not in there, okay?
And seriously, Lyle is now a liability.
He's a Lyle-ability.
What? Did he find that
Germany doping tidbit?
No. I did.
Is he on top of his game? No. I am.
I mean, I'm on top of my own game.
But, you know, actually,
I'm on top of his, too.
He's too busy picking out china
patterns with his girlfriend
to be a serious detective.
In fact, you know what?
Maybe he leaked my big Germany find
to the opposition just to
cut me off at the knees.
SUSAN: Oh, come on,
Todd, he wouldn't do that.
TODD: Oh, sure he would.
One day,
very, veh-reh soon, I
am going to eclipse him
as lead detective.
And he's just gonna be, you
know, working at the zoo.

Okay, Lewis, give this to Stanley.
Oh, no. (HISSES) He's gone.
I know, I know. It hurts me, too.
Okay, give it to, um,
Caro Oh, no. Gone, too.
- Barbara.
- Barbara. Yes, yes, yes, yes. Yes.
Give it to Barbara. Barbara.
Oh, and, uh, Joanne,
can you please call down to HR
and Accounting right away and tell them
we are absolutely not
taking a holiday
- Boo.
- Gus.
- Hi.
- Hello.
- Hi, hi.
What are you doing here?
We have dinner plans?
What d (GASPS)
- Oh, my gosh. Yes, tonight.
Oh. I completely forgot.
It's all right, it's all
right. We're not too late.
We still got 20 minutes to get there.
No, no, no, no. I-I can't
possibly go anywhere.
(STAMMERING): I've got the
file, and I got Susan's case
and I've got Brenda Brenda, uh
Sorry, Gus, can you please follow me?
- Aren't you name partner now?
- Well
Shouldn't you have someone
picking up after you?
And burning the midnight
oil in your place?
Sort of. Um, Gus, please.
You have been name
partner for what? 15 years?
And-and you can just
coast through the day
- and go out to dinner whenever you want, but
- Well
I just walked through that door.
Look, all this work will
still be here in two hours.
Okay? Come on, let's go eat.
Gus, I really can't. Please understand.
Look, you're gonna burn yourself out.
Well, either I burn out
or this firm burns down.
Oh, Gus.
Wait a minute. (CHUCKLING)
Did you wear that tie for me?
Yes, I did.
- Oh, I love it.
- And I'm starving.
Can we
Can I bring some work to dinner?
It's a $600 dinner.
And the tables are-are
like, are like, really tiny.
Okay, well, I-I will make it up to you.
- Oh. (GROANS)
- No, I promise, I promise.
Okay, it will be romantic,
and spontaneous and 100% work free.
- Fine.
- Okay.
Wait, where are you going?
I'm going to dinner.
I'll call you later.

Please, just drive me home.
I worked a double in the ER today.
No. Now, about those PEDs
Todd. You may not have
been genetically blessed,
but steroids are not the answer.
Very funny. Did you talk to that
sports doctor at the hospital?
I did. And he said that, apparently,
PEDs are all over the sports community.
Anybody can get them, and you don't need
a prescription you just need money.
Well, how over is all over?
A local high school
baseball coach got caught
handing them out to his players.
- PEDs are the new steroids.
They're not as sexy,
but they're just as
likely to cause stroke,
cancer, and everybody's favorite, death.
- So, it's
- (QUIETLY): The hell?
Okay, yeah, sure.
Just walk away as I dole
out medical expertise.
I love being ignored.
Hey, what's this about you
having a date with coffee girl?
Is the apartment gonna
be free when that happens?
"Confidential investigation
results from Todd Wright"?
Oh, my God.
Lyle is sharing my investigative
work with the other side.
He is cutting me off at the knees.

Ah, red.
(SOFTLY): Okay. Okay.
Blue envelope?
A burner phone?
Where are you?
Come to the conference
room, please, right away.
You're late.
(SIGHS) Okay.
You paged me? Across the whole office?
That was very violating.
MARGARET: How tragic for you.
Now, please,
tell us what you've learned about PEDs
and how Nicole could've gotten them.
You can get them practically anywhere.
Wide availability. Wide.
