So Help Me Todd (2022) s02e09 Episode Script

The Broker

Previously on So Help Me Todd
- Do you want to have dinner?
- Yes. I-I do.
- What is that?
- Folding wanted it.
TODD: Lapland?
Merritt Folding chews gum from Lapland?
I want you to understand
that I'm all in on you.
TODD: Alex isn't who she says she is.
She's been snooping all over the firm,
in every computer posing as me.
Hello, "Alex."
My real name is Agent Ariel Josephs,
But, please, let me explain.
Two years ago, the FBI received a tip
that a judge in Portland
was taking bribes.
Very large bribes.
I was part of a team
sent out to investigate,
working undercover,
embedded in every law firm
and court across the city.
And then, two months ago,
I found him.
Judge Ezekiel Brixton
of the 12th District.
Draws a modest salary,
but has three homes,
fancy cars, private jet.
The more I looked into him, the more
connections I found
with him and this firm.
Wait. This firm? What are you saying?
I believe that someone here
at Crest, Folding & Wright
is bribing Judge Brixton.
Paying for verdicts.
Wealthy clients want a favorable ruling?
The invisible broker
here gets it for them.
So, this whole thing,
your name, your job, us
this was all fake.
Everything but us.
Lyle, I love you.
- And I didn't expect to
- No.
- No. You no.
- But
Okay. A broker?
So, you're saying someone here,
at this firm, owns a judge?
I can't say any more.
A broker?
- Well, well.
- Oh, good morning.
- Mwah. Hi.
- Mwah.
I need some of that in
a mug as big as my head.
You were rolling around,
kicking me all night.
I woke up every half hour,
worrying about paying the office rent.
What is that?
Oh, yeah.
Delivery guy dropped it off
while you were in the shower.
Going someplace fancy?
Oh, God, no.
I bought those before this whole mess.
Oh, Gus, don't touch them.
You're going to smudge them.
Gus, those are Louboutins.
Put them back. I have
to return them now.
You know, if your firm
is really that strapped,
I might have a job that could help.
Working for you? What kind of job?
Interviewing and processing plaintiffs.
That Somaxic case I won last month.
The company spewed chemicals everywhere,
gave tons of people in
the community cancer.
But when my admittedly
enormous settlement
got leaked to the press,
suddenly a whole bunch
of people came forward
saying the company got them sick, too.
Mm. And you'd need me
to vet them for you?
Interview and process?
All 163 of them.
- By Monday morning.
- Ooh. Oh.
For, uh, 275,000 bucks.
- $275,000?
- Yeah.
- By Monday morning?
- Yeah. Fairness hearing.
Deciding who gets what. Can't be moved.
Oh, I'd have to bring my whole office in
to work all weekend long,
- and they already hate me.
- It's all right.
I got a clearinghouse in Salem
that usually handles this
kind of thing. You know
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
I didn't say no. Yeah, I mean, here.
Sit down, sit down. Talk to me.
- Um, $275,000?
- Mm-hmm.
For one weekend of work?
Well, one weekend of very hard work.
But I'm in charge.
What does that mean? You're my boss?
For this weekend, oh, yes.
Fred. Again? Tennis elbow is not a joke.
- No, don't.
Or, in your case, tear-away-pants
elbow is not a joke.
It's messing with my livelihood, Doc.
Okay. All right, I will
send you to radiology
for some films, but put those back on.
You're gonna kill Jorge, my radiologist.
Hi. I'm Dr. Grant, and you're the one
- who came in with the cut on her hand?
- Yeah. Hi.
It-it's small, but I worry
it might be a little infected.
No, it's good to be safe.
Um, if you want to just
take that bandage off.
Mm-hmm. It looks okay.
Oh, wow. Beautiful ring.
I, uh, I used to have a
ring very much like that.
- And a husband very much
- Hi.
- like that.
- CHUCK: Hi.
Oh. H-hey, Al.
Hi, Chuck.
I wondered if you might be here.
This is my place of employment.
Wait, Dr. Grant.
As in Dr. Allison Grant?
The-the one and only.
Al, this is Elise, my fiancée.
Uh, we're-we're getting married.
- I, uh
- Oh, hon.
Um, are we gonna make the
cake tasting? Should we ?
- Oh, I'll call them, boo-boo.
- Okay.
Oh, Al, love the hair.
Thanks. Yeah, yeah, um
Sorry, I just realized
that I need a form for you
that I don't have.
