Soil (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

Death of a Promise

1 A NETFLIX SERIES - [sounds reversing.]
- [mellow hip-hop music playing.]
[people shouting.]
[bones crack.]
[people cheering.]
[yelling happily.]
[people cheering.]
- [Saïd.]
Yeah? - [man.]
One last question.
At Galatasaray they called you the acrobat.
Can we expect to see the same acrobatics at Anderlecht? Acrobatics? I'm not a circus freak.
If you want acrobatics, go see Cirque du Soleil.
Mm-hmm? [men chuckle.]
[bones crack.]
[rapid guitar strumming and drumbeat.]
[ominous music plays.]
Ever hear about the first guy to jump off the Eiffel Tower in a homemade parachute? Boom.
Thing is, a few years later, the parachute turned out to be a huge commercial success.
I wasn't gonna be remembered like that idiot who jumped off the Eiffel Tower.
Nah, G.
I would make sure that me and my idea would land softly on a big pile of cash.
Target age group? Easy, 80 or older.
They'll be dying sooner.
Anyone 50+ won't be open to the stuff, though, man.
Okay, so, like, 20 to 50? Set it for 15.
After all the hateful comments we received for our promo video Looks good.
I knew if you didn't know where the goal was, you couldn't score.
Your target audience is everything.
I also could have just sold my shares to Rachid to make a quick buck, but then I thought, "To Rachid? No fuckin' way.
" [rattling.]
It's our worst enemy.
It's even worse in the air.
Head up.
Just because our clients are dead, doesn't mean that they should be uncomfortable.
That's the philosophy of our family business.
- Are you a Muslim? - I'm converted, recently.
Okay, but If someone were to ask, "Are you a Muslim?" - What do you say? - Yeah.
"Yes, I am a Muslim.
" Repeat it.
Yes, I am a Muslim.
All right.
Welcome aboard.
Okay, now we select how much we wanna spend.
- How much you got? - I got? I'm broke, dude.
I got nothing.
- [mellow hip-hop music playing.]
- [clicks tongue.]
Start with 50 euros.
You need to spend double if you want to make an impact.
- For 200, you could reach all of Brussels.
- Look at Beyoncé.
You could give me 200 euros for some rent money.
That would make an impact too.
If you help me move out, I'll sponsor you for 50 euros.
Nah, I'm not moving shit.
Sponsor? You need to pay to stay here.
You want rent? [scoffs.]
You should give me money for that dirty shower.
There's the door.
All right.
- Don't worry.
I'll be gone soon.
- Hey, hey, come on, guys.
Your daddy's working.
Okay, 100 and I'll move your stuff.
- Deal.
- [Ismael.]
Movin' on.
- What you got? - [JB.]
A dry mouth.
Give me a cappuccino.
Finally, we have sad news to report from the football Rachid.
Belgian-Moroccan international superstar Saïd El Fassi - has unexpectedly passed away.
- Rachid? El Fassi had an unfortunate fall this morning during a press event, and sadly, as a result, - he died later because of his injuries.
- We receive From all corners of the sport Hi, there.
I'm Nadia.
It's a pleasure.
Come here.
You said one day.
We don't know him at all.
I thought you were going to dump all that.
Well, I wanted to sell that stuff.
Honey, what's up with your priorities lately? What? As a business owner, my father was engaging the community, he was present.
If someone died, they immediately thought of him.
What should I do? Huh? Murder people so we have clients? - Are you crazy? - No.
Why don't you go check in with the imam.
Now I have to beg the imam for customers? Sorry, I don't have time.
I have to train Brahim.
Well, that's perfect.
Take him with you.
He can learn that too.
Hmm? Oh, yeah, can you fix my hairdryer? - Looks like you broke that too.
- [sighs.]
Your wife doesn't mind me helping, does she? What? No.
She's just emotional.
She has to warm up to things.
But I I'm a businessman.
I can see what's right immediately.
Isn't it hard being around so much death? Not at all.