Margaret, I-I think we should
put Nicole on the stand.
Try and break her.
Get her to admit something, anything,
that will tip the scales
with the jury in our favor.
I love your enthusiasm.
I sense a "but" approaching.
- But
- And there it is.
putting a minor on the
stand is not a good idea.
The jury won't like it,
and, obviously, her
parents won't go for it.
They are very overprotective.
Wait, they're Gen Xers? Oh, they hover.
MARGARET: Well, they're not wrong.
I-I would never put my
own child on the stand.
You have literally put Allison
on the stand, multiple times.
Well, she's an adult ish.
Anyway, I never understood
this whole generation X, Y, Z.
I mean, what am I considered?
- You're a boomer.
- You're a boomer.
Oh. Well, a-aren't they 80 years old
and yelling "get off my lawn" all day?
No. Well, you're technically
a baby baby boomer.
You barely made the cut, but
you're just into, you know,
paying your dues and
adhering to a hierarchy.
- Ugh.
- Oh.
(CHUCKLES): Okay, what are you two?
We're millennials.
I mean, some say that we think
the world owes us something. Some say.
Well, that tracks.
Anyway, I would like to suggest
that we bring Nicole in for questioning.
Have a deposition with her
parents present under the guise of
"we don't want to put
a minor on the stand."
And then, if she says
anything incriminating
Then we have our alternate suspect.
That's good. That's good.
(RINGTONE PLAYING) What is that sound?
Oh, it's awful, is that
- Pokémon music?
- It is Pokémon music, actua
Oh, my God! I got to go. Oh, my God.
Something's happening!
- Hello? Hello?
- Hello. Uh, what the
"Package in G shop"?
G shop?
Gift shop.
- Hey, Jude.
- Hi, what's up?
- Whoa. Okay. Yeah.
- Sorry.
This is this is exciting.
And you are just letting him do this?
Uh, has anyone been in here lately?
Plenty of people. Me, her, y-you.
No, like, anyone suspicious.
You're suspicious.
Not today, Millicent, okay?
This is the guy you're
going on a date with?
- Yes.
- TODD: Has anyone come in here
and left anything behind
or hid anything or
Oh, my God.
Yes, yes, yes!
Okay, I got to go. I got
to go. I got to go, okay?
Okay. Wait a minute.
We're still on for dinner
tomorrow night, right?
- Fantastic. Okay.
- Bye.
You sure about this? Him?
So sure.
"Tuesday, 3:00 p.m.
Wait for the signal."
3:00 p.m.?
Oh, my God.
Ready for pickup.
Ulysses Jones.
R. Waters. Nancy McMasters.
Ivan Deyote.
Here you go.
Have a good day.
"Wait for signal."
HOSTESS: For the last time,
ready for pickup.
Ulysses Jones.
R. Waters.
Nancy McMasters.
Ivan Deyote.
What is this? Who placed these orders?
I don't know what's going on.
- This is so annoying. Wait, wait, wait.
- Hold on. Think I need a pen.
Need a pen.
Ulysses Jones.
- R. Waters.
- Nancy McMasters.
- R
Ivan Deyote.
I. U-R-N-I.
U-R-N-I Deyote.
an idiot.
Mm, mm ♪
- Life is sweet ♪
- What a dummy.
- RECEPTIONIST: Good morning.
Crest, Folding & Wright.
Are you sure?
Oh, my goodness.
- Okay, uh
- What's happening?
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, Mr. Burton.
Um, Todd Wright was hit by a car.
He's in the hospital.
- What?
- Uh
I guess he was leaving a restaurant
somewhere last night,
and he stepped off of a curb,
and he was in ICU all night.
I don't even know if he's
Hello? Yes.
Oh, God. Oh, no. Okay.
I-I'll find Margaret.
I'll find her. Oh, God.
Oh, God, no. Oh, God.
Oh, God, oh, no. Oh, God.
"Condolences upon the loss of your son"?
Oh, my God. Oh, no.
Oh, no. Oh, no! Oh, no.
Where's Margaret? I have
to get to the hospital.
To the morgue. I-I got to find Margaret!
Doughnut party at Lyle's.