You okay?
I need to just get away from
the whole world for a while.
MARGARET: Yes, thank
you, and please email
Someone here is a broker up to no
- Oh!
Oh! Todd.
Good Lord.
Since when do you shop
at the 94 Cents Store?
Todd, I have to return these beauties
and I'm keeping them
incognito in this bag.
- Speaking of incognito
- I don't want it to look like
I'm out buying shoes while Rome burns.
- Speaking of which
- I am currently still speaking of incognito.
- Todd!
We are all going to have
to work this weekend.
Every single one of us.
Goodbye, everyone.
Have a lovely weekend.
Except her?
Hmm. Another "business" trip?
[SCOFFS] Must be nice.
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
TODD: A broker?
FRANCEY: I I I know.
I If Okay.
Oh, oh.
It's the property manager
again, about the rent.
What do I say?
Oh. Give him to me.
Hello, Hal.
It's Margaret.
Yes, I know. Two months behind in rent.
Yes, but-but-but I will have
the entire amount for you
by Monday morning.
[HISSES] Okay!
How exactly do you plan
to produce two months' rent in two days?
Well, um, Francey.
I-I need you to send an
email to the entire staff
letting them know that we
will all be here working
the entire weekend.
Yes, a-around the clock.
I want you to order some food
and-and perhaps some cots as well.
Cots? [SCOFFS] What
are you talking about?
I'm seeing Wicked this weekend.
I've already paid for the tickets.
- I can't do it.
- Well, I am sorry,
because we don't have a choice.
We are all working here this weekend,
including me, everybody,
and that is just the way that it is
[CHUCKLES SOFTLY] Good morning.
Yes. That is right.
We are all working here this weekend.
And if we don't show up
tomorrow morning, we
may as well not bother
showing up on Monday morning
because the firm and
our jobs won't be here.
No exceptions.
And, uh, thank you.
STAFFER 1: Is she kidding?
STAFFER 2: I can't believe
we have to work this weekend.
STAFFER 3: I have a date.
I just need a minute.
This is my real name
and my real birth date
and my Social, my
everything about me.
I'm still the same person, Lyle.
Just 'cause my name is
different doesn't mean that I am.
You know the real me.
All I know is, I never
want to see you again.
Hey, Lyle.
Alex, eh, Mabel [CLICKS TONGUE]
Ariel. What ?
What's happening?
Hey, what happened to your ?
Hey, Alex, Ariel! Whatever your name is.
Hey, stop.
Look, whatever he
said, he didn't mean it.
H-he probably just needs some time.
And time is the one
thing that I don't have.
They're calling me back to
D.C. I fly back Monday morning.
Wait, what, you do? Why?
We can't arrest Judge
Brixton without hard evidence,
and this broker, whoever they are,
has carefully hidden every
single trace of their financial
Okay, but you can't just bail on Lyle.
He totally loves you,
and he's so much
better to be around now.
- Those plants and knitting sweaters
- Goodbye, Todd.
No, no, no, n-no. Hey, hey.
No. You're not leaving.
Uh, give me a dollar.
Hire me.
Right now. Come on.
What have you got to lose
if you've already lost?
I mean, do you love Lyle or not?
Look, nobody knows that
office better than me.
I'm your inside man.
You've just hired
Portland's best detective
to help you find your broker.
And you're not leaving
until this job is done.

Good morning. Uh,
good morning, everyone.
I just wanted to say
that, uh, I know it's
been really hard lately.
And, obviously, this
isn't how we all wanted
to spend our weekend working.
But look around you.
Susan, Paulette, Lyle, Edna
we are more than just coworkers.
We are a community.
And I am only asking this of all of you
so that I can prevent further layoffs.
Every single job loss
cuts me twice as deep,
and as a token of my gratitude,
I'm going to have coffee
and bagels sent up
I'm not having coffee
and bagels sent up?
Company credit card was declined.
And Sam's Bagels won't deliver
until we pay our back invoices.
[CHUCKLING]: Oh, okay.
It's just a minor setback.
So we will have coffee and bagels
sent out from somewhere else.
Now let's all report to our stations
where you will receive
specific instructions.
Thank you. Lyle, come with me, please.
Let's all get to work! [CHUCKLES]
Okay, all attorneys whose last names
have three vowels, go to the
Wait, is this really how
we're organizing this?
Hey. Oh, hey.
I am taking a huge risk
bringing you into this.