Here, work and pleasure go hand in hand.
Seriously, bro.
But as soon as a client comes in, it's all about them.
That's when we go into funeral mode.
Funeral mode? Shut down.
Smile gone.
Poker face.
Show empathy.
They're bereft.
Sometimes I say, "It's always the best who leave us first.
" - All right? - Rachid, your clients just arrived.
- Can you greet them, please? - Okay.
Funeral mode.
Okay? Salaam alaikum.
Alaikum salaam.
Alaikum salaam.
Uh, I'm Eli El Fassi.
Uh, this is my mother.
- [woman sighs.]
- My brother passed away yesterday.
I'm sorry.
Saïd El Fassi? [Eli.]
Yes, Saïd.
[whimsical music plays.]
From soccer? [Eli.]
That's right.
Allah help you.
Come, please sit.
I'll get tea started.
[woman sobbing.]
It's always the best who leave us first.
It's always the best that, uh [mellow hip-hop music plays.]
I'll take this to the car, okay? Uh, no, leave it in the hallway.
It's for the charity shop.
Really? Yeah.
Ah-ha! Here he is.
Our Sébastien.
Eh, you guys did look happy.
We weren't unhappy.
We just, uh We became versions of ourselves that were boring.
You know? Yeah? So what version are you now? - [chuckles.]
- Come on.
And you? What do you Are you in love? Not that I know of.
Why? What do you care? I don't know.
- How long since you had - Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What is this, an interrogation or what? Come on, time's money.
Excuse me.
Can I go now? - Yeah.
- Yeah? Your brother and I do have a business to run, so So we have three plans.
Standard, Standard Plus and the Deluxe Package.
Is it true that the soil is really from Morocco? Excuse me? He could actually be buried here, but resting in soil that was Moroccan? - Uh, I don't want to disappoint.
- [door opens.]
We don't do that.
Salaam alaikum.
But you You have done it, haven't you? Yeah, but that was my wife's brother.
It was an experiment.
Wait, uh, for my family you won't do it? No, of course not.
If I may Excuse me.
Rachid, is there a problem? These are the El Fassis.
- You know, the soccer player, Saïd? - I'm so sorry.
They haven't decided if they want to repatriate or bury him here.
No, no, no.
Yes, we have.
We decided we want to bury him here, but in Moroccan soil.
One minute.
Rachid, can I talk with you out back, please? One second.
Do you see what's happening, hmm? Those people know.
- It's getting around.
This is terrible.
- El Fassi is a serious client.
Yeah? Well, I see another dead dog coming.
Can we please give Smile a chance? Rachid, you know what happened to our mom.
You know this is personal for him.
We are Muslims.
We repatriate our deceased.
What would the community say? What would the imam think? Rachid, it says nothing in the Quran about that.
It's not a path we should explore.
All right, look.
It's what they would like to do.
And it's their choice.
Ismael and I will handle it.
And then we just need the soil from the clay tiles.
That's all I'm good for? Babe Just, please, do it for me.
You do realize, if this keeps up, and you keep bringing all that Moroccan soil here, there won't be any left in Morocco.
Smile, just think about the hole.
And then a spring tide will flood it.
Just crazy water, right? And then Morocco is just gone, like that.
[pleasant music playing.]
You clearly went to school for longer than I did, huh? - Mm-hmm.
- [both laugh.]
[cell phone ringing.]
Nadia? Yeah.
They want What? I have a fucking client.
What? Yes.
I'll be there in 20 minutes, all right? Yes.
Okay, bye.
What did I say? What - Is there more? - I'm all right.
- You sure? - Go.
[smacks lips.]
[inhales deeply.]
When do you want it to happen? Uh, Saturday afternoon at 2:00.
In three days? [Eli.]
We committed to burying him here, but according to our traditions.
It's important that he's buried within 48 hours.
And the cost will be? That depends on what you have in mind, how far you'd like to go.
We have to do it right, but if possible, we'd like to keep it under 15,000 euros.