Who's the I. Deyote now?
You will pay for this.
And you will never get the better of me.
So "doughnut" try.
Nicole, have you ever
knowingly taken PEDs?
No. Are you kidding me?
Why would I ever be that stupid?
I don't know. Money, fame, glory?
Are you for real right now?
You look nice and then come at
me all salty. Take several seats.
- Nicole, let's keep this civil.
- LENA: Berta.
Our daughter's just
expressing her truth.
Let her speak.
NICOLE: I don't cheat
because I don't have to.
I've been getting up at 4:00
a.m. to practice since I was ten.
Money, fame and glory were my destiny
until Coach Tom took them from me.
Your destiny, that's a very
Gen Z concern, isn't it?
Ugh, millennials, you
think you know everything,
but in the end you're just simps.
Oh. Susan, if I may.
Margaret, is "simps" short for "simple"?
- I have no idea what it is.
- Mm-mm.
Um, Nicole.
You are not a normal teenager, are you?
- What the hell does that mean?
- Please, please.
Your life, I would imagine,
is very regulated.
It is scheduled down to the last minute
and highly supervised.
MARGARET: Facts, facts
that-that I am sure
not many people your
own age would understand
what it's like to be you.
Seriously? You're trying to finesse me
and thought that'd work?
I don't know which one of you is worse.
Cringe millennial being sus,
or a boomer so out of touch
that she actually thinks she gets it.
(CHUCKLES) Good point.
Um, but you know, my own children
Oh, I'll bet they turned out super.
Let me guess. You fed them
Pop-Tarts and candy for dinner.
Well, no, actually,
I was the first mother
on the block to introduce tofu burgers.
- "On the block"?
- Mm-hmm.
Okay, boomer. Try again.
- Nicole, can you try to answer the
- Fine!
(WHISPERS): Is it my imagination,
or does she need a time-out?
(WHISPERS): I would ground
for a month, at least.
Nobody can understand my life, no one.
Not Coach Tom, not Petey,
that creeper strength
and conditioning coach.
They're all losers, and the only
people I can trust are my parents.
And can I go now? I'm done.
This ain't it, chief.
Your client has ruined our
daughter's perfect, beautiful life.
Let's go.
- BERTA: Ladies.
- Thank you.
That girl
- is a monster. Yeah.
- Is a monster.
Yes, and I hate to say it, but
Susan, I believe her.
Me, too.
With an ego like that,
she would not even consider
that she needed PEDs to win.
So, then, who drugged her?
I think that we should
look into that-that creeper
- strength and conditioning coach.
- Mm.
This is where I used
to take tennis lessons?
I don't remember this place at all.
Oh, you were young
and not strong enough
to hold a tennis racket.
You kept dropping it and falling down.
The instructor asked
us if you were blind.
What? How old was I? Two?
12, but it was very embarrassing
for your father and me.
We had to stop the
lessons and quit the club.
I'm surprised you didn't have
to defect to another country.
- Well, we talked about it.
- Ha, ha. Okay. Look, there he is.
The strength and conditioning
coach, Petey Petersen.
Why don't you go chat him up
and distract him while I go
Why don't you go chat him up?
Look, lady, I'm apparently
very questionable
on the tennis court, and I
am going to illegally snoop
into his office, so if
you want that task
I am not dressed for this.
You are dressed for a
cocktail party on the Moon.
- Go.
PETEY: Okay, good session.
We're gonna work on that core
again tomorrow. All right?
Can I help you?
I am seeking some advice for-for my son.
- Sure.
- He's 12,
and he's extremely clumsy.
Weak. Sickly. Arms like twigs.
Can barely run in a straight line.
- I-I was wondering
- I don't think I can help you.
I only train gifted, athletic kids.
No, no, no, he's not
that, no, no. (CHUCKLES)
Uh, maybe he needs a
strong dose of those PEDs.
Hey, lady, that sort of thing
can get you into serious trouble.
Oh, what if I told you
that money was no object?
- Oh, what if I told you I'm gonna call the cops?
- Okay, I hear you.
I'm strong enough to
hold a tennis racket.

MARY: Okay, all right.