But you do have access and information
that I haven't had
before. Just swear to me
that you will keep this under wraps.
What? Are you kidding me? Come on.
I'm a professional. I'm a vault.
This is a classified
federal investigation.
Yes, and I'm your protégé.
I want to know how the FBI works.
Wait, do you have a cyanide pill?
On you? Right now? Oh,
and bonus, I've already
cracked the case.
It's Beverly, obviously.
Who here has more money than Beverly?
She's clearly raking in cash by
selling verdicts to the highest bidder.
Trust me, it's Beverly.
I snuck into her office yesterday
and found her travel itinerary.
And where was she jetting off to?
And you know what they have there?
Swiss bank accounts.
And how is she really
affording this ritzy,
all-glam lifestyle?
She's your broker.
She owns Judge Brixton.
ARIEL: Todd?
It's not Beverly.
- Hmm?
- I've been through her files and her finances
and I haven't found a connection.
- Oh.
- And also, you're thinking
way too obviously.
We're looking for somebody less flashy,
less public, more under the radar.
Well, someone like her.
She doesn't even work here.
She has a tangential relationship
with the firm but still has access.
Nobody would ever suspect her.
I'm dating her.
If she were the broker, I would know.
Right. Like Lyle knew about me?
- Well, that's different.
- I'm sorry,
but how long have you known her?
And how much do you
really know about her?
I mean, where is even she
even from? Where does she live?
She lives
Actually, I haven't
been to her place yet.
Where does she live?
But-but this is ridiculous.
Judy's not out bribing judges.
She doesn't even believe in lawyers.
She only cares about dogs
and people and the planet.
And no one's ever
used money to help dogs
or people or the planet.

So you're saying she's
profiting by bribing the judge,
then using the cash for her causes?
Cleaning up the planet
with dirty money? No way.
- It's not her.
- Todd. There you are.
I have been looking everywhere for you.
Oh, hello. Alex, thank you so much
for offering to help
us out this weekend.
Todd, Lyle, the first
group of plaintiffs
is already in the lobby, let's go.
Now, you two are phase one.
- You will monitor
all 163 plaintiffs as
they enter the building.
And then and this
is very important
you must assess each individual
based on their trustworthiness.
You didn't hear this
from me, but apparently,
if you exaggerate your
symptoms, you can get more money.
You know, I heard if you
lie and say you have cancer,
you can get a huge payout.
I heard the same thing.
I've been doing chemo for months.
- Sorry.
Ah. Susan.
SUSAN: Come with me.
Mm. Gus. Phase two?
Once we know who we think we can trust,
Gus, Susan and I will
evaluate their legal standing.
If they have a legitimate
claim, phase three:
their files will be evaluated
by our top secret medical expert.
[SHOUTS] No, Mom,
- it's too bright.
- Oh, Allison,
you can't sit here in the dark.
You're not a vampire.
You don't know that.
Allison, what is wrong?
- [CRYING]: I need a hug.
- Oh
I ran into Chuck and his new fiancée.
We've been divorced for five months
and he's getting remarried already?
Oh, Allison, sweetheart.
That must have just
been so hard for you.
divorce is just impossible, isn't it?
It's a nightmare.
Yeah, but we all know you made
the right decision, Allison.
And Chuck and this
Elise they seem happy
Wait, how do you know her name?
Well, I, I am still in
my book club with-with
with Chuck's mother,
and, well, we were reading
uh, Ode to a Sad, Disastrous Daughter,
which I think you might
like, by the way
Then, you knew about this
and you didn't tell me?
Well, I didn't want to upset
you. I thought you might
Okay, if you want me to continue
to work for you all weekend,
you need to leave this cave
right now before I open
a can of whoop ass on you.
- Can of whoop
- Get out!
[OLD-TIMEY VOICE]: Bagel and schmear.
[REGULAR VOICE]: I'm just kidding.
You want a bagel? Hi.
- Hey. Hi.
- Oh, hi.
- Hi.
- What's up?
- Oh.
- Oh.
Nice to see you.
If that really is your name. [LAUGHS]
But seriously
I don't really know
that much about you,
so where
where exactly
- do you live?
Okay, well, um, I live,
- I live pretty close to work, actually.
- Mm-hmm?
R-Really close, in, like, a
a giant loft?
Actually [SIGHS]
I've been planning to talk to you
- about where I live.
- [GASPS] Oh, my gosh.
A-are those the bagels?