- Fifteen? - [Eli.]
Uh, yeah, um I'll definitely make sure we don't go over 15,000.
That's great.
Thank you.
- And do you need me to - No, we've got it from here.
You relax.
- Salaam alaikum.
- Salaam alaikum.
May he rest in peace.
Yes! Nadia, we got this.
We can do this for sure.
- Hey, Rachid, listen - Shh! If this gets fucked, I'll call your father tomorrow.
All right? [Ismael sighs.]
[cell phone ringing.]
Hello? - [man.]
Boulasmoum? - Yeah.
Yeah, this is Frank from the Molenberg cemetery.
Can you get over here, please? It's important.
- Uh - And get here sooner than later.
- [JB.]
Two thousand? - [Ismael.]
Way more.
Three thousand? Bro, I said way more, and you come back with that shit? - Five thousand? - Man, fifteen thousand! Fifteen thousand? For El Fassi's funeral? - Jackpot! - Oreo! That's a crazy amount of work.
Hard work is a thing of the past, man.
Don't you get that? - I feel that, dude.
- I don't think you do feel it.
- Like, bro, like, really.
- Oh, I feel it.
- Do you really feel it? - I really feel it.
- [both laughing.]
- [JB.]
All right! Hey, mister.
Do you know who this is? - No? He's our Che Guevara.
No shit.
- Hey, bro, bro, stop it.
This man is the Godfather! - Shh.
Hey! Shh! - His revolution will now be televised! Please, keep your voices down.
For the love of God, guys.
This is a damn cemetery.
Hey, man, they're dead, yo.
There's a service going on over there.
Okay? Uh, excuse my colleague, sir.
I'm sorry.
What was so urgent? Urgent? Okay, look, I don't know if you're aware of what the rules are around here, but the condition of this grave you filled in last time was completely unacceptable.
- Why? - Yeah, what's your problem, man? My problem? No effing way.
It's not my problem.
It's your problem.
Come with me.
Come! - What is that? - [crows cawing.]
What the effing heck is that caca? You guys are lucky my coworker's not here.
You better have brought a hammer or a chisel, huh? I I can't even tell what you guys poured.
Concrete? I don't want this to ever happen again.
You You You Hey, my eyes are up here.
What, am I speaking Chinese? And you should take my advice, okay? Are you listening, you two guys? Huh? From now on, respect the cemetery, or I'm telling the council.
We don't do flipping construction.
And this place had better be left clean, all right? I'm just doing my job, gosh darn it! Some people just wanna ruin everyone else's day.
[somber music plays.]
[clicks tongue.]
Ah! Of course.
It's tile clay, my bro.
Of course there's cement in it.
It's like basic chemistry, bro.
Rain, then sun, that shit got hard, man.
- It's like H2O, physics? - Yes, JB, it's a simple concept.
[intriguing music plays.]
Hello, Nadia.
It's me.
We have a small technical problem.
What is it? We can't use Rachid's tile clay anymore.
I don't know what's in it, but it's not allowed in the cemetery.
We're fucked completely.
- It has cement in it.
- Shh.
Yeah, Nadia? Spare me the excuse, Smile.
Okay? We promised them Moroccan soil, and they will get Moroccan soil.
El Fassi is a star, Smile.
The whole community is going to be there, including the press.
We have to find a solution.
- [plane engine hums.]
- [music continues.]
I got it.
Cash, tickets.
- Okay.
- Here you go.
 Karim's meeting you there.
He's your ride.
- Our cousin Karim? - Yeah.
- Please, Nadia, tell me you're joking.
- [sighs.]
He's a disaster.
Your wedding was almost ruined.
He promised he would be there.
All right? The soil's at the cemetery in Tangier.
And the truck is from his friend's transport business.
And make sure you're back in time to make the service.
We'll be driving through the night.
Be cool, we got this, Nadia.
Anything for El Fassi.
Bye, Ismael.
[music stops.]
Love you, sis.
- I'll keep you posted, okay? - Yeah.