I'm putting it into
the filing cabinet, yes?
Attention, attention please.
The Atlas Tennis Center is closing early
- due to an electrical problem.
Please make your way to the exits.
Oh, come on.
I will see you later.
- What are you doing?
- What are you doing?
I'm aborting the mission.
We'll have to try again later.
Couples tennis coaching?
I'm not doing that with you.
Well, I didn't ask.
You should be so lucky.
I have an incredible
two-handed backhand.
How? Why? You're too
good at too many sports.
Darts, bowling, tennis. It's weird.
Stop being good at everything.
Well, I was born this way, Todd.
And anyway, I don't think that that
strengthening coach is our suspect.
Okay, well, there is a
suspicious nutritionist.
A suss-tritionist.
- I wasn't gonna say that.
- Ha, ha, ha.
SUSAN: A suspicious nutritionist?
A suss-tritionist. Mary Jackson RDN.
I don't know, big locked file cabinet?
There's gotta be something in there.
So you're gonna go
back and break into it?
No, apparently my mom has a
big plan for that. Long story.
What are you eating?
What is this? It's good.
My leftovers.
Aren't you going out to
dinner with Judy tonight?
Yes. My God, I have a date.
Wow, calm down.
- Why don't you eat your own lunch?
- What lunch?
There's a bag in the
fridge with your name on it.
There is? No, there's not.
Okay, but there is.
Oh, my God, wait, did
my mom pack me a lunch?
She hasn't done that since fifth gra
- Lyle.
- Wow.
That is not coming off.
JUDY: And that's just moisturizer?
(TERSELY): Mm-hmm.
So so you're-you're okay?
Everything is Everything's fine.
Fine, yeah. Everything's great.
Do you like the restaurant?
Yeah. Uh-huh.
Oh, there's the waiter.
Oh, excuse me.
So, um, uh, about
your, about your hand
What? Oh, sorry.
Oh, okay, it's-it's both of them.
- Oh, oh, my hands? These hands?
- Yeah.
No, no, no, no, no. They're fine.
It's just a weird allergic reaction to
a tanning bed, for hands.
You're tanning your hands?
Yes, of course, don't
Just have to do it in moderation,
so you don't get hand cancer.
- Huh?
Uh, the
the back of your head is also pink.
- It is?
- Yeah.
How did it get on the back of my head?
How did what get on
the back of your head?
Okay, look, the truth
is I'm pink all over.
And I can barely do makeup, obviously,
and I am involved in a prank
war at work with my archnemesis,
and one of us may die very soon.
- I love it.
- You do?
Now, tell me everything.
- Okay, well, um,
first of all,
he totally started it,
and then I made it rain
doughnuts, which was, um
Happy birthday, dear Mabel ♪
Happy birthday to you. ♪
Mabel? Who's Mabel?
Lyle, I have to talk to you.
Did you let the air out
of my tires yesterday?
Yes, but this isn't about that.
I went to a restaurant last night.
I drove home on four flats.
Perfect. Yes!
But there was a woman at the restaurant,
and her name was Mabel
I could have swerved off
the road, I could have died.
Don't be so dramatic. And
why did you keep driving?
But listen to me, Mabel was Alex.
Your Alex.
But she had different hair
and no glasses, but it was her,
and all these nerdy what
seemed like co-workers
were calling her Mabel.
- What?
- I don't know what you're up to,
but this is not funny.
- It's too far.
- No, no.
I'm not pulling pranks
on your personal life.
You ruined my first date with Judy.
- Good.
- I still have pink stuff coming out of my
Look, it doesn't matter, okay?
Alex isn't who she says she is.
I tailed her home, but nothing
You followed my girlfriend home?
Did you even do a
background check on her?
No. I'm not snooping on
the woman I am in love with.
I, of course, looked at her credit score
and built a minor background portfolio.
- And?
- And nothing.
Now, get out of my office!
Oh. Uh Are you kidding
- Are you serious?
- Sorry.
Yeah, sorry.
I put glue on your stuff.
- Get out.
- Okay, I'm leaving.
- Out.
- I'm going. Just don't water that plant.