Sam's Bagels delivered?
When did these arrive?
Oh, n-n-no, these are actually left over
from another floor in the building.
Yeah, I'm urban harvesting.
And if you put them in the microwave
with a wet paper towel,
they won't be so stale.
[LAUGHS] All right.
[SNIFFS] Oh, thank you, thank you.
Um oh, and please
bring up more coffee.
Wait, who do I see about the payment?
Oh, I think Francey's
actually handling that.
- Francey?
- Mm-hmm.
Oh, okay.
She's downstairs in one
of her secret meetings.
- Secret meetings?
- Yeah.
What secret meetings?
- Francey? Pretty, dark curly hair?
- Uh-huh.
She's been having a lot of talks
with these two guys in suits.
Is it Francey?
It makes sense.
She's so overworked and so underpaid.
Maybe she's only staying
so she can get cases
in front of Judge Brixton and
reap the financial rewards.
Maybe she's the one
jetting off to Switzerland.
No one would ever suspect Francey.
Are you talking into your watch?
[CHUCKLES]: Oh, uh, yeah.
Uh, that's just how I
keep my thoughts organized.
Taking notes for a case.
- Cool.
- Looking for someone.
But I can't talk about it.
But it's a big deal.
But it's classified.
- And I'm a vault.
- Okay.
- Whatever. I'm not
- Okay,
someone in my office is bribing a judge.
Which is a crime. Like, a real one.
Federal. Which is the "F" in FBI.
Bribing a-a judge?
And now me and Alex who is not Mabel
who you saw at the restaurant
but is actually Ariel
we are trying to figure out who it is.
Well, how do you know this
"Ariel" is actually in the FBI?
Well, I saw her badge.
Okay, but any dum-dum with a 3D printer
can make a fake badge,
and didn't, didn't she lie
to your friend for months?
Why are you trusting
someone you barely know?
Well, she told me not to trust you.
Oh, you, you definitely
shouldn't trust me.
Yeah, 'cause I'm this little
compromised sleeper cell agent
with a deadly agenda.
Please don't tease me like
that. I will get too excited.
Oh, yeah?
[WHISPERS]: Hey, the
other guy's here now.
TODD: What? Who are these
guys, and what is she doing?
Damn, I need to be closer so
I can hear what they're saying.
Huh. I think I can help with that.
- Huh?
- Yeah.
All right.
LYLE: I have the next batch of, uh
oh, hello, Allison.
Are you working in the dark on purpose?
Looks like you have gravy on your face
and shirt
and sleeve.
Are you hiding from the world?
Me, too.
Do you want to join me?
What happened to you?
I ran into my ex
yesterday, and he's happy.
- Mm, I am so sorry.
- Yeah,
he's great, you know, he's
fine, but at the end of the day,
we didn't have a real connection.
- He didn't really get me. You know what I mean?
We just weren't meant to be.
We didn't really click
ever, it wasn't right.
It just wasn't right. It
wasn't I don't know.
Wait a minute.
How did Violet Parton get
chemo six months ago
but she had a baby last week?
That no pregnant
woman is getting chemo.
Is this a mistake?
It could be a mistake.
Well, no, i-it sounds great.
I mean, um, e-everything
sounds pretty good
TODD: Is this a secret passageway?
- Where are we?
FRANCEY: This is a massive
betrayal for me to do this,
so it better be worth my while.
How much are we talking?
[WHISPERS]: Oh, my God.
Francey is the broker.
Okay, I am looking for a Lasagna,
first name Barbara?
All right, come with me.
[LOW]: I can't believe that's
your real name. Lasagna?
Okay, we need to search Francey's desk.
I think we pull the fire alarm.
Clear the place. Or
we start an actual fire
- and come, like, crashing through the ceiling or
- Hey, Todd? I'm FBI.
We don't do that.
Okay, so how would the FBI do it?
Subtle. Small. Secret.
Got it. Totally got it.
Oh, dear, oh, my, oh, no. Oh.
Uh, I'll get it. Don't worry.
I'll just clean this up.
[MUTTERS]: Let's see what's in here.
What's in here?
- Well, what's this key for?
- Todd.
Huh? Oh.
Hey. Sorry, just a little,
uh, java mishap.
Uh, you know me. Butterfingers.
Our plaintiffs have
already arrived and we have
over a hundred left to
do before [SCREAMS]
Oh, my goodness, I'm so sorry.