Thank you.
Check it.
Have a great day.
[doorbell buzzes.]
Brahim, open it.
You keeping up? First, get rid of the tile clay.
Then, they want it back.
Now they're planning to go get soil from Morocco.
Yeah, I thought that you were the boss.
I am the boss.
So Smile is, uh Smile, Smile, Smile, Smile, Smile! Smile is theoretically the co-owner.
This is for the imam.
- And Nadia made them, okay? - Nadia made them.
And listen to me, Brahim.
Tomorrow, will you dress more respectably? You can't dress like this with my people.
- You know? It makes me look bad.
- Okay.
[muezzin reciting adhan over megaphone.]
Hey, isn't that your cousin? - Nah, man.
- You sure? - You think I don't know my own cousin? - All right.
Right there! Yeah, that's your cousin.
Here's your twin.
Bro, your twin's here.
- Yo! - What are you doing? Will you stop, please? Sorry.
- [line ringing.]
- Any of these guys could be your cousin.
- [chuckling.]
- Great, that's funny.
- [Karim.]
Hello? - Yeah, hi, Karim? Yeah, hello, Karim? - Yes.
Hello? - Tell him to hurry.
- Hello? - Uh, Karim.
- Yeah, what's good? It's Ismael.
- I'm not available.
Leave me a message, and I'll get back to you.
- Salaam.
- [voicemail beeps.]
Karim, it's Ismael.
Where are you? We've been waiting at the airport for two hours, bro.
Are you coming still? Call back ASAP, okay? And, dude, I will kill you, and I mean it, if you fuck this thing up for us.
So? - Ah, I got his voicemail.
- It's not a great start, broski.
Ah, who's got hashish? Eh? All right, I'm just playin'.
[mellow music playing.]
Come on, we'll take a taxi.
- Do these cabs even have a meter? - Peace be with you.
What do you think, dude? This is the motherland.
Damn straight.
Thank you.
[greeting indistinctly.]
Okay, thank you.
Allah bless you.
The imam is still busy, but he will be here soon.
We've waited an hour.
- How about we get coffee, huh? - [phone chimes.]
Oh, man, we'll get back, and he'll be gone for the day.
You know, how about you stay and then call me when he's here? - Sound good? - Okay.
1 NEW VOICEMAIL MESSAGE - [ominous music plays.]
- [phone beeps.]
Hi, Brahim, this is Justine Rottiers from the sentencing court.
I'm calling about your certificate of employment.
It needs to be added to your file right away.
Can you sort that out, please? Thank you.
Excuse me? Sir? Hello? Come here.
Is this any good? No idea.
I let my pubes air-dry.
- [chuckles.]
- Funny.
But it works? Everything in this store works.
Do you have a box for it? A box? Well, if there's no box on the shelf, there's no box.
I need a box with it, so can you just please check? Well All right.
I'll take a look.
- Thank you.
- [clerk.]
Yeah, yeah.
This guy [door creaks.]
Hey, looks like it's your lucky day.
I even found a bag from the department store.
Is this a kiln? Well, it says it right on there, doesn't it? "Ceramic oven.
" This work too? Look, I told you already.
Everything in this store works.
[suspenseful music plays.]
[doorbell ringing.]
[doorbell rings.]
Ah! [JB blows raspberry.]
- What? - Hmm? - Huh? - I'm not sayin' shit.
Man! Fuck this.
[phone ringing.]
- Yeah, Smile? - Nadia.
How is it? Well, so far, there's plenty of stress.
You know, fucking Karim just bailed on me, and now his phone's been off, so - [sighs.]
Well, take a taxi to his house.
- We're at his front door.
Look, I I thought you arranged everything with him.
Without his trailer, we'll never get the soil to Belgium in time.
You get that? - Aunt Aisha isn't there? - No, Nadia.
We got conned, okay? He's a fuckin' shithead.
Okay, let me call Aunt Aisha.
Yeah, do that.