I've got the edge ♪
I've got the look ♪
I got that intuition
keep you on the hook ♪
- Good game, good game, good game.
- Good game.
- Nice game.
- Mm-mm-mm.
Well, I gotta hand it to you.
I did not see this coming.
When you said "surprise
afternoon date," I thought,
you know, lunch, wine, hotel.
Well, there's still time
for all those things.
Wait, wait, wait. Does does that mean
you're taking the rest of the day off?
Oh, well, I am impressed, Wright.
Well, I can be spontaneous and carefree
when given enough time
to plan and prepare.
See you tomorrow, Mary.
Okay, see you tomorrow.
Okay. Okay.
- We can do this.
- Ready?
Uh, Gus, could you just follow me
over this way for a second, please?
No, no, I just have
to check on something.
- It's just right over here.
- Sure. Sure.
- All right.
- Just follow me. Thanks.
Everyone got home, right? (CHUCKLES)
Watch out now ♪
Ow! ♪
MARGARET: Uh, okay.
Okay, Mary. Okay, great.
Um, uh
Okay. (GRUNTS)
Oh, okay. (CHUCKLES)
Never mind, never mind.
Let's go, let's go.
Okay. (SIGHS)
Her parents signed a HIPAA authorization
permitting the disclosure
of all medical records,
so any information inside
of that file cabinet
should have been turned
over to me during discovery.
- Yes, okay.
It's okay, Gus.
- Yes, break down that door.
- What?
Oh, God. No. That's crazy. You're right.
This is insane.
Technically, they
are concealing evidence.
They are breaking the law,
and I am just breaking it right back.
Okay, so yes, Gus. Smash it down.
- Are you working right now, huh?
- Uh
Is this part of some-some case?
And-and you
you're willing to break and enter?
What, who are you? Todd?
You're right, you're right, but I
need something inside of that office.
But you know what? I am not a criminal.
- But maybe if you were to go in there
- Maybe if me what?
Are you seriously in such
dire straits right now
that you'd be willing to
turn me out as a felon?
Come on, let your firm die.
There are ten others
you could go to tomorrow.
Not as a name partner.
If I leave now, I am
right down that ladder,
and I'm not getting another
shot at this stage in my career.
- I'm leaving.
- No, wait, Gus.
- Please, I just need your help.
- No, no, no, don't!
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
Oh! Oh!
Well, okay. Door was open, yeah.
Go ahead and loot.
It is not looting,
and, technically, I am in the right.
And I don't believe for a second
that you wouldn't have done
the exact same thing at an
earlier point in your career.
Okay, well, technically,
for a few hours,
I did dognap a beagle.
Okay, it may feel wrong,
but it is not wrong.
File where's the (GASPS)
Here's the key.
Right where Todd said it would be.
I'm going to do this.
- Stop!
Oh, my God, Gus.
Don't scream like that.
You're the one who screamed.
Well, if you want plausible deniability,
just close your eyes.
I'm not representing
you if you get arrested.
And I really hate that I'm
getting turned on by this.
Oh! There's her file.
(GRUNTS) Okay.
All right. So, Gus.
- If you want
the hotel and wine
part of this adventure,
- move it.
- Oh, I'm moving it.
- Okay.
- I'm not gonna stay at the scene of a crime.
- Grab the bags.
- What? Wait, Gus.
Wait, it wasn't a crime.
you had an okay time?
Oh, my God. Are you kidding?
Rushing out of dinner to
follow some mysterious woman,
like, it was a dream.
- Mm-hmm.
- But did you, did you ever figure out her deal?
No. Not really.
Not yet, and I think I'm worried
for Lyle, if that's possible.
I just I know what it's like
to be involved with someone
and have them lie to you.
And try to destroy you.
Uh, well, I'd love to hear
more about that, but, um
Oh. Hey, what's going on?
Alex doesn't have any parking tickets.
I have been with her when
she got a parking ticket.
An expired meter.
But according to the DMV,
Alex Parker has never had
a single parking citation.
In her whole life.
(WHISPERS): All the hairs on the
back of my neck just stood up.
Something is not right.