Uh, before Monday morning, so
JUDY [OVER WATCH]: Attention,
Agent Todd, Francey's on the move.
- Secret meeting's over. Over.
- Oh, oh.
Cancel that song request.
[CHUCKLES] Technology. So dumb.
You're not ready to take
over the world yet, robots.
Okay. Uh, got to go.
Francey's having secret meetings?
It's definitely a lock-box
key or some sort of safe?
Does she have a private place somewhere,
- maybe on-site or ?
- Yes.
The I.T. closet.
Lyle and Francey's
exclusive nerd dungeon.
- Huh.
- Wait, what?
When did they get Pac-Man in here?
Anyway, there's a
bunch of hidden spaces.
Sure we'll find something.
ARIEL: Hey, look at this.
- There's a small safe in here.
- Use the key.
It's a legal brief. A
completed case filing.
Susan Yang was the
attorney of record and
And the Honorable Ezekiel
Brixton was the judge.
MARGARET: This is absurd.
No mother in her right mind
would risk chemo while also pregnant.
ALLISON: And no doctor would allow it.
I've seen this a lot in class actions.
This woman Violet Parton
is probably an opportunist.
She heard about the
gigantic settlement
Oh, God, you don't have
to keep highlighting
"gigantic settlement." We get it.
She doctored up some medical files,
now she's trying to scam
her way into the pot.
Just strike her from the list.
One less claimant
taking a bite out of
The humongous settlement.
ALLISON: Wait, in her file,
these are real receipts
from a real chemo clinic.
I've been there. This
is where Chuck's mother
got her breast cancer treatment.
Wait a minute, wait a minute.
Uh, this claimant Gary Myers,
also from the yes pile,
he was treated at the same clinic.
So was this woman, Anne Walker.
Something is wrong here.
Has anyone seen my laptop?
Oh, my God. This is so exciting.
We're like actual spies.
Okay, her password is
"GoDucks," all one word.
Hasn't changed it since college.
So, uh, why'd you want
on this case so badly?
Well, because you're the
FBI and you needed my help.
Well, technically you demanded
that I hire you, but
You're the authorities
and you came to me.
Okay, um, so this case that Susan
was arguing in front of Brixton,
it was a financial matter
involving a Peter Chen?
- What? Peter?
- Yeah, see.
That's her husband.
Well, Peter has some
questionable tax filings,
but the charges did get dismissed.
Because Susan greased the wheels.
Maybe she's bribing Judge Brixton
to cover up Peter's crimes.
Maybe that's how he made all that money.
He's an international scofflaw.
wait, when's the last time
anybody actually saw Peter?
How do we even know he's alive?
What if Susan killed Peter for the money
and Brixton helped cover it up?
Okay, I think you really need
to just calm down a little bit.
- All right.
- Okay, we're not looking for an assassin.
Hey, I'm just trying all the angles.
And how did Peter make all that money?
He's got to be breaking
some laws, right?
Well, I mean, even the rich
can't get away with everything.
Un-Unless they're foreign
nationals who have
Well, Peter's a foreign
national, he's Australian.
- bank accounts abroad
- Peter has bank accounts.
- or live on an island somewhere
- Well, he lives on
in international waters.
Waters? Wait, he lives on water?
It does get complicated
when suspects live on a boat
or reside in international waters,
but that's just because the law
- doesn't pertain
- Gus Easton lives on a boat.
A houseboat. My mother's boyfriend.
He travels all the time
and he's always floating
back and forth to Seattle
and he's rich, although
you wouldn't know it
the way he dresses.
Gus. Gus? Gus.
How do we really know
he's a great attorney?
And why did he actually leave Seattle?
Maybe he got caught selling verdicts
to his corporate buddies
and dropping the spoils
into his Swiss bank account.
He's the broker. He's a mole.
He's a murderer!
No one has been murdered.
- Right.
- Right?
Wait, but Oh, my God.
He's working with my mom right now.
This case, this weekend,
this whole thing is
Oh, my God.
Maybe he's laundering
money through this firm.
How much money?
Well, now you're onto something.
We just need proof that
ties Gus to Judge Brixton.
26, 27. That makes 27 new claimants
who were all treated at
the same chemo facility
on the same day. But that
clinic has only four beds.
It's not possible.
One fake claimant is a coincidence.
Three is a pattern. 27
- It's sabotage.
- Yes, and, Gus?
This, uh, company that
you took down, Somaxic
Yeah, and the settlement
was astronomically large.