- What's up, brother? - Mm? We're not at the train station.
What are you thinking? - Put that away, asshead.
- Check yourself.
- You're a disaster.
- [door unlocks.]
- [door opens.]
- Calm down.
Yes, Nadia.
Oh, yeah, they're right here.
You come with them next time, okay? Okay, sweetie.
- [laughs.]
Ismael! - Auntie! - [laughs happily.]
- You look great.
- I'm so sorry, I was praying.
- No worries at all, Auntie.
Ay, look at you.
Aren't you just so handsome and all grown-up! Praise Allah! [chuckles.]
Can you stay here? No, we'll stay at a hotel.
At a hotel? This is the best hotel in Tangier.
- Mm.
- She's right.
Oh! Mm.
So, um, Auntie Aisha, do you know where Karim is? He's probably running late, as usual.
I'm sure he'll be here later on.
Thanks, Auntie.
I'm gonna go get you two some tea.
- [chuckles.]
- [Ismael.]
Thank you.
- Now what? - Hmm? Now we wait here, bro.
Fucking Karim! I don't know.
I hope he didn't get stopped or crash his car or something like that.
Don't worry about it, Aunt Aisha.
We'll figure it out.
All right? Hey, actually, Hicham, he buys used cars.
He can help you.
- You know about cars, right? - Me? I studied auto mechanics for three years.
Cool, that sounds good.
Uh, we might try stopping by now, okay? - We're kind of in a hurry.
- Yeah.
Plus, it's right up the street.
- We'll head over now.
Good to see you.
- Wonderful.
It was so Wait, wait, wait.
Hold on, now.
Aren't you forgetting something, boys? Ah, you're so sweet.
- [both chuckle.]
- Ah, oh my, thank you.
- All right, thank you.
- Bye, boys.
Well, well, well.
That's my aunt, dude.
Yeah, well, pretty soon I'mma be Uncle JB.
- Dude, that's gross! - [laughs.]
- [siren wailing in distance.]
- [indistinct conversations.]
It looks great.
We'll put the mural on the other side.
- [Nadia.]
Good morning, Mr.
El Fassi.
- [Eli.]
Ah, Nadia, thank you for coming.
Everything has been arranged.
Uh, the ceremony will take place here.
Right here is where it all began for Saïd.
He spent his whole youth here.
Um, would you be able to rent a sound system? - Uh, sound? - Yeah.
We were hoping to end the service with a concert from his favorite artist, Rocky.
Uh, this is the number for his manager.
And it absolutely has to be Rocky? Well, that's what Saïd would have wanted.
[birds chirping.]
[intercom beeps.]
Here she comes.
Back to Daddy.
Hi, Thierry.
Or do I have to call you Rocky now too? [laughs.]
For you, Thierry's okay.
[tires skid, screech.]
Yo, this one's perfect, bro.
- [grunts.]
- [door creaks.]
Just needs a new weather strip there.
Easy job, 30 dirham.
Talked him down on the price, man.
Ten thousand dirham.
How much? Ten.
- That okay? - Fuckin' idiot.
- What's wrong? - Just let me handle it, man.
- We good? - [JB.]
Ah, perfect, my man.
Welcome home, boys.
- Great.
- Man, thanks.
- What do you think? - [machinery whirring.]
Can I be honest? Three thou.
Huh? Three thousand dirhams.
Are you pulling my leg or what, man? - Three? - I feel like 3,000 is a fair price.
Couple of comedians here? Bro, look at it.
I mean, it's an old van.
That's real metal.
It's like a cannon.
- Stop, now you're messin' with me.
- What are you sayin'? Your grandmother's younger than that thing.
We're still friends, okay? But careful.
I'm trying to make a deal and negotiate, but I have limits.
You brought up my grandma.
All right.
Hey, I I'm just kidding.
You're making mean jokes at the expense of our elders? - Are we makin' a deal or what? - Shut up.
Enough talk.
What's your final offer? Let's go.
Speak up.
Four thousand.