So, Alex's "forensic
accounting" business website
says she's been incorporated since 2017,
but WebTimeNet says
her site didn't even become
active until 11 months ago.
Her car and apartment
are both being paid
by the same offshore LLC,
which is private and inaccessible.
We have to
BOTH: Cross-reference the LLC
with other businesses in Oregon.
- This subterfuge and cloaking is next-level.
- Hmm.
I'm just hoping she's
not a serial killer.
My God, are you kidding me?
I'm hoping she is a serial killer.
That would be so awesome.
I mean,
not for you, or any victims,
but in general.
Have you looked into
Alex's medical history?
Yes. And no, she doesn't have one.
- What?
- No doctor, no dentist.
No co-pays, no insurance.
Great, so she's a
robot, like my brother.
Better than a serial killer.
Get my zip drive out of the cabinet?
Of course.
My bad. Sorry. That was actually, um
That was meant for, um, you.
That was supposed to be for you.
(SIGHS): All right.
MARGARET: We just need
a second medical opinion.
Did your previous medical
consultant inform you
of Nicole's extremely low
iron levels in her blood?
Yes, but he said that wasn't
uncommon for girls Nicole's age
because, obviously, they're
starting their menstrual cycles.
ALLISON: Mm-hmm, exactly.
But did he also mention
her sub-optimal vitamin D levels?
Because those markers, in combination,
could indicate PED use.
Let's see. These records go back
four years.
The exact length of time Nicole
was training with the coach.
ALLISON: Okay, but these blood reports
that you already had in evidence,
it looks like these were
shared by her pediatrician
from five years ago,
and they show the same iron
and vitamin D deficiencies.
- From five years ago?
- Mm-hmm.
That's one year before she
started training with Coach Tom.
Yeah, so, if I'm
reading these correctly,
she was on performance enhancing drugs
long before Coach Tom
came into the picture.
MARGARET: Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
What was that that
Nicole said when she was
here for her deposition?
What didn't she say?
Um, it's all right here.
- Uh-huh.
- You're welcome, by the way.
Yes, thank you, sweetheart.
Yes, there uh, there it is.
Right there, right there. Um
"They are in charge of my day.
They prep and plan my every meal.
I don't have to think about
it because they do it for me."
Her mothers. Do you think
I would just like to point out
that this is yet another case
that I've cracked for you,
as I did, seemingly, last week.
They controlled every
aspect of her life.
ALLISON: Controlling mothers.
Hmm, I wouldn't know
anything about that.
Well, maybe I can "sus" and "cringe"
one of Nicole's moms into admitting
that they drugged their own daughter.
And if that doesn't work, I
can throw Pop-Tarts at them.
Wait a minute.
Maybe that is what we do.
Use our different perspectives
to throw her moms off balance.
Are you suggesting we play
millennial cop, boomer cop?
Well, eventually,
they're bound to slip up.
And when Nicole sees what
they have done to her, oh
That will pull the pin in
a gigantic Gen Z grenade.
I broke into her car and
I found this in her bag.
Look, I took a picture
before I put it back.
That's a fingerprint.
LYLE: That's my fingerprint.
That's my rare arch.
This is very James Bond
and incredibly cool,
but, like, what is she doing?
I can't keep ignoring her
phone calls and text messages,
but I can't look her in the face.
I don't know what to do. I don't
Okay, okay, we will
figure this out. Together.
We're a a team.
Under specific circumstances
and for limited time periods only.
- Let me check my access log.
- Yeah, okay.
LYLE: Oh, God.
She's been snooping all over the firm,
in every computer, posing as me.
Alex, damn it.
Mabel, damn it. But
hey, hey, hey, hey.
What if we added a new
computer to the network?
A new computer with its
own fingerprint lock.
A computer she hasn't accessed yet.
Yes, yes. Okay, why don't you
send Alex a very specific text?
Um, sorry for the radio silence,
blah blah blah,
there's been some IT issues
at work, new user, new login,
etcetera, etcetera, etcetera,
and you've been very busy.
Laying a trap.
Todd, honey, I need my keys.
Todd? Oh.
So careless.
I-I know, I know.
Just don't say anything.
Ignore it. We'll just move forward.