Oh, my God. My money says
that Somaxic is trying
to slip fake claimants
into our pool, hoping
that we won't notice
Zombie plaintiffs.
And when revealed
Would taint the claimant pool,
making it look like I didn't do my job.
Forcing the judge to declare a mistrial.
- It's a Trojan horse.
- Full of zombies.
Ruining the payout for the
people who were actually harmed.
But we need proof.
The best way to get
proof is by bringing in
Carina Speaks.
She's the scheduler
for the chemo clinic.
Bring in Judge Brixton? Here?
Yes, we'll break Carina down,
get her to admit that Somaxic paid her
to schedule the fake chemo appointments.
Yes, we bring in Brixton,
make him sit down with Gus Easton
And see if they know each other.
Mm! This is awesome!
This is awesome.
- Oh, it's on.
- Oh, it's on.
I should speak to Carina.
This is my case. I
brought you on, remember?
Yes, but that was before
I discovered the anomaly.
Once again, I discovered the anomaly.
I spent three years
bringing this case to trial.
Okay, go. You do it. But get answers.
And numbers.
I do this for a living, you know.
And we need to know how many zombies
My case.
Oh, I cannot stand it.
Mom, relax.
Well, there's too much
riding on this, Allison.
How am I ever gonna know
what's going on in that room?
- Um
- Unless
[GASPS] Yes, thank you.
Thanks for coming in on a Sunday.
Just a few questions for you.
[NERVOUS CHUCKLE] That's all right.
I'm okay with that, it's
just, um, am I in trouble?
What? No.
No, it it's just a formality.
Did you think you were in trouble?
- No.
- No?
No, no, no.
Just nervous, huh? Oh,
well, that's understandable.
Yeah, it's, it's a huge case, right?
[CHUCKLES] Well, come on. Come on.
Oh. Hello.
Who are you?
Who am I? Who are you?
GUS: I'm Gus Easton.
I reserved this conference room.
BRIXTON: I'm Ezekiel Brixton.
And I was told to wait right here.
What? No.
ARIEL: Todd, it's Ariel, I've lost Gus.
I don't know where he is.
Well, he's already in here,
but he and the judge
don't recognize each other.
- They're strangers.
- GUS: Okay.
I'm gonna figure this out.
Um, here, here, have a seat.
Um, yeah.
Yeah, have a seat here.
This, uh
I'll be right back.
So, are you two working together, then?
I've never seen that
man before in my life.
So he's the good cop
and you're the bad cop?
I'm not a cop at all, I'm a judge.
A judge? Oh, God.
- Where's your mother?
- Oh, my God.
I discovered that anomaly, right?
That was me?
Yeah, fine. Where's your mother?
I don't know, she
couldn't stand not being
in control, no surprise,
so she went off to, I don't know,
observe you somewhere.
- Observe me?
- Yeah.
- Why? What?
- I don't know.
- Where is she right now?
- What? Oh, my God.
What? Hello? What are you doing in here?
Me? What are you doing in here?
I am not at liberty to say, okay?
I am spying checking up on Gus.
- Wait, you're spying on Gus?
- At liberty to say what?
If I was at liberty to
say, I would say, okay?
And this is my case, not yours.
I happen to be involved
in a sting right now.
What? This is my sting.
Right now I am stinging as we speak.
- Sting? This is a sting.
- I am stinging.
- It's a solo sting. Ow.
- Oh.
Oh, God.
Oh, Carina, why did you do it?
What are you going on about?
Oh, they know, they know.
They've been following me, I know it.
I never should have agreed to any of it.
[GASPS] I have an idea.
Okay? Okay, but I need to
get out of here. I can't
No, no, no, Mom, Mom, that's
There's only one way out.
I can't go to jail, I have
17 rabbits who depend on me.
Okay, here we go.
- My shoe.
- Your shoe.
Hey, push my head. Push me down.
Hey ooh. Oh hey.
What the hell is going on?
Say "You are under arrest."
Say what?
Say "You are under arrest."
You're under arrest?
Oh, God. It was me.
I'm guilty.
Gordon Swanson he paid me extra money
to make fake chemo
appointments for fake patients
so that I could help Somaxic win a case.
[SIGHS] If the judge
didn't even recognize Gus,
then we are running out of suspects.
Maybe this case isn't what we thought.
No. He may not have known Gus,
but he seemed shifty and nervous.