- Four thousand dirham? - Yep.
Oh, crap.
I look like a tweaker? Maybe you think I stole the van, huh? I get up every day at 6:00 a.
I have rent, water and electricity to pay for.
And on top of that, I have a loan to pay off, four kids, and you come to me with 4,000 dirham? [tense music playing.]
Huh? Really? Whoa.
Look at this.
That's 5,000 dirham.
[mirror clatters.]
You shit coward, get the fuck out of here.
I mean it.
Get lost! Four thousand, huh? - [Karim.]
Everything all right? Hey, guys! - Man, that's Karim! Smile! [honks horn.]
Three thousand dirham! - Whoa! Whoo! - [Ismael.]
Let's get out of here! - [Karim.]
Hey, guys! - Piss off! - He's nuts! - May Allah curse your grandmother.
- What the hell, man?! - Whoa! - [salesman.]
May Allah curse your whole - Hey, relax.
- Come on, chill, man.
What's the problem? - Get the hell out of here! - Calm down.
- Eat some of these.
- You son of a bitch! - [JB.]
Oh, shit! - [cat yowls.]
- Assholes! Assholes, get a piece! [mellow hip-hop music plays.]
Can we turn that down? Hey, easy.
Turn the music down, man.
[music volume decreases.]
The service will start at 2:00.
I want us done with the soundcheck around 1:00, by the latest.
You don't want a drink? - No.
- Why not? You afraid that old feelings are gonna surface or somethin'? [chuckles softly.]
When I'm working, I leave my feelings elsewhere.
Rule number one in my industry.
Take a look around.
- All of this could have been yours.
- Thierry, I'm married now.
That's right.
But let's be honest.
Between Rachid and me, whose tongue makes you tremble the most? - Here's your chips - [plate clatters.]
How long does your tongue need for the soundcheck? Whoa, dude! Hey.
Check it out, bro.
Ah, they left you soil and a wheelbarrow.
This is crazy.
You're not just taking back soil to Belgium? Just soil, man.
And just soil's gonna make you rich? You really should bring back some hashish.
- What did he say? - Make money, take some home with you.
So, you want us to go to prison? Hey, man, don't trip, okay? I just wanted to help you guys.
Well, I'm out of here.
And the title's in the glove box.
- [Ismael.]
Thanks, man.
- Oof.
Good luck, man.
- [chuckles.]
- Hopefully gets us paid.
I'm hopin' for the best, man.
Hey, bro, let's get a move on here, eh? We have to be loaded on the boat in three hours.
- I hear ya.
- Eh.
I'll put everything in an email, and we'll see you tomorrow.
Wait a sec, Nadia.
We never talked about my conditions.
What conditions? I thought you agreed on 1,000 euros with the family.
I don't mean money, girl.
I'm talking about, let's say, hospitality.
Like you and I goin' out together, you know? And we'll see what happens after that.
Jesus, man, you're such an asshole.
Take it or leave it.
Baby, have you seen my phone? Ah, are you done with your meeting, hon? Great.
Let's get out of here, babe.
Yeah, they want me to perform at El Fassi's funeral.
Oh, wow.
We were just going over his special conditions.
Weren't we? - Uh - [woman.]
What conditions? [Rocky.]
I'm doing it for 1,000 euros.
Oh no, baby, you can't charge money to play at a funeral.
The man just died.
It's an honor, isn't it, babe? Come on.
All your costs will be covered.
[Rocky chuckles softly.]
Yeah, great.
- See you at the funeral? - [woman.]
Of course.
- Bye.
- [woman.]
Only hospital personnel are allowed beyond this point, but don't worry, she's in good hands.
I love you.
And I love you.
I do want to meet your children.
It's time.
That's if I make it.
[gentle music plays.]
- [shovel scraping.]
- [music continues.]
[music fades.]
I don't believe this shit.
Fucking Moroccan clay.
[JB straining.]
- Hey, bro.
- Huh? - I'll be right back, okay? - Uh, thanks.