All right, counsel,
love that sparkly suit.
Are you ready to begin?
Ms. Smith, would you consider
yourself an involved parent?
Yes, very much so.
Both Kathleen and I are quite involved.
Well, back in my day, parents
were a lot more hands-off.
In fact, our children were free-range.
That's not how it's done today, is it?
I think we've all learned
from the mistakes of the past.
We are very much hands-on.
Hands on to the point of obsession?
Oh. Withdrawn.
SUSAN: Ms. Smith,
would you mind if I enter into evidence
blood tests from the past five years?
I'm sorry, what?
SUSAN: Test results, five years' worth.
Berta, don't we object to
entering blood work so we
I'm entitled to enter
them, and so I'm going to.
There's nothing you can do about it.
Ms. Smith, you were aware
that the use of PEDs leaves
a telltale sign in the blood,
a vitamin D and iron deficiency?
Um, I did not know.
MARGARET: Ms. Smith,
would you please read the blood results
from October 9, five years ago.
Silly boomer, I forgot my glasses.
LENA: "Blood found to have "
Louder, please. I can't hear you.
"Blood found to have a
noticeable and uncharacteristic
deficiency of vitamin D and iron."
MARGARET: And correct me if I'm wrong,
which I just know you'd love to do,
but wasn't Nicole only training
with Coach Tom for only four years?
So, these results would've
been from before that.
SUSAN: Ms. Smith, were
your parents hard on you?
They just wanted me to earn
the things I had, no free rides.
But you wanted Nicole
to have every break
and every advantage
that you could give her.
And, to ensure that you did that,
you controlled every aspect
of her life. Isn't that correct?
We wanted the best for Nicole.
SUSAN: You wanted the best,
or you wanted her to be the best?
I wa
MARGARET: You controlled
when she practiced,
not Coach Tom.
And you controlled when she slept,
not Coach Tom.
You controlled what
she ate, not Coach Tom.
Isn't this true?
Yes. And so what?
We made sure Nicole was happy and
And, remember, we have
five years of blood results.
It is all going to come out, Kathleen,
so why don't you just admit it now?
You were the one hiding PEDS in
Nicole's food this entire time,
not Coach Tom.
My wife knew nothing about it.
And when Nicole started
winning, I just
didn't have the heart to
take that away from her.
MARGARET: And now, you'll never know,
and more importantly, she'll never know,
if she was good enough to
reach the top on her own.
(WHISPERING): Thank you.
Your Honor, my clients would
like to drop their suit,
and they're offering to
pay Coach Tom's legal fees
in exchange for leniency.
Well, Margaret, thanks
for winning that case.
Oh, come on, Susan, we won it together.
And I am sorry if I stepped
on your toes earlier.
Yeah, ouch.
Sorry for being so stubborn
about working together.
Oh, and also, about that gift basket
Thank you.
You're welcome.
You are right.
The firm has needed all of my attention,
and I do wish that I
could help you faster.
It's it's so interesting
that you say that,
because Beverly is willing
and able to help me now.
Susan, be careful.
With Beverly.
She promises the
world with me, too
but the reality turned
out to be different.
I'm not blind, Margaret.
I know who Beverly is.
And what she's offering
may well be a lie,
but at least she's
offering me something.
Have a nice night.
You, too.
GUS: Good evening.
Oh, Gus.
Oh, my God, did we have plans again?
- Did I forget again?
- No, no. No, no, no, no.
This is me being spontaneous.
Look, you you have work.
I get that. It was wrong of me
to try and make you take time off,
so I'm just going to hang around
distracting you and soaking up
any spare moments you can toss my way.
Oh, and I, uh, I brought dinner.
Oh, my God. (LAUGHS)
Oh, Gus.
Wait, is that from Papa Haydn's?
- Of course.
- Oh
Now, come on, let's go. (CLAPS)
Come on, get back to work,
and I'll be over here eating,
and when you have time,
you can just come on
over and grab a bite.
I don't want you shirking your
responsibilities, young lady.
(LAUGHING): Oh, Gus.
- Hello, "Alex."
- If that is really your "name."
It's not.
My real name is Agent Ariel Josephs.
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