Of course he was nervous.
We called him in here to
consult on the Somaxic case
and then sat him in a
room with a panicked woman
who admitted to fraud
and then wet her pants.
Okay, fair, but
I just think we're
grasping at straws here.
You know, maybe it's time to just
Alex. Or Ariel. Come on.
There are always more suspects.
I mean, maybe, maybe it's Lyle.
Yes, Lyle.
Lyle is former military and former NSA.
Maybe he's a triple agent assassin,
or, or, or
What if it's me?
Maybe I'm a robot and
I don't even know it.
Or maybe Allison brainwashed me
just to get rid of me
and steal my apartment.
Todd, I think you need to stop.
TODD: Or maybe it's my mother.
What if she is an evil
genius trying to take over
and control the entire world?
Or just Saks Fifth Avenue
so she can hoard fancy
shoes and outfits.
I mean, how are we even so
sure she really is my mother?
Or maybe it's my mother and
Beverly working together!
ARIEL: Todd. Todd, stop.
We are not going to get
Judge Brixton this way.
He is a criminal and
eventually he will slip up.
We will catch him and whoever
is pulling all of the strings.
Let's get out of here.
So, Somaxic was doctoring
false medical files
and sending zombie
plaintiffs into our pool.
- Yeah, to blow up the colossal settlement.
- Oh, my God, Gus.
We need to find this Gordon Swanson
and get to the bottom of this.
Gordon Swanson? I know a Gordon Swanson.
He's Chuck's dad's golf buddy.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, look at this.
- What?
There's a Gordon Swanson
on the Somaxic board.
- Is that him?
- Uh-huh.
- It is?
- Yeah.
Then we just got to figure
out where we can find him.
I actually know where
Gordon and his wife
may be right now.
I cannot believe that you were invited
to Chuck's engagement
party and you were gonna go.
This is outrageous.
Are you really driving and
changing shoes at the same time?
I-I thought you were returning these.
Well, I am returning
them, but I'm not going
to go to the Town Club in these.
You are my mother, not Chuck's.
But you're wearing 'em first.
Well, Nordstrom's has an
extraordinary return policy.
No, but you were traipsing
off to some big soiree
while I was working like a dog,
like a troll in your file cave.
Allison, I wasn't going to go.
- We're only going because of this case.
- Allison, hey.
At least you're getting paid, right?
You know, for your time
as a medical expert.
Medical experts get paid?
Oh, yeah, yeah.
Like-like five grand a day.
Gus, for the love of God, stop talking.
Allison, did you already set up the ?
Yes, he's already here.
Mom, I have been working
for you for free for years?
Did you invite her?
Lavender, gorgeous.
Margaret, oh.
And Allison.Hey.
Huge congratulations all around.
Excuse me just one second.
There's just a man I need
to speak to over there who
I'll be right back. Congratulations.
Champagne-glass tower.
We did that, too. [CHUCKLES]
Hello, Gordon?
- Gordon Swanson? Hello.
- Yes.
I'm Margaret Wright, attorney.
And Chuck's former mother-in-law.
And this is my assistant Gus Easton.
- Your assistant?
- Well
Listen, we are, uh,
working on the Somaxic case.
And if you were to share with us
the exact number of fake
plaintiffs that you have planted
into the claimant
pool oh, yes, we know.
We may be more inclined to
help you avoid the fraud charges
which are most definitely coming.
I have no idea what,
uh, you're talking about.
Yeah, we thought you might say that.
So listen.
Either you answer our questions,
or that police officer over there
is going to drag you away.
Drag you right out of the
Town Club in handcuffs.
Gordon, you tell these people
what they need to know right now.
Over my dead body will
you be dragged out of here
in handcuffs. Spill it.
We paid off some clinic.
Everybody who says they
went to that clinic is fake.
It was 47 people.
- 47?
- 47.
Okay, well, thank you very much.
And you all have a lovely
evening, don't you? Yes.
Okay, um, so great to see you.
Wait, Fred. Hey, Fred?
Wait, what are you doing?
Wait, no, no, you're not supposed to
Ooh. ♪
MARGARET: As Somaxic tried to pull
a fast one on the court
and especially on the people
who got sick from their
shoddy workplace protocols.
Forgive me, Ms. Wright, but
when did you join this case?
Just let her have this.
She figured the whole thing out.
- It's easier.
- And
the ginormous settlement
should not be imperiled
by Somaxic's planting of
fake zombie plaintiffs.