[gentle music plays.]
NEJMA BOULASMOUM 1967-2006 [pants.]
Allah, you are the forgiver.
You love to forgive us.
Show my mom mercy.
I finally realized what to do, Mom.
It's, uh [chuckles softly.]
It's a kinda crazy idea, but I think you would be proud of me.
And, inshallah, if it works out, I'll be seeing you a lot more.
I'll visit more and make sure that your grave's better cared for, okay? I wish Dad could understand what it means to me.
Well, you know him better than me.
He won't ever change.
So Hello, you've reached Nadia's voicemail.
Leave a message after the beep.
Come on, answer.
[music continues.]
[cell phone ringing.]
Hello? Ismael? - Yeah.
- It's your father.
Yes, I can read.
What's up? I have to tell you something.
Do you know where I am? At Mom's grave.
What? Why are you in Tangier? You know how bad it looks? It's disgraceful.
But your Aunt Aisha should be watching over It's not on Aunt Aisha.
You've never been able to take care of your wife.
Not then, not now.
Think about that in Mecca.
Don't you dare speak to me like that.
Ismael? Ish [music continues.]
You good? Yeah.
Bro, I don't want to rush you, but we have that boat to catch.
Yeah, you're right.
Bye, Mom.
[upbeat Moroccan music plays.]
Yo, let's throw some sheep in the back.
- [Ismael.]
You're crazy, bro.
- The imam will be stoked! [music continues.]
Dude, cops.
Oh Fuck.
Okay, listen, let me do the talking.
Salaam alaikum.
- [both.]
Alaikum salaam.
- How are you? Need your registration and passports.
- Sure.
- Yeah, of course, sir.
- Where are the papers? - Glove box.
Give 'em to me.
- [Ismael.]
- [JB.]
Here it is.
[tense music plays.]
Turn the vehicle off.
- Turn it off, please.
- Uh, you sure? - Turn it off.
Come on.
- Sir, listen, um Would you please look a bit closer at my passport, eh? - There you are.
- [officer.]
That's kinda funny.
You boys think I'm a prostitute? - Well, what have you got? - This is ridiculous, man.
Hopefully, that's better.
[opens passport.]
[music stops.]
Um, we have to catch a boat.
- We're good, bro, yeah? - [officer.]
Hmm? "Bro"? [tense music resumes.]
Don't you have any respect for me? Huh? Step out of the vehicle and open the back.
Right now.
[in Arabic.]
Come on.
[in English.]
Man, you're such a fuckin' idiot! [suspenseful music playing.]
The heck is all this? Hmm.
What's that about? It's soil.
It's soil.
Yeah, it's just soil.
Yeah, it's being exported for for Belgium.
- Hmm? Huh.
- Yeah, we're taking it with us, so Yeah.
All right.
So you're taking this back? Well, first of all, this here isn't just any soil.
This soil is Moroccan.
And second, this is all raw material.
And to export raw materials, you need a license.
You do have a license? Don't you? - No, I'm sorry.
No license.
- Ah, you haven't got a license.
What should we do? Ah We're gonna be nice, eh? Okay? - We'll give you a license.
- Yo! To export it right over there.
Come on.
Let's go! [Ismael.]
We really can't go back without this soil.
I'll take out mustache, you get unibrow, and it's over.
Come on.
Man, I'm so glad I brought you here.
Break time's over.
Ah, so that's 157.
- [Brahim.]
- Thank you.
I'm really glad you're helping us out, Brahim.
Yeah, no worries, really.
I'm happy to continue helping, if I'm needed.
You know, I have to do everything.
And never a compliment.
No support.
I never hear, "Oh, Rachid, I never thought to do it like that.
" "You're so clever.
" Get me? Yeah, and you're in charge of everything, on top of it.
You're a good boss.
Thank you, brother.
You haven't been here long, but even you see what I mean.
Well, uh, it's it's clear as day.
- [Rachid exhales deeply.]