Objection. Zombies?
Oh, so now you object to zombies?
All right, I've heard enough.
And given this new information,
I will not only uphold
the original settlement,
but I'm going to add punitive
damages of $50 million.
[GASPS] $50 million?!
Oh, Gus, I did it. I won for you.
- I did it for you.
- Yeah.
Yes, you did.
- Yes, I did.
- Yes, you
- ARIEL: Todd Wright.
- Hmm?
I'd like you to meet my
colleague Agent Branigan.
Wow, uh, hello, uh,
Sir Agent Branigan, sir.
It is an honor to meet
you uh, to see you again.
It's, uh, it's an honor.
Detective Wright is the investigator
I've been collaborating
with on the Brixton case.
[LAUGHS] Yes, we're colleagues now.
I'm your liaison.
An asset. Do you have
helipads at the FBI?
I've heard a lot of fine
things about your work,
Detective Wright, and about your
enthusiasm, which helped us
solve this case, so thank you.
Oh, it was nothing. I'm
just thrilled to be
Wait, did you say "solve"?
- This case is solved?
- Todd,
Judge Brixton came forward this morning
and turned himself in.
He's agreed to a very comfortable
prison term in exchange for
not naming his co-conspirators.
Nice work, everyone.
Agent Josephs, I'll see you downstairs.
Detective Wright.
Uh, but, but what about the broker
who set this whole thing up,
who was bribing the judge?
I mean, they're still here,
right, in this office? I mean
We will find them
eventually, but right now
the Bureau has other priorities.
We do have our top people on it, though.
Top people.
If you'll excuse me a moment.
I thought you never
wanted to see me again.
Once I calmed down, I
realized you were right.
I do know you.
And you know me better than anyone
ever, which, from what
I understand, is rare.
And I'd be a fool to
I put in a transfer.
To the Oregon Bureau office.
I love you.
And I-I love you, Alex [STAMMERS]
I love you.
And I've-I've never said that before
to anyone.
Oh, come on in, Francey.
Come on in, sit down.
Okay, Francey,
thanks to all of your hard
work and the entire staff,
we now have enough money
to cover our rent and to pay you
- all your back overtime.
- Thank you.
Francey, I never meant
to take you for granted.
And I know you haven't
been happy lately.
But were you really ?
I have
been meeting with headhunters.
I actually got a job offer today.
At Granger Zisk.
I don't want to leave, Mar.
I just, I can't keep up with this pace
- and and all the stress.
- I know, Francey.
I know.
But things are looking up.
You cannot leave.
I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you.
I promise you, Francey.
I promise I am going to get you
everything that you are owed.
Okay, Hal, here's this month's rent
plus back rent plus all the late fees.
Yeah, I'm afraid that's
not gonna cut it anymore.
- What?
- Word's gotten out that your firm is in trouble.
Oh, no, maybe we hit
a little rough patch
I got enough problems
filling the empty floors here.
I don't need to be worrying
about the tenants I do have.
I'm gonna need this
plus the next 12 months
by the end of the week.
What? No, you can't do that.
Hal, that's going to wipe me out.
- Sorry.
- Hal.
That is an additional $300,000.
Oh. Francey.
So you live in a giant loft
very close to work, huh?
How long have you been up here
on the abandoned 28th floor?
Are you freaked out?
What? No.
Of course not. I mean
'Cause I'm not squatting
forever, and it's just
there are so many empty office
buildings, and, like, why not?
It allows me to save some money and
and I'm actually kind of surprised
you didn't figure it out sooner,
seeing as this floor is a
part of your mom's law firm.
No, it's not.
Really? Then what are all
those old signs over there?
Oh. "Crest, Folding & Barrett."
"Crest, Folding & Yamaguchi."
"Merritt Folding, Esquire."
- JUDY: Gum?
- Merritt Folding.
Merritt Folding is the broker.
The mysterious Merritt Folding,
who founded this firm but
never appears in the office.
He got Brixton to take the fall.
It's Folding.
He is the one flying on private
jets and drowning in money.
It's Folding.
He's buying verdicts.
It's Folding.
Are you sure?
Are you gonna call that FBI lady?
And let the Feds take
credit for my big discovery?
No way.
This is how I make my name.
I crack this case.
This one.
Todd Wright, P.I.
All I have to do is find the
evidence to connect Judge Brixton
to Merritt Folding,
deliver it to the FBI,
and I am
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