- Um, so, Rachid, in order to, uh Well, to receive my benefits, well, I need proof of employment.
Um Like, some sort of contract.
What's it for? - Uh - [timer ringing.]
- Yeah.
- Just a sec.
[timer continues ringing.]
- Oof.
- [kiln whooshing.]
[chuckles, laughs.]
Allah is amazing! Brahim! [laughs.]
I definitely have to catch this flight, or Nadia will be on her own for the service.
You get me? [upbeat instrumental music plays.]
Bro, you've got six hours until the next boat arrives.
My cousin'll help you.
- Call him for me, eh? - Yeah, bro, got you.
- Give him a heads-up.
- Yeah! Karim will be back at the cemetery around 6:00.
[music continues.]
Sick hearse.
Where's JB? He's on his way in the van.
He will be there? Of course.
Smile, is JB going to be on time? Yeah.
His whole family is coming from Morocco.
All his fans are going.
I can't believe you couldn't handle bringing back that soil.
We can't cancel this funeral.
We're not going to cancel.
That's not happening.
[Nadia scoffs.]
If we need to, we can use Rachid's tile clay one more time.
Okay? [tool scraping.]
[footsteps approaching.]
Ta-da! Well, what do you think? - Did you use all the tile clay for this? - Yeah.
It's all on the walls now, my love.
What? - [Rachid.]
What's wrong? See a wet spot? - You don't have any left? All gone.
Oh, fucking shit.
- You said you didn't want it anymore.
- Fuck, fuck, fuck! Okay, JB has 22 hours to get here with that van.
Fuck! [door slams.]
Sweetheart? [somber music plays.]
[drill whirs.]
[music continues.]
[somber music building.]
[music intensifies.]
[music continues.]
[music intensifies.]
[engine revs.]
[engine revs.]
[in Arabic.]
In the name of Allah, the most beneficent, most merciful.
Praise and thanks to Allah, Lord of the worlds.
You we worship.
You we ask for help.
Guide us to the right path, of those on whom You have bestowed Your grace, not of those who earned Your anger or who went astray.
May Allah's blessing be upon all messengers.
All praise truly belongs to Allah, the Sustainer of all worlds.
[gentle hip-hop music plays.]
[in English.]
 JB is here.
The soil is waiting at the grave.
- [Rocky rapping.]
- How'd he do it? I told you we'd be okay.
- Hey, Miss Nadia.
- Hey.
[continues rapping.]
Oh, wow.
This is fantastic.
So creative for a funeral service.
Kids today, right? It's not my style, but the client is king.
But, Nadia, you're the boss, right? You've gotta show the client you're in charge when they make crazy requests.
[continues rapping.]
You think he has CDs I can buy? [scoffs.]
Honestly, Ro, CDs? Who still buys CDs, right? I do.
Do you ever buy them? CDs? Yes, of course.
Let me tell you something.
So, Philips invented the compact disc.
Then, selling vinyl came to a complete halt.
Everyone wanted CDs.
They thought they found the goose that laid the golden egg.
But, really, it was a Trojan horse because the CD soon brought about the invention of streaming music.
And streaming destroyed the whole industry eventually.
Honestly, you don't want to become the Philips of the repatriation industry.
I appreciate your concern, but I'm doing fine.
Concern? Oh, I'm not concerned.
It's actually more a warning, really.
In the name of Allah, the most benevolent.
From the earth He created you, and from it He will [inhales sharply.]
bring you back again.
[somber traditional music playing.]
Thank you.
[shovels soil.]
Mom would have been so proud.
[muezzin reciting adhan over megaphone.]
[mellow music playing.]
Yo, I found a solution, bro.
My friend at the transport business says he can help us out.
What did Smile do about the funeral? He found a solution too.
A temporary one.
All right, all right.
[in Arabic.]
Come on! [honking horn.]
[sounds reversing.]
[door whirring.]
PRODUCT OF MOROCCO [Vanessa in English.]
The hell Mario, look at this.
[dramatic music plays.]

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